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Charlie Sheen wins the ice bucket challenge…

Charlie Sheen just did the best ice bucket of them all, in my opinion. When most celebrities and famous people do their ice buckets, they usually challenge their friends, family members and colleagues.

Charlie decides to do something a little different and challenge his enemies.

I think Charlie’s clear message here is that instead of dumping ice water over your head,  just donate money. That’s why he dumped money on his head instead of ice water.

Charlie rules!!! \m/


Hugh Jackman and the cast and crew of “Pan” does the ice bucket…

Check out Hugh Jackman’s unique ice bucket challenge. The entire cast and crew of the new Peter Pan movie simply titled, “Pan”, in which Hugh plays Black Beard all do the ice bucket together and guess who they just challenged?

Tom Cruise and the entire crew of MI: 5 and JJ Abrams “Star Wars 7”.

I would like to see JJ and the Star Wars crew do it. Maybe they would get the droids R2 and C3PO to join them.


Weird Al does the ice bucket challenge and challenges Obama…

Here is Weird Al’s ice bucket…

Yeah, I know the Kennedy’s already challenged Obama but Obama chickened out and sent in a donation instead. Everybody wants to see Obama do it. As much I hate Obama… I’d have to say admittedly that I would like to see Obama’s ice bucket challenge. I’m curious to see Obama’s reaction when he gets a bucket of ice water dumped on him.

Why won’t Obama do it? Is he afraid of ice cold water? No. I don’t think he is. I think the reason he wouldn’t do it ’cause he’s too important for that. He already humiliated himself with Michelle’s running video and he humiliated himself again with that exercise video that got leaked to the web. I think he just doesn’t want to humiliate himself again over the ice bucket thing.

I can see the left and right’s reaction if they see Obama do the ice bucket challenge. The left will give him the kudos for it, the right will just make fun of him.

Who knows… maybe Obama will change his mind and might do it? We’ll have to wait and see.


Vince McMahon challenges Donald Trump and Kermit the Frog for Ice Bucket challenge… will they do it???

I know the Kennedy family had started this viral competition called the Ice Bucket Challenge as a way to help raise awareness to the ALS disease and donate money.

Celebrities and real people like all of us have been doing this challenge in social networking.

I have seen celebrity ice bucket challenges by Triple H, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, William Shatner, Mark Zuckerberg, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Ronda Rousey and many others.

So far, I think Vince McMahon is the best one. I love how Vince wears the bucket on his head after he dumped the water and ice on himself. Vince does it in a gym? LOL!

Vince also challenges Donald Trump and Kermit the Frog which is funny. Will they do it? A lot of people think Trump won’t do it but I think he will. Trump has a bigger ego than Vince so he would want his bucket challenge to be better than Vince.

Will I ever do mine? I don’t know… nobody had the guts to challenge me yet or didn’t care to so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m surprised nobody challenged me yet.