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France police raid mosques and what they found inside is not what you’re gonna believe…

This is something you’re never gonna see get reported all over mainstream media. After the Paris attack, French police are starting to raid mosques. What they found in one of them was some pretty crazy stuff… things like loads of ammo and a collection of ISIS videos.

The French police also raided one of the mosque leader’s homes and found a revolver near a jihadist document.

If you continue to read in this article, the France police has arrested over 230 muslims and collected over 300 weapons. They shut down three mosques and raided more than 2300 Muslim homes.


Well, I find it pretty amazing that France has taken immediate action on Muslims which is fucking awesome! My question is why aren’t we doing anything about Muslims over here?

We really need to stop protecting Muslims and expose these fuckers for who they really are. They are evil, murderers, child molesters, goat fuckers, rapists, etc. The fact is that Muslims want non-believers dead and that’s their only goal.

There’s nothing racist about telling the truth about Muslims, get over yourselves.



Video: Think Islam is peaceful? Then watch this video and you be the judge…

Muslims wants world domination of Islam. Meaning they want every country in the world to turn into a Muslim caliphate and convert as many people as possible. Pretty soon we could all get forced to convert even if we don’t want to.

Once again, Islam is evil and this video should be good enough to prove that.


Sorry but Trump’s proposal on banning Muslims into US won’t end him, it’ll only make him even more powerful!!!

I’m seeing a lot of comments by libtards in social networking that they are hoping that Trump’s proposal of banning Muslims travelling into the USA is gonna end his presidential campaign. Nope. Once again, libtards being delusional. It’s only going to make him even more powerful, sorry to say. Hate to break it to ya.

It may not seem like it but almost most of the entire USA hate Muslims. It’s hard to see that most Americans hate Muslims ’cause the corrupt mainstream media likes to make Muslims look like good guys. This is a big part of why Trump is getting all of this support ’cause he’s the only one telling the truth about Muslims and people are loving him for it.

If you libtards believe that Muslims are good people and “peaceful”, I can’t wait until you get a knife to your throat or I can’t wait until you get your car hijacked and some Muslim takes over your car with a suicide vest. You’ll see how peaceful Islam is then. It really is disturbing how libtards came to loving Islam just because Obama and the media says Islam is “peaceful”. I think the liberal community should stop supporting Islam too ’cause you’ll be sorry if you keep continuing to defend Islam. One day we’ll be the ones to tell you, I toldjaso.

I think Islam becoming the new “race card” is pretty silly and stupid. Islam was never a race but I guess it is now, sadly.

I’m still seeing talk of Islam & Muslims all over my newsfeed and I can’t stand it. Really, I can’t. Liberals trying to prove that Islam is peaceful and right-wingers trying to prove that Islam is evil. There is something wrong with this country when you want to call everything and everyone “racist” ’cause someone wants to speak the truth.

Like I said above, Trump’s idea of banning Muslims to the US is not gonna end his campaign. It’s only gonna help him win the nomination and even get elected so deal with it. In my opinion, we should get rid of Islam altogether… ban that religion as a whole. If you side with Islam, you are encouraging violence as well so be careful how you think.


Donald Trump calling for immediate shutdown of Muslims entering the country… I agree!!!

Check it out:


We don’t hate Muslims for no reason and we should have every right to hate them ’cause we fear for our lives, ya know what I mean? After things like 9/11, Benghazi, The 1972 Olympic Munich attack and loads of other attacks in the U.S. and the world committed by Muslims, Barack wants us to be kind to them? Seriously?

Muslims hating us is true. So if they want to hate us, we’ll hate them in return.

It’s insane, ya know? I’m sick of all this talk on Muslims. If they kill innocent people and have no problem with it, we should have every right to be outraged but when we do get outraged we’ll get called “racist” and “bigoted”… whatever names the libtard left wants to call us.

The left should be scared of Muslims too ’cause this absolutely concerns their lives as well. It’s pretty insane that the left wants to believe in Obama’s and the media’s lies that Muslims are good people. Muslims are pretty protective of their religion ’cause that’s what the Quran tells them to do. They have to lie to protect Islam. It’s part of their rules.

We should have every right to hate Islam and the way this country is going now, we’re really starting to hate Islam even more. At least, I am.

Barack is not just a lover toward Islam, he’s a Muslim himself. He’s definitely no Christian that’s for sure and if you believe that, you’re a dumbass.


If liberals believe that Christians are the terrorists and Muslims are not, then America is officially done…

Due to the Planned Parenthood shooting, it’s gonna be okay for America to call Christians terrorists. So is this gonna be the libtard’s definition of terrorism? Muslims aren’t terrorists and Christians are? If that’s how it’s gonna go in America then we’re really doomed and we’re officially done.

Honestly though, I think Barack Obama is doing this intentionally ’cause this is his vision for America. Obama wants to make Christians look like the bad guys and Muslims look like the good guys. This is what he’s doing. This is Obama’s America, y’all. He’s trying to turn us into an Islamic nation and doing a very good job of it so far.

Pretty soon we’ll all be jailed for calling Muslims terrorists thanks to Loretta Lynch and her big mouth.

Islam America is already happen as we speak. I’m tired of Islam being rammed down our throats. It’s definitely getting worse. I see people in facebook talking about Islam & Muslims everyday. People in facebook, talking about Muslims whether good or bad. It’s just really scary how the topic of Muslims have become a huge debate. I don’t care what anyone says… I think Islam is evil. Wanna jail me for saying that? Bring it on, Loretta!

The thing is, I’m real tired of America’s obsession with Islam. It’s scary stuff. This is what Muslims want though. That is their goal is to promote Islam to a wider scale. They want everyone to accept it and they want people to convert too. Pretty soon, I wouldn’t be surprised that people in America will start converting to Islam like your friends & family members. People will start to get interested in it and then they will convert themselves. That’s what the Quran encourages Muslims to do is to promote Islam and get it out there.

We’re screwed, America. We’re really screwed. Thanks to libtards for electing that Muslim freak in the White House twice.


It’s pretty funny how they think Trump is wrong that Muslims celebrated 9/11 when CNN did a report about it…

Here’s your proof that Muslims did celebrate 9/11, straight from CNN themselves. Yet the media and other GOP candidates thinks he’s wrong and wants him to take it back?

They always wanna believe that Trump is wrong on everything that comes out of his mouth. They know Trump is right, they just can’t take the truth.

So here is your proof that Trump is right. Media and GOP candidates always looking for new ways to smear Donald Trump. Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

I’m pretty sure they celebrated the Benghazi attacks too.


When it comes to Muslims, liberals are the real racists… NOT conservatives!!!

Wow. Hahaha, Wayne Root is so right on the money and I agree with him.

Liberals are so strange when it comes to Muslims. First they get so offended and hurt when you call Muslims terrorists then they call you racist for it. It seems that they have no problem with people who has an Islamic faith.

Then when it comes to Barack Obama and when people accuse him of being a Muslim, liberals get all upset about that too. They’re like, “No it’s not true. That’s so racist to call Obama a Muslim”. They don’t like it when people suspect Obama being a Muslim at all. Liberals go crazy when you do.

So let me get this straight, liberals have no problem having an Islamic faith but it seems they don’t want to hear the possibility that Obama might be a Muslim himself?

I think deep down inside, liberals know that Muslims are violent since they can’t take the truth that Obama might be a Muslim himself. In other words, they don’t like the idea that Obama might be Muslim and the truth is bothering them. Isn’t that kind of racist to not accept the fact that Obama might be Muslim?

That’s what Wayne Root is saying here. That’s his point.

Liberals thinks it’s racist to call Muslims terrorist and then they think it’s racist to call Obama a Muslim? Doesn’t make a bit of sense to me at all.

Liberals have always been the real racists from day 1. I mean, they are the ones who bring in “race” in everything to begin with. If all they’re doing is going around calling people racist, that’s racist too. They’re the one who came up with the “Black Lives Matter” hashtag when it comes to blacks and that’s also racist. They’re the ones who voted for Obama twice ’cause he’s black, that’s also racist.

“Right-wingers” never bring in race and they never really mention the word “race”. Liberals are always all over it. Always.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.