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Report: Warner Bros. moving forward with “Blade Runner” prequel and sequel…

Well, let the Harrison Ford returning to “Blade Runner” rumors begin! I’m sure it already started! Warner Bros. financial company, Alcon Entertainment, is in final negotiations to secure the rights to make a “prequel” and “sequel”, to the 1982 science fiction action adventure film, “Blade Runner”, that starred Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, the film was directed by Ridley Scott.

Read the full story here, at Deadline.

Interesting. For the prequel, they would need a young actor for the Rick Deckard role, but Harrison may reprise the role for the sequel though. If they plan on using Rick Deckard still. I always felt that the “Blade Runner” movie had more of a story to be told, so I’m actually glad they’re doing more! Looking forward to see how they’re going to pull this off.

I’m sure we’ll hear from Harrison soon about this as well.




Report: Charlize Theron joins Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” sci-fi film…

Actress, Charlize Theron, has said yes to starring in Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi film, “Prometheus”. She will star alongside Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. The film is slated for a June 8th, 2012 release date. The film was originally going to be a prequel to the first “Alien” movie, but the script was re-written to an original motion picture instead.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

I love Charlize Theron. She’s a beautiful woman, sexy, and a talented actress as well. Looking forward to this now!


BREAKING NEWS: Ridley Scott’s new “Alien” project finally revealed, it’s no prequel or a sequel but…

…it’s simply a standalone film. The name of the film is “Prometheus”, and this will be Ridley Scott’s first science fiction film since, “Blade Runner” starring Harrison Ford. In, “Prometheus”, Swedish actress Noomi Rapace is attached to star, Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron are in negotiations to play the leads as well. It’s an original story taken place in the same universe where the first “Alien” movie is in. Ridley hints that the film will be about the Alien’s DNA. Look like they are keeping the plot under wraps for now. Will we get a Sigourney Weaver cameo appearance?

See the report at, Deadline.


Film Review: Robin Hood

Starring: Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Max Von Sydow, William Hurt, Mark Strong

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Today, on a day off of work, I decided to go to the mall to catch a movie. Yes, I decided to turn down, “Sex and the City 2” and wait for DVD instead, I will still see it, but not in theater. I will explain why in another blog post. Other than seeing a movie, I did buy the “Red Dead Redemption” video game for the PS3 and a few music CD’s as well. So I ended up seeing “Robin Hood” instead.

Here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Based upon the legendary fictional hero that robs the rich and gives to the poor, this film is just an introduction to the character. The film is taken place in the 13th century in England. King Richard was killed in a battle against the French, so it forced, Robin Hood to travel to Nottingham, which is taken over by an evil Sheriff and having trouble with taxes. That is where Robin meets Lady Marian (Blanchett) and of course, falls in love with her. While there, Robin puts together his own army with fighting skills, so he can fight against the French for freedom of his people.

Critics online have trashed this movie in a negative direction. Why? Mostly criticizing the film’s arrow shooting. Hey, does the arrow shootings in the film have to be perfect? Do they have to be like “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” the Kevin Costner version? I believe Ridley’s version of the arrow shooting was to be realistic. That’s my thought exactly when I saw the film. Critics trashed the film pretty harshly, I thought I was going to hate the film too…but I saw it ’cause I’m a fan of Ridley Scott movies. I’m not much of a Russell Crowe fan ’cause I think he’s an overrated actor. Russell has been in a few good films that I liked, films like “A Beautiful Mind”, “Gladiator”, “American Gangster”, and “3:10 to Yuma”, that’s it I believe.

Surprisingly I liked him in this movie, “Robin Hood”. A LOT. Actually, I LOVED IT. Ridley Scott did a fantastic job telling the Robin Hood story the way it was supposed to be. All the other Robin Hood films were good, the Erroll Flynn stuff, Kevin Costner, the Mel Brooks, “Men In Tights” were well done, but I think Ridley perfected the Robin Hood legacy.  If you know the Robin Hood story well, Ridley stayed true to it. As I watch this film, I actually felt like watching a UK movie ’cause that’s what it felt like. The camera work seems like it was low budget, trying to get a UK feel to it. The American actors did a good job with the English accent as well as Russell did too. In the film, Russell wore green tights of course, but he didn’t yet wear the green hat with the feather on it. Maybe they will get Russell to wear the green hat for the sequel?

The acting of all cast members was very good. The musical score was different and it felt like a Robin Hood movie with the scoring. It didn’t feel like that mainstream Robin Hood movie, “Prince of Thieves” at all. I didn’t find anything wrong with the film. It was thoroughly entertaining and I wasn’t bored even if the film was almost 2 and half hours long. Ridley and Russell did quite a few films together, but I think this was their best one. I see them two making this into a trilogy for sure. The action scenes were actually a blast and fun to watch, especially the big fight scene at the beach at the end of the movie was awesome.

If you’re a fan of the Robin Hood story, you should definitely see this!

Score for “Robin Hood” = **** (4 stars as in excellent)


BREAKING NEWS: “Alien” prequel is officially greenlighted, Ridley Scott is confirmed to return!!!

Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver have both been talking to the internet for months now about bringing the “Alien” franchises back to the big screen. It looks like it’s actually happening for real this time! Twentieth Century Fox has greenlighted a prequel to the first “Alien” film, with Ridley Scott officially attached to direct. Ridley Scott was the director of the very first “Alien” film that starred Sigourney Weaver which became the most famous sci-fi/horror film of all times.

The story to the prequel is set before the first movie of course. It will be about a crew of people towing a ship back to planet Earth…then sent to investigate a signal near a planetoid.

Although Sigourney Weaver have spoken to online movie news websites about bringing the “Alien” franchises back, it is not known if she will return as the leading character of Ripley.

Variety Reports:


Since this is a prequel, they would need a younger actress to play Ripley, and not Sigourney. Makes sense, to me. They can make Sigourney as Ripley as a small cameo, I would think. As long as they don’t make Sigourney’s cameo CGI, I’m all for it.

I wouldn’t support an “Alien” return to the big screen if anybody else directed it, but as long as Ridley is still doing it, I’ll be the first in line to see it in theater! Ridley is one of my favorite film directors. Love the guy’s work.


Confirmed: Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” coming out May 14, 2010!!!

Ridley Scott’s version of the “Robin Hood” story, which stars Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, will get a theater wide release date on May 14, 2010.

Variety Reports:


Lets hope Ridley does a great job with this flick. I think “Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves” with Kevin Costner is an amazing flick. I love it to death, so hopefully Ridley’s version will be just as good as that one.

Ridley Scott is a great film maker, he’s made many fantastic films.

My top 5 favorite Ridley Scott directed films are here:

1. American Gangster

2. Alien

3. Blade Runner

4. Legend (Tom Cruise/Tim Curry fairytale adventure)

5. Thelma and Louise


Report: Cate Blanchett joins Ridley Scott’s, “Robin Hood”!!!

Actress Cate Blanchett, has signed on to star alongside Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott’s directed, “Robin Hood”. The film was originally titled, “Nottingham”, but due to the film being about Robin Hood, Ridley has decided to change the title.

Those who are not familiar with Cate Blanchett’s work, she is a wonderfully talented actress who has starred in such films as: “The Lord of the Rings trilogy” (she played Galadriel), “The Missing”, “I’m Not There”, “Indy 4 and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, etc.

Variety Reports:


Very nice addition to the cast! What do you think?

Think Ridley’s version of the Robin Hood story will be better than “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” that starred Kevin Costner? I thought “Prince of Thieves” was phenonemal and an incredible movie. “Prince Of Thieves” is one of my favorite films of all times as well.

We’ll have to wait to see how Ridley is going to pull this off.


Report: Joe Carnahan to be John Singleton’s replacement for “The A-team” remake…

Twentieth Century Fox has recruited film maker, Joe Carnahan, to helm, “The A-Team” remake. Director John Singleton was attached to direct the film ever since this project was first announced, but Singleton suddenly dropped out. Ridley Scott is set to produce, his brother Tony Scott is executive producing.

Carnahan and the Scott brothers plan to use the original premise from the TV series into the film and will be an action packed movie. In the original series, it is about four Vietnam vets convicted of armed robbery, they escape from a military prison to become mercernaries. They will use that similar plot to the film. They plan to avoid the campy nature of the series and make this a serious action movie. Carnahan wants the film to be emotional and real, without being a cheesy comedy flick.

Variety Reports:


Wow, this sounds way better than John Singleton’s idea!!!! Now I’m glad that Singleton’s been replaced with a better director!!! Yeah, bring it on!

If they can still get Mr. T as B.A. Baracus, that would be fuckin’ awesome. Mr. T is still playing the B.A. character on TV commercials all the time, so I think Mr. T is still capable of acting in a film. Really, I think the “A-Team” movie would bomb without Mr. T and I remember reading an article once, that Mr. T himself wasn’t too happy when Singleton didn’t think of him for the film.


Confirmed: Ridley Scott to helm the “Monopoly” movie!!!

Ridley Scott is on board to direct and produce the “Monopoly” movie with Hasbro-Universal Studios, Pamela Pettler will write the screenplay. About a year ago, the Hasbro board game company made a deal with Universal Studios to make movies based on legendary board games such as “Monopoly”, “Candyland”, etc.. “Monopoly” is the first to get the greenlight.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Hmmmm, how much do you want to bet that Ridley Scott is going to get Russell Crowe to play the guy with the top hat and white mustache? Wouldn’t surprise me. Ridley Scott seems to love Russell Crowe as they did quite a few films together.