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Thought: Did Sable talk Brock into retiring????

Brock Lesnar, said he retired ’cause he made a promise to his family that he’ll hang it up if he lost his fight against Overeem last night. When Brock made the not so surprising announcement last night, I kept thinking that Brock and Sable must have had an argument about Brock continuing to fight even though he has health problems. If it wasn’t for Sable, I’m pretty sure, Brock would have kept his career going, because MMA and caged fighting is Brock’s passion. He gave it up ’cause his family wanted it.

Brock retiring wasn’t Dana White’s decision, it was all Brock’s himself. Dana would probably let him keep going if he wanted to.

So all this, tells me that Sable (Rena Mero), must of been extremely worried about Brock continuing to fight, so she talked him into retiring and begged him to stop. When Brock was out there, last night, he didn’t look very good. Something says about him that he isn’t really a 100% that he claimed.

Brock calling it quits was probably a smart move. If he kept going, he could get killed out in the Octagon.

Everyone is already wondering what’s next for Brock if he’ll go back to WWE or do other things in his career. Maybe he’ll do some acting in movies or he could continue to write books. He’ll find himself a new job ’cause he needs the money to take care of his family. It’ll be interesting to see what Brock is planning to do next.

If he goes to WWE full time, he’ll be away from his family a lot more, so I don’t think he’ll go for a full time run. Maybe a part time run.


Brock Lesnar ends UFC career after losing to Overeem last night. What’s next for Lesnar? WWE Return???

I haven’t been watching UFC for a long while ’cause I’ve been cutting back on PPV’s, but I ended up watching last night’s UFC 141, ’cause I can’t miss the Brock Lesnar fights. The Lesnar vs. Overeem fight was a quick one like I expected. I was rooting for Overeem to win it in one round and my prediction was right. I knew Brock wouldn’t be able to handle him due to his sickness and Overeem having more fighting experience than Brock.

Right after the fight, Lesnar announced he is done with UFC. He maybe done with the fighting part of it but will he still work for UFC? Could Lesnar become an interviewer or a color commentator? Or will he quit UFC for good???

Lesnar’s UFC run was very brief. He only had 8 fights. I’m sure he’ll walk out UFC a happy man anyway ’cause he was a Heavyweight Champion and he got the opportunity to fight UFC legend, Randy Couture, so that’s good enough for him.

I like Brock Lesnar, he’s an interesting guy and entertaining as hell. Could he be on his way back to the WWE in the future? Lesnar said he would consider a WWE return if something happened to his UFC career, and I’m sure WWE will try to talk him into re-signing with them, so anything is possible. Hopefully Lesnar returns sometime before Wrestlemania 28, so there can be a Lesnar vs. Undertaker match.

I will start watching WWE again if Brock decides to return. Brock is featured in the new “WWE 12” video game, so that’s a hint that Brock could be on his way back.

Last night’s UFC was a good PPV though, the other fights were good too.


Thought: Another Brock Lesnar in WWE thought…

Since Vince McMahon is doing business with Dana White that he got Brock Lesnar as a playable character for “WWE 12” video game, there could be more projects with Lesnar for the WWE. Maybe a DVD of Brock Lesnar’s WWE career is coming up ahead and things like that. So this means that Vince and Brock are already on good terms. It just proves that Vince still likes Brock Lesnar after all these years despite that fallen out they had in the past.

Vince wants Brock back in WWE, it’s just that Dana doesn’t want to mess up Brock’s UFC career, understandably. Who knows, maybe Dana will allow Brock to make occasional WWE appearances, and not a full time run. Like they all say, anything is possible with the WWE.


Report: Brock Lesnar finally reveals if he will ever return to WWE or not…

IGN.com did an interview with Brock Lesnar since he was included as a playable character for WWE’s “12” video game, and he was asked if he’ll ever return to WWE in the future.

Lesnar said:

“It would have to be under the right circumstances. I don’t know if Mr. McMahon and I could come to the right circumstances. If it was good for me and good for him I think that we could do something. At the end of the day, my life, my character and my profession – I take them very seriously. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t help me or my family out, and it doesn’t make sense for me to do, then I don’t do it. Everything would have to fall in the right place, but would I consider it? Absolutely.” 

More on it, here.

I think it could be possible that Brock could make a WWE return in the future too. Just give it time, if Lesnar keeps losing UFC fights and if Dana puts his UFC career to an end, I’m sure he’ll want to return to WWE then.

Vince and Brock may not be in good terms now, but they can always re-negotiate.


Thoughts: UFC 132 last night, brief review…

Last night, I ended up watching “UFC 132”. Simply because there was nothing else on TV, and I was bored. So I ended up buying the PPV.

I was very impressed with it. Every fight was impressive. Most fights were quick ones. Most fights last night ended in the first or second rounds.

While I do hate Tito Ortiz like most people, you can’t deny that he did a great job last night. I was actually pretty impressed with Tito. Like most people know, Tito hasn’t won a fight in a long time and having so many injuries in the past. Tito finally stepped up. He must of trained hard during his hiatus and he finally won a fight. I’m no Tito fan like I said, but I liked what he did last night. It was pretty amazing. If he keeps doing that and winning more fights, stop being a jackass, and maybe he will get everyone’s respect again. I was pretty shocked with Tito’s performance like most people.

Other fights that I liked were “Don Hyum Kim vs. Carlos Condit”, this fight was good because you couldn’t tell who was going to win this one, they made it unpredictable. I also liked Leben vs. Silva. I’ve been liking Chris Leben for a long while and I continue to be a fan of his.

I think the best fight of the night was obviously the main event, Cruz vs. Faber. Even though it was “unanimous decision”, neither guys didn’t want to lose over a knockout and it shows. Both men fought pretty technical and they made it exciting.

I think this was the best UFC ppv of this year, so far.

Read the full results, here.


Report: Dave Batista opens his own MMA gym…

Dave Batista’s MMA dream is dead? Not yet. Even though his “Strikeforce” deal is never happening, he is still doing whatever it takes to fight in the MMA. So to keep his dream alive, he just opened up his own MMA gym. He just opened an MMA training gym in Tampa, Florida called, “Gracie Fighter Jiu Jitsu”.

TMZ reports.

His “Strikeforce” dream maybe dead, but do you think Dave may have a chance at UFC??? Dave would certainly be headliner material in UFC. I can definitely see a Dave Batista vs. Brock Lesnar in a headlining UFC fight in the future for sure.

Much respect for Dave for going after his dream. If one door closes on a dream, more doors will open for him up ahead!



BREAKING NEWS: Lesnar is sick again!!!

Shocking news broke today in the world of MMA. Yes, you heard that right. Brock Lesnar is sick again. He had a relapse of Diverticulitis, which forced his fight against Junior Dos Santos to be canceled at UFC 131. Shane Carwin is set to replace Brock for that fight.

More on it, here.

This is very sad. Look like we’re going to get another long break from Brock Lesnar in UFC. Even worse, his career could be over soon.

He really loved the company and was hoping for another title run. Look like another title run won’t happen for him anytime soon. I hope he gets well.

He’s not everyone’s favorite athlete. You either love him or hate him, but I respect him for a lot of reasons.


Cool Video: Brock Lesnar says “Never say never” for a return to professional wrestling!!!

Well, as expected, Brock Lesnar is out doing a slew of interviews for the media, to promote his new book, “Death Clutch” and “TUF 13”. In this new interview, the interviewer asked him if he’ll ever make a return to professional wrestling (she’s referring to WWE). Brock’s surprising answer, that he says, “Never say never, it’s a possibility whenever his UFC career is done”.

If Brock can last that long in UFC that is. If Brock can’t win against Dos Santos, and if Brock gets his ass beat once again, then Dana could let Brock go. A Brock return to WWE may not happen this soon but maybe in the next several years or less. Brock needs to prove to the world if he can last that long in UFC.

See this interesting interview, here.


Cool Video: Zuffa/UFC officially buys Strikeforce…

Dana White announces the huge shocking news that his company, Zuffa, has officially purchased, “Strikeforce“. The fighting company that is shown only on the, Showtime, channel.

As soon as I heard that Dana has bought, Strikeforce, I thought to myself, “Is he going to get rid of the women’s division of Strikeforce?” Toward the end of this interview in this video, Dana was even asked if he’ll keep the women’s division for, Strikeforce. He said he will keep women’s fighting in “Strikeforce”, but he vows to keep women fighting out of UFC. Everyone knows he’s not a fan of women fighting, so he’s a good man for not getting rid of women’s fighting for Strikeforce. I never watched, Strikeforce, before since I don’t have Showtime. I’ve had seen some Strikeforce fights in youtube though.

Seems like Zuffa and Dana White wants to expand their empire. What are they after next? I have a feeling that Zuffa will buy, Bellator, soon. Wouldn’t surprise me and shouldn’t surprise you either.