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Not A Cool Video: Mary J. Blige, Steve Vai, and Orianthi butchers “Stairway to Heaven”…

I like Steve Vai and Orianthi, and all. Both are amazing guitarists, but why would they go on Idol to cover “Stairway” with Mary J. Blige? I know they’re trying to be cool by covering Led Zeppelin, but this cover version is such an embarrassment, it makes me want to vomit all over the place. Did Simon Cowell actually enjoy this? This is such a nightmare performance. I know Mary J. Blige is trying to be rock n’ roll, but she doesn’t fit the genre. Sorry, Mary J., go back to R&B where you belong. She’s getting a pretty big backlash for covering this song too. What were Jimmy Page and Robert Plant thinking when they gave her the permission to cover it? Wow, this is terrible.


BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift is no. 1 on the Billboard again, teen country/star puts Springsteen and the Fray to shame!

What a shocking twist in the Billboard 200 this week. Yep, Taylor is back to no. 1. Bruce’s “Working On a Dream” made no. 1 for two weeks, The Fray made no. 1 for one week, now Taylor Swift is back at the top. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’s “Raising Sand” moves way up quickly due to their big Grammy win, Coldplay moves up pretty high too.

Billboard reports:


I’m gonna have to pick up Taylor Swift’s album, just to see what’s so special about it. I actually came close to buying it at Best Buy a few times but refuse everytime.

Does anyone out there enjoy Taylor Swift’s music? I would think Taylor’s fanbase is nothing but mostly young kids. I don’t think 30’s and 40 something people would listen to this. If there really are people that listen to Taylor Swift who are in between the ages of 30-5o, I’d be pretty surprised.


BREAKING NEWS: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss wins for “Album of the Year”!!!!

Oh my! What a Grammy shocker! I thought the “Album of the Year” award was going to go to Coldplay, but Robert Plant and Alison ended up taking the win.

“Raising Sand” is actually a fantastic album, I love it a lot, so this award is well deserving.

Robert and Alison are three time Grammy winners tonight.

I didn’t really care for most of tonight’s Grammy’s but I actually liked a few performances. Robert, Alison and T. Bone of course performed great. I liked the Radiohead performance. Jen Hudson did good, and yes, I’m a Kid Rock fan so I liked his performance as well.

It was an ok Grammy’s show. Nothing great or nothing amazing, but it was okay and pretty decent.


Report: Robert Plant admits Led Zeppelin reuniting would screw up the band’s legacy…

After many months of Robert Plant constantly denying to re-join Led Zeppelin, saying that he’s committed with his project with Alison Krauss, Robert Plant speaks out on the real reason why Led Zeppelin wouldn’t reunite for a tour and new album. Simply because he feels it would be difficult for him and the rest of Led Zeppelin to bring the past into the now. He also feels that the Led Zep reunion would screw their legacy.

More on it here:


Hmmm, I’ve been saying something like this in my blog for the past months as well. Good for Robert, he’s smart about this. They played a good final show at the O2 in 2007 Dec. 10th, let that be Led Zeppelin’s final show and that’s the way it should be. Hopefully this will get people to stop talking about Led Zeppelin reuniting. I’m glad it’s not going to happen. I don’t want their legacy ruined either.


Report: Led Zeppelin to perform at the Grammy awards? Eh, sort of…

Robert Plant and Allison Krauss will be performing at the Grammy Awards. I never watch the Grammy’s anymore but I’ll watch it just for that one performance and then I’ll probably switch the channel after. I love the Robert and Allison project. I wish people would appreciate the Robert and Allison bluegrass project rather than obsess with the Led Zeppelin reunion. The Robert and Allison duo is a full time thing, it isn’t a side project for Robert, he is committed to it.

Do yourself a favor and buy the album “Raising Sand” if you haven’t yet, and you would see why Robert loves the project so much. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in years. One record I can never get tired of listening to.

I think Robert and Allison will one day be bigger than Zeppelin. While I am a die hard and obsessive Led Zep fanatic, I do not want the reunion tour to happen. Let the O2 Dec. 10th 2007 gig be their final and last good show. Leave the legacy at a positive note. Don’t let the nostalgia of Led Zep overshadow Robert and Allison.

More on it here:



Report: Jimmy Page confirms Led Zep members will record new album and tour without Plant…

Jimmy Page’s reps confirms that himself, Jonesy and Jason Bonham will record a new studio album, and go on a long world tour in support of it. However, it still stands that Robert Plant will not rejoin them. Robert is happy with his bluegrass project with Alison and Robert are still friends with Jimmy Page and the rest of the band. Robert also gives the new band approval of going on without him.

The reason it’s taking so long for Jimmy’s new band to find a singer, is that they are looking for a perfect fit. It’s been rumoured for a long while that either Chris Cornell, Steven Tyler and Myles Kennedy could land the gig as Robert’s replacement singer. Both Jimmy and Robert has said the new band won’t be called Led Zeppelin, they’ll have a different band name.

More on it here:


Look like they are getting real close to announcing the replacement singer very soon! Cool. I hope Myles Kennedy isn’t the singer but I am happy about the choices of Chris Cornell and Steven Tyler.

Although Cornell denied plenty of times that he isn’t joining the new Led Zep, he could be lying possibly, so he wouldn’t give out secret surprises.

I always pictured in my head Steven Tyler the Aerosmith singer being the frontman for Led Zep, Aerosmith has covered Led Zep tunes, and Tyler sings like Plant back in the 70’s.

I hope it’s either Chris or Steven, ’cause that would be pretty cool.


Jimmy Page needs to announce his new band soon, so he can kill the Led Zeppelin reunion rumors for good!!!

Jimmy Page still hasn’t announced his new band yet with a new singer. I feel he will sometime this year. The Led Zeppelin reunion tour rumours still don’t want to quit in the media. The rumours are giving Pagey and Plant a headache. Once Jimmy announces the new band, that will for sure, squash the Led Zep rumours for good.

Who ever the new singer is, I don’t think it will be Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge. I’m sure the new singer will be a surprise and will shock the world, you never know who’s it going to be. It can be a completely unknown singer, somebody we’ve never heard of before or it could be a big name. Jimmy Page is always unpredictable. You just never know what that guy is going to do next. Don’t be surprised if the new singer could be Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes ’cause it could be a possibility as well.

As much as I love Led Zeppelin, fuck the reunion and fuck the Led Zep tour. If you were a true Led Zeppelin fanatic like myself, you would let the band go out on a positive note which was the Ahmet Ertegun O2 show. I actually agree with Robert Plant not rejoining them full time. Like I said in a post before, he’s too old for the rock n’ roll thing which is the whole fuckin’ point of tuning down keys in certain songs ’cause he couldn’t hit the high notes anymore.

He’s great with the country and bluegrass thing with Alison. Let him do that and let him move on. Led Zeppelin went out on a negative note with John Bonham dying and they wanted to come back to the O2 to play one last final show and go out in a good way. Leave it at that. Led Zeppelin continues their tour with Plant, they could fuck up their legacy by Plant not being able to sing anymore, so I’m all for Led Zeppelin not getting back together.

I want the guys moving on to new things, moving forward, not backwards. That’s what its all about. I’m looking forward to seeing what Pagey has in store for us with his new band and I know it’ll be really great. Pagey never dissapoints no matter what project outside of Zeppelin he does. Come on Jimmy!! Announce the new band soon ’cause the Led Zep reunion rumours are giving me a headache!!!


Report: Robert Plant and Allison Krauss confirmed to be going back in the studio in Jan. for second album, plus Plant talks a little about the Plant-less Zeppelin tour…

Robert Plant speaks out to the Birmingham Evening Mail, a newspaper in the UK, confirming that he and Allison Krauss will be heading back to the studio to record their second album, their follow up to “Raising Sand” released in 2007. He also speaks very briefly about the Plant-less Zeppelin tour that Pagey, Jonesy and Jason are planning without him. Plant approves their tour without him and he also confirms that they won’t be calling it Led Zeppelin. Pagey’s new band will under a different band name.

More on it here:


Robert is probably getting sick of Led Zeppelin and I can’t blame him a bit. He wants to move on to other music projects and seems to be happy with Allison. The Robert and Allison project seems to be full time, not just a side project.

I wish people would get over themselves about Led Zeppelin and appreciate what Robert is doing with Allison. I like the Robert and Allison country project. It’s amazing stuff and I’m looking forward to their next album.

Robert is just doing what he wants to do and doing whatever makes him happy. He doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. Musicians do what they want to do in their lives. If other people don’t like what they do, that’s tough shit. What Robert and Allison do together is really good stuff. I listen to “Raising Sand” all the time still.


RANT: In defense to Led Zeppelin members touring without Robert Plant…

Dear So Called Led Zeppelin fanatics:

I have been reading a lot of fan comments on other blogs and message boards slamming and bashing the left over members of Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham for agreeing to tour and make a new album without Robert Plant.  For example fans been calling Robert Plant a selfish asshole for not rejoining them, fans been calling the other guys Page, Jones, Bonham pricks for going on without Robert. Here is my response to all that bullshit. I will take the time to defend this.

So the guys in Led Zeppelin tried to talk Robert Plant into joining them for a full tour and a hopeful new album after the successful O2 reunion from last year, but Robert Plant wasn’t down. He was committed to his “Raising Sand” project with Allison Krauss.

To be honest, I think Robert Plant joining Led Zeppelin for a full fledge world tour would be a horrible idea. And here’s why. Simply put, Robert Plant is old. The man is 60. Robert himself even admitted that he is too old for this loud rock n’ roll thing. If Robert did agree to tour with Led Zep full time, think how Robert Plant could lose his voice. He can not sing as powerful and can’t get to those high pitch screams anymore like he did back in the old days.

At the O2 show from last year, why do you think Led Zeppelin dropped keys to a few songs ’cause Robert couldn’t sing so high? I personally think Robert singing loud rock n’ roll night after night, would be too overwhelming for him. Can you see why he doesn’t agree for a full world tour? You must use common sense and get a reality check.

This is why Robert moved on with the Allison Krauss bluegrass/country project ’cause Robert found he could be good at that. Country/bluegrass is much easier for Robert to sing because it’s not loud and angry like rock n’ roll is. At the O2 last year, Robert sang great, don’t get me wrong, but you’ll have to admit that Robert had trouble singing some notes in certain Zeppelin songs. Robert Plant just doesn’t have it anymore. It’s just as simple as that, folks.

Sure, I was a little dissapointed that Robert didn’t agree to tour with Led Zep, but so what, it’s life. You can’t always get what you want in life. Robert himself even approved of those guys going on without him, he wants them to go on without him.

As far as Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason goes, hey, what can I say. They are musicians, and bands like most of us musicians around here. All bands want to do different things in music. Bands do what they want to do, not caring what anybody else thinks. I’ve said it once before in an earlier blog post about Guns N’ Roses, that band members changes over the years even with national bands and local bands. All bands get different musicians and different singers over the years. You have to understand that, it’s the way music is.

I’m all for Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason going on without Robert. I want it to happen. Like I said before, I just want Jimmy Page out there playing guitar with various musicians ’cause that’s what he does, he is a musician. I said before, that Pagey just wants to play with no matter who he is playing with. He just wants to jam on his guitar with other musicians just like we all do. Not every little thing Pagey does in music will involve Robert Plant, GET OVER IT!!! Pagey had many projects outside of Led Zeppelin over the years everything from Coverdale/Page, The Black Crowes “Live at the Greek”, The Honeydrippers, etc. The list can go on.

I’m actually interested in what Jimmy, Jonesy and Jason can do without Robert Plant. You can’t badily judge them this early when they haven’t even put out any new music for us to hear and say what they are going to do is horrible. When they announce the new singer and start releasing new music for us to hear, then you can judge if them going on without Robert Plant is a bad idea. If they pick the right singer and write the great music that blows us all away, then you may think no Robert Plant is a good thing.

I’m all for anything Jimmy Page does ’cause he is a guitar hero that I idolize. I don’t care if he plays music without Robert Plant or not, I just want to hear his great guitar playing. I’m glad he’s planning something new outside of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page hasn’t done anything new outside of Led Zeppelin since the Black Crowes “Live at the Greek” which that happened back in the year 2000.

I hope I’m not the only one out there who is looking forward to the new Led Zeppelin project and hope I’m not the only one that sees this in a positive direction. Either way, I don’t care. The new Led Zeppelin project that Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason is going to be great, I’m sure of it.


Report: Robert Plant denies reuniting Led Zeppelin full time for tour and new record…

Well, there you have it. I had predicted that Robert Plant himself was going to speak out on the rumours of him re-joining Led Zeppelin full time. The singer released an official statement hoping to squash those rumours for good.

Plant says he is frustrated and annoyed that these rumours won’t seem to stop. He also explains that these musicians, the left over members of Led Zeppelin are committed to doing their new projects and moving forward. Plant wishes Page, Jonesy and Jason the best.

Read Robert Plant’s statement here:


Good, I am actually kind of glad that Led Zeppelin isn’t reuniting full time for a tour and new record.

I want Robert to continue his country project with Allison because it’s really good stuff.

I want Jimmy Page to do other things. Pagey maybe making new music with Jonesy and Jason, and they maybe auditioning new singers, but not under Led Zeppelin, under a different band name. I’m sure we will hear from Pagey soon about this as well.

I’m glad Led Zeppelin came back to us for one last time, and they deserved one last show in a positive note which was at the O2 last year.