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Happy birthday Superman…


The reason it’s Superman’s birthday today is ’cause it was described as Supes birthday in the old comics through the 60’s – 80’s as Feb. 29th. Superman actors can get replaced as many times as they want but nobody will top Christopher Reeve. Chris Reeve has always been my favorite Superman and always will.

I love all 4 Chris Reeve Superman movies and yeah, I even thought “The Quest For Peace” the fourth movie was great for what it was. I’m the proud owner of the Superman BluRay boxset.

I love a lot of superheroes but Superman will always be my no. 1. Batman would have to be no. 2. I am looking forward to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” though.

Yeah, Hollywood is always struggling to make a Superman movie ’cause why? The answer is simple really ’cause the story of Superman really isn’t an easy story to tell. It’s pretty difficult to make a great Superman movie and that’s why WB’s fail a lot.

I did love “Man of Steel” though w/ Henry Cavill despite the mixed criticism of that film.


Happy birthday Christopher Reeve, who would have been 63 right now…

I remember being bummed about Christopher Reeve’s passing ’cause he is one of my favorite actors and he played the best Superman. Plus, the guy is a huge inspiration for me after he had his horse accident. The guy was very brave and courageous to stay alive for his wife and kids until he couldn’t be with us anymore sadly. This guy was a fighter ’til the very end. He was inspiration for all that activism work he did for other people with spinal chord injuries. He was quite a man he was.

Yes, I love all 4 Superman films even “The Quest For Peace” was a good movie even though that film could have a better script and better filming. I’m a pretty big fan of Reeve as Superman and I proudly own the Superman “Motion Picture Anthology” Blu-Ray set.

The question you have to ask is if Chris was still alive would he have played Superman again if he didn’t have that horse accident at all? I don’t think so. I think he would have been done playing the character even if he didn’t have that horse accident. I would think he would have retired from the character due to aging and stuff, ya know? If Chris was still here, I’m sure he would have loved “Man of Steel” by Zack Snyder and I’m sure he would have been proud of all this Justice League stuff going on.


New photo of Superman released for “Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice”…



The first photo above is the new screen shot still from “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” released by Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. As you can see there has been a slight change in Superman’s costume and look. Superman’s hair is different. As you can see they combed it back which is kind of like a homage to George Reeves, Superman. I see that Snyder is still avoiding the S curl in Superman’s hair which is good.

In Cavill’s new costume, the abs are slightly different and the cape looks kind of different too.

I’m liking it!

I’m sure we’ll see another pic of Ben as Batman soon and we’ll get to see what color the new suit is for Ben’s Batman. I’m sure they’ll give us a pic of the new Wonder Woman too. They’ll give us a pic of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor too.

Jason Momoa has been signed to play AquaMan but nobody has been casted for the Flash or the Green Lantern yet. It’ll be interesting on who they’ll cast for the Flash and the Green Lantern.


Snyder gives Clark Kent a new look? No glasses and fedora hat???



New set pictures leaked to the web of Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice” film. Here you see Henry Cavill on set which looks to be a large green screen room. So Snyder is ditching the usual Clark Kent image? As you can see, the new Clark is still wearing the suit and tie but no glasses and fedora hat.

From what I remember, the new Clark Kent was revealed at the very end of “Man of Steel” and the new Clark was indeed wearing glasses. If I remember correctly, the new Clark put on the glasses while going up in an elevator at the Daily Planet.

Maybe Clark still does wear glasses. Maybe Henry just doesn’t wear them on set while they’re not filming? Look like he’s just taking a little break or something.

All the ladies love this guy, though. The women thinks he’s good looking. Of course he have to be good looking or else Superman wouldn’t work.

Definitely looking forward to “Dawn of Justice”. I’m sure Snyder will give us another action packed ride!


Zack Snyder gives us sneak peek on new Batmobile for “Batman vs. Superman”!!!


Zack Snyder just dropped this tweet today. Giving us a little sneak peek of the new Batmobile that Ben Affleck will be driving for “Batman vs. Superman” film. In all the previous Batman films, the Batmobile was huge protected with black armor. Look like they’re not doing it that way with this new Batmobile. They’re going old-school it looks like.


The internet bashed Heath Ledger when he was first announced as the Joker… check here for proof…


Check this out, read the fan comments this article at RottenTomatoes and tell me what you see. The comments aren’t so kind are they? Now look what happened. People loved Heath as the Joker when “The Dark Knight” first came out.

I think it’s unfair and wrong that people have to be so critical over Ben. Ben’s so called bad-acting was years ago. His acting has greatly improved over the last 10 years or so. People loved Ben in “The Town” and “Argo” which both were great flicks but now they don’t want him as Batman? 

People maybe skeptical now but I think people will love Ben as Batman. Ben is gonna kill it, I’m sure. When Ben was hired for Batman, he must of auditioned for it and Zach Snyder must of loved him. Make no mistake people. Zach knows his actors. He did a good job casting for the first, “Man of Steel” movie. I’m sure he won’t disappoint with the sequel.

People were skeptical of “Man of Steel” film itself but when that movie came out, the film got nothing but positive reviews. Zach Snyder likes to trick people like this. He has pulled stuff like this before with his older movies. Do controversial things and people end up liking it later.

I don’t get all the hate. It’s just a lot of bandwagon jumping — people siding with popular opinion.

Ben will know what to do with the role. I can’t wait to see how he’s gonna pull it off. You can’t badly judge him just because you didn’t like him in “Daredevil”. That film was years ago and Ben was younger back in those days. I totally support Ben as Batman.


Ben Affleck is your new Batman and here are my thoughts…

Like most, I am pretty surprised they picked Ben Affleck as the new Batman for the “Man of Steel” sequel. Warner Bros. announced the surprising news last night. Wow. They were pretty quick on hiring the new Batman so it looks like they’re in a rush. You see? Zack Snyder works fast, I wasn’t joking around.

To be honest, I think Ben is the perfect choice to play the role. Ben seems to be a fan of comics and superheroes himself as he has already played Daredevil, once for Marvel. The team behind the “Batman and Superman” film were looking for a slightly older Batman. I guess that’s the reason why Ben was picked ’cause he fit that perfectly. All the Batman’s from the past: Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale were all pretty young at the time when they were first hired for their roles. Ben in his 40’s. This would make Ben the 5th Batman actor.

A lot of people online are trashing their choice of Ben playing the new Batman/Bruce Wayne but give him a chance. I think Ben is gonna be great. He’s gonna look great in the suit, I’m sure. The Batman suit is probably gonna be a black and rubber suit again but hopefully they give it a new style. New look and new color. They changed the Superman suit around, some, they’re probably gonna do the same with the Batman suit. I’m looking forward to seeing what Ben is gonna look like in the Batman suit so I’m sure Warner Bros. will release a photo of it soon to show us.

In Ben’s defense, I think he’s a very talented actor. He always has been. He can play any role that throws at him, no matter the genre. Sounds like Warner Bros. want to give Batman a different feeling and Ben would be great for that. Give Ben a chance and don’t be so quick to judge. He’s gonna be awesome! I think Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck will be a great team-up!


More thoughts on the “Batman/Superman” team up movie…

While it’s great news that “Batman & Superman” are finally teaming up together for a live-action film… I really think they should get rid of the black rubber suit on Batman. I think the Dark Knight thing is kind of old and it would be great if they give Batman a new style. New suit, new look, new everything. If they did that with Superman, I would think they would do the same with Batman. Since Christopher Nolan would still be the mentor/producer of the “Batman/Superman” film, I would think Chris would let Zack have Batman however he wants the character to be. Over the years, Batman had different styles of suits and in different colors. I think it would be pretty cool if they go back to old-school with Batman… go back to the blue and black. They gave Superman the old-school look for “Man of Steel”, why not do the same with the Batman? Zack’s version of the batsuit will indeed be a little different than Nolan’s take on it. Zack got rid of the red trunks on Superman, think how Zack would change the batsuit? I’m sure Zack would get a lot of people questioning the batsuit just like he got a lot of people wondering about the new Superman suit.

The “Batman & Superman” movie will probably be action packed and intense like “Man of Steel” was. Of course, it’ll probably have impressive visual effects and all that stuff. Who will the leading villain be? Lex? The Joker? Both?

As for the actor to play the new Batman, I’m not really sure yet but like I said before, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be the most likely choice ’cause of the “Dark Knight: Rises” ending.

It’s great news this is happening finally. I’m sure Hollywood already tried to get a Batman/Superman movie going years ago but failed. It’s gonna be a hard movie to pull off and Zack would be the only guy who can do it right. Batman/Superman had tons of comics together and animated movies. They don’t have a live action movie yet and the wait will be over soon. It will be a box office smash, for sure.

My question is, will Michael Caine still play Aflred? Gary Oldman for Commissioner Gordon? I don’t know if those guys will come back without Christian Bale but we’ll wait and see.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what they’re gonna title it too.


Zack Snyder confirms “Batman & Superman” movie at SDCC…


Every summer at San Diego Comic Con, there are all sorts of goodies that come out of it and this is one of them. Everyone knew there is gonna be a sequel to, “Man of Steel”, we just didn’t know what Zack Snyder’s plans were. Turns out that he is planning to team Batman and Superman together in one movie. It’s about time too! We always wanted Batman and Superman to have their own movie but the only problem with that is that Christian Bale no longer wants to play Batman. Bale is done with the Caped Crusader so he probably will not be in this or the “Justice League” film. That’s okay ’cause Bale wasn’t that great of a Batman anyways so let him go, ya know? So it’s looking like Batman will have to get replaced by another actor (again).

We won’t see a “Justice League” film for a long while ’cause it’s looking like Zack wants to have all the characters in “Justice League” to get their own film to build up to it. The Flash is getting his own movie too.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they get Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Batman, though. If you’ve seen the ending to the “Dark Knight: Rises”, you would know exactly what I mean (not trying to spoil things).

Looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do with the first “Batman/Superman” film. “Batman/Superman” is coming sooner than you think as I think it’s slated for a 2015 release date. Why is it coming this soon? Simply because Zack is a fast worker. He made “Man of Steel” pretty quick. He can get a single film done in less than a year.

In the photo above is the official logo revealed for the “Batman/Superman” movie at SDCC.


Cool Photo: See “Man of Steel” cast and Zack Snyder at the NYC premiere…



“Man of Steel” cast and Zack Snyder hanging at the premiere in NYC. Don’t those three women look beautiful? Hell yeah, they do. Seems that Michael Shannon stands taller than everyone else, LOL! I just looked up Michael’s height and he’s 6 foot 3. Yes, that is Laurence Fishburne who plays a black Perry White in the film.

Can’t wait to see “Man of Steel”. Critics are already giving this movie rave reviews so look like everyone will be happy with this film. I’m pretty sure I’m seeing, “Man of Steel”, this weekend. I won’t be seeing it alone, I believe. I’m possibly going with several other friends in my area. I would have gone to see this movie alone but with this being, “Superman”, you can’t see it alone. You want to see this movie with other people to make it a blast. You want to have fun cheering on for Superman.

Really looking forward to this flick. When I do see it, I’ll review it for my blog for sure.