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Obama caught lying about Immigration and Obamacare, among other things…

Not only that Obama have been caught flip-flopping on gay marriage, he’s been caught flip-flopping on his stance on Illegal Immigration. See the video below where the man himself is reading from his book for his audiobook, “The Audacity of Hope” and I read that book too by the way.

Of course, Obama lies about Obamacare and other things.

Why would people be surprised that Obama would be caught lying again? That’s all the man have been doing to us since the 2008 elections. All of this Jonathan Gruber stuff and Obama’s flip-flop on illegal immigration has sparked a huge buzz in the right-ring world but nobody’s talking about it in the left-wing world.

Why? Simply because the liberal media don’t wanna do their jobs. Whenever Obama is caught lying and doing something bad… that stuff doesn’t get reported on NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. The left-wing news media doesn’t want to put Obama in a bad light. That’s why a lot of liberals refuses to wake up about what kind of man that Obama really is. It’s either the media is helping to protect Obama or the Obama administration is paying the media to protect them or maybe a little bit of both. Either way, the mainstream media refuses to report anything bad about Obama.

If a Republican politician have been caught lying about something and doing something criminal, that would have been all over the left-wing news like when Dinesh D’ Souza and Gov. Rick Perry both got indicted, that was a hot news story in left-wing news. However, when you see left-wing politicians like Barack and Hillary getting in trouble, you don’t see that anywhere in mainstream news.

It really is disgusting how one-sided the mainstream media really is which is a big part of why I don’t watch the news anymore.

Whenever I post these things in facebook, sure enough liberals will defend Obama and act like Bush is the bad guy. I really hate those, “Bush is the bad guy and Barack is good” type of people. If you’re that type of person, I don’t wanna debate politics with you. Look, I don’t like either Bush or Obama. I always thought they both were the same corrupted politicians. I never voted Bush for both of his elections. I have always been neutral on Bush and Obama. I never sided with everything on the Republican party even if I’m Republican.

It’s amazing to me how the left does not want to be realistic on their precious Obama but whatever. That’s the reason the left don’t wanna wake up on Obama ’cause the mainstream media don’t wanna report the bad stuff about him. Our mainstream media is garbage.

This Jonathan Gruber stuff is a huge breaking news story on FOX News and other right-wing media outlets but you don’t see that anywhere else. It’s pissing me off, honestly.

I remember when President Nixon got busted for Watergate, liberal media was all over that stuff back in the day. Our news media is messed up, it always has been.


Trey Gowdy not the hero congressman we all want him to believe???

Right-wingers looked up to Trey Gowdy ’cause we all expected him to take down Obama over Benghazi and his imperial presidency. Turns out that’s not what Trey’s intention is gonna be. Trey seems to be another Republican disagreeing with impeachment much like Speaker Boehner.

For the past couple of months, Trey seemed to be too kind toward Obama. With his Benghazi “Select Committee” investigations, I’ve noticed they haven’t questioned Obama once. Obama was never brought up during the public hearings. Everything about Benghazi so far have been more about Hillary than Obama.

Also when Trey was questioning the Secret Service during the fence jumping incident, he even seemed concerned for Obama’s safety.


So after all of the above, Trey is another slimey Republican protecting Obama???

I just can’t understand why Republicans don’t agree with impeachment. I just think it’s because of a race issue. They don’t wanna risk being called a racist if they impeach their first black president, ya know?

There are some Republicans that agree with impeachment but not enough of ’em. I’m starting to lose respect toward Trey Gowdy myself. Like I said before, even some Republicans are protecting Obama.


If Obama is so supportive of illegal immigrants then…

… Obama is probably an illegal immigrant himself. Think about it and read between the lines.

This immigration stuff is pretty scary. You should be scared of it. Illegal immigrants have no place here and Obama’s doing all he can to welcome them here. Obama wants to give them better opportunities than us. Obama wants to give them good jobs. Wants illegal immigrants to make more money than us. He wants to give them all the goodies while the rest of us pretty much have nothing and suffering.

Obama’s immigration plan is just the beginning of his transformation of America like Dinesh D’ Souza have tried to warn us in his films “2016: Obama’s America” and “America: Imagine The World Without Her”.

This immigration stuff and amnesty is not good for the country at all. Of course, delusional liberals are all for it and worshiping Obama over this.

How is Obama’s immigration plan gonna help the country and make it better? How is granting amnesty is gonna help?


Obama knows how we feel about his immigration plan and we don’t want it. He doesn’t care. Nothing’s stopping this man until impeachment or criminal charges stops him.

I think this stuff is part of his plan in turning us into a Muslim state.

How is allowing illegals to stay here a good idea??? They are undocumented people for a pretty good reason which means they could be dangerous and violent. Crime would be on the rise and it already has because of the open border in Texas.

If this isn’t a good enough sign to tell that Obama is not born in this country, then I don’t know what else it is. It’ll be nice to find a way to deport this egomaniacal asshole back to Africa where he belongs.

I do hope and pray that Republicans will be successful at stopping Obama. This is pretty scary stuff and you should be too. Obama needs to get impeached or even better arrested.


The Zombie apocalypse maybe coming for real…

So Obama opened the borders and allowed Ebola to enter our country. Few people have gotten Ebola and all of us could get it. I know that zombie apocalypse’s is fictional but it sounds like it’s gonna happen for real. More evidence of Obama’s transforming of the USA. He wants to kill us and that was his goal all along. You liberals should be very scared of Obama. He knows what he’s doing to America and knows what he wants.

Ebola is very scary. Obama wants all of us to get the disease so he can kill us all and replace us with his fellow Muslim people.

Everyone in America could get Ebola and a real apocalypse could be upon us. Get ready America!!!


Gov. Rick Perry for 2016 please!!!

Gov. Perry says, “Fuck Obama. I’m doing things my way!!!”.

Haha! Rock on, Gov. Rick! This is a real leader here. This guy really cares for the state of Texas and the United States of America. He’s a pretty serious guy.

I bet Obama himself is not happy with Gov. Perry right now. Like it or not, this immigration and border thing is getting way out of hand.




Gov. Rick Perry and Obama meeting photo…



Oh man, this pic is funny as hell that I had to share. Here is Obama’s meeting with Gov. Rick Perry in Texas as you can see here. While everybody looks to be smiling and enjoying themselves, the only one who doesn’t look too thrilled to be in the same room with Barack Obama is obviously Gov. Perry himself. Gov. Perry is the one with the glasses at the end of the table. Notice where Perry is sitting? I bet he refused to sit in front of Barack Obama so he decided to seat himself at the end of the table. You can immediately tell that Rick Perry doesn’t like Barack at all. I can’t blame Rick, though.

I’m pretty sure that Rick doesn’t want to be in Barack’s sight at all but he had no choice but to be a part of this meeting even if he didn’t want to.

Rick has never been a big fan of Barack. You can tell by the look of Rick’s face that he wants to get out of that room and fast.


Obama can absolutely be impeached for his lawlessness, Congress just doesn’t want to do it…

Like always the impeachment process is always a debatable topic. Lots of speculation and opinion about the way it’s done. Doing a little research, I took a look at Richard Nixon’s articles of impeachment which you can find, here

There were a lot of claims that in order to get impeached there needs to be hard evidence and absolute proof. Take a look at all of Nixon’s charges in the link above. Does all that stuff pretty much match what Obama is doing? You can absolutely compare Nixon’s lawlessness to Obama’s. Everything in Nixon’s charges is similar to Obama’s crimes and scandals: Benghazi, Operation F&F, the NDAA, the U.S. having no border and allowing illegals to enter our country, etc. There are even charges of lying and obstruction of justice, that’s all Obama too. Executive orders are also on there.

Watch the video below for further proof of what I mean. Alex Jones of InfoWars breaks it down perfectly.

I’m believing that Congress is totally protecting Obama. Not just democrats, republicans too. Which is why I’m starting to get pissed off at both parties. I’m considering going independent or libertarian. Not sure.