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A great video explaining why Benghazi matters…

This guy did a way better job explaining Benghazi than I did. He totally nailed it all the way through.

He’s totally right that Benghazi matters because it’s all about competence and character with the elected officials. It’s not really about blaming Barack and Hillary at all… it’s all about competence and character. It’s about their actions and the way they responded to Benghazi.

If they keep lying and covering about so much stuff, then they definitely have something to hide. What are they keeping from us? Whether it’s a gun running operation or a prisoner trade-in attempt or whether or not they wanted those 4 men dead, whatever it is… they are definitely hiding something and it’s gonna be something really bad. Something that they don’t want us the American people to know about.

Bill Whittle is the freakin’ man! Check out his cool video. Worth watching.

Benghazi matters. It really does. Never Forget Benghazi.


Here is more proof that the Obama administration knew early that Benghazi was a terrorist attack…

The terrorists who attacked Benghazi which I’m pretty sure it’s Ansar Al Sharia took cell phones from the CIA annex to call their terrorist leaders on the progress of the attack so that probably means that the Obama administration already knew beforehand that this was an act of terror and it wasn’t over some silly video.

I bet the White House still have those calls that the terrorists made with each other so the Obama administration definitely knew what was going on that night. They were watching and listening to everything going on. I bet they knew about those cell phones too.

4 Americans dead and nothing have been done about it. They just sat there… watched and listened to everything going on.

Who knows who those terrorists were really talking to that night, though. There had to be times where the terrorists had to be in contact with the Obama administration too. I’m almost positive Obama had a chat with them.




Why do people get so obsessed with defending Barack and Hillary so much??? Man… who cares!!!!

I am tired of people defending President Obama and Hillary or acting like those two are innocent. I have never seen some of the American people get so obsessed with defending them. Even if some people don’t like them, for some weird reason, they still act like they’re innocent no matter the situation. Why do some people who claim they don’t like them, still act like they’re innocent every time they’re getting blamed for something bad or for a crime that they committed? Are these people closet supporters and they are afraid to publicly admit that they DO like them??? That’s what I see what’s going on here. I have never seen people defend politicians like this before. Whenever a politician from the past is getting blamed for something controversial or a scandal or whatever, people have no problem but when it comes to Barack and Hillary… that’s different with them. People act like that Barack and Hillary are like King and Queen or something, ya know?

I never understood people’s obsession with Barack and Hillary. Why? Who cares. Who cares about government politicians ’cause their life don’t concern us. Why do we have to worry about them? We don’t know Barack and Hillary well so why do people get off on defending them or acting like they’re innocent so much? Who cares, man. What is so special about those two???

When it comes to things like Benghazi, the left will accuse right-wingers of wanting answers of the tragedy until we hear what we want to hear. The left accuses the right that we expect the truth of Benghazi to turn out that Barack and Hillary were responsible for the attack. If the truth of Benghazi turns out to be something different like if Barack and Hillary turned out not to be responsible at all… then we’ll accept it. We’ll accept any truth of Benghazi. We just want answers for the families of the 4 and the American people. It doesn’t matter what kind of truth comes out, ya know? We just want the full truth. Maybe I should have brought this up on my Benghazi video speech but I’ll consider it for the sequel.

It’s 100% likely that Barack and Hillary were behind the attack all the way. We don’t make things up. We don’t point the blame on people out of pure fun and hate. That’s not what we do. We look at facts and honesty. How can we tell that Barack and Hillary were responsible for Benghazi?

Well, look at all the stories and articles about it ever since the attack happened. The hearings and the news articles. All the clues and evidence so far, points out that Barack and Hillary were responsible. EVERYTHING so far, it looks like that they were behind it. “The Smoking Gun” e-mail should be good enough to see that Barack and Hillary were totally responsible for the attack and it’s just insane that some can’t see that yet. Close sources of people who knew the victims and whistleblowers, all said that Barack and Hillary were responsible that they all tried to cover up a gun running operation. Even the victims families have said that Benghazi was a US gun running operation. Even all the radio talk show guys like Alex Jones, Glen Beck, etc. have all called Benghazi a US gun running operation.

That’s what everyone is saying. Usually when everyone is talking about the same conclusion of something, they are almost always right. When the majority of the people are in an agreement on a conclusion of a tragedy or a crime, usually it turns out to be the truth.

Sorry but us right-wingers aren’t crazy. We aren’t conspiracy theorists. We know exactly what we’re talking about, it’s just that the Obama/Hillary defenders are just ignorant, delusional and they just refuse to accept the truth that those two are criminals and murderers.

Just wait for the upcoming investigations with Trey Gowdy and the select committee. It’ll turn out exactly that. The White House tried to cover up a gun running operation. Sending weapons to Al-Qaeda. That’s how Ansar Al Sharia got the weapons. They got them from the US government, decided to try those weapons out and kill some Americans. The left will have to learn to accept the truth. It’ll all come out, whether you like it or not.



So where was President Obama during the Benghazi attacks? Gotta be easy to figure out…

So the big question is when it comes to Benghazi, where was President Obama during the 7 or 8 hours the Consulate was under attack??? It’s gotta be really easy to figure out. Everybody in the administration knows where Obama was during Benghazi, it’s just that no one is talking. If no one will talk, then Trey Gowdy and the Select Committee will find out where he was themselves. How?

Check out this article…


All they have to do is look at all the records of his daily activities at the White House. Like the article says: The Wave Records, President’s Public Schedule and the President’s Daily Diary. All that information should definitely show the President’s whereabouts during Benghazi. Like the article also explained, the White House has the Outer Office where the secretary works where he/she keeps records of all of the President’s activities.

Whatever the President was doing… I don’t think he was in the White House at all… and I don’t think he was preparing for a President election debate either… I predict he was somewhere else. He couldn’t have been in the White House during the Benghazi attack ’cause if he was, that would have been too easy to find out where he was.

I think Trey Gowdy and the team will find out exactly where President Obama was pretty soon. It shouldn’t be that hard at all to find out where he was.

I think wherever Obama’s location was during the time of Benghazi will turn out to be  a shocker for everyone. The truth will come out. It always does!

Never Forget Benghazi! Go TREY!!!!


Benghazi investigation is really moving forward, can’t believe this is really happening!!!

Trey Gowdy releases statement on being picked as chairman for select committee:


Speaker Boehner releases names of Republicans who are officially select committee members:


As expected no Democrats named for select committee. Who cares. Let them cowards go. I’m sure the Republicans will do a great job without them.

It’s going to be difficult to get all of those documents and other evidence (’cause I’m willing to bet the Obama admin. is hiding them all) but I’m sure they’ll find some stuff and they’ll find a way to get everything.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that nothing will happen to Obama and Hillary even if the truth comes out but I disagree. I think they will be held accountable once too much info and evidence gets out there. They shouldn’t get away with something like this at all. If it turns out to be murder after all and that’s what they wanted… I think it’s worthy to be handed over to law enforcement and F.B.I. That’s what Congress will do.

Mr. President, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!!!!

Never forget Benghazi.



How the media is helping to protect the Obama administration over Benghazi…

I think it’s safe to say that the national news media have also been helping to cover-up the Obama administration over the Benghazi attacks. If you want proof of that, here it is:

1) Sharyl Attkisson leaving CBS news ’cause they stopped stories on Benghazi, Operation: F&F, etc.

2) Most notably the “smoking gun” e-mail that exposes Susan Rice.

So that’s pretty much all the proof that you need that national news media have been helping to protect this administration. News media like CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NYTimes, etc. The only news media outlet who refuses to protect this administration is obviously FOXNews who vows to help get to the bottom of Benghazi (No wonder Barack hates FOXNews so much, right?). The left hates FOXNews but the right thinks FOXNews is great to what they’re doing with Benghazi. I think FOXNews is doing a good job too on Benghazi.

So you may ask, how is the news media helping to protect this administration??? Well, the news media have been doing so much lying and cover-up too. I think it’s because the administration have been in close contact with all of these news networks and they work together. I am almost certain that this administration pays these news stations A LOT of money to make Obama “look good” and innocent. Either that or the news reporters are just as ignorant and delusional — they decided to protect the administration ’cause if they decided to attack the President over Benghazi… they could lose a lot of ratings and money — they would be in a lot of controversy if they attacked Obama. Some of them help cover up the Benghazi attack ’cause if they were honest about it… that could get hurt their networks. They make the President look good over Benghazi as a way to protect their jobs.

Love FOXNews or hate ’em, they have balls for helping the Benghazi investigation.

Now… the news media was successful at getting a lot of people to think that Barack is innocent and getting people to think that Benghazi doesn’t matter. How? It’s all control and manipulation. It’s called media brainwashing, I believe. When Barack called it a “phony scandal”, Susan Rice blamed it on a video, and Jay Carney said, “it happened a long time ago”… a lot of people actually bought into their lies and fell for it. Why? Because people are naive and dumb. The media was successful at getting people thinking that this administration had no involvement with Benghazi.

This is why not enough people care about Benghazi. This is how this administration gets away with Benghazi. It’s all money, power, and control. That’s the kind of thing that Barack have been good at. It is how he weaseled his way into the White House with money, power, and control. That’s all this man is about, you see. That’s what people can’t understand about this man.

My question is… why would all of these people be willing to protect Barack Obama over his crimes (Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Kathleen Sibelius, Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, etc.)? Why would they risk their own lives to let Obama get away with his crimes??? It’s all about money, power, and control. What’s this man wants is what he gets. People agreed to protect Obama to save their own lives and their own careers. I’m almost 100% sure that Obama threatened these people who protect him behind the scenes. If they decide to talk, they would lose their jobs or worse their life. If they did something to make Obama look bad, they could be next on Obama’s long list of “mysterious accident” deaths. That’s why these people protect him. They are paid so much money to keep quiet aka “hush money”.

Not only that Obama needs to be held accountable, I think all those involved in Obama’s crimes need to be jailed too… that includes all the news reporters who tried to help protect him.

Like I repeatedly said before, the upcoming Benghazi investigations… Trey Gowdy and the team will show America that Benghazi is the real deal and it matters. This investigation will expose the media’s lies about the tragedy. If the media did their jobs, then maybe a lot more people would have believed in Benghazi. The left continues to look at the media as “credible” source, while the right are quick at believing the media is all bullshit. Why does the left continue to believe that media is real? Because they’re naive and dumb. Most news is bullshit… that includes the Washington Post. Most news in this day and age is not too credible. You can’t believe everything what you see reported on TV… you can’t believe everything you read in articles/opinionated columns on blogs… blah blah blah. You get the deal here.

This man, Barack Obama is extremely dangerous and evil. It will get proven soon. I think sometime before his second term is up… that’s when everyone in America will finally realize it. I think the truth of Benghazi will get everyone to wake up about this man. Give it time.

Never forget Benghazi.


Even if Obama didn’t order the Benghazi attack, he’s still gonna get in a lot of trouble either way…

Yes, I know another post about Benghazi. I know you guys are probably sick of my Benghazi posts but like I said before, I’m not gonna rest until justice is done and until we get answers from this tragedy. I’m gonna keep talking about Benghazi until I drive you crazy. I’ll make Benghazi posts like 10 times a day if I wanted and not give a fuck. Why? Because it’s patriotism and I love the USA… that’s what I do this for. I’m gonna keep reminding people about Benghazi and try my best to prove to people how evil Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton really are. I’m not gonna stop until everyone sees it.

Even if it turns out that Obama didn’t plan the attack himself, he’s still gonna get into a lot of deep trouble either way. Why? Well, first of all he didn’t do anything to save lives when he easily could have. He wasn’t active during the attack. He did so much lying and covering up. He will STILL get many charges even if he didn’t order the attack. He’ll get charges like Obstruction of Justice, Treason, etc. Even if he didn’t plan the attack and orchestrated it himself, him not responding to Benghazi is STILL worthy of impeachment and removal from office.

There’s a lot of talk that Democrats in Congress may boycott the Benghazi investigation but I’d say let ’em go. Fuck ’em. All the Dems are gonna try to do is give the Republicans a bunch of bullshit, lies, and they’ll try their best to defend the Obama administration instead of helping to seek the truth. I think the Republicans will do a great job on their own without the Democrats. It would be nice that Democrats and Republicans would work together on seeking the truth of Benghazi but nope… Democrats in Congress are pretty loyal to President Obama. They refuse to get the truth on Benghazi ’cause Democrats are simply afraid of what kind of truth that may come out of it. The Dems are just scared to learn about what bad stuff that may come out of Obama about the attack. Things like the Dems don’t wanna learn that Obama may have been involved in a gun running operation or that if he planned the whole attack himself… those are things that Dems are afraid to hear.

We really need to know the full truth of Benghazi. We need to know everything so I hope Trey Gowdy and the Republicans do a good job and not half-ass it.

The Dems also wanna criticize the Republicans for fundraising over the Benghazi attacks. The last time I checked, the Dems had a long history of fundraising for past tragedies like the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon Bombings — many others. Just more hypocrisy from the liberal community trying to make themselves look good.

I really hate how the Democrats/Liberal side wanna ignore everything bad about President Obama and Hillary Clinton. The left knows that Obama and Hillary have done some pretty bad and evil things — they are not being honest about it. The left really do think there is nothing wrong with Obama and Hillary. It’s crazy. A lot of people from the left still want Hillary for President in 2016 too.

When it comes to politics you shouldn’t side with everybody on your party. You need to be realistic about everything and be honest with yourself. I maybe Republican/conservative but that still doesn’t mean I have to side with every right-winger politician as I think some of them are real scum bags like Mitt Romney and John McCain for example. I’m starting to lose my respect for Rand Paul a little too. I also think Michele Bachmann is a bit of a nutjob and I don’t like Rush Limbaugh too much either. I also didn’t think George W. Bush wasn’t that great of a President either. See? I don’t side with everybody on the right even if I’m a right-winger. It’s all about being realistic with yourself.

I know it drives the left crazy every time Benghazi is brought up. Well that’s too bad. Benghazi is never going away until the full truth comes out. Once the full truth comes out and those are held accountable, then everyone in America can move on from Benghazi. That’s just the way it is. Sorry but that’s the truth.

When will America wake up and learn that Barack Obama is not a good guy at all and Hillary is not America’s sweet-heart???

It’s understandable how the left wanna think George W. Bush was behind “9-11-01” in NYC but hell, even Republicans want answers on 9-11-01 too! I mean Walter Jones (republican) and Stephen Lynch (Democrat) have both been fighting to get the truth behind the WTC attacks for a long time now. We want answers on 9-11-01 just as much as Benghazi. All mysterious tragedies and crimes deserves answers. All of them.

The left really needs to stop being so scared of the truth of Benghazi. It’s nuts, ya know?

The left wants to think of Republicans as nuts and they’ve been accused of doing Benghazi for their own political agendas and for the upcoming 2014 elections. Not true at all.

Us Republicans/Conservatives really take Benghazi seriously and committed to seeking the truth.

Justice will be done. The truth will come out. Trey Gowdy and the team will do a great job. It’s gonna be tough and difficult to get everything but they’ll do it. Benghazi is pretty serious stuff and they’ll show you that it’s no phony scandal.

Never Forget Benghazi. Happy Mother’s Day.


First photo of new Benghazi select committee released…

The Benghazi select committee have been selected and here they are seated at this table. You can tell they look very serious. Especially the look on Trey’s face. You can tell that he’s serious. You see in his eyes that Trey is ready to give the Obama administration the ultimate smackdown!

Get ’em guys! I’m 100% behind y’all!


Charlie Daniels is right on the money about Benghazi…

This is what I’ve been saying on this blog for a while now. 🙂

Wanting answers for Benghazi is about patriotism. This also concerns Democrats/liberals. This concerns all parties. This concerns all human beings living in America. It shouldn’t be just Republicans/conservatives trying to seek the truth of Benghazi. We should all be into this together.

Nope. The left are just scared of the truth coming out for whatever reason. I really think it’s because they don’t want to see Obama and Hillary in deep shit. I know a lot of liberals admire those two. They just hate the fact that those two might be responsible for the attacks and it’s killing them inside. That’s why they attack Republicans over Benghazi. Liberals in America are trying their best to protect Obama and Hillary too.

When they coward out and the left doesn’t care, it makes them look like they don’t care about America. Ambassador Stevens and the three others tried to defend all of us… that includes the left. Liberals/democrats aren’t real patriots even though a lot of them claim to be.


Questions that needs answers on Benghazi…

Here is a list of things that Trey Gowdy’s new Benghazi Select Committee needs to find out during the upcoming investigations… read and learn:

  • Why and How the Benghazi attack happened? – I think this is the key question here. Why and how it happened in the first place. Nobody knows.
  • Why no military help came to save lives? – There were plenty of military all around that area. It was already proven not too long ago. Question is why they never came to help save lives?
  • Who gave the military stand down order? –Another big mystery that needs answered.
  • Where was President Obama during the 7 hours the place was under attack? – Nobody could contact the President and he wasn’t allowed to contact people from outside wherever he was. Panetta said he was in bed but he could be lying, though. He definitely wasn’t in the Situation Room at all. This question is important ’cause when a situation like this is going on, the President needs to be active during an attack but he wasn’t. Where was he and why?
  • How did the 4 Benghazi victims die and what exactly happened to them? – Gowdy will look at every detail. Will there be photos of their bodies??? Autopsy reports??? I’m willing to bet the Obama administration had that stuff hidden too. It was speculated that Ambassador Stevens died of smoke inhalation but another speculation is that he was actually beaten, raped, sodomized, etc. All of this will get proven during the hearings.
  • Why were there dozens of CIA operatives on the ground? – Look it up… it was reported like last year that there were CIA guys ordered to stay on the ground during the attack was going on… probably to keep them quiet on what they’ve seen???
  • Where are the missing survivors and important witnesses? – Gowdy and the team are definitely gonna try and look into this. They’re gonna try to investigate where the missing survivors are and once they find out where they are, they’ll try to bring ’em in for testifying. Chances are they’re gonna end up finding out that the Obama administration have been keeping them at a military hospital in D.C. I’m betting your money on it.
  • Who ordered this attack? – A lot of people wanna blame Al-Qaeda and muslims but I believe they’re gonna find out that the whole attack was Obama’s plan all along.
  • Where did all those gunmen come from and who gave them the weapons? – All those gunmen came and attacked the consulate out of nowhere. They need to find out where they came from and how they got all those guns to begin with. (I bet Obama gave them those guns)
  • Where are they hiding all the evidence like documents, e-mails, photos, videos, etc.??? – There were cameras all over the consulate during the attack and I think there was a report that there was a drone over the place with a camera on it which I bet Hillary and the people in the Situation Room were watching everything going on. There’s gotta be plenty of video evidence. They’ll get to it all.

I’m sure there’s more and those are the pretty big ones that they’ll get to.

Some of you may think that nothing will come out of this investigation at all but I disagree. They’re not gonna rest until they get to the bottom of Benghazi, doesn’t matter how long it takes. It could take a few years or more or whatever, they’re not gonna give up. Like I said, it ain’t over until it’s over. I think they’ll get to the bottom of Benghazi even sooner than that, possibly this year.

I am confident they will be successful at finding out everything I listed above. It’ll all come out.

Never forget Benghazi.