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Thought: About the Miley Cyrus side-boob and other things…

The internet is still going on about this. The Miley Cyrus side boob, which became a huge media frenzy. Of course, it will. Anything that has something to do with Miley Cyrus, the internet will be all over it for days. She’s been spotted bra less a couple of other times too. If you want to know my thoughts, I think it’s pretty normal for a woman to do. If she prefers not to wear a bra in public, that’s her decision. Not yours. I don’t think it’s against the law in CA. Whether you think it’s normal or trashy, or she’s just out to get some attention, that’s just her business. As long as it’s legal and she’s in the legal age (which she is 19 now), I think she has the right to not wear a bra all she wants to. In Cali, during the Spring/Summer is wicked hot. Trust me, I’ve been to California a couple of times, mostly during the fall/winter, but it still seems to be hot over there. Just imagine how much HOTTER it will be in Cali during the Spring/Summer. That’s right, it will be BOILING. So can you blame her for wanting to wear something like that?

I’m sure women wear stuff like that in Cali all the time. I’m pretty sure, I’ve seen a few women in Cali myself who were bra less. Miley’s a target for this ’cause she’s a celebrity and a former Disney star. Yes, I’m sure all of her fans are crying now, saying things like, “Oh no, Miley is ruining her childhood role model image, boo hoo”. Maybe that’s the whole point of why she is doing this. She doesn’t want people to look at her like a family friendly Disney star, and she wants people to know that she can be a real human. Nothing wrong with her being sexual.

Everyone expects these young female Disney stars like Miley, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato to be all family friendly and perfect, but the reality is, they aren’t. You’ll start to learn that they have personal problems and issues just like all of us.

On top of all this, you have to admit that Miley is not that bad looking. Her boob looks to be a pretty good handful. She also looks pretty natural, doesn’t look like she has breast implants. Just leave her alone, and let her be.


Report: Miley Cyrus confirmed to host SNL on March 5th!!!

Oh man, can Miley deal with SNL cast making fun of her in front of her face on national TV? The Disney star is set to host SNL on March 5th. Well, they will definitely do a parody of that “Bong” incident. What else will they make fun of Miley for? They’ll make fun of Billy Ray, her Dad. They might make fun of her sexy pictures that’s been leaked to the web. Of course, they’ll pick on Hannah Montanna too.

This one ought to be good, I’ll probably watch.


Report: Miley Cyrus finally admits bong video was wrong…

Well, look like Miley had a long private discussion with her parents and they must of made her apologize publicly for the bong video posted above.

Miley had an interview with Marie Claire magazine to talk about.

TMZ, reports.

I understand that she’s a teenager, experimenting with things as they grow up ’cause they all want to party and try new things, but when you’re big and famous, that’s a different story. Try to understand that. Miley is a Disney star, a film star, and a pop music star. She’s a role model for young kids. This is why she got the backlash.

She already destroyed her character by the bong video and kids will now look at her in a different way from this point on.


BREAKING NEWS: Billy Ray Cyrus responds to Miley video, via twitter!!!

Billy Ray Cyrus, the former country star and father of Miley, spoke about the video with his daughter smoking Salvia from a bong. He admitted to the public that he’s very sad about it.

Billy Ray tweeted, this.

Ouch! Look like Miley is in deep trouble! Even if Salvia is legal to posses in California, it’s still very bad to use. Hope Billy Ray does something fast before Miley turns herself into a junkie. That’s the trouble with being big & famous. Not everyone’s going to be your friend and people will do anything to make you look bad for the world to see.


Correction: Miley wasn’t smoking weed, it was Salvia…

What Miley was really smoking, wasn’t weed. It was Salvia, which is much more dangerous than weed. I’ll take back what I said about Miley doing nothing wrong and changed my mind, that she is doing something wrong and she needs to get checked out. This drug can kill her.

All about Salvia, here.

Look like Miley got into hanging with the wrong crowd that she thought they were her friends.


Report: Perez claims Miley photo is fake but it’s still wrong…

Even if the photo is fake, I believe it is still illegal to photoshop private parts on an underage kid. I’d love to see Perez get arrested for this but it’s unlikely that would happen. Perez has a team of lawyers that he could get away with anything.

You gotta wonder what Billy Ray thought of this? Here comes another Billy Ray vs. Perez feud.

More on it here:



Report: Perez Hilton posts a half nude photo of Miley Cyrus and yes, uncensored…

Can you believe this?


And Perez never took it down either, he still has it up…


The article above forgot to mention that posting porn of any kind is against the rules of the TOS on twitter. Since it involves an underage girl it also falls under the “unlawful use” rule.

Would Perez’s twitter account be suspended or deleted? All we can do is hope. Yep, he will probably get away with it though. He has a team of lawyers. If his twitter account got taken down, he’d probably threaten to sue twitter. I bet he thinks he has the 100% right to post that.

Lets hope Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus press charges too.


Report: Miley Cyrus slams social networking sites…

Miley Cyrus, the Disney star, spoke out about social networking sites such as myspace/facebook/twitter/etc.  which those three sites seem to be taking over the world these days. She revealed that she is trying to stay away from the internet and become more social out in the real world. She says the internet can be pretty dangerous if you tell the whole world about your personal life and telling the world what you’re doing.

Read what she has to say about the internet here:


While some out there may hate what she says, I’m gonna have to side with her on this one and say she brings up some very valid points. Social networking sites can be very dangerous and people don’t even realize how evil it can be. Knowing from my own experiences.

In facebook, I see people in there talking about everything that goes on in their personal lives, even their marriages, children, family, etc. They rant about how much life sucks and all that. It’s not cool. There are women posting pictures of newborn babies in there which is also not cool. In my opinion, I think children and teen shouldn’t be allowed on the internet at all. If you wonder why young children and young women are disappearing possibly being kidnapped or murdered by pedophiles and predators, the internet can be part of why all of this is happening.

More reasons why the internet can be dangerous, if you’re open about your personal life, it could cost you your job, destroy your marriage, pretty much everything you have. If you cyberbully other people online, and if they meet you in person, you could get into a heated confrontation, possibly a huge fight or something worse.

I used to talk about stuff that goes on in my life in the past, but now I just use the internet for entertainment news only if you noticed. I don’t even talk about myself in my facebook page that much. I use it to do my usual thing talk about movies, music, wrestling, video games, etc. The internet maybe a cool tool to come on here and be open about yourself, but the reality is, it’s not a cool thing. These days I vow to keep my personal life out of everything and it works beautifully. I’m doing my best to spend less time off the internet too if you noticed. Now that I found fitness as a passion, playing more guitar and video games.

Honestly though, there are too many whacked and crazy people all over the place in social networking sites that I try to stay out of things. Too much negativity and drama, not my thing anymore. Great on Miley for saying something real for once. She gets my kudos this time!


Cool Video: Miley Cyrus teaches Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler to use the TWLOHA website!

Miley Cyrus teaches Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler how to use the TWLOHA website. Notice Joaquin Phoenix is back to his old self again. No beard, no long hippy hair do. He’s not even acting weird and insane. He’s acting pretty serious this time. Wonder how Joaquin’s rap career is going? Or if he’s still doing it?

I’m not accusing Joaquin of being a kid predator or anything like that, but notice how he seems to be into her a little bit. Can’t blame him. It’s Miley Cyrus, sitting right in front of him, so I can’t blame him for going crazy and trying to sit so close to her.


BREAKING NEWS: Hannah Montana cancelled…

Bad news for the tweens. The Disney channel revealed some shocking news that they will be cancelling the popular hit TV show, “Hannah Montana” which made Miley Cyrus a huge star. Although the show, delivers high ratings, Disney has not yet stated the reason they are cancelling it. My guess is economy issues? They can’t afford it? Why would they end such a successful show when Miley is a huge role model for children and tweens? Don’t knnow. Typical Disney. People are starting to realize that Disney are greedy bastards.