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BREAKING NEWS: California legalizes gay marriage…

Well, California did it today. The gays fought for a longtime for gay marriage in that state, and they got what they wanted. Governor Ah-nuld still doesn’t approve it and his opinion on gay marriage still remains the same but he respects the courts decision.

More on the story here:


Now Ellen Degeneres can get herself hitched there!



Report: Why McCain will be our next president…

Everybody thinks that Barack Obama or Hillary will become our next President, but it is the truth that McCain will win. McCain will be elected as our next President and his recent interview with Bill O’ Reilly explains it all.

From FOXNews excerpt of the interview:


McCain is the man and that’s who I’m rooting for. America wants another George W. Bush, that’s a proven fact. If George W. was running again (I know he’s not, but what if…), you can betchass he would have been elected again.

Obama and Clinton both want the war to end right away so US soldiers come home but if that happens, that lets the terrorists win the war. We have to finish what we’ve started, McCain should be president to keep the war going so we can win. McCain knows what he’s talking about with truth dead on, as all Obama and Clinton are doing is just slamming each other for media attention. Just because Obama is winning most of the states, doesn’t mean he will win President election in the future.

Anything can happen in President elections.



Cool Video: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, all to debate on RAW tonight…

Look like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton really will be there in person at tonight’s RAW ’cause they just announced they will be there in this video below. They won’t be alone though, John McCain will be there at RAW tonight too, you can see McCain doing a funny Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan impersonation which he does a good job at, lol.

Tonight’s RAW shall be interesting, and you just know that Mr. McMahon will be in the middle of this whole thing, lmaof! It ought to be entertaining!


Edit to add: Obama, Clinton and McCain will not be at RAW live in person but they will debate in a videotaped segment as you just saw here, but who knows, maybe the three will actually make a live appearance in the ring, we’ll just have to wait ’til 8:00 p.m. tonight because RAW is a special three hour show.

Report: Bruce Springsteen endorses Obama on his website…

Bruce Springsteen, the boss himself, wrote on his official website that he and the rest of the E Street Band support Barack Obama 100%. Springsteen wrote some insightful thoughts about Obama on his website.

Read about it here:


To be honest, I’m not liking either Clinton or Obama. I used to like Obama but his feud with Clinton is a turn off. Everyone thinks Clinton or Obama will be President, but I disagree, I’m rooting for McCain all the way. I’ve been liking McCain a lot more these days.

McCain seems to know what he’s doing while Clinton and Obama is wasting time showing their negative hatred against each other. I wish both of them would shut the hell up already. McCain has been getting out of the political picture lately ’cause of the Clinton/Obama hype, and I like that. McCain is powerful and intelligent. Clinton/Obama are a couple of pussies.



Report: Pope Benedict XVI vows to fight against pedophile priests!!!!

Pope Benedict XVI just made a visit to the US, and he just announced he is putting an end to pedophile priests who molest children in the USA.

The Associated Press reports:


What took so long for someone to take a stand on this? It’s about time! Pope Benedict is the man for this! Priests turning into pedophiles has been going on for over a hundred years. It does need to end completely. Benedict is doing a great thing. Kudos!



Report: Eliot Spitzer linked to second hooker…but this one is hotter than Ashley!

Our now former New York governor, Eliot Spitzer has been linked to a second call girl prostitute named Kristin “Billie” Davis and she is 32. A little older than Ashley Alexandra Dupre and much sexier, bustier and a blonde! She is also a pretty rich hooker, pretty much a millionaire. Spitzer’s spokewoman says he was never a client of Davis.

The NY Post reports:


Man, who cares about the hookers Spitzer fucked. Why do we have to know every single women he’s been with?

Come on Silda! Do what’s right and leave your cheating husband!


Thought: Another thought on Pitt being related to Obama, Jolie being related to Clinton…

Just another thought on the previous blog entry.

I would think that Brad Pitt always knew he was cousins with Barack Obama and I would think that Angelina Jolie always knew she was cousins with Hillary Clinton after all this time. How much do you want to bet that they made a decision and agreed to keep it a “secret”, to keep quiet about it, because the media will be all over it non stop?

It was bound to happen sooner or later that we all would find out once Obama and Clinton got big and popular.

How could a guy like Brad Pitt be related to a black man? Well there obviously had to be an interracial relationship thrown in there somewhere in the family. When you have an interracial relationship, there will be a huge mix. That’s the way it goes.

Just had to post this to get it off my chest.


BREAKING NEWS: Pitt/Jolie are related to Obama/Clinton? No fucking way!!!!!!!!!


Oh my, how shocking and surprising is this? Barack Obama and Brad Pitt are 9th cousins. Hillary and Angelina Jolie are 9th cousins too.

See for yourself:


Will there be a family reunion where Brad will help campaign Obama and Jolie will campaign Clinton?

How can all of this be possible? I’m never really surprised by any news controversy but this one did it to me. Really weird!