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Report: The popular Facebook game, Mafia Wars, is heading to the big screen!!!

The popular facebook game, Mafia Wars, is rumoured to hit the big screen in the future.

More on it here:


First, the entire Facebook site gets their own movie, “The Social Network” directed by David Fincher (youtube the trailer for that film) and now this?

Some of you may find this a bit of a surprise, but I don’t go to Facebook to play any of their games at all. I don’t play Mafia Wars, Farmville, Vampire games, Fantasy stuff, poker, etc. I go to Facebook to keep in touch with family, friends, fans/supporters, and musicians. Not to play games.

If I wanted my video gaming entertainment, I have the ps3 for that.

As for my thoughts on a Mafia Wars movie, I’m all for it as long as the story is good and the casting is good.


Facebook thoughts: Privacy is never private…

People in facebook has been complaining and whining about these new privacy features. People keep complaining everytime something new changes in facebook. Seriously? Are you people for real? Are you this delusional? How can you keep your thoughts and what you post in facebook private?

NEWS FLASH: Simply just don’t go to facebook or cancel your account. Noboby’s forcing you to stay there.

What you post in facebook, it’s no longer private, your friends in your friendslist can still see everything, it’s still public. If you don’t want the outside world talking about what you’re posting in facebook, then becareful how you use facebook, it’s just as simple as that.

It is not the facebook staff and the new features that is ruining facebook, well, it is YOU that is ruining your experience there. People should be adult enough to use the internet responsibly but instead, they all act like little teenagers who are just learning how to use the internet. I use my facebook page to keep my personal life out of things. I use it to discuss the entertainment industry: music, movies, politics, health & fitness, sports, wrestling/ufc, etc with the people there just like I do here with the blog.

Ranting about things in your life, maybe a good thing but in a way, it’s not. If you get too personal or post something too negative, then bad karma will hit you back out in the real world in the future, believe me. People would talk about every little thing they do in life in facebook. If people go out for a drive, go to the store, or go to work, etc. people would write it all down in facebook in their statuses. It’s crazy stuff FB is. I’ll write more on this another time.


Report: Paul Weller slams Myspace and facebook…

Paul Weller, who is the former frontman of the UK punk rock band, The Jam, has slammed social networking sites, Myspace and Facebook.

Click here to read his words:


The user comments in that article, the NME readers, has responded. Slamming Paul Weller in return. It’s like music fans can’t take his opinion. The truth maybe harsh, but I’m gonna say, that the man actually brings up some valid points.

When he tells you to “go down to a pub” what he really means, is that he wants people to do more productive things than hang in social networking sites. When he says to the guy at his show, “This is myspace and you’re invading it”. That means that Paul Weller likes to keep his life private instead of making it public on social networking sites.

You’ll have to admit that Paul is so right on what he says. Back in the 50’s-80’s, there was no such thing as the internet. It made it hard to promote music back in the old days. Now it seems that the rich & famous, the mainstream of media fame has taken over social networking sites. Real celebrities and real bands using myspace/facebook (also twitter) to promote their careers. I’ll have to agree with him that myspace/facebook is what makes this world a sad society.


Report: Miley Cyrus slams social networking sites…

Miley Cyrus, the Disney star, spoke out about social networking sites such as myspace/facebook/twitter/etc.  which those three sites seem to be taking over the world these days. She revealed that she is trying to stay away from the internet and become more social out in the real world. She says the internet can be pretty dangerous if you tell the whole world about your personal life and telling the world what you’re doing.

Read what she has to say about the internet here:


While some out there may hate what she says, I’m gonna have to side with her on this one and say she brings up some very valid points. Social networking sites can be very dangerous and people don’t even realize how evil it can be. Knowing from my own experiences.

In facebook, I see people in there talking about everything that goes on in their personal lives, even their marriages, children, family, etc. They rant about how much life sucks and all that. It’s not cool. There are women posting pictures of newborn babies in there which is also not cool. In my opinion, I think children and teen shouldn’t be allowed on the internet at all. If you wonder why young children and young women are disappearing possibly being kidnapped or murdered by pedophiles and predators, the internet can be part of why all of this is happening.

More reasons why the internet can be dangerous, if you’re open about your personal life, it could cost you your job, destroy your marriage, pretty much everything you have. If you cyberbully other people online, and if they meet you in person, you could get into a heated confrontation, possibly a huge fight or something worse.

I used to talk about stuff that goes on in my life in the past, but now I just use the internet for entertainment news only if you noticed. I don’t even talk about myself in my facebook page that much. I use it to do my usual thing talk about movies, music, wrestling, video games, etc. The internet maybe a cool tool to come on here and be open about yourself, but the reality is, it’s not a cool thing. These days I vow to keep my personal life out of everything and it works beautifully. I’m doing my best to spend less time off the internet too if you noticed. Now that I found fitness as a passion, playing more guitar and video games.

Honestly though, there are too many whacked and crazy people all over the place in social networking sites that I try to stay out of things. Too much negativity and drama, not my thing anymore. Great on Miley for saying something real for once. She gets my kudos this time!


Thought: About this Nickelback pickle thing…

The page that the young woman started, Coral Anne, the “Pickle” Nickelback facebook page was meant to be a page that is not supposed to be for hating on Nickelback. Plus, I don’t think that is really Chad Kroeger chatting with Coral Anne in e-mail in Facebook. Probably, just another one of her jokes. It was all meant to be for fun and humor. Kind of the like Mad Magazine or the Onion or something like that. The Nickelback haters think she’s using it for Nickelback hate but that’s not her vision with the page. I see her as a bored person wanting some fun in Facebook.

While so many music fans may hate Nickelback as well as I, do you think a band like Nickelback would care if so many people hate them online? No. They could give a rats ass. While so many don’t like their music, you can’t deny that they are a best selling band. And they do write a bunch of hits. In my eyes, when so many people hate a band or a certain solo artist, that is doing nothing but promoting their music even more. Giving the band more publicity. Like I sometimes say, sometimes bad publicity is great.

I’m sure the real Chad Kroeger would actually like the “Pickle” Facebook page. Honestly, I think he would be flattered by it. So don’t get the wrong idea that he would be upset by Nickelback hate on the internet, ’cause I think he would find all this entertaining. Yes, I am actually defending this band. I’m not a fan, I don’t like their music. They are successful. Like ’em or not.

I’m sure Chad would speak out on this “Pickle” stuff soon when he gets around to it, to squash rumours that he didn’t threaten to shut the page down and all that. Think about it, if Nickelback “sucked”, then they wouldn’t have gotten signed to a major label and constantly selling over millions of records. Saying they “suck” is just an opinion. I’m sure they still have some fans and supporters that still support them. That’s why they still do what they do.

He maybe egostitical, delusional and maybe an asshole, but who isn’t in the music industry these days? It seems that stuff is what music is all about. All musicians have egos whether national or local. Hell, I’ll admit that I have a huge ego at times! Nothing wrong with having an ego or delusional problem, right? That’s the name of the game with music and musicians have to deal with these things.


Report: Facebook proves that a pickle is more popular than Chad Kroeger of Nickelback…

This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a long while! Comedy indeed! A young woman named Coral Anne, started a facebook fan page, titled, “Can this pickle get more fans than Nickelback”.


When the page created facebook controversy, it reached over 1,483,000 fans. Large enough to grab Chad Kroeger’s attention to the page. Chad Kroeger whined to the facebook staff and requested the page to be shut down. He then went to his own personal FB page letting Coral Anne know that the page will get shut down in 2 weeks. It seems like Coral Anne got into a heated e-mail battle in FB with the famous rock star. She doesn’t seem upset as she seems to enjoy fighting with Chad Kroeger in e-mail.

More on it here:


Great job, Coral Anne! If the page gets shut down, make another one! The internet have proven that Chad Kroeger is one delusional man living in his own dreamland.

This Chad Kroeger dude, needs to get over himself ’cause I agree with everyone else. Nickelback does suck.

Sad to say, that I actually saw Nickelback live in concert once before. Only reason I went is ’cause Jerry Cantrell opened for them. I was there to see Jerry, not Nickelback. I will never see Nickelback live again though.


Report: David Fincher to direct, “Facebook – The Movie”…

David Fincher is in talks to direct, “Facebook – The Movie”, a film that will focus on the beggining of the social networking website. The film will actually be titled, “The Social Network”.

Variety Reports:


The film will probably have Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook creator in the film played by a different actor.

Here is Mark here:

Mark is just a young kid, in his late 20’s I believe. So a young actor would have to play him.

Fincher would probably go for Jake Gyllenhaal to play him. Fincher already worked with Gyllenhaal once in “Zodiac”, I’ll bet your money he’ll get Jake for this too.

What’s next? Will Hollywood do a movie on “Myspace” and “Twitter”?


Report: Facebook plans on going music digital but it maybe different than myspace music…

With myspace music launching not too long ago, the other popular networking site Facebook is planning a similar thing but it will be different. The announcement was made by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg himself. They plan to team up with other song streaming music websites such as imeem.com, rhapsody, ilike, and Lala.

Although this plan is not “definite”, they could also turn down the plan if this doesn’t work out.

More on it here:


This sounds much better than myspace music, I hope it happens.


Report: Oh my, even more people are getting turned off of myspace and now facebook is taking over the world!!!!!!

Well, Rupert Murdoch, it looks like you failed myspace because “facebook” is beating myspace down!!!! The only reason facebook has gotten more popular in the mainstream now is because myspace is such a horrible site! Gee, I wonder why a lot more people are cancelling their myspace accounts and going to facebook instead.

Re-read my older blogs I’ve said about myspace in the past, they are all part of the reason. Also phishing, accounts getting hacked, lots of advertisements, people getting frustrated with shitty bands sending them e-mails about shows and their music, lots of crazy people who are delusional and drama queens in myspace who all they mostly talk about is getting wasted and partying, the amounts of celebrity pages and band sites taking over myspace when it is supposed to be a “friends” site, people are finding myspace too addictive so they go to facebook so they can get less addicted, having so many friends is too hectic for people, etc. Need I go on?

More on it here:


Facebook is planning to turn into a music site too similar to myspace but I will make a music account in facebook soon if I ever get around to figuring that stuff out. I think facebook is a much better site and easier to use than myspace.