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Former WWE star, CM Punk, announced that he have just joined the UFC…

There have been a lot of drama and controversy over CM Punk’s sudden departure over the WWE. What happened was back in the Royal Rumble ppv in January earlier this year, Punk was the first man to enter the 30 rumble matchup and he lasted until the final four at the end… Punk got eliminated and lost the Rumble match. Punk didn’t appear on RAW the next day. There have been a lot of mystery surrounding Punk’s departure until Punk finally revealed why he disappeared from WWE all of a sudden. He went on a podcast show and claimed he was “fired” on his wedding day by Vince McMahon. Just not too long ago, Vince McMahon went on Stone Cold’s podcast show and admitted that it’s true that Vince fired Punk on his wedding day and apologized to him.

It’s sad that CM Punk is gone from the WWE. Sad of what went down between him and Vince. Like most wrestling fans, I love CM Punk too. He’s been my favorite wrestler and performer for a long time. I stopped watching WWE ever since he left last year.

In the video above is CM Punk himself announcing that he has signed with the UFC full time and he will make his MMA debut in 2015.

What do you think? Do you think Punk has what it takes to fight in the Octagon? UFC is real fighting and pro wrestling isn’t. Doing a little reading on Punk, he never had any MMA experience. Punk spent most of his life on pro wrestling. We’ll have to wait to see how Punk will do in his first MMA fight.

Since it looks like that Punk signed a full time contract in the UFC, it looks like we won’t be seeing Punk back in the WWE anytime soon which is sad. Punk is a great performer and wrestler. He’s also one of the best on the mic as he delivers the best promos in wrestling.

I wish him good luck in his new UFC career.


Cool Video: Rousey vs. Carmouche thoughts…

I didn’t watch UFC 157, last night because the ppv was a bit pricey. $55, so I couldn’t afford it. I only wanted to watch that ppv just for the women’s fight alone so I decided to wait for it to land on youtube. The video below is a bootleg video but you can still see it and hear it fine. So watch it quick before, UFC pulls it for copyright.

As I’ve been saying for a while now, I knew the women were going to put on an incredible fight, and they did exactly that. I had a blast watching this. Ronda is one tough chick. She may have used the arm bar technique a lot, but it was smart and she had a reason to do so in order to survive and get the win. Even though, Carmouche is more muscular and stronger, Ronda somehow managed to get the win, anyway, so this fight was impressive.

Yet, there are still a lot of jealous men in facebook hating on this fight, but they need to grow up and give the women a chance. I give props for Dana for doing something risky, and it’s a good thing he’s doing. It’s an opportunity for female fans of UFC and to help grow a larger fanbase with women. Women in UFC will be good for the business and the sport. Men may hate women in UFC now, but give it time. It’ll take a while to get used to and maybe men will respect the ladies fighting in the future.

Since, this fight was a major success, you can very well believe there will be many more women fights in the future. I’m sure there are a lot of angry women out there who want to take that title from Ronda now. So get used to it.


UFC 157 thoughts, first women’s fight…

I stopped watching UFC for a long while for a few reasons. 1) Their ppv’s are overpriced 2) The fights have been ridiculously boring lately. I can’t afford to watch PPV’s monthly but once in a blue moon, I’ll watch either a UFC ppv or a WWE ppv if the card looks good enough to me. Well, I’m thinking about paying my money to see this one ’cause I want to witness the first ever women’s fight in UFC. As you all know the UFC never have women fight before. There were female fighters in Strikeforce, which now UFC owns.

Of course, women fighting in UFC is going to piss all the male fans off ’cause in the UFC facebook, there are men hating on it. Yes, women in UFC is going to make the men all jealous and shit, but give the women fighters a chance. I think this will be a great fight. People want to mistakenly believe that women can’t fight, but have you ever watched women fight in Strikeforce? I have, and they do put on great fights. Women can be just as tough as men can. As a matter of fact, women are tougher than men, and the male fans are mad for that reason. I’m seeing comments by guys in the UFC facebook, that a lot of them are accusing one of those women of using steroids. Hello? And the male fighters in UFC don’t use steroids either? HA!

I’m all for women fighting in UFC. They deserve it. Women deserve to be a part of every sport, and there shouldn’t be any discrimination at all.

I don’t care who wins this fight, I just want to see two women kicking each others asses.

All the male fans should get used to women in UFC ’cause I’m feeling that there will be MANY more women fights after this one. I enjoy women fighting, whether it will be in boxing, cage fighting, wrestling, etc. They deserve to be a part of everything.

I can’t wait for Gina Carano to make her way into the UFC ’cause I’m feeling she will soon.


Dana White finally has change of heart of women fighting in UFC…

This morning, I saw the UFC official page post up a poster of one of their upcoming PPV fights. The poster had two women on it, set for a main event with Rousey vs. Carmouche set for a Bantamweight Title fight. Yes, you heard that right, people. This is the first women’s fight in UFC history!

I’m glad Dana finally did the right thing and allowed women to fight in UFC. He used to be against women fighting and now he’s all for it!

See the advertisement of the UFC 157 ppv, here.

I’m sure it’s gonna anger a lot of male fans with a female main event, but the women deserve this opportunity to fight in the UFC. I’m sure people will accuse those women of being lousy fighters, but ya never know! It can end up being a hell of a fight!

I think I’ll pay my money to watch this one, folks! I haven’t watched UFC in the last couple of years or so ’cause their ppvs are so pricey, I can’t afford to watch it every single month. I want to watch that women’s fight.

I watched women fight in Strikeforce before, and they do put on great fights. Their fights are more entertaining and interesting than men fights, in my opinion. Don’t discriminate. Women deserve to be a part of everything! Dana can be a good guy after all! Hopefully the first women’s fight will be good, so they can have much more of them.


Thought: Sorry, but there are other guys more deserving for the UFC Hall of Fame than Tito Ortiz *yawn*…

I can’t believe they’re doing this but yeah, they’re doing it. Dana White, announced he is officially inducting UFC icon, Tito Ortiz, into the UFC Hall of Fame. I do know that the UFC Hall of Fame isn’t that big yet, they only have 8 inductees so far. I don’t like the idea of adding Tito to the Hall of Fame and I’m sure everyone else feels the same way. As the title of this topic says, there are other guys more deserving.

What about BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, George St. Pierre, Mirko Cro Cop, Frank Mir, Quinton Rampage Jackson, Forrest Griffin, etc.????

Tito is not a very good fighter, never was, plus, the guy is an asshole as well. Yes, the guy is an icon and legend, but he is a woman beater who don’t deserve to be rewarded like this. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m sure this angered a lot of UFC fans.

I haven’t been watching UFC ppv’s anymore. I still love the fights, would love to watch them still but the ppv’s are too fucking expensive. I had to stop watching them for that reason. I stopped watching UFC ever since the last Brock Lesnar fight.


What’s next for Brock Lesnar’s career? I can think of 5 possibilities…

Brock Lesnar’s sudden retirement from UFC certainly got all the fans talking on what he’s going to do next in his professional career. The question we’re all wondering is, what is he planning to do next?

I can think of 5 possibilities…

  • WWE return – This is the most talked about, of course. As soon as he announced his retirement, a WWE return for Brock is all over the place online.
  • To be an author full time – His first memoir, “Deathclutch” was a success. I haven’t read his book yet but I’m meaning to read it soon. He could write books full time for a living.
  • Start an acting career for TV/Movies – UFC great, Randy Couture is already an actor, he has been for a long while. If Randy could be a successful actor out of UFC, so can Brock. Could Brock be a great action movie star? I can see it, yes.
  • Continue to work for UFC as interviewer or color commentator for fights or maybe become a trainer and manager for other fighters – I can definitely see Dana finding extra work for Brock if he chooses to continue to stay at UFC even if he won’t fight.
  • Retire from everything for good and just enjoy life with family – He could also not work at all and just enjoy the time for his family. He seems to love and care for his family too much. I’m sure he is already rich and loaded enough from his past WWE career (which I’m sure he still gets paychecks from) and UFC. So Brock will get by fine even if he won’t get work.

That’s all I can think of. Don’t get your hopes up on a WWE return, he could choose to do something else.


Thought: Did Sable talk Brock into retiring????

Brock Lesnar, said he retired ’cause he made a promise to his family that he’ll hang it up if he lost his fight against Overeem last night. When Brock made the not so surprising announcement last night, I kept thinking that Brock and Sable must have had an argument about Brock continuing to fight even though he has health problems. If it wasn’t for Sable, I’m pretty sure, Brock would have kept his career going, because MMA and caged fighting is Brock’s passion. He gave it up ’cause his family wanted it.

Brock retiring wasn’t Dana White’s decision, it was all Brock’s himself. Dana would probably let him keep going if he wanted to.

So all this, tells me that Sable (Rena Mero), must of been extremely worried about Brock continuing to fight, so she talked him into retiring and begged him to stop. When Brock was out there, last night, he didn’t look very good. Something says about him that he isn’t really a 100% that he claimed.

Brock calling it quits was probably a smart move. If he kept going, he could get killed out in the Octagon.

Everyone is already wondering what’s next for Brock if he’ll go back to WWE or do other things in his career. Maybe he’ll do some acting in movies or he could continue to write books. He’ll find himself a new job ’cause he needs the money to take care of his family. It’ll be interesting to see what Brock is planning to do next.

If he goes to WWE full time, he’ll be away from his family a lot more, so I don’t think he’ll go for a full time run. Maybe a part time run.