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When it comes to Muslims, liberals are the real racists… NOT conservatives!!!

Wow. Hahaha, Wayne Root is so right on the money and I agree with him.

Liberals are so strange when it comes to Muslims. First they get so offended and hurt when you call Muslims terrorists then they call you racist for it. It seems that they have no problem with people who has an Islamic faith.

Then when it comes to Barack Obama and when people accuse him of being a Muslim, liberals get all upset about that too. They’re like, “No it’s not true. That’s so racist to call Obama a Muslim”. They don’t like it when people suspect Obama being a Muslim at all. Liberals go crazy when you do.

So let me get this straight, liberals have no problem having an Islamic faith but it seems they don’t want to hear the possibility that Obama might be a Muslim himself?

I think deep down inside, liberals know that Muslims are violent since they can’t take the truth that Obama might be a Muslim himself. In other words, they don’t like the idea that Obama might be Muslim and the truth is bothering them. Isn’t that kind of racist to not accept the fact that Obama might be Muslim?

That’s what Wayne Root is saying here. That’s his point.

Liberals thinks it’s racist to call Muslims terrorist and then they think it’s racist to call Obama a Muslim? Doesn’t make a bit of sense to me at all.

Liberals have always been the real racists from day 1. I mean, they are the ones who bring in “race” in everything to begin with. If all they’re doing is going around calling people racist, that’s racist too. They’re the one who came up with the “Black Lives Matter” hashtag when it comes to blacks and that’s also racist. They’re the ones who voted for Obama twice ’cause he’s black, that’s also racist.

“Right-wingers” never bring in race and they never really mention the word “race”. Liberals are always all over it. Always.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Clock boy demands 15 million payday and written apology… what???

Does this clock kid deserves all of this special attention? Hell no. Honestly, I still stand by it that I think this Ahmed the Clock Kid story was staged by the Obama admin. as a clever way to force us to accept Islam and feel sorry for Islamic children. The Obama admin. is trying to push this kid out there as a Muslim hero.


If a non-Muslim kid showed up at school with a clock that looks like a bomb, I’m sure this kid would be thrown in an adult prison for life for that but what does this Ahmed kid get? An invitation to the White House and now Ahmed is about to get rich off of it.

Honestly, I’m tired of the Clock kid. Fuck that little piece of shit. Next thing he’ll get the Nobel Peace Prize and will get a reality show. That’s all I’ll say about that.


Man, I hate the NY Times, they need to be shut down and journalists there need to be arrested…

It really is saddening to me how this country has grown to worrying about Muslims than worry about real people like us. It really is quite pathetic. Hey, how about being more focused on protecting us Americans and improving our country to be strong & powerful again? Why the obsession of protecting Muslims? Who cares about Muslims. Why do they get all this special treatment when they shouldn’t?

Like I said before, you can’t force us to respect Islam. You must earn the respect and if you want us to respect Islam and have more tolerance, it would help if they would stop killing people. We don’t hate Islam for no reason and we should have every right to despise Islam especially after terrorist attacks like 9/11/01, the Boston Marathon Bombings, Benghazi, Paris, etc. Islam has been involved in countless of violence for many years.

This is the most garbage article I’ve ever read. It’s so one-sided all the way.


Let me correct the NY Times. It’s not “anti-America” to be “Anti-Muslim” at all ’cause it’s actually a patriotic thing to do is to have a pure hatred against Muslims. We fear for our lives and you can’t trust Muslims at all.

What’s going on with religion in America is real sad. Make Islam look good and other religions are the enemy. Like I said this is just the beginning of Islamic America and it’s gonna get worse.


When liberals call you racist, it means they are stumped and can’t win an argument or a debate…

These days it’s getting harder and harder to tell the truth about Black people, Muslims or people from other countries. If you do liberals will call you “racist”. That’s what’s tiresome about liberals. They call you racist at every turn. They’re obsessed with that word “racist” and to me it’s pretty scary. You can’t tell the truth about people who are basically not white and not American. Pretty funny when all these liberals do is talk shit about Dr. Ben Carson. Hypocrites I must say.

Like the title of this topic says, usually when liberals call you racist in a debate, it’s usually because they’re stumped (in other words, can’t think of anything else to say) and they can’t figure out a way to win a debate so they cry “racist”. It’s means that they gave up. It means that they lost the debate totally.

The reason that liberals thinks it’s okay to call people racist when they disagree with you is ’cause that’s what the Obama admin. wants. It’s how they’re dividing the country and they’re doing a fine job at that.

Liberals are going mad at all the criticism of the Syrian refugees, wow. Sure enough, liberals are calling people “racist” for opposing the Syrian refugee movement into the USA. It’s fun to watch the liberals implode. I truly believe that liberals can’t take the truth that Syrian refugees aren’t welcome in America. More and more Americans are waking up about Syrian refugees and liberals can’t stand it. It’s driving them crazy for sure and it’s entertaining as hell to see. Liberals can’t take the truth and that’s what’s pissing them off.

Liberals say that criticism against Muslims and Syrians is “racist” ’cause the media says it is, liberals actually buy into that shit.

Liberals calling people “racist” is getting old though ’cause no one enjoys getting accused of that. I can’t stand our mainstream media for a lot of reasons. All they do is manipulate and control people. All they do is brainwash people’s minds. The media doesn’t report actual “news” like they used to. Liberals really believe that just because the media says it then it must be true which is truly pathetic.


Why would people claim that Islam isn’t violent when the Quran makes it clear that it is???

I don’t get why people try their best to defend Islam and claim they’re not violent people when they clearly are. You see Muslims will only kill people who are non-believers. They have quotes about that all over the Quran.


Of course, these fuckers encourage violence but they only encourage it to people who are nonbelievers to Allah. In their eyes, they believe Non-believers are evil and they would do whatever it takes to wipe them off the planet.

This is a website that gives you a full understanding of what Islam is all about.

Like check it out…


So why do Muslims lie to protect Islam? It’s because the Quran permits them to lie in order to defeat Non-believers. That’s why Muslims kill innocent people ’cause they are trying to get rid of the non-believers.

If you want to get yourself educated and informed on Islam then read this website:


This is the reason why Barack Obama can’t say “Islamic Terrorism” ’cause he’s intentionally lying about Muslims to defeat those “Non-believers”. He’s following the rules of the Quran pretty clearly.


Wow, people are ramming “Islam” down our throats like mad… I’m so tired of it, really I am!

All week long, I’ve seen nothing but posts in my facebook newsfeed about “Islam”. Every fucking day. Usually mixed reactions of Islam. Liberals showing their support for Muslims and conservatives showing their hatred. My newsfeed in facebook is really full of posts about Muslims. I’m tired of it really. Here is my take on Islam… whether or not Muslims are violent, I wll never like that religion ever and I don’t have to. We should have every right do despise Islam just like libtards have every right to despise, “Christianity”.

It’s just crazy. I don’t like how the Obama admin., the media and both the right wing/left wing community are ramming Islam down our throats. I believe this is only the beginning of Islam taking over America. Truthfully, I don’t care either way whether all Muslims are violent, I just want this country to stop obsessing over Islam.

Yep, I totally blame it on Barack Obama. He’s definitely at fault for America obsessing over Islam, trying to force us to accept it. He’s doing a good job of it too. Each time you want to be against Islam and oppose the religion, people will give you all kinds of hell for it. It’s just maddening, ya know? Our country has gone bat shit insane for sure.

I don’t care about Islam or any religion for that matter. I’m just not a religious person altogether.

Well, I’ll publicly confess that I got myself into Mormonism for a long while but I got myself out of that religion and resigned from the Church of Later Day Saints ’cause I realized that Mormonism is just as crazy, maybe I’ll go into detail about that in another post.


Liberals are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to Muslims and the Police…

Liberals like to get all over conservatives for accusing all Muslims of being violent and encouraging killing people. Well, that’s kind of funny, ya know? Coming from a bunch of dumbasses who accuses all of our law enforcement the same thing. Liberals don’t like “right-wingers” calling Muslims violent when they are the ones calling the police “violent”. Liberals are the ones calling cops “murderers”. So it’s really strange to me that liberals do all they can to defend Muslims and make them look good yet they think the police is evil. Welcome to the world of political correctness, folks. I’m so tired of it. Really I am.

The thing is, liberals will side with anything Obama does which is just pathetic and that’s what’s wrong with America. Liberals naively believe that Obama is doing all the right things to America. Bringing in Illegal immigrants from Mexico and bringing in those Syrian Muslim refugees. They actually believe Obama when he says that illegal immigrants and Syrian refugees need our help. Liberals will bash people for criticizing Obama’s views and goals. Liberals think people from other countries are good people only because Obama says so. If you think you know what he’s doing then you are one pathetic loser.

Back to the point, I just find it hypocritical of people yelling at those calling Muslims violent when they are the ones that call the police violent. They wanna act like that we think all Muslims are violent? Well they act like the same way with our police… they act like all of them are violent.

Once again, each time Muslims are involved in terrorism… liberals will continue to defend them and claim they are against “violence”. This is Obama’s way of defending Islam, sadly. He wants Islam to have more respect by the American people. Well hey, Obummer, well to get respect you have to earn it. If you want us to respect Islam, it would help if they would stop killing people. Muslims deserve all the hate and the American people have every right to hate them too. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I will always despise Islam. I don’t like that religion at all.

It’s time for Barack to get out of office.


When will Muslims ever get exposed for their terrorism and violence? Everyone should know who they really are!

I find it real sad that people in America still refuses to hold Muslims responsible for terrorism and murdering people. The “right-wing” community are not afraid to call Muslims terrorists but the Obama admin., the mainstream media and liberals continue to protect Islam even to this very day. It’s all pathetic really. We all know that Muslims encourages killing people and has no problem with it. Listen to ET Williams aka The Doctor of Common Sense and he’ll tell you who Muslims really are.

ET Williams in the video below is exactly right that Muslims don’t have a care for human life at all. They have no problem blowing people’s brains out with machine guns, slitting their throats and Muslims even have no problem blowing themselves up with a bomb vest to kill people. If Muslims choose to live when killing people, they just move about their day as if nothing has happened. They have no remorse for killing people at all and it seems they enjoy it. These people will do anything in the name of Allah. That’s who they do it for pretty much.

As long as Barack is still in office, the media will continue to protect Islam. Instead of calling Muslims terrorists, the media and liberals will call them “extremists” which is pretty idiotic, in my opinion.

We really need to expose these bastards for who they really are. I’m tired of dumb people protecting them.

We’ll never get answers on what happened in Paris. We’ll never get the truth of the Paris theater attack just like we’ll never get the truth of 9/11/01 and Benghazi. It’ll be the same with the Paris attacks. We’ll get more cover-ups and more politicizing from the Obama admin.

What makes people think that Islam is so special? Islam is not a race and I don’t think it’s a “religion” either. The media and liberals will always protect Islam as long as Obama is still in office.

People deserve to know who Muslims really are and it will one day get proven.


A lot of people are silent about violent Muslims and illegal aliens ’cause of fear of being called racist…

Before the 2016 elections started, a lot of people in America were silent about how violent both Muslims and Illegal aliens really are. Why? Because like the title says, even though people know that Muslims and Illegal aliens are violent people, they keep that thought to themselves out of fear of being called racist. Well, I’m not afraid of that at all. It’s what you have to do to bring the truth to America’s attention, ya know? That’s why controversy is good.

Before the 2016 elections came around, a lot of people were silent on violent Muslims and Illegal aliens. Many still are silent.

You shouldn’t be afraid of a public backlash ’cause you can clearly see, I’m not afraid at all. The truth may hurt some but whatever it takes to get people to learn, ya know? Give people a wake up call and a reality check.

That’s why Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson matters and that’s why those two guys are getting very popular. Trump tells the truth about illegal immigration and Dr. Carson tells the truth about violent Muslims.

So you have to ask why are Trump and Dr. Carson getting so popular? It’s ’cause like I said, they are saying things that the media wouldn’t. Everyone wants the media to be realistic about Muslims and Illegal Immigrants but since they aren’t, that’s why they are all looking up to Trump and Dr. Carson.

You see guys when Americans like us go off on hating Muslims and Illegal immigrants they don’t do it out of pure hatred., bigotry or racism as the left would like to call it. We do it out of love for America. We fear for our safety and looking out for each others well-being, ya know? Americans are trying to protect the country and each other. That’s what we do this for but the libtard left doesn’t get it yet and they never will. We can all die because of violent Muslims and illegal aliens but the left naivety believes they are good people who they think deserve to be treated better.

I really thank Dr. Carson, Donald Trump and Ann Coulter for what they do and I respect those three greatly. They are doing a good job.

Don’t be cowards about this stuff… violent Muslims and violent illegal aliens. SPEAK UP AND SPEAK UP LOUD!!!! Let the country know that this world isn’t so lovable and safe at all.

Barack Obama himself is an illegal immigrant and there’s your proof right there that they aren’t to be trusted at all. That’s what happens when you elect an illegal alien as president.



The Oregon shooting should prove that Obama is no Christian…

Obama claims he’s Christian but you know it’s a fucking lie. He’s no Christian at all and anybody that believes it ’cause Obama says he is , you’re delusional and messed up. Christians were the target of that shooting.

Christians are being targeted everywhere in the world and they don’t have any respect or compassion by Obama and his admission. For Obama not to bring up the fact that Christians were targeted at the Oregon shooting will show even more that Obama is no Christian.

If Obama was a real Christian, he would have been against gay marriage, gun control and he would support Christianity 100% but instead Obama supports Christianity 50% or lower.

It’s not a very Christian thing to do to ignore the fact that Christians are being murdered and slaughtered in the United States and around the world.

Yet, Obama is turning out to be the anti-Christ and disrespects Christians even more during his “Crusades” speech. Obama is a Christian? Heh… fuck you if you think he is.

Obama is a Muslim pretending to be Christian.