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Shutting down Trey Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi is not gonna solve anything so keep trying…

Even if liberals could be successful at shutting down Trey Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi sometime in the future, that’s not gonna solve anything. Like I keep saying, Benghazi is never gonna go away until the truth comes out which is true if you think about it. Even if liberals could be successful at shutting down Trey’s investigation, somebody else will go after the truth of Benghazi. So if you think shutting down Trey’s investigation will stop the truth from coming out, think again.

I would suggest liberals to stop their war against Gowdy’s committee ’cause why? Liberals don’t understand what kind of truth is gonna come out of it and it’s not gonna be good. Whatever truth that comes out of Benghazi… liberals are not gonna like it. Yeah, the truth of Benghazi is probably gonna turn out to be a US gun running operation like we’ve all been saying but I’m sure the truth will be much darker and deeper than that… something like possibly to kidnap Ambassador Stevens to trade for the Blind Sheik, that could come out too. It could turn out to be something different. Maybe Hillary and Obama both wanted Amb. Stevens to be killed. You just never know what’s gonna come out.

I’m tired of it… when you try to tell liberals how criminal and how much of a liar Hillary can be, they won’t listen to you. They’ll call you a crazy conservative or a conspiracy theorist which is nothing new when you call out liberal politicians. Anybody that calls out a liberal politician whether it will be Hillary, Barack or Bernie Sanders is immediately judged as crazy? They’ll accuse you of looking at wrong sources like Fox News and some crap like that. Liberals will never accept any kind of truth no matter what comes out. They are that one sided, always siding with their team. They won’t listen to right-wingers criticizing liberal politicians at all. Liberals will only believe what NBC, Media Matters and the Washington Post will tell them. Liberals won’t accept any kind of truth no matter what gets thrown at them.

In the naive mind of a libtard, they believe Hillary is winning which to me is pretty disgusting. Hillary isn’t winning. Hillary winning is just a fantasy of a libtard. Trying to make her look good is all they’re doing.

Even if there is hard evidence proving that Hillary wanted Ambassador Stevens dead, they’ll make her president anyways which is how fucked up our country really is right now.


Hillary exposed on another lie at her hearing with Trey Gowdy on Benghazi… she lied about State Dept. e-mails… shocking!!!

Liberals and the mainstream media wanna claim that Hillary walked out unscathed and was declared victorious at the hearing with Trey Gowdy last Thursday. Are you sure about that?

Hillary claims that 90% to 95% of her State Dept. e-mails would have been in the States System but if they wanted them, they would be able to easily get them which turns out to be false, of course.

The State Dept. spokesperson wasn’t able to confirm that claim. Plus, it would be very difficult to obtain every e-mail of Hillary’s in the State Dept. since I’m sure the Federal government gets millions of e-mails in their system so it would be a challenge to get all of Hillary’s e-mails.


Yeah libtards, she really owned the Committee and schooled them in (sarcasm).


Media is lying about Hillary “owning” the Committee, instead Hillary was the one getting “owned”…

Yesterday’s hearing went on for a little over 10 hours or more. I didn’t watch the whole thing. Just the first two rounds. If you’re one of those that believe Hillary destroyed the committee then you’re probably a dumb libtard who follows everything the media says.

Read this little piece if you will:


Just be aware guys that Hillary didn’t “school” anyone in at all. Yesterday’s hearing was just the beginning. This isn’t over yet. Trey Gowdy still has plenty of more people to interview, she’s one of the 70 people that Trey has to testify with.

They still have a long way to go so this is far from over. Hillary did NOT destroy anything or anyone.

Soon Trey will prove that this investigation isn’t about her at all. He tried that yesterday but of course, he failed with the corrupted media who refuses to be honest and loudmouth Cummings who complains about money. It sickens me that the media continues to protect her.

From what I saw yesterday, Hillary was the one getting destroyed but instead the media makes lies about Hillary destroying the Committee. Bunch of bull.

When did dumb liberals ever care about our government using taxpayer money? They never did up until Trey’s Benghazi investigation. They’re okay with Obama spending millions on vacations, golf trips, fundraisers, ISIS, etc. but they aren’t okay with taxpayer money being used on the Benghazi investigation.

This isn’t fucking over, not by a long shot. Like I said above, there’s still plenty of people to interview, still plenty documents to get and all that stuff. Hillary didn’t prove anything yesterday ’cause all she did was “talk” and “words” mean nothing. Hillary is just a professional liar and really good at “lying”. It’s real sad to see that liberals actually believe in her lies.

If she does get elected, we’ll be even more screwed but there’s a good chance that she could still go to prison anyways ’cause Barack and Valerie hate her guts and they’re trying to do whatever they can to put her away. That’s why they leaked Hillary’s e-mail server to begin with.

It’s real sad to me that the delusional left don’t have any compassion for Ambassador Stevens and the other three… seriously fuck ’em all. I wish they could have been at Benghazi that night and maybe they would see that Benghazi is a big deal then.


Matt Drudge says biggest revelation of Hillary Benghazi hearing was how bad her health looked… I agree…

Matt Drudge who is the founder & journalist of the Drudge Report says the biggest revelation of the Hillary Benghazi hearing yesterday wasn’t just Hillary’s video lie… the biggest revelation was how bad her health looked. Her bad health was also exposed and I agree. She didn’t look too good at all and the mainstream media, of course ignores that. Mainstream media declares that Hillary did well? Seriously?

Look at the video below where Hillary was caught on camera coughing, patting her chest, clearing her throat and grabbing her pills.

So let me get this straight… she’s running for president while not in good health? This is nothing new ’cause she hasn’t been in good health for a long while now.

Remember she suffered a concussion after she fainted and fell, hit her head on concrete about a month after the Benghazi attacks happened?


You think she could take the White House for a full 8 years with the condition that she’s in? Before the Benghazi hearing yesterday, she never went public with her health problems and I think it’s confirmed that there is something indeed wrong with her.

This cunt of a woman is not fit for president. That’s why all of her answers were prepared yesterday. They were all written down in that book and she was reading all the answers off of paper and they say she did a good job?


Here’s the Gowdy vs. Cummings shouting match video…

Here it is. The Gowdy vs. Cummings shouting match. Cummings clearly started it ’cause he was the one who started screaming at Trey.

These guys are fighting over the Sidney Blumenthal transcript. You can easily tell that Gowdy is not scared of Cummings at all. Gowdy looked pretty calm throughout this whole video. Why? It’s because Gowdy is a former prosecutor. I’m sure he dealt with a lot of people screaming at him for years so I’m sure he’s used to it. This is from Gowdy’s experience of being a former prosecutor and that’s why he’s the best choice to lead this investigation.

I love how Gowdy warns Cummings that releasing the transcript won’t be a good idea ’cause that’s gonna release the survivors names. Gowdy is also trying to make the point that the Dems only want Blumenthal’s and Cheryl Mills transcript released and not others. Why do the Dems want only Blumenthal’s and Mills transcripts? What would that prove to make Hillary look innocent? Releasing the transcripts would only damage Hillary even more.


The Benghazi hearing with Hillary yesterday is a perfect example of one-sided “left-wing” opinions…

The thing that sickens me is that the “right-wing” community wants to believe that Trey’s hearing with Hillary yesterday finally exposed her for the video lie and Hillary got caught on other things.

The left-wing community wants to believe that Hillary walked out unscathed and they believe the GOP has been exposed for trying to use the committee for taking down Hillary. Liberals wanna believe Trey Gowdy and the GOP embarrassed themselves yesterday but they don’t think the same for Elijah Cummings and the corrupted Democrats.

Which side do you wanna believe?

Hillary got busted over the video lie yesterday and it’s really sad that the left can’t accept that. Just further proves even more that they can’t take the truth and they hate hearing it. Yep, they just continue to make the Democrats look like good guys and the GOP look like bad guys. Liberals hate everything GOP. They don’t look at reality at all. One-sided opinions. It’s getting old and tiresome, really.

Why do you think we’re all getting fed up with the left? They’re like a brick wall to us.


So Blumenthal had Hillary’s personal e-mail and Ambassador Stevens didn’t?

James Woods brought up an interesting question.

I remember during the hearing that Gowdy says Ambassador Stevens tried to reach out to Hillary via e-mail but to no avail. The Ambassador got ignored. I’m sure Hillary was using her personal e-mail account to talk and joke around with all of her “friends” except for Chris. It seems that Chris wasn’t allowed in her circle of friends in her personal e-mail account. What would Hillary be talking about in her “personal” e-mail? Probably joking around about stupid stuff… Hillary was probably sexting with all of her lesbian girlfriends with Huma Abedin being one of them. I don’t think Hillary used her personal e-mail to talk about confidential stuff about Benghazi at all. She used it to fool around for fun ’cause she was probably bored to death during those 12 hours.

Libtard media wants to claim that Hillary walked out unscathed but that’s a big load of bull. Video lie exposed and Hillary actually admitted to breaking the law. Sure enough, libtard media wants to continue to protect her. No matter what happens, libtard media will always try to make her look innocent. If you think Obama and Hillary are innocent with their crimes then you are brainwashed by the media. Seriously, stop reading garbage like the Washington Post, Media Matters or Politico ’cause it’s all left-wing garbage and I don’t buy into any of it.

Hillary can keep getting exposed for her crimes & lies but nothing will happen to her, though that’s for sure. She’s a Clinton and a Democrat. That’s the problem with this country… the “right vs. left” war

Was Ambassador Stevens the best friend of Hillary as she claims? If that was true, he would have been alive today. I’m almost pretty sure she hated him and left him for dead. Following orders by none other than Valerie Jarrett probably.

Even though Hillary is a downright criminal and liar and everyone knows it, all those fucking libtards will vote for her anyways. She may as well be the next one.