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Report: Javier Bardem steps out of “The Dark Tower”, Russell Crowe to replace?

Deadline reports that actor Javier Bardem, has stepped out of Ron Howard’s “The Dark Tower” series, with reasons unknown. Bardem has been slated to play as Roland Deschain of Gilead for a while now but looks like he changed his mind. Scheduling conflicts got in the way? He didn’t care for the script? Either way it’s disappointing that he’s stepping down ’cause I think he was perfect for, Roland. I’m kind of skeptical on Russell Crowe though.

If anything, I’ve been saying for years in this blog that Hugh Jackman would make the perfect Roland, so he’s my pick if Russell isn’t down.

The Dark Tower is a pretty risky and challenging project, so I hope Ron does it right and stays faithful to the books.


Report: Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower”, on it’s way to HBO???

Since Universal Studios dropped, “The Dark Tower” by Ron Howard and Stephen King, Warner Bros. is close to a deal with HBO. HBO may release the three “Dark Tower” films to theaters and they will also air the TV series on their station as well.

I’ve always thought HBO would be a great home for them. This would be good competition against, “Game of Thrones” and “Boardwalk Empire”.

I’m looking forward to the Dark Tower series coming to the big screen and the small screen. I’m a huge fan of the books. Lets hope Ron does justice with them.

Deadline, reports.


Report: “The Dark Tower” TV series will be aired on HBO, but as for the big screen movie, not sure yet…

While promoting the “Tower Heist” movie, Brian Grazer just said, “The Dark Tower” TV series will be aired on HBO. Since Universal dropped out of making the movies for the big screen, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard still haven’t found a movie studio for the films, but they are still looking.

MTV Movies Blog, reports.

HBO is a great network for the show, but it will be a big competition with other popular shows on that station. Shows like “Game of Thrones”, “True Blood”, and “Boardwalk Empire”. I don’t see how “The Dark Tower” is going to top any of those shows, it’ll be hard. “The Dark Tower” shouldn’t be aired on a Sunday night like a few of those shows are being aired on. I think “The Dark Tower” show should be aired on either Thursday or Friday night.

Another question I have is, Javier Bardem is confirmed to play Roland The Gunslinger. Will he still play Roland for the TV series as well? That’s a lot of acting.



Report: Stephen King himself, speaks on Universal canning “The Dark Tower”…

Yesterday, the shocking news was announced that Universal has decided to throw Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower” series in the trash. Stephen King, the master of horror himself, was quick to respond to this. He writes to”Entertainment Weekly” saying that he isn’t surprised about Universal not wanting to do it. He also pokes fun at the “Fast and the Furious” series and says that Ron Howard is committed to doing the project. Ron will find a different studio to make the “Dark Tower” movies and TV series.

Read more, here.

Other than Stephen being a book writer, he knows a lot about the movie business. So he knows what he’s talking about. Stephen have been a screen writer, director, actor, etc. He’s done it all in the movie business, so he knows how movie studios work.

This is hollywood. It’s a tough business. You’ll run into a lot of big shots who is all about money & ego. I’m still rooting for Warner Bros. or Paramount to pick it up.



Report: Universal refuses to make Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower” series…

Poor Ron Howard! I’m sure he’s pretty upset and heartbroken about this news, but I’m sure another major movie studio will be making it instead. After all the hard work Ron Howard did with the “The Dark Tower” series, Universal has decided the studio is not going forward with the projects. The people behind Universal would not say why they wouldn’t make “The Dark Tower”, but my guess is that it’s way too much money to make. I mean, think about it, with the three films for the big screen and the TV series in between the films, that’s quite a lot. That would cost a fortune, so it’s gotta be about the money.

Don’t worry though, people. As I said above, another major studio will pick it up to make it. It could be possible that Warner Bros. or Paramount Pictures would want it.

A lot of people are giving this series negative feedback because of Akiva Goldsman being the writer (he’s not everyone’s favorite writer), but I’m willing to give this a chance. I’m a huge fan of the Dark Tower books. I’ve read all 7 of them and love them all.

Deadline, reports.


BREAKING NEWS: Javier Bardem closing deal to star as Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower”…

Not too long ago, Ron Howard and Universal Pictures offered Oscar winner, Javier Bardem, the leading role to star as Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” film that Ron Howard is directing. It seems that Javier is accepting the role because he is closing the deal. Brian Grazer’s, Image Entertainment, will be producing the film along with Akiva Goldsman and Stephen King himself.

The film will have 7 movies and TV series in between each film. Will Javier stay committed to doing all that? That’s a lot of acting.

Deadline, reports.

I know many people will give this casting choice mixed opinions, but I like it. I think Javier will nail the role with no problem.

Now they’ll have to cast someone for Suzanne and Eddie Dean, and the little boy, Jake.



BREAKING NEWS: Javier Bardem officially offered the role of Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” flick by Ron Howard…

Out of the three actors that’s been in the runner’s up for the role of Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for the “Dark Tower” film: Christian Bale, Viggo Mortensen, and Javier Bardem. Ron Howard and Universal Studios, wants Javier Bardem the most out of the three. Howard and Universal has already asked Bardem for the role but negotiations haven’t begun yet. I’m pretty sure Javier would say “yes”, to the role and sign the dotted line when he gets around to it.

The plot to the “Dark Tower” movie will be similar to the book. It tells a story of Deschain the last surviving member of the knightly order of gunslingers, and humanity’s last hope to save a civilization that will fall unless he finds the Dark Tower.

Read the full story here, at Deadline.

I know a lot of people disagree with this pick. In forums and blogs, people claim that Bardem don’t fit, but I think he fits perfectly if you think about it. Bardem is a fantastic actor. He’ll nail any role that throws at him and I think he’ll nail this role, as well. People don’t see Bardem as a tough guy with a short temper? That’s how Roland was in the books.

After they sign, Bardem, next they’ll have to cast roles for Jake Chambers, Eddie Dean and Susannah Dean. Susannah is a black woman in the books so they’ll need a black actress for her.

Who do I think should play Susannah? My picks would either be: Halle Berry or Zoe Saldana.

Not sure who to play Jake and Eddie though.