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So Benghazi happened a long time ago, hey???

Tommy Vietor pictured above claimed that Benghazi happened a couple of years ago. Yeah Tommy used to be a part of this Administration who defended them over Benghazi over some news show on TV.

Then Obummer brings up the European Crusades claiming how dangerous and evil Christians were back then.

On top of that, I don’t think Obummer’s being 100% honest about the European Crusades like when is Obummer honest about anything? Obummer tried to make it look like that Muslims were the victims during the Crusades but if you read into the Crusades more like I did, you would see that Obummer is lying as usual…

In reality, the Crusaders weren’t bad guys like Obummer tried to make them look like at the National Prayer Breakfast speech. He tried to compare the Crusades as being the same as ISIS/ISIL. Obummer, full of shit like usual. Obummer is WAY OFF on that.

Read the first Crusade…


In reality, the Christians were heroes aka good guys. The Muslims took their holy land and Pope John Urban II urged the knights and noblemen to fight back. So in reality, Islam were the ones being “evil” in the whole Crusades war. Read upon it.

Thanks to Obummer, he actually got me interested in learning more about the European Crusades. It’s interesting stuff actually and most of you know I’m a pretty big history buff.

So did “people commit terrible deeds” in the name of Christ? Not what I see here at all during the Crusades. The Crusaders did what they did for the “love of Christ” not for terrible deeds as Obummer put it. Muslims were 100% evil in all this. So all of those Muslims that got slaughtered and killed during the Crusades was well-deserved for them anyways.

Obummer thinks we’re stupid and naive but we’re not. All it takes is a quick google search to catch his lies. All he tried to do at that National Prayer speech was that he tried to make Islam look good like usual and he was trying to beg us to respect them and love them. Listen to his speech and you would see what I mean. He actually defended Muslims actions of violence too which is crazy.

I’m so sick of this president and I’m sick of people defending this man and acting like he does nothing wrong no matter the situation. When will people finally see that he’s nothing but a big piece of garbage?


Obama calls out Christians at National Prayer Breakfast…

Is Obama really a Christian as he himself claims?

It isn’t very Christian of him to publicly call out and insult Christianity like he did here. In this speech, he seemed like he was trying his best to defend Islam for all their violence and evil over the years by comparing The Crusades to Islam violence. He’s saying here that Christians were just as evil as ISIS Centuries ago. He was referring to the 1095 European Crusades when Christians went on a religious war against the Muslims in order to reclaim the Holy Land.

I’m sure Obummer is halfway right that Christians may have done some evil things years ago but to compare that to ISIS”s actions is just a joke. Religion was different back then. It still doesn’t give ISIS the right to do what they do. The European Crusades only lasted from 1095 – 1291. Christians stopped their violence at the year 1291. They moved on from their violence and Muslims never did.

Obama’s speech starts at about 1:01:13 in this video. All this speech is that Obummer is trying to tell us to respect Islam. Defend Islam all you Obummer, but we will never respect that religion. Isn’t it inappropriate for Obumemr to have this kind of speech at a National Prayer Breakfast with other religious people in the room? Noticing that people in that room were completely dead silent and he didn’t even get that much of an applause either.


More on the Jordan pilot burned alive by ISIS…

AAaaaaaaahhhhhh… I just found out that the Jordan pilot burned alive by the so-called Isis is just another Muslim. So lets make a little observation shall we? Obummer refuses to call Muslim terrorists and refuses to say “Radical Islam’. So here comes some Muslim from Jordan being burned alive and now America feels compassionate toward that guy. So it’s Muslims killing other Muslims?

I think this is just the government’s way of trying to get us Americans to feel more sympathetic toward Islam so they pulled off a little trick by trying to “stage” a kill by murdering another Muslim. I was watching this story on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams earlier this evening and they were reporting this story and they were trying their best to make Muslims look like good people.

After all the violence Muslims committed in America and around the world over the years, Americans have been calling Muslims evil since 9/11/01. The government tries their best to not make Muslims look like terrorists and this is exactly what they’re doing with ISIS. Their little trick on trying to get Americans to have a change of heart with Muslims.

Ya know, the government can try to pull off their little tricks on trying to get us to respect Islam but it’ll never work. We will never respect Islam.

Islam isn’t a race. It’s a religion so it doesn’t make any sense that people call it “racism” when you bash Islam.

Isis is government controlled. Even Republicans are in on it ’cause John McCain even has photos with Isis members. There is no proof that any of Isis’s victims are dead and they showed no proof of their hostages either. So can you see why some conservatives have come to a suspicion that Isis may not be real and it’s possibly government controlled?

I know people are gonna call me “crazy” and a “conspiracy theorist” but that’s okay, I’m used to getting called those things. I’m a critical thinker and that’s what I do. I know people find my political views offensive but I don’t give a shit. I ain’t afraid to be realistic about things.


Other world leaders in other countries call Paris attacks “radical Islam” but the Obama administration refuses to call it that…

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron calls Paris attacks “radical Islam”:


and so does the Prime Minister of France:


Those guys are really smart and they brave to say so.

However… Obama, Holder or anyone in this administration in the US is refusing to call it “Muslim”, “Islam” or “radical Islam”. I haven’t seen one person in this administration call the attack “Islam” or “Muslim” once. They know it’s 100% Islamic. If you believe them that they haven’t confirmed which group is responsible then you’re a naive and delusional idiot.

I really am sick of this administration and you should be too. The more they refuse to talk, the more they show that they may have been responsible for this attack as well. This Charlie Hebdo thing really reminds me of Benghazi all over again.

I’m real tired of delusional idiots thinking that this administration isn’t capable of doing evil and horrible things. Fuck you if you really believe that. Wow. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll have another rant about this soon.


Obama not a Muslim himself, hey??? Watch this video if you don’t think so…

Watch this video from start to finish. It’s worth watching, trust me.

Obama not a Muslim himself, hey? If you watch him in this video, there are clips where he’s caught speaking in Arabic language at a speech. At about 5:00 in this video, Obama clearly admitted he’s Muslim himself (the video wasn’t fake or altered, it was a real speech. It was a speech videotaped probably during his Senator days before his presidency.)

This video is sure gonna upset liberals and Islam defenders even more, though. This video from start to finish, it’s interesting and powerful stuff.


Now liberals are intolerant over Islam, what’s next???

It seems that freedom of expression is just about dead in America. It seems that conservatives can’t speak their minds and express their opinions anymore. When they do, liberals try to paint them as “bigots” and “trouble-makers”. They try to paint them as bad people.

Liberals were intolerant toward Conservatives about topics like gay marriage, abortion/birth control, gun control, all of this Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown stuff, and now they’re getting on our asses about Islam.

Whenever an attack happens that is committed by Muslim fanatics, liberals would defend ’em like crazy. It seems that in this day and age,  it’s a crime to insult Islam and it’s okay for liberals to attack Christianity and other religions. It’s bullshit. I can’t blame people for calling Islam evil ’cause they have been responsible for a lot of violence all over the world. The list of Muslim attacks in America and around the world is too long but the most notable attacks are 9/11/01, Benghazi and Charlie Hebdo. You can also add the Kenyan mall attack, the Boston Marathon bombing and UK soldiers getting slaughtered by knife wielding Muslims in London, remember those?

Whenever these Muslim attacks happen, liberals and Muslims around the world would try to defend the religion. Making claims that they are not terrorists and they are good people. Whenever Muslims who claim they are good and say stuff that they are against violence and killing people, the last thing you wanna do is trust them. I don’t know what the Qur’an says and don’t wanna know what it says. You can’t blame people for not trusting this religion after years of violence and murders they committed over the years.

Welcome to Obama’s America everyone. This is what he wanted from the beginning was to get us to respect Islam and try to shove the religion in our faces. Why won’t Obama give it up and admit he’s Muslim ’cause he’s not fooling anyone? He has showed MANY signs of it over the years and he continues to do so to this day.

Soon everyone in America will be forced to convert and Obama’s dream of turning us into a Muslim state will be a reality. When we have a president who is a big time Muslim sympathizer we have a problem. You should be very scared of this president. All the stuff going on with Muslims around the world is just the beginning of the United States of Islam. What’s going on overseas is heading our way. We could soon be slaughtered and killed by Muslim fanatics all over this fucking country.

Conservatives fight back ’cause we are scared and trying to do whatever it takes to protect our homeland and our families. I don’t care what anybody says or thinks, Islam is evil and they are a problem in this world. You can’t blame people for being scared. Fuck Islam.


The Isis take over of Iraq and other countries is just the beginning of the United States of Islam…

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Islam wants to take over the United States by turning us into a Muslim state.

Does this map look familiar to you guys?

A few of you guys called it bullshit that there are no signs of Muslims wanting to take over America, look who the bullshit one is now, eh? Just like Dinesh D’ Souza warned everyone in his movie, “2016: Obama’s America”.

Obama is on the move creating the United States of Islam right now. Obama created the Isis group. Look it up. Isis was trained by the U.S.

They could be making their way here to the U.S.

Yeah, I told ya so, too. You guys should listen to me more often. The United States should be very scared of Isis.


About that Islamic youtube video that everyone is talking about…

I did a little research today on that Muslim video that everyone was talking about — the video that may have sparked the Benghazi attacks. The film is called, “The Innocence of Muslims” which is made by a film maker named, Nakoula. The video is NOT pulled off of youtube; however, the film is still up  and I actually got around to watching it today. The film is still available to watch in America but banned in various countries overseas. The film is about 14 minutes long. It’s filmed like a B-movie with bad acting and bad directing styles. The reason it got the Muslim people upset ’cause it depicted that Prophet Muhammed may have been a womanizer, homosexual, a blood thirsty thug and other things.

I could see why a video like that would upset the Obama administration.

Seriously, watch the video yourself in youtube. I refuse to link it here. Just go to youtube and search, “The Innocence of Muslims” and it’ll come up.

I think it wanted to tell people that Islam isn’t a peaceful religion.


Report: The Muslims can’t take a joke from David Letterman, late night host threatened by terrorists…

A member of the jihadist website urged the Muslim followers to cut the tongue of David Letterman, for making a joke about an al-Qaida leader.

More on it, here.

Well, lets hope they catch these guys fast. I bet Letterman is fearing for his life a little bit. Don’t be surprised if he responds to this on his show though.


Brock’s thoughts about President Obama allowing a Mosque to be built near Ground Zero…

President Obama is under hot water and is in a bit of controversy in the news lately. Why? You all know why, it’s because he plans on building a Mosque near Ground Zero in NYC. He’s defended it by saying, “This is America, and Muslims deserve their freedom to do what they please”.

Sarah Palin doesn’t like the idea:


This is something John McCain wouldn’t be in favor for either. I also think George W. Bush wouldn’t allow this.

Obama is looking to be more of a terrorist supporter every time. Everybody says George W. Bush and John McCain are the worst? To be honest with you, I have no problem with those two guys. It’s Obama that is the worst politician ever. He’s ten times worse than Bush and McCain.