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Report: Steven Spielberg to bring, “American Sniper”, to the big screen with Bradley Cooper set to star…

Bradley Cooper has been developing a project called, “American Sniper”, which is based on the book and it’s about the true life-story of Chris Kyle; the Navy SEAL who was tragically killed earlier this year. Steven Spielberg is set to direct and this will be considered his follow-up since his historical movie, “Lincoln”.

I think Spielberg is the perfect choice to direct a movie like this. If you seen the movie, “Munich”, Steven is great with sniper scenes and his unique camera work. “Munich” was a great film, and I would assume that they plan on making, “American Sniper”,  something similar.

The White House and the Obama administration may continue to ignore the death of Chris Kyle but at least he’s getting some acknowledgement by the movie industry. It’s very sad what happened to Chris, and his story can’t be ignored. I think that’s the point of this film is to help bring it to the world’s attention. It is insane how Obama continues to ignore Chris and not even give him a Medal of Honor when he clearly deserves it.  Chris is and was a true American hero. He did a great service for us. Sad that he was killed by some nut job at a shooting range. I don’t know why the White House continues to ignore Chris. Chris continues to get ignored by the government, yet they congratulate this black basketball player for coming out as gay. What’s wrong with that picture?

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to “American Sniper”, and looking forward to seeing what Spielberg plans to do with the film. I haven’t read the “American Sniper” book, but will get to it soon.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.


Report: Universal finally moves forward with “Jurassic Park 4”, director is found…

Universal has been wanting “Jurassic Park 4”, to happen for a long while, but nothing has happened until now. “Jurassic Park III” was released in 2001, so it has been a long while for a new Jurassic Park film. A director by the name of Colin Trevorrow, is set to direct the fourth installment to, “Jurassic Park”. He is best known for directing the film, “Safety Not Guaranteed”. No plot details and no casting has been revealed as of this point.

Deadline, reports.

Okay, which leading character would return to this one? Will this film be written for Jeff Goldblum or Sam Neil to reprise their roles? Either way, one of them is expected to return for sure. Even better, I think both actors should appear on screen together for this one just like they did with the first one. It’ll be kind of cool to see those guys reunite finally ’cause Sam Neil wasn’t in “Jurassic Park 2”, Jeff Goldblum was. Sam Neil was in “Jurassic Park III”, Jeff Goldblum wasn’t.

With today’s technology in filming, you can expect them to take the Jurassic Park franchise to a whole new level. As for what I thought was the best Jurassic Park film was. I thought, “Jurassic Park III” was the best. I thought the first two weren’t that great, honestly, but the third one actually told a great story and it was a pretty thrilling movie too. I’m glad Spielberg is no longer directing these movies ’cause they seem to be good without him.

Spielberg seems to be staying away from family films lately ’cause he’s been doing too much historical drama stuff. Looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do with Jurassic Park IV.



Film of the Day: Raiders of the Lost Ark

This will always be my favorite Spielberg movie, and this will always be the best Indy film. “Raiders of The Lost Ark” is such a classic and it’s another film, I can watch over and over. I like all 4 Indy movies (yes, even “Crystal Skull”), but this one “Raiders”, will always stand out. It’s not only a great adventure story with good plot and good acting, it’s also a great action movie. I know Steven Spielberg is not the best at making action movies, but he did the best job with the action sequences in “Raiders”. Every action scene in this movie was pretty intense,  and they can get so exciting that you want even more from, Indy.

Belloq is one of those villains that you want to hate and the actor who played him does a phenomenal job. There are so many emotions with, “Raiders”. It can get exciting, fun, scary, and there are some sad scenes as well. Yes, there a few scary scenes in “Raiders”, that almost felt like a horror film, especially the controversial Ark Ceremony toward the end of the movie. While I do like all 4 Indy films, I do admit that the Indy franchise kind of went downhill after this. They will never make an amazing Indy film like this ever again. I do think, “Temple of Doom” is almost just as good as “Raiders”.


Film of the Day: “Schindler’s List”

In celebration of the “25th Anniversary” of “Schindler’s List” Blu Ray coming out in stores tomorrow (which I’m thinking about buying, probably will), I thought it would be cool to start of “Film of the Day” with this movie. This tells the story of a man named Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of many Polish-Jewish people from getting employed to factories, during the Holocaust in World War II.

The film stars Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. I think this is Spielberg’s best historical drama. I remember seeing this film in theater a couple of times when it was first released. It’s a powerful and moving film all the way through. I think this is an important film that everyone needs to see. While Spielberg’s “Lincoln” movie, was real good, it’s “Schindler’s List” is what it’s all about here. I still have the DVD for this film, and might replace it with the BluRay this week. “Schindler’s List” is one of my favorite films of all time. Even though it’s a historical drama, this is one movie I can watch over and over again.


Look like it’s going to be another big year for Spielberg at the Oscars…

Not surprisingly, Spielberg’s “Lincoln” picks up the  most nominations at the Oscars. And it looks like “Lincoln” will win Best Picture and Spielberg will win for Best Director, no matter what happens. If Spielberg wins, which he probably will, this will be his third time being the big winner. His other two Best Picture winners were for “Schindler’s List”, and “Saving Private Ryan”. It is deserving, ’cause “Lincoln” was a really good film.

While I would like Hugh Jackman to win his first Oscar for “Les Miserables”, it’ll probably end up going to Daniel Day-Lewis instead.

I like the nomination selections this year for the “Oscars”. I’m glad “Django” got the Best Picture nomination as well. Leo Dicaprio got snubbed for his role in “Django”, though. Kind of disappointed in that. Leo seems to always get snubbed at the Oscars.

Other snubs, “Skyfall” for Best Picture. “Moonrise Kingdom” also got the snub. I’m sure there are plenty of more snubs. Can’t think of more at this moment.

Yep, “Lincoln” will probably sweep everything, though. While I would like “Les Miserables” to get the big win, the only winner for that will be for Anne Hathaway’s performance. I predict Anne Hathaway will get the win for Best Supporting Actress, no matter what happens.

“Lincoln” was a very good movie though, and definitely one of the best films of 2012, it deserves all the awards. Plus, “Lincoln” was based on a real life thing and educational. Something real.

See the full nominations list, here.


Report: Stephen King’s “Under The Dome” will get aired on CBS as a 13 episode TV series…

The Stephen King and Steven Spielberg collaborated TV show, “Under the Dome”, which will be adapted from King’s novel, was going to get aired on Showtime, but the crew behind this project, felt that cable wasn’t right for this and they made an official deal with CBS to get it aired on there instead. It will be a TV series, not a mini-series. The 1st season will be 13 episodes and there will be more seasons. “Under the Dome” is a science fiction novel that is over a thousand pages long, and yes, I’ve read the whole thing. It’s a really great book, and I would suggest you all to read it if you’re a King fan.

The article says, that this isn’t going to be a re-telling of the same story, it’s going to be a TV friendly version. So you can expect them to leave so much out and change things around a lot. Only thing though, Stephen King on TV is usually garbage. I’ll admit that “Bag of Bones” with Pierce Brosnan, was absolutely horrible.

Hopefully, they redeem themselves this time and make this show a good one. I’ll watch the first episode of “Dome”, to see how it is. If I don’t like, next please. “Dome” is a really amazing book, I couldn’t put this down and I hope they don’t ruin the story.

I wonder whose going to be playing Barbie Barbara (yes, a male character) and “Big Jim” Rennie? The two main characters of the story.

I wish them luck on this project. If they can last a full season and get a lot of ratings, I’d be surprised. I’m kind of skeptical Spielberg producing “Dome”, because his dinosaur show, “Terra Nova” only lasted one season.

See the story, here.


Film Review: Lincoln

Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Hal Holbrook
Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Yesterday, I’ve seen, “Lincoln”, and here is my review.

Plot/synopsis: As the civil war is coming to an end, President Abraham Lincoln, wants to put slavery to an end by adding the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. Remember, there were only 12 Amendments back then. So they had to do a vote in the House of Representatives, in which the votes were very close.

This is not a straight up, Lincoln, biopic. It doesn’t start from his childhood all the way up to his death, as some hoped it would. Instead, the film focuses on the last four months of Abe’s life. It basically starts from the Civil War, right away, but the film doesn’t show much of that. Even though the film doesn’t show much about the Civil War, the battles and everything, still though, the fights in the Civil War, were pretty gritty and disturbing. We all know Steven Spielberg is the master at War Battles with films like “Saving Private Ryan”, “Schindler’s List”, and, “War Horse”.

Instead of focusing on Lincoln’s life, the film gets to behind the scenes of the White House and the political life. If you’re expecting a war movie with violence, gore, and intense battle scenes, look again. You’re gonna see a full 2 and a half hour movie, full of dialogue and acting scenes. So the film is going to be slow pacing, whether you like it or not. The film mostly focuses on the last days of, Abraham Lincoln. It wants to give you a closer look, on how Abe changed US history forever, by putting an end to slavery for good.

The film was beautifully shot. The cinematography was amazing and Spielberg is always the master at the camera. It’s a pretty smart and intelligent movie. It follows the Lincoln story, pretty perfectly. It’s not just a movie for political and history buffs, it can be a useful movie for high school and college students, as well. This film is a pretty important history lesson for all.

The movie also has a great cast. Other than the great Daniel Day-Lewis, the film is full of talented actors who played all the characters well. Sally Field was phenomenal as, Mary Todd, who played Lincoln’s wife. It’s an all star cast with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Hal Holbrook, James Spader, Tommy Lee Jones, John Hawkes, Jackie Earl-Haley, Tim Blake Nelson, etc. I think there is going to be some Oscar nominations here. Especially Daniel Day-Lewis, who I think might have another Oscar on the way for him. Sally Field will probably get nominated for her role too. Hal Holbrook, as well. Tommy Lee Jones, maybe. While the cast did a great job, Daniel Day-Lewis killed it, like he has always done. He did a good job on what Abe’s speaking voice, would have been like. This is going to be a big Oscar movie, and it will probably score the most nominations. Wouldn’t surprise me.

People are already asking me how the movie, ended. Well, everyone knows how Abe’s life ended, when he was shot at the Ford Theater, with John Wilkes Booth being the shooter. I don’t want to get into details of the ending. The film showed the Ford Theater scenes, of course, but the movie dragged on some more after that. Showing special scenes, that will blow your mind. I don’t want to give anything away.

This is definitely one of the best films of 2012. I think Spielberg just made another masterpiece. It’s his best non-popcorn family film. You should really see this soon.

Score for “Lincoln” = **** (4 stars as in “excellent”)


Cool Video: Even I got a little teary eyed watching the “Lincoln” trailer!!!

As soon as I saw this trailer, Spielberg is going to sweep the Oscars with this movie for sure. Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance alone is what this movie is worth seeing for. Can’t wait to see this film, stoked for it. Finally, after all these silly action flicks full of CGI and crap horror films we’ve been getting, we finally get a serious movie! I’m definitely seeing this movie when it comes out.



Cool Video: We finally get our first teaser of Spielberg’s “Lincoln”…

After Lincoln has been getting silly vampire and zombie films as of late, we finally get a proper Lincoln movie. Enjoy this teaser of Spielberg’s next movie, “Lincoln”. It’s already looking amazing and I’m stoked for the movie, can’t wait. I will definitely see this one. The full trailer will debut Sept. 13th. It’s already looking like a Best Picture worthy film for the Oscars.


Defending Abraham Lincoln in horror…

People in facebook and other forums in the movie world are questioning Hollywood’s way of bringing Abraham Lincoln into horror films. They brought Honest Abe in two horror films already, “Abraham Linoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies“. A lot of people are hating this idea. Some people find it silly and they think they ruin Honest Abe’s real history of things.

If you really think about it, mixing Abe Lincoln with horror makes a lot of sense. Seth Grahame-Smith the author of “Vampire Hunter”, his original idea was to bring history and horror together. Horror started off from the past. The horror genre has been around for years. I think the whole idea is that Hollywood wants more young people to learn about Abe and his presidency. It’s part of an educational thing. Yes, I’ve read, the “Vampire Hunter” novel, and there are actual facts about Abe’s life in that book.

On top of all this, mixing Abe with horror is all just for good fun and laughter. Humor. Plus, Steven Spielberg still has his own Abe Lincoln biopic coming out, and these Abe horror films will help hype up Steve’s biopic about Abe. When Seth first wrote the novel, “Abraham Licoln: Vampire Hunter”, did you think people supported his idea? HELL NO. He got a lot of shit for it. I’m sure he’s still getting shit for it because of that movie, (he wrote the script too).

The story of Honest Abe deserves more attention and mixing him with horror is a good way to do it. When Spielberg’s, Abe biopic comes out, I know it’s going to be a hit ’cause Abe in horror films will be partly responsible for that success. I would also think that Abe make a bad ass axe swinging vampire killer. I can easily picture that in my head, so I can understand why Seth can’t resist in writing that story.

I wish people wouldn’t slam Abe in horror films when not even seeing it or even reading the book. Give it a chance. Read the book before seeing the film in theater, and you would actually find the story intriguing. I certainly did! When I first heard about Abe in a vampire story, I too was like, “WTF”, at first, but then I read it and LOVE IT. I can’t wait for the movie and WILL see it in theater.