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Hulk Hogan deserves another chance in the WWE, come on Vince patch things up with him again!!!

Whether you like Hulk Hogan or not, either way, you have to admit that Hogan is an icon in the wrestling business. Hogan has always got a mix of love and hate over the years. Fans gave him a mix of love and hate. Even other wrestlers in the business gave him a mix of late and hate too.

I used to hate Hulk Hogan and used to think he was a piece of shit but I don’t anymore. I finally came to a realization that Hulk is not a bad man like many are trying to make him out to be. Hulk really is a good guy. I don’t see any reason to hate the man. After his whole feud with Gawker, it made me realize that Hulk was innocent over the sex tape controversy.

I would like to see Hulk Hogan make another comeback. Just admit it, we all watched wrestling on TV ’cause of Hulk Hogan. All those people who hate him out there will never admit that, though. Hogan didn’t invent professional wrestling, he just popularized it. Without Hogan, WWE wouldn’t have been here now. Without Hogan, we wouldn’t have gotten other wrestling companies such as WCW, ECW, TNA, etc. Hogan won my respect back.


With that being said, I would like to see Hogan back in WWE in some form. Whether it’ll be one more match or he could be a GM for RAW or Smackdown. Hogan was GM for TNA Impact once so he does the GM role pretty well. I used to watch Hogan a lot on TNA as well.

This weekend, I’ve started watching old WCW on the WWE Network and it’s all historic stuff. Hogan also helped made WCW pretty big. Started watching old WCW Monday Nitro and WCW ppvs. Good stuff. I love old school wrestling.

Yeah, once again Hulk deserves another chance so I hope Vince smartens up and give him one. I know Hogan and Vince had an on and off relationship over the years. Sometimes they’re on good terms and sometimes they’re not.

If Hogan had one last match who would he have his final match against? Well, Hogan said he wants his final match to be against Braun Strowman which I actually agree with. Hogan vs. Strowman sounds good to me. I also like the idea of Hogan vs. Roman Reigns.

I hope Hogan gets brought back.


Hulk Hogan deserves to get respect back and he deserves another chance with WWE, come on Vince!!!


Like everyone else, Hulk Hogan got me into watching professional wrestling; I grew up watching him when I was a kid. As I got older, I lost a lot of respect for the man ’cause I used to believe that he was this big egomaniac who loved to destroy other wrestlers careers and things like that. As years went along, Hulk has been surrounded by a lot of controversy like with the Linda Hogan divorce, the Nick Hogan car crash and next here comes the Gawker sex tape incident.

I used to believe that Hulk Hogan was a piece of shit, but I don’t hate him anymore. Why? Not sure. Guess, I’ve had a change of heart after realizing he really was innocent over all this Gawker stuff. I know I’ve bashed him a lot on my blog but no more.

Whether you love Hulk or hate him, you can’t deny that he really is the Babe Ruth of professional wrestling. Hulk didn’t start the wrestling business, but he definitely did help make it more well-known and famous. Without Hulk, we all wouldn’t have been wrestling fans to begin with; we’re wrestling fans ’cause of him. It’s just sad that his haters will never admit that. There are other professional wrestlers that hate him too, and they don’t realize that they wrestle in the business ’cause of him. There’s no denying that Hulk is a pioneer in wrestling for sure.

Last night on FOX News, I watched the Hulk Hogan special titled,  Objectified, which is a show hosted by TMZ’s Harvey Levin. I’m not a TMZ fan. Never did like them but I thought Harvey Levin did a great job interviewing Hulk Hogan on that show. It was a great show. I enjoyed it a lot. I have even more respect for Hulk now, and he just won my respect back. Like I said, I used to believe that Hulk was this huge egomaniac, but after watching Objectified last night, I was surprised on how humble the man was. Instead of playing innocent victim of his mistakes, he admitted his mistakes and said he wasn’t perfect and all. To those who hate him ’cause of his problems, you need to get over yourselves. Hulk Hogan is human like the rest of us; he showed that he was human on the show last night. All of us are screwed up and messed up in life in some form of another, right? We all go through ups and downs like him.

I’m inspired by Hulk ’cause he keeps going in life despite all the back surgeries he had. I have scoliosis with a metal rod in my back, and Hulk said he has all kinds of metal all over his back too. Despite Hulk’s back issues, he keeps working out in the gym like me. His show last night with Harvey Levin was inspiring. I’ve realized after all these years that Hulk Hogan is actually a very good man. He loves his fans and he’s good with them so why the hate? To all the other wrestlers and fans who hate on him are just bitter and jealous, nothing more. I think other wrestlers who hate on him just wished they had the kind of legacy Hulk has in wrestling.

So does Hulk Hogan deserve another chance in the WWE after being fired ’cause of the Gawker controversy? Absolutely! He does deserve another chance. Vince and Hulk needs to patch things up so Hulk can return to WWE. Hulk deserves one more match. If not to wrestle then Hulk would make a good GM for RAW or Smackdown Live. I remember when Hulk was GM for Impact Wrestling and thought he did a good job. Love him or hate him, Hulk is a legend. You can fire him from WWE, you can take him out of the Hall of Fame, but the one thing you can’t take away is his legacy in the wrestling business. You can’t change history. Hulk had a lot of great matches and a lot of history in wrestling over the years. Admittedly, I grew up watching Hulk  throughout my life.

I definitely would love to go down to Florida, visit his Beach Shop store and hopefully get my chance to meet the man myself ’cause that would be cool. Hulk deserves another chance and forgiveness by WWE and wrestling fans. I believe in “forgive” and “forget” don’t you? I definitely do! Life is too short to hate.


WWE fires Hulk Hogan due to sex tape leak but does nothing to Paige… double standard???

So let me get this straight… WWE legend Hulk Hogan was fired from WWE, yanked from the Hall of Fame and WWE websites but so far WWE hasn’t done anything to Paige and other victims of WWE Divas getting sex tapes leaks? WTF? Double standard?


Why is it okay for women to have sex tapes and nude pics but when a man has that stuff, everybody’s outraged and people have a hissyfit?

Crazy I tell ya. Bring Hogan back to WWE and get him back in Hall of Fame if WWE continues to stay silent on Paige.


Hulk Hogan returning to WWE after Gawker feud? I wouldn’t be surprised and I hope he does return! Honestly!!!

Once before, I admitted that I used to be a Hulk Hogan hater but I don’t think I am anymore. After all this Gawker stuff, I now believe that Gawker messed with the wrong guy and really believe that Hulk is innocent this time. I had a change of heart with Hogan and now I’m a fan again.


Yeah, Hulk is probably gonna return to the WWE and he will probably have his last match at the next Wrestlemania which will be WM-33. Who should Hulk have his final match with?

It’ll probably be none other than Vince McMahon. Hulk and Vince already had a match together at Wrestlemania 19 but I’m feeling a Hulk vs. Vince match #2 is coming on. I wouldn’t be surprised that this whole Gawker thing gets turned into a WWE storyline and it probably will. Hulk will probably challenge Vince for a match for firing him over it. That’s probably what the storyline is gonna be. A whole new Vince vs. Hulk feud is coming.

Hulk will probably return sometime before the next Wrestlemania ’cause I know he’s gonna want to have a main event for the next one. Hulk could probably return at the next Royal Rumble, though, he could be a surprise entrant during the 30 man rumble matchup. I can see that happening.



Ya know I’m actually kind of glad Hulk Hogan shut down Gawker, fuck that website, good riddance…

I know I’ve ripped the hell out of Hulk Hogan for many years but I’m finally starting to agree that maybe Gawker did mess with Hulk and invaded his privacy. I’m actually kind of glad Gawker is gonna be gone because they were a liberal blog anyway. Gawker was a garbage liberal blog and all they did was bash Donald Trump. Gawker was also in bed with Hillary and all the liberal politicians. No wonder Univision is buying Gawker Media ’cause Univision bashed Trump too.

I guess I’ll have a change of heart with Hulk and become a fan of his. I really mean this too. I feel kind of bad for bashing Hulk so much ’cause that man is such a wrestling legend. Love him or hate him, Hulk accomplished a lot in the wrestling business. He did so much. Honestly, I’ve been watching a lot of old Hogan matches on WWE Network and the more I watch his classic matches, the more I respect him. That’s a promise, no more Hogan bashing on my blog. Look like Hulk is gonna get his payment from Gawker soon after all.

I think Gawker attacked Hulk ’cause maybe Hulk is a conservative and he supports Donald Trump? Hulk Hogan does have conservative views in politics, he always did.

WWE should do the smart thing, re-instate Hulk’s contract and bring him back to the company. Put his name back in the Hall of Fame too.


Hulk Hogan isn’t rich at all like you think he is…

This is no surprise to find out that Hulk Hogan is secretly having other rich people fund his lawsuits. It’s easy to see why ’cause Hulk Hogan isn’t all that rich like you think he is. He probably can’t afford the attorney fees himself and Hulk has other billionaire friends who was willing to help him. This goes to show that Hulk must be in serious financial trouble which also shows the reason he went after Gawker. Hulk is probably in serious debt which is probably the reason why he shut down the Hogan’s Beach restaurant in FL and now runs a store instead. Hulk is not rich anymore like he used to be. I’m sure he’s still wealthy but he’s not super rich. Hulk is a greedy egomaniac. Would do anything for money.



Hulk Hogan suing Gawker again but this time for his racist tirade tape…

Wow. Hulk is such a pathetic loser. Unfortunately his $140 million dollar payday isn’t enough for him and now he wants more money off of Gawker.


Will Hulk win this one? Even though he is a proven racist, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins again due to a corrupted trial like the last one.

Hulk is a piece of garbage. He’s not doing anything in his career. He’s not doing any wrestling, not acting in movies or anything like that so no wonder he’s all lawsuit happy.

Keep it up, Hulk. All this is showing is that you’re nothing but a desperate and greedy egomaniac.


Hulk Hogan racist rant tape leaks to the public, I think it proves the racist that he is…

When the news of Hulk Hogan’s racist rant got out that was part of his sex tape, a lot of people defended Hulk. Saying stuff like: Hulk was in a bad time, he wasn’t in the mood, people make mistakes, people say wrong thing sometimes, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah…

Nobody could tell whether Hogan meant what he said ’cause nobody heard the tape… well now the tape can be heard for the whole world to hear ’cause it’s been leaked to the public.

I listened to the racist rant myself but does Hulk sound like he’s in a bad mood and hurt? From the sounds of things, no he doesn’t. To me, he seems very calm, confident and knew exactly what he was saying. In the audio, he seems to be in a good mood to me. He sounds like a regular guy in a conversation with somebody.

Hulk Hogan’s Racist Rant: Calls Daughter’s Boyfriend A ‘F****** N*****’ — Listen

Whether you’re in a bad way in your life or not, it’s never cool to say racist things. Hogan’s fans are trying to get WWE to reinstate him back into the company but I hope the WWE does the smart thing and keep him out. In Hulk’s delusional mind, just because he won a stupid lawsuit, he’s gonna get back into WWE. I don’t think they plan on bringing him back at all so keep dreamin’.


Like I predicted, Gawker files appeal against Hulk Hogan… GOOD!

When the new trial happens, hopefully there will be a different judge and a whole new jury so they won’t kiss Hogan’s ass. That way Gawker will be able to provide all the evidence they need to show that Hogan is a perverted and racist piece of garbage.

I actually agree with Gawker that they have no justification to force them to pay $100’s of millions over a stupid sex tape. Really? Getting sued for $100’s of millions for a death of someone or an accident is definitely worthy but a sex tape?

Gawker still has a chance to destroy Hulk Hogan and I hope they do. People need to wake up and realize what a piece of shit Hulk Hogan is.



Hulk Hogan is so delusional, I don’t think WWE will ever welcome him back… keep him out please!

Hulk Hogan thinks he’s gonna go back to the WWE due to his so-called “Victory” of the Gawker lawsuit. LOL! Please! I don’t think the WWE will welcome him back. From the looks of things the WWE wants nothing to do with him anymore. Why do you think they took him out of the “Hall of Fame” too? I hope Vince doesn’t decide to reinstate Hulk into the WWE. Hope Vince does the right thing and keep him the hell out of the company.


Hulk is trying to brainwash you into thinking that he and Vince gets along well… another lie. Vince and Hogan had a lot of problems over the years. Why do you think Hulk works for WWE on and off? In reality, I don’t think Vince really likes Hulk Hogan at all.

Hulk has caused so many problems in the WWE over the years. Hulk has destroyed the careers of many wrestlers including Bret The Hitman Hart, Ultimate Warrior, The Honky Tonk Man, The Iron Sheik, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Jesse Ventura, Scott Steiner and the list goes on and on. Those are the wrestlers who Hulk feuded with in real life, not just in wrestling.

Hulk is living in a delusional fantasy world that his war with Gawker is over ’cause of his so-called victory. Like I said before, Gawker still has a chance in destroying Hulk Hogan. Nick Denton of Gawker says he has plenty of evidence proving Hulk Hogan the racist, all he has to do is unload all that and Hulk is done for good. I can’t wait until Gawker unloads on Hulk. Hulk thinks he’s bigger and more powerful than Gawker. Just wait until you see what Gawker has up their sleeve, y’all. I think Gawker has something planned for Hulk Hogan and it’s not gonna be pretty.