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Stephen King’s “Gerald’s Game” on Netflix was surprisingly very good, definitely worth watching if you’re a fan!

Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game is one of my favorite books of his. It’s in the top 5 really. It’s a great book, and finally a movie has been made of the book exclusive for Netflix streaming. I watched Gerald’s Game last night, and I was surprised of how great it actually was. The movie was just as creepy as the book. I was also astounded at how faithful the movie was from the book ’cause it was pretty close.


Is it just me or is Hollywood getting much better with Stephen King adaptations to film? It seems so. Most S.K. movies have been pretty much garbage except the good films I’ve seen were: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Kubrick’s The Shining, Carrie (the original) and Misery. Then here comes new Stephen King movies for the big screen: The Dark Tower and IT which I thought both were really good. Now here comes Gerald’s Game for Netflix which I was impressed by. I think Hollywood’s goal is to try to improve S.K. films which is why they’re trying to remake a lot of them.

Keep in mind, though, S.K.’s The Stand is getting a big screen remake next, and that would probably turn out real good too.

Yeah, Stephen King is a liberal and he’s anti-Trump, but I don’t give a shit. I don’t care about an artists politics, it’s the entertainment I care about. I’ll still support Stephen King ’cause he’s a hero of mine. King was the one who got me into reading books and writing of my own. Yeah, King’s political views are whacky but he’s still a good writer.

Back to Gerald’s Game though, it makes me want to read that book again and I will. I may even re-watch the movie on Netflix tonight ’cause it was that damn good. You should check it out too if you’re a Netflix subscriber. Most of Netflix’s original movies and TV shows are garbage but they finally released something good.


Disney is getting their own streaming service… looks like all the Star Wars movies being made Netflix streamable is never gonna happen now…

Netflix has been trying to get all Star Wars movies to be made streamable, including the original trilogy and the prequels, but looks like that’s never gonna happen now. The reason is that Disney is getting their own streaming service pretty soon and everything Star Wars and everything Marvel will be moved to there.

‘Star Wars,’ Marvel Films Moving From Netflix to Disney Streaming Service

I was surprised to see that Disney actually allowed Netflix to stream, Star Wars: Rogue One — that film is gonna get pulled off of there.

Anyway, I don’t like Disney anymore. They’re no longer an interesting company. Are they trying to own everything? Seems like it. Disney is a powerful empire and it’s getting bigger.

Netflix is not all that great of a service either. You don’t need to watch Star Wars on Netflix anyways. The movies can be bought and downloaded from Itunes. If you have a Blu Ray player or just use DVD, you can watch the Star Wars movies on those things too. Even better, if you’re old school and still watch movies on VHS, you could probably watch the original Star Wars versions on VHS.

Screw Netflix. I don’t watch Netflix as much as I used to ’cause it’s no longer interesting. I only kept it ’cause of “Longmire” and “Gotham”. I like those shows.


Netflix now has more paid subscribers than cable TV which doesn’t surprise me really ’cause cable TV is garbage…

This year Netflix has gained a lot more paid subscribers. In the first quarter of 2017, Netflix has gained 50.9 million subscribers which is more than people who do cable TV. People who subscribe to cable TV are declining like crazy.

Check out this interesting article:


This doesn’t surprise me at all ’cause Cable TV is pretty much garbage these days. It’s not just liberal politics, it’s more than that. It’s just that there is nothing good on TV anymore.

I remember in the 90’s cable TV was pretty hot. When I was a kid growing up, I would watch a lot of cable TV. I was obsessed with it, lol. I would watch all my favorite shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, The A-Team, Tales From The Crypt, Batman (RIP Adam West), MacGyver and things like that. I would also watch a lot of music videos on MTV. Those were the days when cable TV used to be something special.

Nowadays, cable TV is nothing but junk. Nothing good on TV anymore and this is why streaming services is a popular thing right now.

Once in a while on TV a good show will come around… shows that I liked: “Friday Night Lights”, “Dexter” and “Breaking Bad”. Shows that are on currently that I like are “Vikings” on the History Channel and I love “Game of Thrones”. I don’t have HBO, I just wait for the “Game Of Thrones” DVD sets ’cause I have them all so far.

There are some good shows that come around once in a while but most TV these days are junk. Nothing but stupid reality shows, dumb sitcoms on the weekends, no good primetime drama shows anymore, too many dumb singing competitions, dumb cooking shows, nothing but stupid political news shows and even the premium movie channels are all garbage. The premium movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, etc. are all no good anymore. Except the only good show that HBO has right now is “Game of Thrones” ’cause I fucking love that show! It’s my favorite TV show right now. Other than that, I hate most cable TV.

I only subscribe to two streaming services and they are “WWE Network” and “Netflix”, that’s good enough for me. I thought about getting rid of Netflix but I’m gonna keep it. I only watch TV at night to relax. I don’t watch TV during the day.

Another reason for cable TV decline is that it’s getting so expensive, ya know? Monthly cable TV prices are getting so high. Streaming services much cheaper.

This new doesn’t surprise me at all!


Thinking I’m gonna cancel Netflix later today, probably will… so done…

First Netflix makes a movie about Barack Obama, then they fight against Trump’s Muslim ban and now they make a racist TV show against white people called, “Dear White People”. I gave Netflix plenty of chances but after their “Dear White People” teaser, that’s the final straw.

I don’t really need Netflix anyways. Their streaming choices has been shit to begin with. There are other options for me to watch movies and TV shows online, though. Would I switch to Hulu? No, probably ’cause Hulu is just as bad as Netflix. Hulu is just as liberal. I might switch to HBO NOW, not sure yet ’cause I actually liked HBO NOW. Yeah, HBO is pretty liberal too but at least they don’t ram their opinions down people’s throats like Netflix does.

If I want to watch TV shows or movies, I can just rent ’em from Itunes or rent/buy from the Playstation Store so I may not get any other streaming services at all. I only bought one show from the Playstation Store which was “Ash vs. Evil Dead” but if I want to watch other shows online, I can get ’em from the PSN. The PSN has every TV show you could ever want. I can also continue to buy movies and TV shows on Bluray/DVD which I have been. I’ve been buying all the “Game of Thrones” sets on DVD ’cause I don’t have HBO anymore but I’m thinking about getting it back with the HBO NOW streaming service. I’m a huge “Game of Thrones” nerd myself, fucking love that show!

I am keeping WWE Network, though ’cause I love the WWE Network. I’ve been watching WWE Network all year long. I’ve had WWE Network since the last Wrestlemania a year ago and I’m really loving that service. As some of you know, I’m a huge wrestling nerd and I’ve been watching a lot of old school wrestling on it which is what I got it for. I’ve also been watching the reality show, “Total Divas” on WWE Network and that’s a good show too.

Honestly, I don’t really need streaming services. They’re all pretty much junk and like I repeatedly stated above there are other options to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. I don’t watch a lot of TV anyways. I only watch TV at night, not during the day.

This week, I’ve been watching “Vikings – Season 1” ’cause there’s a lot of catching up I gotta do with that show. I love that show. Ragnar Lodbrok is a fucking badass character. The other characters of that show are great too: Floki, Lagertha, Siggy, Rollo, etc. It’s a great show, you should check it out too. Pretty dark and violent.



“Superman I-IV” and “Superman: Returns” are now on Netflix streaming… enjoy Superman fans!

I know there are a lot of Superman fans out there; however, there are still plenty of people who haven’t seen the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. Well, all the Christopher Reeve Superman movies are now on Netflix streaming! “Superman: Returns” with Brandon Routh as Superman is also on there. Of course, “Man of Steel” and “B vs. S: Dawn of Justice” aren’t on Netflix, though.

I’m a huge Superman fan. He was my first favorite superhero as a kid and still am a huge fan of the character now. It saddens me though that there are still people who hasn’t seen the Chris Reeve Superman flicks… well if you haven’t seen any of them, I would recommend you do so especially the first two. The first two are the best of the series. I did like III and IV but the first two are classics. I did like “Superman: Returns” a lot even though that film got mixed reviews.

Why are there still people who hasn’t seen the Chris Reeve Superman flicks? A new generation of movie fans, I guess. That happens. If you’re on Netflix and a fan of superhero films, I would recommend you watch these. Superman has been played by many different actors over the years but Chris Reeve will always be the best Superman, in my opinion.


“Spotlight” was surprisingly a very good film, watched it on Netflix last night…

I remember last year when the Oscars was around, “Spotlight” won Best Picture last year. Another movie that stars Michael Keaton. I remember being disappointed that “Spotlight” won Best Picture over “The Revenant” movie. After finally seeing the movie “Spotlight” last night on Netflix, I’m now realizing that the Oscars giving “Spotlight” the Best Picture win was the right choice after all. “Spotlight” really was an excellent film. I loved it actually, I might even watch it again later tonight. After you get done watching the movie the first time and you want to give it a second viewing, that’s when you know the film is that damn good.

“Spotlight” is a great story based on a real life thing. The film has a great cast, the writing is surprisingly good and best of all, Michael Keaton kills it with his acting like usual. The cast of this movie is pretty killer: Liev Schreiber, Mark Ruffalo, Stanley Tucci, Billy Crudup, etc.


If you have Netflix, this film is worth a look. I’m definitely gonna get my own copy of the film on BluRay, I think. Turned out to be a great film after all.


Is the Pee Wee Herman character a closeted homosexual, maybe???

So I watched the new Pee Wee movie, “Big Holiday” on Netflix over the weekend. After I watched that movie, the first question that came to my head was, “Pee Wee gay?”.

I wouldn’t be surprised. I always knew that Pee Wee is kind of gay over the years but the “Big Holiday” movie really showed more of it. Sure, “Big Holiday” may have been a bromance kind of movie but in that film Pee Wee and Joe Manganiello seemed kind of obsessed with each other as if they might be crazy about each other or something. I mean, the scene where Joe showed up at the Pee Wee diner in the movie, Pee Wee looking all excited and bright-eyed when he showed up since Joe is big & muscular. In the film, Pee Wee kept looking at Joe like if he was attracted to him or something. So I don’t know, the film got me scratching my head a little bit.


I did watch “Big Holiday” once and it was an enjoyable movie actually. I liked it a lot. Pee Wee is probably not gay… him and Joe are just best friends that’s it but I hope they don’t make Pee Wee gay, though. That would be so wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if they go that direction since homosexuality is more acceptable in America these days.