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Patrick Stewart aka Captain Picard, has twitter war with Time Warner Cable…

Patrick Stewart, who is most famous as Captain Picard for Star Trek: TNG and Professor X for the “X-men” movies, took to his twitter page to rant about Time Warner Cable. Look like Patrick is living somewhere in NYC, and he wrote to TWC on twitter, complaining that he tried to set up a new account and 36 hours later, he got nothing? Well TWC replied, and all they said, was “How can we assist”. Patrick replied again. See the tweet here.

Patrick’s TWC rant became a hit on the internet, as there has been Star Trek photos made of him, making fun of it, such as this photo here:


Thought this was pretty cool and had to share. Funny stuff!!!!!


Report: Patrick Stewart is not doing “Mad Max: Fury Road” and he’s also NOT doing “X-Men: First Class”…

Is Patrick Stewart done with Hollywood for good??? I hope not. If you’re hoping for him to make a return to Hollywood, look like it’s not going to be anytime soon. Patrick Stewart shot down rumours that he’ll be starring in “Mad Max: Fury Road”. He also confirms he’s done with Professor Xavier for “X-Men” ’cause he don’t expect to be involved.

Check out the two articles below:


and here:


Now let the retirement from Hollywood rumours begin for Patrick! I really hope he isn’t done with Hollywood for good and I hope he’ll do a new movie soon.

See? Even Ain’t It Cool get their facts wrong. They do it all the time. They’re another website known for sparking rumours that aren’t true such as this. AICN is bad movie journalism anyways.


Report: Patrick Stewart to star in “Mad Max: Fury Road”???


Huge rumour hit the nets that Sir Patrick Stewart might be starring in “Mad Max: Fury Road” that stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. Somebody named, TrekGirl wrote to AICN telling them about it. It probably is true that Patrick maybe starring in a George Miller movie, but it might not be “Mad Max” either but it could be a different one.

Anyway, I’m happy to hear Patrick is finally making a comeback to Hollywood. With him possibly starring in “Mad Max 4” and him coming back as Prof. X for Bryan Singer’s “X-Men 4”, it’s looking good. Like  Patrick is missing being on the big screen and wants to make his Star Trek and X-Men fans happy.



Report: Will Sir Patrick Stewart return as Professor Xavier in Singer’s “X-Men: First Class”?

So Bryan Singer has officially signed on to direct the next installment of X-Men which the  next one will be titled, “X-Men: First Class”. This one sounds like more of a prequel because this will focus on a young Professor Xavier and a young Magneto.

The question is, will Patrick Stewart agree to return to the next, “X-Men” movie? We all know Patrick won’t play the young Xavier since he is too old obviously. I imagine that the film will start off as the young Xavier and young Magneto leading up to their adult years.

Singer will probably sign Patrick as the adult Xavier for the film, as well. We haven’t yet heard if Patrick Stewart will return, but I’m sure we will hear something soon. Maybe even Ian Mckellen will return as the adult Magneto as well.

Patrick Stewart took time off from Hollywood to work Broadway theatre full time. He’s still doing Broadway I believe. So  hopefully Patrick will return, we’ll have to cross our fingers.

I miss Patrick on the big screen. He’s a fine actor that deserves an Oscar award for a certain role at some point. I’m sure he’ll return to X-Men.


Report: Yep, it’s another remake for Bryan Singer, first it’s “Battlestar Galactica” now it’s, “Excalibur”!!!

Warner Bros. studios has closed a deal to remake the 1981 fantasy film, “Excalibur” which tells the story of the famous King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The original is where movie stars like Liam Neeson, Patrick Stewart and Gabriel Byrne were first known as actors.

Bryan Singer, is set to produce the new version of “Excalibur”, and he also could possibly direct the film as well. Singer is also set to direct the remake of “Battlestar Galactica”. The article also says that Bryan Singer’s next directed film will be titled, “Jack the Giant Killer”.

Variety Reports:


Hmmmmmm…well looks like this will be a return for Patrick Stewart for the big screen ’cause I can definitely see him reprising his awesome role of King Leondegrance. Maybe Liam Neeson and Gabriel Byrne will also rejoin?

“Excalibur” was a really great movie though, the original. 

They’re gonna bring back Patrick Stewart for the remake, I’ll betcha. It’ll be nice to see Patrick back on the big screen, he hasn’t been on the big screen since “X-Men 3: The Last Stand” released back in 2006. Over the years of his hiatus from Hollywood, he’s been doing Broadway theatre plays.


Report: Patrick Stewart finally saw, JJ’s “Star Trek”, and gave us a review…

Former, “Star Trek – The Next Generation” actor, Patrick Stewart, who originally played Captain Jean Luc Picard, finally got to see the new, “Star Trek” movie in London. Patrick’s review of, “Star Trek” is very positive of course. Sounds to me like he was totally blown away and thought the film was amazing as well.

However, he does admit that he finds it a little odd and weird watching a Star Trek movie that he didn’t star in… especially after starring in the last 4 Star Trek movies that starred, “The Next Generation” cast.

More on it here:


I wonder if Patrick Stewart will ever return to the big screen? Play in other movies besides, “Star Trek”? I know Patrick is doing theatre plays right now, but wouldn’t it be fucking sweet if Marvel film gave Professor Xavier his own movie? Patrick played Professor Xavier in the 3 X-Men movies. It be great if Patrick returned to that great character.


Report: Patrick Stewart speaks on his Tony award nomination…

Patrick Stewart speaks to Entertainment Weekly in an interview about his first nominated Tony award. He never had an opportunity like this before and he says it is a dream come true to land on the Tony’s. Patrick Stewart just received a nomination for “Best Performance by a Leading Actor In a Play” for this year’s Tony Awards.

There is no talk on whether or not Patrick is making a return to the movies but I don’t see him returning to the movies anytime soon. He seems too committed to doing theatre, but the cool thing is, Patrick does have plans in seeing J.J. Abrams “Star Trek XI” when that hits movie theaters and he can’t wait to see the movie.

See here to read this great interview:


Congratulations to Patrick on the Tony award nomination! That man deserves it every step of the way, an underrated talented actor finally getting the recognition he deserves!

Click here to see the rest of the Tony award nominees:



Report: Variety does a review on “Macbeth” starring Patrick Stewart….

Oh my, those reviews of “Macbeth” that Patrick Stewart plays in just keep coming. Variety just posted their review when they went and saw the “Macbeth” show in Brooklyn, New York April 8th last night (the start of the six week show), Variety commended Patrick’s acting in this play saying that Patrick is giving this character “brutal bid for power” and you can absolutely see that in him in the picture posted above.

See the Variety review on “Macbeth” here:


The more I read these reviews, the more it makes me want to purchase tickets and go to Brooklyn to see “Macbeth” with Patrick Stewart.

I don’t go to theatre but I would go see this one if I had the cash, I would imagine ticket pricing to this one would be pretty pricey.


Report: Patrick Stewart getting “very” strong reviews in “Macbeth” play all over the internet…

Actor Patrick Stewart who once played Captain Jean Luc Picard in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Professor Xavier in the “X-Men” series, is getting very strong and positive reviews with his role as “Macbeth” in the famous William Shakespeare play which Stewart is performing in Broadway. Critics and people on the internet are saying this is Patrick Stewart’s best acting in his entire acting career.

You can check out some of the positive articles about him below:





And here:


Do a google search, and you can read all kinds of reviews on the internet with Patrick Stewart as Macbeth in the famous legendary play.

Ever since leaving “Star Trek: The Next Generation” films, he has decided to retire from Star Trek to go back to theatre.

Personally, I think Patrick Stewart took a hiatus in acting in films to do theatre instead so he can get better at acting. I think he’s using “theatre” to improve his acting in films.

Patrick Stewart is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever seen, I’ve always admired him. One day this man is going to win an Oscar if Hollywood gives him the right movie. He’s so underrated and deserves the recognition.

Congrats to Patrick, I’m proud of him!