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Wanna watch a more important film on Christmas Day? Forget “The Interview”… go see “American Sniper”…

Who cares about some dumb comedy that picks on Kim Jong-un. Wanna watch a more serious political movie, you should see this one instead of “The Interview”. How come everyone is not talking about “American Sniper” instead? “American Sniper” looks fucking badass. I’m definitely seeing it.

“American Sniper” is the final film I’m going to see in 2014. After I see that film, then I will get to work on the “Top 15 Best Films of 2014”. I won’t be able to see “American Sniper” on Christmas Day, of course but I will definitely see it sometime after. I’m definitely seeing that movie sometime next weekend.

“American Sniper” is a more important and serious film. Everybody should know Chris Kyle’s story. Thank you Clint Eastwood for finally giving Chris Kyle the recognition he deserves!!!


First photos of Clint Eastwood’s next war movie, “American Sniper” released…

I’m happy that Clint Eastwood is bringing Navy Seal Chris Kyle to America’s attention. Chris Kyle who is mostly famous as the most lethal sniper deserves recognition. It’s time for America to recognize the hero that Chris Kyle really was.

Obama never acknowledged Chris Kyle’s death and Kyle never even got the medal of honor.

Will this movie show the scene where Kyle got into a bar fight with Jesse Ventura? While I’m sure that will be entertaining as hell scene to be put in the movie, I don’t think Eastwood would touch it since Jesse Ventura successfully won the lawsuit. This scene probably won’t even be in the film at all ’cause of it, I would think unless, Eastwood decides to re-write the scene and not have Jesse Ventura as a character?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is a movie that Obama wouldn’t want to see and I’m sure he doesn’t even want it to happen.

It’s time for America to learn what Chris Kyle did to our country and what he did to protect us. I’m looking forward to this movie. Eastwood is no stranger of making war films as he made war films before.


I say Disney/Lucasfilm should leave Indiana Jones alone…

A scary rumor was brought up this morning that Disney/Lucasfilm is thinking about re-booting the Indiana Jones franchise with Bradley Cooper taking over Indy if the Harrison Ford starring, “Indiana Jones 5” isn’t going on. Thankfully the rumor turned out not to be true! Don’t get me wrong. Bradley Cooper is a talented actor and one of the best out there but Indy isn’t for him. Bradley is too good looking and pretty to be playing Indy anyways.

I don’t mind Disney/Lucasfilm continuing on with Star Wars but Indy can’t be done without it’s original team. I feel that Indy needs to be done none other by the original three: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford. George Lucas no longer wants to be a part of this. It is still not yet known whether or not Spielberg wants to direct “Indy 5”. It is also not yet known whether or not Harrison is coming back although he has expressed interest in coming back in past interviews.

I love Indiana Jones. “Raiders Of the Lost Ark” will always be the best film. That film is a classic. No matter how many times Disney reboots Indy, nothing will EVER top “Raiders”. “Raiders” is one of my favorite movies ever. “Temple of Doom” was great. “The Last Crusade” was great too. “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was pretty good except I didn’t like Shia Labeouf being in that film and didn’t care for the Nuke the Fridge scene like most people. Other than that, “Crystal Skull” was an okay film.

Indy should continue on with a 5th movie but not under Disney. Like I repeatedly said, it needs to be done by the original three. If it’s not done by the original three, then don’t do Indy at all.

Disney being in charge of Indy is scary stuff. I can’t see the upcoming Indy movies being loaded with CGI and the films being aimed for kids.

Will Steven Spielberg still be on for directing the next Indy film? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. I am predicting though that Spielberg won’t direct the next one ’cause he probably can’t make it without George. Same with Harrison. He might not do it without George either.

I think they should just leave it as these 4 films. Indy having a large number of sequels would be pretty lame. Continue on with Star Wars all you want to but Indy can’t be touched. Of course they won’t. They’re gonna keep making Indy sequels and make loads of money off it.

Will I go see the next Indy movie? I don’t know. If Harrison agrees to reprise his role as Indy once again, maybe but if he’s not gonna be in the next one… then no. Depends on how good the plot is gonna be and stuff.


Film Review: American Hustle…

Starring: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence

Directed by: David O’ Russell

Today, I finally got around to seeing “American Hustle” in theater and here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: This film tells the story of a brilliant con-man named Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) and his girlfriend Sydney Prosser (Adams) is forced to work with a crazy FBI agent named, Richie Dimaso (Cooper). Dimaso pushes them into a world of dangerous powerbrokers and mafia. Carmine Polito (Renner) the passionate, volatile, political operator is caught between the con-artists and the Feds. Irving’s unpredictable wife Rosalyn (Lawrence) could be the one to pull the thread that brings the entire world down. 

Is this film a team up between “The Fighter” and “Silver Linings Playbook”? Seems like it is and that’s alright with me. I was very impressed with this film. As a matter of fact, I was actually blown away by it. For once, we don’t have a violent popcorn action flick and we have a serious drama. We have a movie here that is smart, well-written and well-acted by the cast.

Christian Bale kills it with his acting like usual and I thought this was one of his best roles other than his role in, “The Fighter”. Christian looked very strange being an overweight guy in this film but he was very believable and like-able. The rest of the cast did an amazing job too. I was never a fan of Jeremy Renner too much… couldn’t stand his acting in certain films but I thought he was real good in this one. Bradley Cooper killed it too as well as the ladies Amy and Jennifer. Speaking of Amy and Jennifer, they were pretty smoking hot in this movie. Both of them were. You will see hot cleavage from both of those ladies throughout the film as you see in the photo above and there is even a lesbian kiss with them too! There is also a surprising cameo appearance by Robert Deniro in the film.

The film was also well-written. You’ll be hooked to the story as soon as the movie starts and you won’t get bored one bit. It was entertaining as hell all the way through. While this movie is a strictly drama, it can be comical too ’cause there are some hilarious scenes and funny lines that will get you crackin’ up. The film was well-directed and there are some interesting hair styles and costumes throughout the movie as I believe this film is taking place during the 70’s. The soundtrack was awesome as well as I liked the song choices that were played for the film.

I thought the film was just perfect, and have no complaints about it at all whatsoever. Those who accuse the director of exploiting women by showing a lot of cleavage and side boob need to get over themselves. If there were no sexy women in this film, then the film wouldn’t have worked. Although, I wish there would be some nudity in it and the film would have been even better. The closest you’ll get to nudity in the film is that Jennifer wears a see-through, you can see her breasts and nipples just barely but STILL a cool scene, though.

The film was very enjoyable and I loved it. Definitely gonna get the BluRay when it comes out. It’s also definitely gonna score some Oscar nominations.

Two thumbs up for “American Hustle”.


Report: Steven Spielberg to bring, “American Sniper”, to the big screen with Bradley Cooper set to star…

Bradley Cooper has been developing a project called, “American Sniper”, which is based on the book and it’s about the true life-story of Chris Kyle; the Navy SEAL who was tragically killed earlier this year. Steven Spielberg is set to direct and this will be considered his follow-up since his historical movie, “Lincoln”.

I think Spielberg is the perfect choice to direct a movie like this. If you seen the movie, “Munich”, Steven is great with sniper scenes and his unique camera work. “Munich” was a great film, and I would assume that they plan on making, “American Sniper”,  something similar.

The White House and the Obama administration may continue to ignore the death of Chris Kyle but at least he’s getting some acknowledgement by the movie industry. It’s very sad what happened to Chris, and his story can’t be ignored. I think that’s the point of this film is to help bring it to the world’s attention. It is insane how Obama continues to ignore Chris and not even give him a Medal of Honor when he clearly deserves it.  Chris is and was a true American hero. He did a great service for us. Sad that he was killed by some nut job at a shooting range. I don’t know why the White House continues to ignore Chris. Chris continues to get ignored by the government, yet they congratulate this black basketball player for coming out as gay. What’s wrong with that picture?

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to “American Sniper”, and looking forward to seeing what Spielberg plans to do with the film. I haven’t read the “American Sniper” book, but will get to it soon.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.


Report: Bradley Cooper in talks to play “The Crow”…

Bradley Cooper is in talks to star the leading role for “The Crow” remake, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Bradley will take over the role of Eric Draven who is a rock musician that was murdered by thugs trying to save his fiance. Draven comes back to life to get revenge against the thugs. Yes, Bradley will be the one to wear the black and white face paint.

The Hollywood reporter, reports.

I like Brad, he’s a good actor and all, but he’s not for, “The Crow”. He doesn’t fit. He’s too old, in my opinion. Brandon was 28 when he did that film and Bradley is 36. In my opinion, they should have gone for a much younger actor. I don’t like the casting for this.



Cool Video: The A-Team trailer…

Well, here it is, the first teaser of the “A-team” movie. My thoughts? It’s look great, count me in the theater for this one definitely as I am a massive fan of the TV show. My only complaint is Rampage Jackson being Mr. T when I agree with everyone else, B.A. Baracus can only be played by Mr. T and no one else. Quinton Jackson just doesn’t work and he’s not the right fit. Other than that, I’m happy with the rest of the cast. Liam Neeson is perfect for Hannibal. Bradley Cooper is perfect for Faceman and Sharlto Copley is perfect for Murdoch which all three are an exact match. Nobody can copy Mr. T though. The film overall looks good. Looks like a fun action ride. Definitely excited for this one!


First look at the A-Team remake…photos…

The A-Team has finally started filming with cast members. See how the characters are just an exact match from the original TV series. Liam Neeson looks exactly like George Peppard as Hannibal as I expected. Rampage Jackson looks exactly like Mr. T, Bradley Cooper is an exact match to Faceman Peck, and Sharlto Copley as Murdock.

See the rest of the pics here:


Very cool.

Maybe the A-Team movie would actually be promising and it’s getting better looking at the photos.


Report: Bradley Cooper to play Faceman Peck in “A-Team” movie?

Woah! Now what a perfect choice for Faceman Peck? HELL YEAH! I’d say get him! Bradley Cooper is dead on with the Faceman looks! Amazing!!!! Lets hope Twentieth Century Fox confirms the news that Bradley is in!!!

Glad that FOX finally started casting for the “A-Team” movie.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


I don’t agree with Kurt Russell as Hannibal though. Stupid MTV.

Take a look at Hannibal’s picture from the series:

Take a good look at his face and see what celebrity actor reminds you of? It don’t have to be the same hair color ’cause Hollywood can always change an actor’s hair color to the same as Hannibal’s. The actor has to match his face.

I think the perfect candidate for Hannibal is ….





*drum roll please*




Dennis Quaid…

Perfect teeth, the smile is kind of similar… Dennis would look great in that white hair and big cigar in his mouth. He’s my pick.