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Kelly Osbourne shows herself off with no make-up at all…


Kelly Osbourne who is known as the daughter of rock legend, Ozzy Osbourne, just dropped this photo on her official facebook page today. I must say this was pretty ballsy of her to do and she was very brave to do that!!!

In the land of Hollywood, celebs are obsessed with make-up. They wear make-up as a way to look beautiful as a celebrity and a way to hide their ugly looks. Well, Kelly doesn’t look ugly at all. She still looks gorgeous.

She does look a lot like her father Ozzy without the make-up. She has a little bit of Sharon on her face too.

I know it may seem weird that I support Kelly Osbourne but I’m a fan of hers believe it or not. I watched “The Osbournes” reality show and I find her the most inspirational out of the family. She’s an interesting woman and she’s talented too. I like her music admittedly especially her duet with Ozzy for the song “Changes”, phenomenal stuff. I wish she would put out another album ’cause she’s good at the music thing.



Black Sabbath’s “13”, I think is the best album released this year… so far, anyway…

When I first heard the new Black Sabbath album, “13”, I was like… eh? It’s okay but could have been better but now I think this album is the best album released this year. It’s definitely a grower for sure. I can’t stop listening to this album. I’m always throwing it on my CD player and keep coming back to it. This is the best thing that Ozzy has done in a long long time and I’m very proud of him. Really, I am. Ozzy’s solo career haven’t been that great over the years and now that Sabbath is back — he’s back to making kick ass music again. The songwriting is really good on this album. Tony still has the great riffs and the sick guitar solos. Sabbath still has the vintage heavy sound they’ve always had; however, they have a more modern sound this time around. They want to fit with the current metal sound a little bit which is a good idea. They don’t sound as scary and dark anymore like they used to but this album is still a pretty sick album. Loved it. Ozzy, Tony, and Geezer still has it.

As far as Bill Ward goes, who needs him? Sabbath has went through like 20 different drummers over the years, and don’t blame the band for the Bill Ward departure. Black Sabbath said repeatedly in interviews that they really wanted Bill to be a part of this reunion but Bill wanted no part of it. It was all Bill’s decision alone that he wanted out. It’s lame blaming Sharon Osbourne for this too. Band lineups changes over the years, it happens. Despite Bill not being in the band, their new album, “13”, was no. 1 in various charts all over the world… and that includes the Billboard Top 200 in the US. So the album is successful without Bill, anyways, so who needs him, right?

Congratulations to Black Sabbath. After a 30-50 year career… everyone still loves Sabbath.

I don’t see this album being the final Sabbath album ’cause the guys have been talking about doing more after this one. As long as Tony is still alive, they’ll keep doing what they do. I’ve always loved Sabbath with Ozzy fronting. Dio-Sabbath was cool too, though.

Black Sabbath being successful proves that metal can get big again. I wish metal would take over the mainstream again.


Report: Black Sabbath to release their new album “13” in June…

Black Sabbath, announced on their official website today, that they will release their new studio album with all new original songs, titled, “13” in June. The album has the original members of Sabbath including Ozzy, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler, except for Bill Ward who declined to be a part of this reunion. The band also released a Greatest Hits album, and announced a short Australian tour.

One thing to keep in mind though, that this could be the last and final Black Sabbath album ever. Why? Because of Tony’s lymphoma cancer. Tony could possibly die soon, and when it’s his time to go, it’ll probably be the end of Sabbath completely ’cause Sabbath was his band. Tony has been an important part of Sabbath for years, even if he’s gone through too many band members. Tony can have other musician replacements in the band, but you can’t replace Tony. Tony is what defines Sabbath’s sound. I can’t see the band going on without him. Even the band members knows that this could be the last days of Sabbath which is why they put out a greatest hits album too and booked a small tour. So these are signs that they are preparing Tony to die. They just want the best of him and make Tony happy before he goes.

Still though, with or without Bill Ward, it’s still gonna be a great fuckin’ album, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I’m sure Tony is capable of giving us an album full of badass guitar riffs and great solos, despite the cancer. I’m sure Ozzy will still sing great, and I’m sure the lyrics for the new Sabbath album, will be dark and scary.

It’s really sad about, Tony Iommi. The guy is one of the guitar greats, who is responsible for creating the genre, heavy metal, that we all grew up and love. If he passes later this year, it’s going to be a big loss in the music industry. The best we can do is support Black Sabbath, and Tony as much as we can. Their career deserves to go out on a positive note.  Can’t wait for their new album. I’m definitely getting it. I’m sure, the band will release their first new single soon.


Report: Bill Ward, drummer of Black Sabbath, releases statement that he’s not playing the upcoming three shows…doesn’t mean he’s done with Sabbath for good though…

Bill Ward, the drummer for Black Sabbath, released a long statement on his website, announcing the official news that he will not be playing the upcoming three Black Sabbath shows, with the original members. Sabbath is scheduled to play three upcoming shows: Their hometown Birmingham show, Download, and of course, Lollapalooza. He is still upset about not receiving an official sign-able contract. Plus, he is upset that he was asked to only play on three songs at the Birmingham gig, when he would rather perform on the entire gig. Lots of other reasons, why he wants no part of these shows.

Read Bill’s blog on it, here.

I’m sure Bill’s fans are hating on him for this, and I’m sure Sharon’s getting the blame. I was gonna bash him for it too, but after reading this intelligent blog, I understand him. It’s a pretty well written blog, explaining his reasons behind things.

I agree there’s no Black Sabbath reunion without Bill Ward, but come on people. I’ve said it plenty of times that Sabbath went through too many different drummers over the years. I’m sure they’re used to replacing somebody and they’ll find somebody quickly. No matter who replaces, Bill Ward, Black Sabbath is going to put on a fucking amazing performance. They’ll put on a tight show, no matter who the drummer is. I’m sure they’ll kill it with no problem and leave the crowd wanting some more.

On top of all this, Black Sabbath deserves some positive vibes after what Tony is going through with his cancer and all. These three, Sabbath shows could be their last ever. When Tony dies, Sabbath is done. In my eyes, there is no Black Sabbath without Tony Iommi. He can replace other members if he wants to but Tony can’t be replaced. Tony even had other bass players other than Geezer Butler over the years too. Tony can’t be replaced ’cause HE IS Black Sabbath. Bill, Ozzy, and Geezer maybe SABBATH too, but everything is all Tony. He is the star and the main guy of the band. Without his distinct guitar sound and his excellent riffs, that’s not Black Sabbath. As long as Tony is in the band, it’s still Black Sabbath, no matter who is in it.

I’m sure the other guys in the band, are not heartbroken about Bill’s departure, they had problems with the guy for years, so this is nothing NEW!



Black Sabbath understandably cancels tour and will just play Download Festival only…

I hate to be the one to say this but I have a bad feeling that Tony could be the next one to go this year. Lymphoma is a hard cancer to fight. All we can do now is give him all the love and support that he needs. I feel sorry for the guys in Black Sabbath. I’ve always LOVED Black Sabbath no matter who was in the band. I love everything Tony Iommi did ’cause he is one of my favorite guitarists who I followed pretty religiously. The guy is a riff master at the guitar and he’s a phenomenal lead guitarist too.

Black Sabbath announced the other day that the band canceled their tour, and instead it will be an Ozzy solo tour. I’m sure Ozzy will have Tony and the guys play with him on some dates on his tour, that’s why he called it, “Ozzy & Friends”, I believe.

I feel bad for Tony. Sabbath just got back together, Bill Ward started all this drama with them and now Tony has cancer. Fuck.

It seems like it happens with Sabbath all the time. Whenever they get together, something bad happens. I’m sure they’re used to it by now, ’cause all bands have ups & downs in their careers. All bands deal with setbacks. Just because bands are big legends, doesn’t mean they get good stuff all the time, ya know? Shit happens.

I hope they’ll be recording their Download Performance and videotaping it so they can release it on CD/DVD/Blu Ray for all of us Sabbath fans. Download Fest could be their final and last performance.

It would be cool if they can resolve things with Bill so he can play on the Download too ’cause I agree, it’s not a Sabbath reunion without him.


Report: Sharon Osbourne fired Bill Ward from Sabbath? That’s what really happened?

MetalTalk.net, was the first to bring up the news that Sharon Osborne was responsible for firing Bill Ward from, Black Sabbath. I call it a bullshit rumor for now. Everyone loves to blame it on Sharon, but it doesn’t make any sense that Sharon would fire members from, Black Sabbath. I mean, the only person who makes the decisions on who stays and who goes in the band is none other than, Tony Iommi. Tony does the hiring and firing. Not Sharon. Tony owns the band and has complete control.

Everyone likes to assume that Sharon has complete control. No, Sharon has nothing to do with Sabbath. She’s only in charge of Ozzy’s solo career.

Yep, once something bad happens in Sabbath, all the tabloids on the internet will start making shit up. Don’t believe everything you read.

More on the story, here.


Report: Bill Ward, thanks fans for support, after Black Sabbath decided to move on without him…

Black Sabbath posted this message on their facebook page last Friday:

“We were saddened to hear yesterday via Facebook that Bill declined publicly to participate in our current Black Sabbath plans…we have no choice but to continue recording without him although our door is always open… We are still in the UK with Tony. Writing and recording the new album and on a roll… See you at Download!!!

– Tony, Ozzy and Geeze”

Bill posted this message on his site yesterday, read it, here.

Even if Sabbath welcomed Bill to come back to the band whenever he wanted, I think Bill just wanted to get payed a lot of money that everyone else couldn’t afford to pay him. People on the internet are blaming the labels, they’re blaming Sharon, etc. Sorry people, but there is no one to blame but Bill himself. He is being an ego driven greedy douche. This was all his decision.

If you knew Black Sabbath’s history, Bill had trouble sticking with the band for years. Read Tony’s book, “Iron Man”, it’s all there. Most fans are upset that the drummer could get replaced. Again, more evidence that there’s a lot of new & young fans out there who don’t know much about Black Sabbath. Sabbath went through so many members over the years, so I’m sure they are used to replacing musicians by now. They would have no trouble replacing somebody as I’m sure Ozzy & Tony would find somebody quickly.

My question is, did Bill already start recording drum tracks for the new album? Will they keep his drum tracks or scrap ’em for the replacement drummer?

I support Bill, yes, because he is a phenomenal drummer, but I won’t deny the fact that he is being greedy and all he cares about is money here. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tony ends up getting, Vinny Appice back.