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Benghazi hearing happening in Oversight committee at the House right now…

This is pretty cool. I love how Congress is quick in responding to the Ben Rhodes e-mail about Susan Rice and the Muslim video. That e-mail is pretty serious stuff and it should be taken seriously. The House is not gonna rest until Benghazi gets answers and hopefully they’ll be successful at getting a full investigation going. The oversight committee in the House have started the Benghazi hearing today on Capitol Hill.

I don’t really trust House Speaker, John Boehner at all ’cause he blocked the investigation the first time and hopefully he doesn’t do that again. Boehner is one of those in Congress protecting the Obama administration although it seems like Boehner is searching for Benghazi answers too. Boehner is no different than Susan Rice, Hillary and Barack.

Like it or not, Barack is going down and we’re gonna get him.


Benghazi e-mail sparks push for Congress investigation and impeachment proceedings…

As expected that Ben Rhodes e-mail that proves that the White House ordered Susan Rice to protect them sparks push for Congress Investigation and impeachment proceedings.

A Republican lawmaker renews push for select-committee:


Gen. Paul Vallely thinks the new Benghazi revelation is good enough to get the President Obama impeachment proceedings rolling and I agree:


It was expected that people in government would try to get the investigations going again and it was expected that the impeachment campaign would start.

Obama really needs to be investigated, guys. I think it’s time and long overdue.


More on that Benghazi e-mail…

Since that Ben Rhodes e-mail got out there proving that Susan Rice was covering for the White House on Benghazi, even more people are starting to see that the Obama Administration were totally behind the attacks. I can go back through my past blogs and count how many times I’ve said that Susan was blaming the Muslim video to protect Barack and Hillary. I’ve been saying it for a long time now… I called on it.

I know that FOXNews who first reported that story didn’t say anything about Barack Obama being behind the attacks but him using Susan Rice to protect him is pretty much proof that he was behind it. If you can’t see that, then you are messed up. Delusional and ignorant. Ben Rhodes wanted his team to make Obama “look good” and not blame it on his policies but that Muslim video instead. The attacks didn’t happen because of that Muslim video. That was made up by the Obama administration. According to the past hearings, I remember Gregory Hicks saying there was no evidence that the attacks happened over a video. Obama just figured that video was just a good opportunity for him to protect himself. Read between the lines.

A certain reader speculated that “Al Qaeda was responsible for the attacks and Obama was covering for them so it wouldn’t hurt his re-election”. It doesn’t make any sense because Obama made vows over the years that he would take down Al Qaeda and he even said he would take down those responsible for Benghazi. He wouldn’t cover for terrorists at all because if Al Qaeda was behind it that would have been a good opportunity for him to take them down and it would help his reputation & credibility just like it happened with Bin Laden. Therefor, if it was proven that Al Qaeda was behind it that wouldn’t have hurt Obama’s re-election at all. That would have won him even more votes if he took them down over Benghazi but…

…. if the truth behind Benghazi stayed silent for this long and nobody has been held accountable yet, then the White House must be up to something. That’s why a lot of people are blaming them.

Hillary responded to the 4 deaths with these offensive comments, “What difference does it make” and then Susan Rice proving she was protecting the White House over that silly video… all this is not good enough for you to see that Obama was behind it? Obama going to bed during the 7 hours while the attacks was happening and once it was all over, he flies to Las Vegas for a fundraiser in which we paid for? All this is not good enough?

Here’s a big FUCK YOU.

I think that Benghazi e-mail is good enough to get the full investigation going so hopefully they get going real soon.

I think that each time people act like Obama is innocent is just scared of the truth that he killed those 4 people. The truth is killing you inside and you don’t wanna admit it that Obama did a pretty evil thing here. Each time you act like Obama is innocent, you don’t care for the 4 victims and you don’t care for our country. Therefor, you are traitors the more you keep siding with the White House and the Obama administration.

Like I said before, I think even more truth will come out of Benghazi after the Ben Rhodes e-mail. We’re getting closer to the truth and the truth is gonna come out — whether you like it or not. The truth never stays hidden forever. It never does. You know how when you lie to someone in your life and the other people will always find out the truth? Well, the same will happen with this. The truth always comes out.

Obama should be prosecuted and arrested. He should be out of office. The sooner, the better. How much do you wanna bet that once Obama and Hillary are put away in prison… the news of Benghazi will stop after? That’s when it’ll all stop until those two are held accountable.



Latest Benghazi story now on Washington Post…

I could have sworn that reader bone75 said he wouldn’t believe any political stories that is targeted at Barack Obama unless they show up on “credible” sources like the Washington Post, NPR, etc. Welp, the story on Ben Rhodes getting together a bunch of people to prepare for the Susan Rice TV appearances just landed on the Washington Post. So this story seems 100% credible…


I hate to be the one to say this guys but us crazy “conspiracy theorists” have been trying to tell you for months that the Obama administration was totally behind this. They were totally up to something and this was definitely a cover-up. I’d hate to be the one to tell you, “I told you so” but yeah, “I told you so”.

Maybe you guys: bone, Pauper and everyone else will finally admit that the White House were totally behind the Benghazi attacks after this story coming out yesterday.

Like I said the truth will come out.

This story should be good enough to get a full investigation going.


This should be good enough to see that the Obama Admin. was totally behind the Benghazi attack…

As expected it turns out that Susan Rice was protecting the President over Benghazi and I’ve been saying it for days. Why did Susan Rice go on all those news shows to blame it on the youtube Muslim video??? It’s because she was ordered to. She was ordered to make the president look good and not blame it on his “policies” over Benghazi. Why would Ben Rhodes who is one of Obama’s assistants send out that mass e-mail to have people in the Obama admin. prepare for the Susan Rice’s “video” explanation? It’s because I bet President Obama himself ordered him to do that. This is Obama protecting himself. He was totally responsible for Benghazi and he’s using people like Susan Rice and Jay Carney to protect him.

I don’t see how people could defend Obama on this one.


We really need the full investigation going and we really need to hold Obama accountable. Hillary is blamed for this but that’s just another way of Obama protecting himself. They’re all responsible for Benghazi. This entire fucking administration. They all need to be behind bars.


George W. Bush, finally not blamed for something for once…


When it comes to Obama’s crimes, everyone wants to blame Bush on EVERYTHING. Whenever Benghazi is brought up, people will blame Bush on the 12 embassies that were attacked under his administration and people will blame Bush on 9/11. People will blame Bush on “Operation: F&F”. People will blame Bush ’cause of the bad economy and it’s not Obama’s fault. People will blame Bush for Obama’s NSA spying since Bush started the Patriot Act. You get the deal here. Seems like nothing is Obama’s fault but everything is Bush’s fault.

When it comes to Obamacare… notice how nobody is blaming that on Bush. I definitely noticed it. I haven’t seen one person blame Bush on Obamacare. I’m sure you haven’t seen it either but if you did, correct me if I’m wrong?

Look… Bush wasn’t the best president but HE WAS BETTER THAN OBAMA. You can’t deny that fact. The left doesn’t want to admit it. You can’t compare Bush and Obama together ’cause both are completely different men. Both had different political views. Yes, Bush had his share of committing war crimes and he too did some unconstitutional things but Bush did love the country and did whatever he could to get our protection and freedom.

At least Bush was a more transparent president than Barack. Bush committed less crimes than Barack. Bush wasn’t as obsessed with dropping drones in other countries. Look at the records for proof…. Bush didn’t do that many drone strikes. Barack did it way more.

That’s another way of how Barack gets away with everything, he likes to use Bush as his shield by blaming everything on him. It’s either Bush, FOX News or that he is black… that’s how Obama protects himself. That’s is how you’re letting Barack getting away with this stuff.

It pisses me off that people wanna blame Bush on everything. If people can’t blame Bush on Obamacare, then that makes him completely innocent and harmless.

Obama is totally different than Bush. Obama is extremely dangerous and violent. Bush wasn’t. Obama wants to do things without congressional authority. Bush never did any of that. Bush was pretty faithful to the Constitution while Barack is not.

Everything Obama does is not Bush’s fault. Everything Obama does is Obama’s fault. Obama knows exactly what he is doing and knows what his goals are. All Obama wants to do is to destroy this country. At least Bush never killed people in “mysterious” accidents. Bush never went after people who disagreed with his politics much like Obama does. Bush believed in Freedom of Speech so he didn’t care whether or not the media attacked his politics.

There was nothing wrong with Bush. Blaming Obama’s actions on Bush is pretty ludicrous. Proves that the left are scared to learn the truth how evil and dangerous Obama really is. It’s real sad that not enough people wanna wake up about Obama.


Obama will try to make gay marriage legal in the US???

I like to look at Obama’s facebook page for laughs and the first thing I see is this. Now that all of this Obamacare stuff is all done. I guess, Obama have to find something else just to get his liberal people to go crazy for him even more.

Here’s a little reminder to y’all… coming from somebody who clearly said he wouldn’t promote “same-sex marriage”…

Look at what he’s doing now?

In the past he used to defend traditional marriage all the way but the only reason he flip-flopped on this was so he can win the re-election.

He’s such a lying ego-maniac.


Edit to add: Posted the wrong video by mistake, I meant to post one of his old debates from the 2008 elections where he defended traditional marriage.



The more Hillary expresses regret over Benghazi, the more she’s admitting her guilt…


Hillary is still talking Benghazi and still expressing regret over it. What she’s really saying is that she’s admitting she was largely responsible and her liberal supporters aren’t realizing it.

Come on, guys. Those 4 men pictured above definitely need their justices… doesn’t matter who’s responsible for the attacks whether it’s Al Qaeda, Egyptians, Muslims, The Obama Administration, etc. Who ever was behind it is gonna be held accountable. I know how you can’t see that Obama and Hillary weren’t behind this… I’d like to think that they weren’t but it’s pretty LIKELY that Obama and Hillary did kill those 4 men pictured above.

It’s amazing how the truth behind Benghazi stayed hidden for this long. Whether you like it or not. The truth will come out of Benghazi sooner or later but preferably sooner.

If it turns out that the Obama administration and Hillary wasn’t behind this… then that’s all fine and good but at least the 4 men will get their justices but it’s looking like that the Obama administration WERE behind it, all the way. I’m betting your money that this attack was orchestrated and planned by the White House.

The truth is usually never stayed hidden for long. People will always find out about things. You can run but you can’t hide. There’s gotta be witnesses and survivors out there that knows everything — it’s just that this administration is hiding them at some hospital in D.C. somewhere. Someday one of them is gonna try to escape and come forward with info.

Benghazi should be good enough to take the Obama administration down. They won’t get away with it. Trust me on that.



Obama aka the pathological liar… WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Obama have been lying his head off ever since the 2008 President elections. Here is a good video proving that point just to remind you all. That’s all Obama does is lie. Every time he opens his mouth, it’s a lie after lie. I bet you Obama defenders and liberals can’t name a time when he actually told the truth on something? You’ll never admit it.

This man is not just  a regular liar, he’s pathological. Everything about this man is a lie. He’s a phony and a fraud.

I’ll say it again when will Obama haters and those crazed “conspiracy theorists” be looked at as heroes for calling out Obama? Someday America is gonna wake up. I think the time will come when the truth of Benghazi will come out. You’ll thank us later for calling out this son of a bitch.


US switching sides on “War On Terror”??? Is the US government supporting Al-qaeda??? Seems that way…

This article is explaining that the reason the Benghazi Sept. 11, 2012 attacks happened ’cause it all started when the Obama administration have been delivering $500 million dollars worth of weapons to Al-qaeda.

Read the full article here:


The select committee also tried to get a full fledged investigation in the House going and they were about ready to get to it but House Speaker, John Boehner blocked it which led everybody to believe that Boehner is protecting the Obama administration and helping to cover for them too. Was Boehner helping the attacks? I’d say absolutely. All of them were in on it. Not just Obama and Hillary. They had a whole team to make the Benghazi attack happen: Biden, Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Harry Reid, etc.

After the Bundy Ranch invasion you can easily compare that with the Benghazi attack.

I tried to warn y’all that Obama have been supporting terrorism and y’all didn’t listen to me. Obama made all of these claims over the years that he was going to put Al-qaeda to an end and destroy ’em all but nope. Turns out, he’s been supporting them instead and helping them. Now Al-qaeda is bigger, stronger and more powerful thanks to Obama.

Obama is obsessed with arming our enemies and he have been doing that for a long time now. Benghazi, Operation: F&F and the arming of Syrian rebels and Egyptians.

He wants to release illegal aliens who are criminals and give them a US citizenship.

You should all be scared of this man in the White House but nope as ignorant as you are, you’ll still see him as harmless and innocent. I know this won’t be good enough to show you how evil Obama really is.