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Report: Stephen King himself, speaks on Universal canning “The Dark Tower”…

Yesterday, the shocking news was announced that Universal has decided to throw Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower” series in the trash. Stephen King, the master of horror himself, was quick to respond to this. He writes to”Entertainment Weekly” saying that he isn’t surprised about Universal not wanting to do it. He also pokes fun at the “Fast and the Furious” series and says that Ron Howard is committed to doing the project. Ron will find a different studio to make the “Dark Tower” movies and TV series.

Read more, here.

Other than Stephen being a book writer, he knows a lot about the movie business. So he knows what he’s talking about. Stephen have been a screen writer, director, actor, etc. He’s done it all in the movie business, so he knows how movie studios work.

This is hollywood. It’s a tough business. You’ll run into a lot of big shots who is all about money & ego. I’m still rooting for Warner Bros. or Paramount to pick it up.



Report: Universal refuses to make Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower” series…

Poor Ron Howard! I’m sure he’s pretty upset and heartbroken about this news, but I’m sure another major movie studio will be making it instead. After all the hard work Ron Howard did with the “The Dark Tower” series, Universal has decided the studio is not going forward with the projects. The people behind Universal would not say why they wouldn’t make “The Dark Tower”, but my guess is that it’s way too much money to make. I mean, think about it, with the three films for the big screen and the TV series in between the films, that’s quite a lot. That would cost a fortune, so it’s gotta be about the money.

Don’t worry though, people. As I said above, another major studio will pick it up to make it. It could be possible that Warner Bros. or Paramount Pictures would want it.

A lot of people are giving this series negative feedback because of Akiva Goldsman being the writer (he’s not everyone’s favorite writer), but I’m willing to give this a chance. I’m a huge fan of the Dark Tower books. I’ve read all 7 of them and love them all.

Deadline, reports.


BREAKING NEWS: Javier Bardem closing deal to star as Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower”…

Not too long ago, Ron Howard and Universal Pictures offered Oscar winner, Javier Bardem, the leading role to star as Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” film that Ron Howard is directing. It seems that Javier is accepting the role because he is closing the deal. Brian Grazer’s, Image Entertainment, will be producing the film along with Akiva Goldsman and Stephen King himself.

The film will have 7 movies and TV series in between each film. Will Javier stay committed to doing all that? That’s a lot of acting.

Deadline, reports.

I know many people will give this casting choice mixed opinions, but I like it. I think Javier will nail the role with no problem.

Now they’ll have to cast someone for Suzanne and Eddie Dean, and the little boy, Jake.



BREAKING NEWS: Javier Bardem officially offered the role of Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” flick by Ron Howard…

Out of the three actors that’s been in the runner’s up for the role of Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for the “Dark Tower” film: Christian Bale, Viggo Mortensen, and Javier Bardem. Ron Howard and Universal Studios, wants Javier Bardem the most out of the three. Howard and Universal has already asked Bardem for the role but negotiations haven’t begun yet. I’m pretty sure Javier would say “yes”, to the role and sign the dotted line when he gets around to it.

The plot to the “Dark Tower” movie will be similar to the book. It tells a story of Deschain the last surviving member of the knightly order of gunslingers, and humanity’s last hope to save a civilization that will fall unless he finds the Dark Tower.

Read the full story here, at Deadline.

I know a lot of people disagree with this pick. In forums and blogs, people claim that Bardem don’t fit, but I think he fits perfectly if you think about it. Bardem is a fantastic actor. He’ll nail any role that throws at him and I think he’ll nail this role, as well. People don’t see Bardem as a tough guy with a short temper? That’s how Roland was in the books.

After they sign, Bardem, next they’ll have to cast roles for Jake Chambers, Eddie Dean and Susannah Dean. Susannah is a black woman in the books so they’ll need a black actress for her.

Who do I think should play Susannah? My picks would either be: Halle Berry or Zoe Saldana.

Not sure who to play Jake and Eddie though.


Thought: How would Tom Hanks fit in the “Dark Tower” series???

I have a feeling that Tom Hanks will be involved with the “Dark Tower” cast somehow but I know he won’t be playing any of the main characters. What character could Tom play? Well Tom might be able to voice Stuttering Bill, which is a talking robot in the books.

I can see Tom playing Cuthbert Allgood or Alain Johns, one of the original ka-tet members.

Tom will not be playing Roland ’cause the leading character wouldn’t work for Tom. Tom would probably get one of the other characters that’s for sure. Tom would just play a smaller role in the first “Dark Tower” film.

Remember, Tom Hanks is a big Stephen King fan. The two worked closely together when Tom starred in “The Green Mile” in 1999.


Report: Stephen King speaks on the Dark Tower series. Who does he wants for Susannah Dean? You’d be surprised of his answer!

Stephen King, the author himself, spoke to “Entertainment Weekly” magazine for his thoughts on Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsmith being in charge for the “Dark Tower” TV series and movies. Stephen reveals he would love to voice the character, Blaine the Mono. For those who don’t know the character Blaine the Mono, it’s a fictional monorail train that talks.

Stephen also explains his casting ideas for the series. He doesn’t say who he wants for Roland, Eddie Dean and Jake, but he does have an idea who he wants for Susannah Dean, who is Eddie’s wife in the series. Who does Stephen King want for Susannah?

Who is that woman in the picture? Yes, that’s right. It’s Angela Bassett. If I remember correctly, Susannah does appear to be a black woman in the graphic novels.

Read Stephen’s brief interview with EW, here.

I do like the choice of Angela Bassett as Susannah though. She seems to fit the character perfectly.


Thought: Top 5 actors that I think should play Roland Deschain of Gilead for “Dark Tower” film…

Ron Howard reportedly said he was going have a big name star to play Roland Deschain of Gilead for the live action, “Dark Tower” movie coming soon to the big screen. I’ve thought of 5 actors that could be perfect for the role.

Here they are!

  • Hugh Jackman – I mean, think about it. The reason I think Jackman would be perfect is because his Wolverine character was so much like Roland Deschain. Roland needs to be a bad ass tough guy like he was in the books, that’s what Wolverine was. Plus, Hugh Jackman has Roland’s look in the “Dark Tower” graphic novels.
  • Thomas Jane – Thomas Jane already played in two different Stephen King movies, Tom was in “Dreamcatcher” and, “The Mist”. Tom wouldn’t be a bad choice for Roland, ’cause he has this tough guy bad ass attitude as well!
  • Christian Bale – Many would disagree with this choice, I’m sure, but Bale wouldn’t make a bad Roland at all. Bale had this tough guy attitude when he played in Batman and “Terminator: Salvation”, which is what Roland needs, so Christian would be pretty decent!
  • Keifer Sutherland – Keifer’s hit show “24” is over and done with, I’m sure he’ll go back to movies full time again soon. I can see Keifer making one badass Roland. He might be able to pull it off.
  • Jackie Earle Haley – The “Watchmen” and “Nightmare on Elm St.” star could fit the Roland role as well. Jackie would be great.

Lets just hope Ron doesn’t get Tom Hanks or Russell Crowe for Roland. Ron and Tom Hanks worked together for so long over the years, I don’t think Hanks is needed for this one. I’m pretty sure Tom Hanks will get a role for “The Dark Tower” series, but not as Roland.


Thought: Stephen King might have to act in the “Dark Tower” series, please read…

Now that the Dark Tower series is finally happening, Stephen King might have to have an acting role in the series. Why is this? It’s because in the last two Dark Tower novels, “Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah” and “Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower”, Stephen King wrote himself as a character in the last two books. Stephen King as a fictional character in the last two books was pretty much one of the leading characters. So yeah, Stephen might have to act as one of the leading roles toward the end of the Dark Tower movies or TV series when it comes to a close.

Yes, Stephen King does have acting experience, a lot of it really, so he is an actor too. As you know, Stephen had many cameos in his own films that were adapted from his books. He had quite a lengthy role in, “The Stand” TV Mini series movie when he played the character Teddy Weizak for a few episodes. He was also the minister in “Pet Sematary”, and he was Jordy Verill in the movie, “Creepshow”.

I’m sure Stephen would be up to playing himself for the last Dark Tower movies. They’re gonna need him for this. You would think why would Stephen write himself in the Dark Tower novels? Is it ego? Maybe…but there’s a better reason to make sense with the story on how Dark Tower was created. You’d have to read the books yourself ’cause I don’t want to spoil anything.

I also wonder who’s going to be playing Jake the little boy (hopefully not Justin Bieber), Eddie Dean, and Susannah, who are the other three main characters of the series. The casting choices will be interesting.


BREAKING NEWS: Universal Studios will bring Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” to the big screen, NBC will bring it to the small screen on TV as well…

Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series has finally found it’s home studios to make the books into live action films, since JJ Abrams studio company, Bad Robot dropped out and returned the rights to, Stephen King. What big name studio have bought the rights to the “Dark Tower” series? Why, that’s none other than Universal Studios. The same studios where Ron Howard has been making movies through for years. Universal plans to make the “Dark Tower” series into a trilogy for the big screen, while NBC will make them into TV series as well.

Ron Howard, will be behind both the movies and the TV series of the “Dark Tower” as he is committed to direct the first “Dark Tower” movie for the big screen based on the first novel, “The Gunslinger”. How will they do both the movie and the TV series? The plan is, they will make the first Dark Tower movie for the big screen first, then they will make the second feature into a TV series. I guess that’s how they are going to do it, do the TV series in between the big screen sequels? Nice idea!

And of course, Howard and the crew plans on finding a big name star to play, Roland Deschain of Gilead.

Read the full article, here at Deadline.

Dayam, a full trilogy and then a TV series? That sounds like a lot of work! Now that the “Dark Tower” series is finally on it’s way, I’m sure everybody online will be naming their choices on who to play, Roland Deschain. I’ve been saying that Hugh Jackman should get the role and I still stand by it. Gerard Butler wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Although, I have a bad feeling that Ron would probably get Russell Crowe, again. I’m sure we will find out who will play Roland soon.

I hope Ron makes these really good ’cause I absolutely love the “Dark Tower” books. I’ve read every single one of them. I’m pretty sure Ron will be working with, Stephen King, himself closely on this so Ron can stay true to the novels. It’s about time “Dark Tower” is being made. Hope they don’t mess it up. This is great news!


Report: Is Ron Howard interested in directing, “The Dark Tower” movie? Seems that he is…


JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, was once attached to make Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” into a movie, but he bailed out, no longer wanting to do it. Now it seems that Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are interested in making it.  Ron Howard’s, Image Entertainment and Akiva Goldman’s Weed Road are in talks to buying the rights to the “Dark Tower” series from Stephen King. Stephen King himself, owns the rights to these “Dark Tower” novels, and Hollywood has been trying to get them made into films for a very long time. Now it looks it maybe finally happening very soon. Will we ever see a “Dark Tower” movie to the big screen? Maybe not right away, but it won’t come out in theaters for the next few years.

I have read all the Dark Tower books and can always see them being films on the big screen, not being on the TV in mini-series movies.

Ron Howard hasn’t been confirmed to direct yet, but maybe he wants the rights ’cause he’s interested in helming the first movie. It’ll be nice if Ron Howard gets back to the action/sci fi roots like he did with the movie “Willow” and others.

Who will play Roland the Gungslinger? I still would like Hugh Jackman to play him, but I have a feeling Howard/Grazer would probably go for no one other than Russell Crowe.

Variety Reports: