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I agree with Trump that flag burning should be made illegal…


It’s funny. Liberals never cared about 1st amendment rights until Trump called for flag burning to be made illegal. I agree it should become illegal. It seems that liberals are becoming more and more offended at flags that represents the USA. First they got rid of the Confederate Flag and now they hate the American Flag. If that isn’t good enough to see that liberals hate our country then I don’t know what to say. No surprise to see the mainstream media defending flag burning.

Ya know, if I saw someone burning an American flag in front of my own eyes, I would have went over and did something about it. So hope I don’t see someone burning an American flag. Liberals made it okay to kill police officers in this country and now they’re making it okay to burn flags. This is all Obama’s America. This is how Obama is destroying this country. He wants people to hate America and hate everything it stands for ’cause Obama hates America himself.

It’s entertaining as hell to see the MSM get all worked-up over Trump’s tweet. Then they defend their rights of flag-burning and cry “1st Amendment”. That’s all they do when they’re in trouble. They all cry “1st Amendment” like the hypocrites they are. Like the meme above says is so true. Liberals are all for freedom of speech but if you’re conservative or a Christian, you can forget having Freedom of speech. Liberals are all for diversity but they can’t take differences of opinions.

I love how Trump uses twitter to expose the hypocrites the MSM and liberals really are. Liberalism is a mental disorder and this is proof of it.


Are liberals starting to get a taste of how bad Barack Obama is? (Standing Rock related)…

I don’t get into this whole Standing Rock vs. The Police thing too much but it is interesting stuff to say the least. I am noticing that liberals are starting to get annoyed and frustrated at Barack Obama and his administration over this whole thing. That means they’re getting a good taste of how horrible the Obama administration are? I can understand how liberals would question Obama over this. It’s like, “How come Obama is not doing anything to stop the police violence against Indian protesters? Indians have the right to protest!” and all that stuff. Indians setup camp to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline but the police in that area weren’t having it and trying to get rid of ’em.

Liberals want Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built and they want him to step in to tell the police to back off and leave the Indians alone but for some reason Obama is not doing or saying anything. Are you liberals surprised? You were the ones that elected that piece of shit and you thought he was for you. This is good enough to show that Obama don’t care for the liberal community. He never did. Obama hates America no matter what your political views are. He’ll do anything to destroy both sides.

The reason I think Obama won’t do anything against police violence on Indians is ’cause this is part of Obama’s war against police.  He’s intentionally continuing to make the police look like bad guys. If Obama stepped in and told law enforcement there to back off, it would make them look good.

In all honesty though, not sure why Obama won’t do anything since he claims to be a “Climate Change” hero. You would think he would be against the Dakota Access Pipeline too? Obama cares for “Climate Change”? I don’t think so. “Climate Change” isn’t even real to begin with so I don’t even get into it. I think Obama knows it isn’t even real. He’ll do whatever makes himself look good ’cause he’s such a narcissist so he’ll do and say anything that makes him look like a hero.

It’s no secret that Obama hates the police and wants nothing to do with them. Obama wants to destroy our country’s law enforcement and this is his way of doing it.

Once again, I don’t get into this whole Standing Rock thing but I have seen the photos and seen the videos getting re-shared in facebook so I have a pretty good idea of what it’s about.


Good riddance Fidel Castro, burn in hell, you monster! No surprise to see liberals in mourning…

So Fidel Castro has died. Which is good. Good riddance to that evil monster. No surprise to see that liberal media calling him a “leader” and hailing him like he’s some kind of hero. He was neither a hero and leader. He was a communist dictator. He was an evil and bad man. Did a lot of horrible things to people. It’s pretty sickening to see liberals in social networking mourn his passing. Which is no surprise, though. They seem to always love communists and dictators but they always have vile things to say about real heros like Navy Seal Chris Kyle and the American heroes of Benghazi.

Fidel Castro did a lot of evil things to people like he sent people to el paredon to be shot and killed. Read up the Fidel Castro: Firing squad story here: http://www.therealcuba.com/?page_id=55

He also did many other horrible things like sinking a tugboat that killed many women and children. He once shot down an American aircraft that killed 4 people including 3 Americans. http://www.newsweek.com/fidel-castro-cuba-crimes-gerardo-hernandez-431101

Since liberals are so against racist and homophobes as they claim, Fidel Castro was the biggest racist and homophobe out there. He persecuted gays and blacks in the past:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/fidel-castro-admits-persecution-of-gays-in-1960s-was-unjust-2067133.html

It’s really weird to me that liberals claim to be such champions to “gays” but they love people that oppresses them like Communists and Muslims.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. Obama would probably get invited to Castro’s funeral to deliver a eulogy.


The reason for all them celebs getting “Presidential Medal of Freedom” awards, just so liberals can feel like winners after losing an election?


This meme by Milo actually has a point. I’ve noticed liberals in facebook are feeling proud that these celebs have gotten a Medal by Barack Obama.


I can’t think of any reason for these celebs to get these medals other than to give them something to feel proud about after losing an election to their precious Hillary. Also, it’s a way to help get liberals minds off their losses toward the election. Obama wanted to make his fellow liberals feel better before his presidency goes out.

Enjoy libtards!


Even Dinesh D’ Souza is worried about Trump…

Ever since Trump’s shocking announcement that he has no plans to prosecute Hillary, some are now trying to make you understand that it’s the DOJ & FBI’s job to jail her.

Since Jeff Sessions will be the new Attorney General, that means he’ll be in charge of DOJ and FBI. Will Jeff Sessions prosecute Hillary if the FBI finds some stuff about her? If the new FBI director who ever that may be finds some hard enough evidence to indict Hillary, will Jeff Sessions go for it?

Radiohost Bill Mitchell is trying to make you believe that Trump is trying to make the FBI and AG independent.

Sorry Bill but I disagree. This means that Trump will be boss of Jeff Sessions. If Sessions finds some stuff about Hillary then he probably needs to pass it along to Trump. It seems that the president is in charge of FBI now really.

Something definitely did happen between Trump and Obama during that 1 and a half hour private meeting that made Trump go soft on her. Trump even strangely went soft on Obama after years of knocking him too. The NYTimes reported that Trump said he likes Obama a lot. That’s another WTF and scratch your head moment.


Obama & Hillary wanted to destroy the USA so Trump came around to save our homeland!!!

Like I said before, the last place where you want to get your political information from is the MSM ’cause they’re always so dishonest. They’re always in bed with Democratic views and everything about Republicans/Conservatives they hate. You can’t get your info from the MSM. To see what’s really going on with the country, you have to think outside the box. Learn to do your research that’s not from the MSM. Ya know, read from books. There’s all kinds of political books out there that give you a realistic look of what’s going on with the country.

How are people waking up about how bad Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are? There’s tons of books out there that show you that stuff. Read books by authors like Jerome Corsi, Anne Coulter, Dinesh D’ Souza, Roger Stone, Wayne Allyn Root, Peter Schweizer, Michael Savage, etc. They are the ones who help people wake up some eyes a little bit.

Not only that reading books help, going to some “alt-right” sources like Breitbart News, InfoWars, The Drudge Report, etc. Also helps. Think about why those three sites I mentioned picked up a lot of popularity lately? Those three sites are becoming the new MSM.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on with the country. You don’t even have to read the books or listen to talk radio to hear what’s going on. You know what’s going on with our country with our very own eyes. That’s all it takes really.

You’ll know that our country is in grave danger when there’s no jobs anywhere. People and your loved ones are getting killed left & right. You’re not getting good healthcare. Not getting the help and protection you need. You’ll know our country is in grave danger when other countries in the world are hating us like Iran, Egypt and Russia for example. You don’t want to listen to the MSM, you want to look outside of it. Look at reality. That’s why we all support Donald Trump ’cause we’re not listen to the media’ crap. We all know that our country is in grave danger.

If you don’t think so then you probably blindly follow the MSM and getting brainwashed by them. It’s funny how many don’t want to believe that America isn’t great right now. We really aren’t great at all. Trump’s quote “Make America Great Again” isn’t just some slogan. There’s a real meaning behind it.

We came this close to becoming no country at all ’cause of Barack and Hillary. We’re not having it so we got Trump. Trump is a real hero. He sacrificed so much to save this country. People are so afraid of him but once again, don’t be. We have a very good future ahead of us. We’ll get stronger and better than ever before. Trust me. Give him a chance.


Obama announces “Medal of Freedom” award to be given to mostly libtard celebrities… um, really???

Just wait for Trump to get in office. I’m sure he’ll be giving Kennedy Center honorees and Medal of Freedom to people who actually matter and who has actually done things for America.


Twitter user “Saltwater Patricia” got it right:

It is kind of funny how Barack Obama makes fun of Trump for being a reality star and “celebrity” when all Barack does is obsesses with celebrities.

Obama has all kinds of celebrities and music stars at his events at the White House all the time and he wants to pick on Trump being a “celebrity”.

It’s no secret that Obama is obsessed with celebrities and Hollywood. That’s because Obama actually thinks he’s a celebrity. He thinks of himself as a celebrity more than a president. Why do you think Obama appears on all of these late night talk shows?

All those celebrities that will be given the Medal of Freedom award for doing nothing are mostly libtard celebs anyway. They all probably hate Trump and love Hillary too. Maybe that’s why they got ’em?

How about giving a Medal of Freedom award to people that actually matter like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden? Maybe Trump will give them their Medal of Freedom awards when he gets in office pretty soon.


Barack Obama and Donald Trump meet for the first time after feuding with each other for 8 years…

Well this is interesting. Trump meeting with Obama for the first time. I know a lot of people are probably like “Huh”? Trump agreed to this ’cause this is a presidential thing to do. Trump is trying his best to be professional. It be interesting to hear what that 1 and half conversation may have been about. Trump said they had difficulties during their conversation and I bet they had some pretty heated arguments, lol. Obama doesn’t seem too happy to be in the same room with Donald Trump.

Trump and Obama spent 8 years feuding through the media and they finally go face to face with each other. What was it that Trump and Obama talked about? I’m sure they discussed all the things that went on throughout the 8 years of Obama’s presidency. Obamacare, the Black Lives Matter stuff, the police being unfairly treated, war veterans health care, the economy and things like that. I’m sure they still don’t like each other ’cause you can tell in the video below. They’re both being presidential is what it is.

I’m actually kind of shocked that Obama is being nice to Trump this time. Wow. That’s probably because Obama knows he’s been defeated and he knows he can’t defeat Trump. You know how when a bully in high school picks on a kid and then the kid defends himself by punching the bully in the face — now the bully is friends with the kid all of a sudden? Well it’s the same with Trump and Obama. The Trump Victory is not only a defeat against Clinton, it’s also a defeat against Obama’s policies. Obama gave up and threw in the towel. Let Trump have the presidency.

It seems they’ve buried the hatchet which is actually pretty good.


Trump’s explanation on how to make America Great Again in his Gettysburg speech today…

All the NeverTrump idiots are always accusing Trump of having no detailed plan to make America great again. That’s because they are brainwashed by the corrupt media or they just listen to their candidate of choice (Gary Johnson, Bernie or Hillary). Well, here’s Mr. Trump proving the haters wrong again. He does have a plan to make America great again and it’s all explained right here in his Gettysburg speech today. I just listened to it and it’s his best speech ever since his campaign started.

So to all of you out there who still hate Trump or if you’re unsure of him still, I highly recommend you listen to his speech here and maybe you’ll finally realize that Mr. Trump is the right guy after all.

My favorite part of the speech was when Trump says that he plans on suing people after the election is over so the lying NY Times and CNN better watch it ’cause Trump is probably gonna sue them after the election is over.

Anyways, this is why we all want Trump ’cause we’re tired of government corruption and tired of the lying media. We also want jobs back and we want to start feeling safe again. It’s really easy to understand why we all want Trump? That’s why you haters gotta start listening to the man himself. Listen to what he has to say instead of relying on the media and left-wing facebook groups which is where most NeverTrumpers get their shit from.

Liberals stole the country from us and it’s time to get our country back! We will get our country back in a few weeks on Nov. 8th. I can’t wait for peace of shit Obama to leave and Trump takes over. I totally agree that Hillary shouldn’t even be running at all and they’re all committing a crime by letting a criminal run.

If Hillary happens to win then there’s your proof of “massive voter fraud” right there.