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Cool Photo: Even John Travolta gets into Black Friday shopping…

Do you think a rich guy like John Travolta doesn’t care about cheap deals when out shopping for things? Do you think a guy like John Travolta hires someone to do the shopping for him? Nope!!! None of those things.  There is John Travolta in the background in this photo shopping at Macy’s for Black Friday in his hometown of Ocala, FL where he lives. He just went there by himself. No bodyguards, no family.

Of course, John got mobbed by fans and he politely chatted with them, signed autographs and took photos while he waited in line with them.

What a good man, he is! 🙂 The guy is a celebrity and an icon, but he doesn’t act like one. Awesome!


Report: Disney may not be doing “Wild Hogs” sequel, but I think a different studio will pick it up…

Never say never on, “Wild Hogs 2”, folks. I think there’s a chance that a different studio will want to buy the rights to make the sequel. If that happened with “Chronicles of Narnia: Dawn Treader”, the same could happen to, “Wild Hogs”. Maybe Warner Bros or Twentieth Century Fox will buy, “Wild Hogs 2”. I hope so. I was hoping another “Wild Hogs” movie would happen ’cause I loved the first film so much. I don’t see it being canned for good.

More on it here:



Thought: It’s way cool to see John Travolta back to work!

John Travolta have been making TV appearances lately. First he showed up on Jay Leno the other night and now he just appeared on Conan O’ Brien tonight. He’s out there promoting the movie, “Old Dogs”.

In TV interviews, there is not one mention about Jett’s death and all that extortion stuff he’s been through. It’s all been talk about movies and his film career.

John is looking more happier. You can still see a little sadness in his eyes, of course, but he’s definitely hanging in there.

I’m sure John will land another movie role soon and he will return to acting once he finishes with the promotion of “Old Dogs”. Hopefully he’ll sign to a new role soon.

I hope John’s next movie will be an action movie, next time or maybe a thriller where he plays a villain. I hope he doesn’t keep picking comedy or drama, I like John in action movies better.

Although, I did love his role in “Wild Hogs” though, that was a great flick. I don’t plan to see “Old Dogs” in theater, that I can wait for DVD on.


Report: John Travolta and family makes first public appearance since Jett’s death…

The Travolta’s kept a low profile since Jett’s death. Here they are at the Disney’s D23 Expo, these pics were just taken yesterday.


Even though John and Kelly both have smiles on their faces, you can still see sadness in their eyes. John’s smile is not so wide as it used to be.

John still looks good though.


Report: Tyson maybe ok with daughter’s death, but Travolta is still struggling with his son…

While Mike Tyson is feeling strong and feeling not much emotion about his daughter’s death, John Travolta still hasn’t pulled through his son’s death yet. Denzel Washington, Travolta’s cast mate for the action film, “The Taking of Pelham 123”, gave us the news on how Travolta is feeling these days. Denzel said, Travolta is still struggling with Jett Travolta’s death, so don’t be expecting John Travolta to start working on a new movie anytime soon.

Denzel and John, seems to be best friends as they like to talk on the phone for hours, just having conversations about anything.

More on it here:



Thought: I don’t think Church is Bruce Willis, here’s why…

News going around the web that Church, a character from Stallone’s “Expendables” with an un-announced actor that is about to be signed. Honestly, I don’t think it’s Bruce Willis anymore. Why? Because simply put, I believe he’s still working on the sci-fi action adventure the “Surrogates”. Filming is all done with the “Surrogates” but the man will be too busy doing the promotion/marketing of the film. So don’t count on Bruce Willis being in the “Expendables”. I agree though that it would be fucking badass to see the Planet Hollywood dream team all on the same film: Arnold, Bruce and Sly.

I believe the next possible choice is John Travolta. Sly and John has been buddies for years and it’s possible they can reunite for another film as well. Travolta has not yet returned to work in Hollywood since the tragic death of his son but still Travolta could agree to do a small scene in Stallone’s movie as the Church character. Sly could surprise the hell out of us with Travolta coming back. Yes, Travolta has got three new movies coming out, “The Taking of Pelham 123”, “Old Dogs” and, “From Paris With Love”, but Travolta already filmed those 3 films before his son’s death.

Either that, or don’t count on any big name star to be Church. Sly has always been known to get unknown actors, people we’ve never heard of before, he could do the same with the Church character. Church could be a big name actor or an unknown, either way.

I think Church could be a big name star possibly, you’ll never know who it is. Sheryl Main’s twitter page is keeping it a secret and teasing us…she won’t reveal who Church is until she gets the “ok” from Sly himself, so it’s pretty obvious it’s a big name star, indeed.



BREAKING NEWS: Three men arrested for extorting money from John Travolta over son’s death…

Police in the Bahamas, have arrested an island law maker and a paramedic for allegedly trying to extort money from actor John Travolta over the death of his son. Ambulance driver, Tarino Lightbourne and Senator Pleasant Bridgewater are being held for questioning.

The Associated Press reports:

TMZ reports a third man have been arrested for questioning, that man is Obie Wilchcombe:


Come on, let the Travolta family grieve in peace.

When you’re rich and famous, being the world’s biggest movie star, and something tragic happens to a famous person, idiots will try and take their money because of the movie star’s fame and fortune.

You may think fame is an easy life and maybe fun, but you’ll later realize that fame isn’t that glorifying. Just ask all them other famous people that got themselves into drugs and suicide because they get depressed of their fame.


Report: Oscar award presenters will be kept secret until showtime…

You will never know who this year’s award presenters will be for the Oscars ’cause the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are keeping the presenters secret until showtime, Feb. 22nd. So for now all you can do is guess. Every year on the Oscars, they usually do announce award presenters before showtime but this year they are not.

The Associated Press reports:


Oh come on now, they just don’t want to give out any surprises that John Travolta will be there to present an award for some category. It’s obvious why they are doing this. Maybe Jennifer Hudson will be there to present an award too.

The rest of the award presenters will be pretty obvious: Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, George Clooney,  Johnny Depp, Leo Dicaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc.

I’m sure will see some different surprises as well. I’d like to see Michelle Williams present an award for “Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role” so she can give the award to Heath but I doubt that will happen.

I think it will be cool if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson presents an award for “Best Male Actor in a Leading Role” so he can give the award to Mickey Rourke for “The Wrestler”. That would be appropriate I think.

I think the obvious reason that they are keeping the presenters a secret, it’s all about surprising us with John Travolta being there. End of story.