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Report: Catwoman doesn’t get along too well with Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Sparrow on the Hollywood Blvd.

I went to Hollywood last Fall around Halloween, and the Blvd. is one hell of an interesting street. The famous street can be both good and bad. The good: Lots of fun, and exciting things to do and see there. The bad: A lot of crazy whack jobs that hang in front of the Starbucks & the Chinese theater, the main part of the Blvd. When I mean whack jobs, are the people that dress up in movie and TV characters. They hang around there all day long, taking photos with the tourists. If you take photos with them, they will probably ask you for a donation. That’s what they do to make money. It’s been that way with Hollywood for years.

A fight broke out between other characters. Catwoman was busy doing her usual thing, taking photos with the tourists, and other characters tried to pick a fight with her too, interupting her photo sessions. She peppered sprayed Jack Sparrow and an Ozzy impersonator. Catwoman is being a real life hero here. I believe she used the pepper spray for self defense. She had the pepper spray on her for protection, knowing how crazy the Blvd can get sometimes. Sounds like the other characters got a little jealous of Catwoman ’cause she was probably taking more photos with tourists than the others. I’m on Catwoman’s side and she gets my support on this.

Read the full story, here.


Report: Tony Iommi speaks on website since cancer announcement…

Today on Friday the 13th, Tony Iommi wrote a little message on his website, thanking the fans and supporters for their support and well wishes toward his cancer announcement, that Black Sabbath made earlier this week.

Even if Tony is sick, he is letting the world know that he is in good spirits and he is still recording the new Black Sabbath album, with the original members. He says the recording is going well, and they vow to finish the rest of it.

Read his message, here.

He still didn’t say anything about the tour. What will happen with the full Black Sabbath world tour they had planned? I have a feeling they might have to cancel out of that. They might just play one gig.

If they do end up cancelling the tour completely, that will be understandable. This is such a bummer though. I’m sure the rest of the guys in Black Sabbath are heartbroken too. Life isn’t fair.


Book Review: “Iron Man” by Tony Iommi

Well, I just finished reading, “Iron Man”, by Tony Iommi through the Ibooks app on the Ipad today. We all know that Tony Iommi, a guitarist who was made famous for creating and inventing a genre of music that most of us love, that genre is metal. He inspired the genre just by simply playing with Jethro Tull briefly for the Rolling Stones’s, “Rock and Roll Circus”, show. The metal genre got it’s sound out of Jethro Tull.

I’ve read a lot of rock memoirs over the years. Most of them focused on drugs & alcohol, the partying lifestyle of a rock star. This book had a little bit about drugs, alcohol and sex addiction, but this book mostly focused on the music career of guitar great, Tony Iommi. The book was pretty detailed on Tony’s career, everything from starting off playing in local cover bands to starting Earth, the blues band, the Black Sabbath, solo career, Heaven & Hell, etc. The book was even pretty detailed throughout the entire Black Sabbath career. It went through every album and every member lineup.

While Black Sabbath went through so many members over the years, the original lineup with Tony, Ozzy, Bill Ward and Geezer Butler will always stand out the most, of course. The band will always be well known by the original lineup. The band didn’t become legends over night. They were a struggling band in the old days. They scared the shit out of people with their music in the old days and had trouble getting accepted as a band. They were accused of being satanists because of their dark lyrics and music.

Tony never liked being accused of being satanists with Black Sabbath. That is why Tony and Ozzy always wore the cross necklace, you see on them, all the time. They wore the cross necklace, not because they were religious, it was to help prove that they aren’t devil worshippers. Tony said Black Sabbath’s songs were never intended to be Satanic even though people thought it was. They just liked horror movies and scary things.

Black Sabbath broke up in the past, because nobody got along well and didn’t want to do it anymore. So Tony moved on to different projects. We all know that the original Black Sabbath members, reunited on and off over the years. Sometimes they get along well and sometimes they don’t.

Since Black Sabbath announced an official reunion with original members earlier this year, you just wonder how long that’s going to last ’cause Tony said if the band ever got back together again, things could blow up again and the reunion might not happen at all this year. Depends on how well they get along and how well they stay committed to each other. Black Sabbath announced a reunion this year and recording a new album, hopefully the tour does actually happen. I’m sure they get along well fine now.

Back to the book, it was a very inspiring read. I read a lot of rock memoirs, and this is the best one I’ve ever read. Tony told a lot of funny and entertaining stories. When Black Sabbath announced their reunion this year, it got a lot of mixed opinions from people. Some were in favor of their upcoming comeback and some weren’t. For those haters & nay sayers of Black Sabbath out there, you need to respect them. You all love metal because of them. They created the genre. Without them, then all the metal bands you all like wouldn’t even be around today. Do you think Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer would be around today if Black Sabbath never did? Hell no. Metal was all because of them.

This book is a must read for any Black Sabbath fan or metalhead. This is definitely one of the best books of the year.


Cool Videos: Metallica has a few surprises at San Francisco 30th Anniversary concert…

Over the weekend, Metallica had their 30th Anniversary concert at the Filmore in San Francisco, and they had a few surprises for the fans.

The videos below Metallica reunited with their former bandmate & bass player, Jason Newsted for the song, “Whiplash”. Metallica also jams with Ozzy & Geezer Butler for “Iron Man” and “Paranoid”.

Pretty cool. Congrats to Metallica on their 30th Anniversary. Love ’em or hate ’em, they are the kings of metal whether you agree with it or not. I’m sure many fans would like to think they should have retired a long time ago, but sorry to say, Metallica isn’t going away anytime soon. I’m positive Metallica will be around for a long time, they’ll be together until they get old and die.


Report: Black Sabbath, reveals European tour dates, no U.S. dates just yet!!!

Just today, Black Sabbath revealed their European dates. Look like they are hitting over seas first before they make their way to the U.S. I’m sure they will have a bunch of U.S. dates soon.

See their European schedule, here.

When they start booking U.S. dates, I hope they book a show at the Times Union Center in Albany. I doubt they will play Albany, but ya never know. We just have to keep our fingers crossed for now. Black Sabbath with the original lineup is one band I’ve always wanted to see live. If they do play the Times Union, I’m gonna get my money ready and buy those tickets. You betcha I’m going to that show if they play here.

I never saw Ozzy or Black Sabbath live. Always wanted to though.


Thought: How will the public respond to the Black Sabbath return???

The news of the return of Black Sabbath is great news. We’re all getting very excited. The only thing I’m worried about is the kind of reception the band is going to get when they release their new album. They haven’t released a new album in over 30 years with Ozzy being the frontman.

You have to ask yourself these questions. Will the public still care about them after all the years? The long time metal fans will accept their return of course, but people who like other genres of music outside of metal, might have a hard time accepting their return, though.

Back in the 70’s, Black Sabbath had a hard time trying to get successful with a major label ’cause they used to scare the shit out of people with their music. Could they scare people all over again with their new album? This isn’t the 70’s anymore. In today’s generation, metal fans won’t be scared of their music anymore ’cause they listened to metal for years so I’m sure they are used to the dark and scary lyrics by now. With their upcoming album, I’m pretty sure the album will create a stir in the music industry depending on how dark the lyrics are going to be.

They could get families trying to ban the album to stop kids from buying it to prevent suicides of kids by listening to that music. They might even offend churches and religions with their music. Other countries around the world may even try to ban the album as well. Things like that. Whatever it is, they’re gonna create a stir when they return.

People may know who they were back in the 70’s, but many of people of today won’t know who they are. Black Sabbath with Ozzy will definitely have to try and get their popularity back, and it might be hard for them to do for today’s industry.

Could their new upcoming album be a no. 1 record in the Billboard? It’s too early to say but it’s possible. I’m hoping the album will be really heavy and dark. There will probably be some old school sounding Sabbath on there and I’m sure they will come up with a new style as well.

It’s gonnna be interesting to see what the future of Sabbath is gonna be like up ahead. We’ll just have to wait and see.