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On a side note, women do deserve more respect in the superhero genre…

Yeah, I have noticed the lack of women starring in the leading roles in superhero flicks. With that being said, I think another reason Ronda released those photos of her as Cpt. Marvel is ’cause maybe it’s her way of trying to get a new movement going? She fought for women to be allowed to fight in the UFC and she was a success at that… I think she’s trying to do the same for the superhero movie world, ya know? The superhero film franchises should give women more respect.

Well, “Wonder Woman” is getting her own film so that’s a start and we’ll see how that film does in the box office. If that film becomes a box office hit, I predict Warner Brothers & Disney/Marvel will do ever more female-centric superhero films with her in the leading role. If that film bombs then there probably won’t be more after that.

I remember seeing “Supergirl” with Helen Slater and that was a great film. Even though the film bombed, I thought that film was a well-made movie.

There are plenty of female superheroes with their own comics… it’s just that a lot of them never got movies made of them.

Cpt. Marvel should definitely happen. I also think She-Hulk should happen. What about Bat-girl? I think a Bat-girl movie should happen. There’s also Magdalene. I also think Black Widow should absolutely get her own film as well.

Forgot to mention that the “Underworld” movie franchise is based on a comic even though DC/Marvel isn’t involved with that one… that comic became a hit movie franchise. Selene is the hero.

We’ll wait and see how the “Wonder Woman” film does and hopefully that film does well in the box office so there can be more female-centric superhero films. I think there should be more. You should thank Ronda for bringing this to our attention.


Star Wars finally coming to online streaming and downloads but avoiding Netflix…

The Star Wars film franchise is finally arriving to online streaming and downloads. Soon you will be able to watch the six Star Wars films on Amazon, Google Play, Itunes Movies and Vudu.

I am noticing that they are avoiding Netflix streaming and I wonder why? Netflix and Disney are on good terms together as Netflix streaming has plenty of live action and animated Disney films. So I wonder why Star Wars isn’t on Netflix yet? I’m sure Star Wars will make Netflix streaming sometime in the future. Maybe not right now.


I already have all six Star Wars films on DVD but I’m missing the first Star Wars movie, “A New Hope”. I lost the disc somewhere so maybe I’ll just buy that one digitally in case I want to re-watch all the Star Wars film sometime ’cause I’m probably gonna end up wanting to re-watch them all before “The Force Awakens” come out later this year.


Felicity Jones confirmed as female lead for “Star Wars: Rogue One”, Rian Johnson to write/direct “Star Wars Episode VIII”…

Disney released some new Star Wars news today.

First up is that actress Felicity Jones is set to star in the Star Wars spin off film which is titled “Rogue One” and will be directed by Gareth Edwards. There are no plot details as of yet though.

Secondly, Rian Johnson have been confirmed to write & direct, “Star Wars Episode VIII” which will continue right after JJ’s, “The Force Awakens”.


What is it with Disney obsessing with young female leads? There’s a new trend going on in Hollywood with young female leads starring in films. Like all the superhero films, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, the Hunger Games, etc.

I guess young women do pull in a lot of people in the theaters and that’s probably the only reason, I would think.


How Harrison Ford can still play Indy in the new “Indiana Jones” reboot by Disney and make it work…

So Disney is officially rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise with Chris Pratt possibly taking over the Indy role. People are wondering why Disney is moving on without Harrison Ford. Keep in mind that Disney never said that they are moving on without Harrison Ford yet. They never confirmed whether he was in or not yet so that means it’s still a possibility that Harrison could still be involved. I don’t think he’s ruled out yet.

How can they make it work with Harrison still playing Indy in the next film?

Well, when George Lucas used to be involved, I remember that Lucas and Spielberg were talking about rebooting the series but with an aging Indiana Jones passing the torch to a younger Indy. They originally had that idea for Indy 5 but that idea may have been scrapped when Disney bought Lucasfilm. Harrison could still play Indy in the next film. The older Indiana Jones is on the verge of retirement from being the archaeologist and he passes the whip to a much younger Indy. The Chris Pratt character can have Harrison as Indy become his mentor and teacher. That’s the direction that I think they should go in.

If Spielberg and Ford returns without Lucas being involved, that’ll be awesome! I’ll admit that Lucas wasn’t the greatest storyteller so I’m actually kind of glad he’s gone. More creative freedom for Spielberg and Harrison.

I can absolutely see Harrison coming back for Indy in the next one ’cause Harrison has been expressing interest in returning to the role for years so never say never, people! It’s still a possibility! They should still go for the pass the torch to the young idea.


Looks like Steven Spielberg wants to direct new “Indiana Jones” movie after all…

Despite George Lucas no longer being involved in the “Indiana Jones” franchise, it seems that Steven Spielberg still wants to be involved directing these films and he wants to direct the reboot. Spielberg is not confirmed yet, he’s just interested and there is no script as of yet.

More here:


Will Harrison still be involved in some form, though? We’ll have to wait and see.

Spielberg has a lot of passion for the Indiana Jones character and you can see that he still does. As long as Spielberg wants to direct, I’m sure he’ll get it. I’ll go see it as long as Spielberg is directing, why not?


Film Review: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”…

Starring: Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Redford

Directed by: Anthony and Joe Russo

Today, I decided to go to the mall to check out a movie just to get out of the house and do something. I have been wanting to see “Captain America: Winter Soldier” film for a long while which this is the second Captain America movie by Marvel. Here is my review…

Plot/synopsis: For Steve Rogers, awakening after decades of suspended animation involves more than catching up on pop culture; it also means that this old school idealist must face a world of subtler threats and difficult moral complexities. That comes clear when Director Nick Fury is killed by the mysterious assassin, the Winter Soldier, but not before warning Rogers that SHIELD has been subverted by its enemies. When Rogers acts on Fury’s warning to trust no one there, he is branded as a traitor by the organization. Now a fugitive, Captain America must get to the bottom of this deadly mystery with the help of the Black Widow and his new friend, The Falcon. However, the battle will be costly for the Sentinel of Liberty, with Rogers finding enemies where he least expects them while learning that the Winter Soldier looks disturbingly familiar.

I like Captain America. He has always been one of my favorite superheroes. Probably because he’s one of the very few superheroes who never hid his identity like most superheroes do. However, this movie here doesn’t really leave off from the first Captain America film. This film actually takes place after the events of the first “Avengers” movie.

Getting right to it, I was very surprised on how great “Captain America: Winter Soldier” really is. I think it’s pretty much the best superhero movie of the year so far. The film is very politically driven, though. It focuses on current politics of what’s going on in the USA today. It covers government corruption, government spying, drones, etc. It also focuses on the fight for American freedom. I wanted to see this movie ’cause the movie reviews were saying this was a pretty conservative movie and it was; however, this film had a lot of liberal politics in it too so I guess there’s something for both parties if you’re into politics.

On with the film, I was pretty impressed with the story and plot. The movie actually had a “plot”!!! It’s not just an action movie and a popcorn flick, it definitely had a story to tell which most superhero films are missing these days.

The action scenes were a lot of fun and a total surprise to watch as well. It was nice to finally see Sam L. Jackson get into action scenes ’cause you don’t see him in action scenes that much. I don’t want to reveal spoilers on what he does but Sam does get into violence. Even Robert Redford got into a little bit of action. Speaking of Robert Redford, he has been one of my favorite actors for years and he killed it in this movie like he usually does. It was nice to see Sam and Robert in the same movie together. Two Hollywood legends!!! Acting was really good all-around by the cast. Chris, Scarlett and everyone else was cool.

The Winter Soldier villain was a badass villain too. He was pretty dark and scary looking which you don’t see much in superhero movies.

I thought “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” was a phenomenal film. Definitely check it out!

Two thumbs up!


Star Wars Episode 7 to be taken place on Tatooine???

Seems like Star Wars Episode 7 has already started filming. The crew have already begun filming at some desert which looks to be the Tatooine set. Every Star Wars fan should know by now that Tatooine was the home planet of Luke Skywalker, where he was born and where he grew up on. So the leaked photos is a pretty clear hint we may see the return of Luke Skywalker. Luke returned to Tatooine after the events of “Return of the Jedi”? Look like the droids returned there too ’cause you can see a group of men trying to move a very large object which I think is part of C3Po’s escape pod. Then you see a photo of the AT Walker that we once saw in “Empire Strike Back”.

See the photos here:


Look like they’ll do justice with Star Wars after all, maybe. Look like this is gonna be a Star Wars movie that fans were hoping for and that geeks will be drooling over for sure.

When will we know the title of this movie, the plot and the casting? I’m hoping on Star Wars day, May the 4th… they will reveal all for “Star Wars 7”.

Please don’t fuck this up, JJ. Please!


I say Disney/Lucasfilm should leave Indiana Jones alone…

A scary rumor was brought up this morning that Disney/Lucasfilm is thinking about re-booting the Indiana Jones franchise with Bradley Cooper taking over Indy if the Harrison Ford starring, “Indiana Jones 5” isn’t going on. Thankfully the rumor turned out not to be true! Don’t get me wrong. Bradley Cooper is a talented actor and one of the best out there but Indy isn’t for him. Bradley is too good looking and pretty to be playing Indy anyways.

I don’t mind Disney/Lucasfilm continuing on with Star Wars but Indy can’t be done without it’s original team. I feel that Indy needs to be done none other by the original three: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford. George Lucas no longer wants to be a part of this. It is still not yet known whether or not Spielberg wants to direct “Indy 5”. It is also not yet known whether or not Harrison is coming back although he has expressed interest in coming back in past interviews.

I love Indiana Jones. “Raiders Of the Lost Ark” will always be the best film. That film is a classic. No matter how many times Disney reboots Indy, nothing will EVER top “Raiders”. “Raiders” is one of my favorite movies ever. “Temple of Doom” was great. “The Last Crusade” was great too. “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was pretty good except I didn’t like Shia Labeouf being in that film and didn’t care for the Nuke the Fridge scene like most people. Other than that, “Crystal Skull” was an okay film.

Indy should continue on with a 5th movie but not under Disney. Like I repeatedly said, it needs to be done by the original three. If it’s not done by the original three, then don’t do Indy at all.

Disney being in charge of Indy is scary stuff. I can’t see the upcoming Indy movies being loaded with CGI and the films being aimed for kids.

Will Steven Spielberg still be on for directing the next Indy film? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. I am predicting though that Spielberg won’t direct the next one ’cause he probably can’t make it without George. Same with Harrison. He might not do it without George either.

I think they should just leave it as these 4 films. Indy having a large number of sequels would be pretty lame. Continue on with Star Wars all you want to but Indy can’t be touched. Of course they won’t. They’re gonna keep making Indy sequels and make loads of money off it.

Will I go see the next Indy movie? I don’t know. If Harrison agrees to reprise his role as Indy once again, maybe but if he’s not gonna be in the next one… then no. Depends on how good the plot is gonna be and stuff.