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Cool Video: This is the funniest thing Jimmy Fallon has done in a long time…

Jimmy Fallon is never really all that funny, but he did something on his show that actually made me laugh pretty hard. It was hilarious.

Jimmy pretends to be Billy Ray Cyrus and raps about “not being a twitter quitter”.

Check it out here.


Report: Celebrities ruining Twitter? Hollywood think they own that site?

As we all know, Twitter is very popular with famous celebrities. Yes, many of those celeb accounts in Twitter is really them posting. They post pictures in their “twitpics” to prove it’s really them posting in their accounts.

Celebs are hogging twitter over regular people who are NOT famous like me who like to use that site. Yes, Twitter is a good promotional tool for whatever career you do, and it maybe fun to tweet about what goes on in your personal life but you must use it responsibly just like you use any other site or chat room on the world of the internets.

Notice when regular people like me who are not famous, try to reply to a famous celeb in Twitter, they don’t reply back. Why is this? Because celebs are living in their own worlds and a lot of them are delusional. They won’t reply to anybody unless you’re a famous celeb yourself. They only reply to other celebs, not you.

Twitter is kind of a cool site, but I only signed up for it, so I can tweet about what’s going on with me of what I don’t post in my blog. I didn’t sign up for it ’cause I think I’m a “celebrity” when I know I’m not. I signed up for it, ’cause I think it would be cool to write things in very short sentences. Plus, I signed up for it to follow celeb pages for laughs.

See an interesting article about Twitter here:



Report: Miley Cyrus an Iron Maiden fan? Here are my thoughts!!

First half naked pics of Miley Cyrus being leaked to the web, then she posed naked with a blanket wrapped around her for a magazine cover, and here is the next Miley Cyrus controversy over a photo.

The pic above is Miley Cyrus, sporting a metal chick look. She’s wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, looking like a metal chick big time when everyone knows she’s a pop star. Everyone is trying to speculate whether or not she’s a big Iron Maiden fan that she claims in the video where she’s naming her favorite Maiden tunes.

See more on it here:


Here are my thoughts on this whole thing. While I know that Miley Cyrus is getting harsh comments by Miley haters about this, I’m no Miley fan, but I’ll have a heart and be positive about this one.

Here’s the deal…whether she’s an Iron Maiden fan or not, this is great publicity for the band themselves. As long as this shit is creating controversy on the web, the band Iron Maiden would think that Miley wearing a t-shirt of theirs is a freakin’ cool thing, man. Seriously.

If I was in one of the biggest rock bands in the world, and if I saw Miley wearing one of my t-shirts, I’d be like, “Woah, cool”. That is Hannah Montana wearing my band shirt! Iron Maiden is probably thinking the same thing. Bruce Dickinson and the rest of the boys in the band are probably loving all this.

I mean fuck man, this is fuckin’ Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana of the Disney fame. Iron Maiden probably never realized they were this huge in the music world until they saw Miley wearing a shirt of theirs.

I’m sure everybody wears music t-shirts that I’m sure you’re not even a fan of, I have a Sting and Eminem t-shirts, I’m not a fan of either of them but sometimes I wear those shirts just for something to wear.

Those that hate on Miley for this, are probably childish people who have nothing better to do but hate on everything. Finally, a good photo of Miley hitting the web that is something not sexual and actually music related!!! Gotta give her credit for this one! Right? 🙂


Thought: Why were “The Dark Knight”, Springsteen, Cyrus, and Eastwood snubbed from the Oscars?

Many shocking Oscar snubs that I’m sure dissapointed many movie fans. “The Dark Knight” was snubbed from the Best Picture Win, they also didn’t get anything for Best Director, Actor/actress, Screenplay, etc.

Clint Eastwood didn’t even get nominated for “Best Actor” in “Gran Torino” or “Best Director” for “Changeling/Gran Torino”. No Clint at the Oscars at all this year? WOW!!!!! SHOCKING!!!! Eastwood usually is at the Oscars every year. I’m sure he’ll still be there in person to enjoy the show though and maybe even present an award although he won’t be winning anything.

Springsteen didn’t even get nominated for his song “The Wrestler”, so I feel bad for the boss of Rock n’ Roll. Oh well, I’m sure he won’t care. I’m sure he’ll think his Golden Globe win, The Superbowl Halftime performance, him performing for Barack Obama at the Inaugural Celebration “We Are One”, and his new album with “Workin’ On a Dream” is good enough for him. I’m sure Springsteen feels bad about the Oscar snub, but hey, life goes on. He’s got better opportunities coming up ahead of him like the Superbowl performance.

The thing with the Academy, that there is so many great films that came out in the year 2008 that they can’t nominate everything, so that’s why the Academy members have to vote on the best work, to see which one is worthy enough. They don’t care about the mainstream popularity of the film or not, they’ll nominate films for the quality of the work. Not caring what the public thinks. It all depends on the voting with the members of the Academy, that’s how they do it with the voting ballots. It’s all about their opinion, they don’t care about the public’s opinion of what we think should be nominated.

As for Eastwood getting snubbed, there is always next time for him to try to star in a movie he directs where he can get Oscar nominated for Best Actor again, there’s always another time for him. He’s won two Best Directors in the past, so hopefully Eastwood will at least win one Best Actor award before he gets too old and his time is out if you know what I mean.

Tom Cruise was also snubbed a nomination for his role as Les Grossman for “Tropic Thunder” so that’s another shocker. As for Miley Cyrus, who cares, I’m sick of Miley.

As for the Academy ignoring the “Dark Knight”, it was a nice try for a comic book superhero movie to get nominated for the first time, it was that close. One day there will be a superhero movie that will land in the Oscars, maybe not the “Dark Knight” but maybe another superhero flick in the future. “The Dark Knight” did get an impressive 8 bids for the Best Pic nomination, so the film came this close. Unfortunately, the other films nominated were more popular than “The Dark Knight”.

Check out this article at Variety:



Report: Miley Cyrus set to star in “Adventures in Babysitting” the sequel…

Slutty Cyrus, has announced, she is set to star in the sequel to the 1987 comedy film, “Adventures in Babysitting” that starred Elisabeth Shue. No word on who the director is and what the plot will be for the sequel. This isn’t a remake from the 1987 film, it is a sequel.

More on it here:


Expect the media to hype this one up a lot more than “Twilight”.

I wonder if Elizabeth Shue herself will reprise role as Chris Parker for the sequel? They should get Elizabeth back if they want to make the film to work and they need to bring back Vincent D’ Onofrio as Thor. If they can bring those two back in the film, then it would give people a reason to see it and the film would have more of an audience than just little tweens.


Report: FBI seizes Miley Cyrus hacker’s hardware…

Remember all those sexually revealing underage Miley Cyrus pictures being leaked to the web? How did they get on the web? Well apparently, a hacker named Josh Holly has been caught and the kid admitted into hacking into Miley’s old e-mail account where he found all those half naked Miley Cyrus pics.

The FBI is on this Josh Holly kid pretty fast. The FBI got themselves a search warrant so they went to Holly’s home and grabbed three of his computers and a phone but no arrests were made…yet.

The reason Josh Holly leaked the pics is because he knew that Miley Cyrus had a huge fanbase of young boys in their teens in her age so he figured that is what the young male fans of Miley wanted to see. He clearly admitted to leaking them and feels bad because he messed up her career a little.

More on it here:


See Josh Holly’s official blog here:


Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, so that’s where all the Miley Cyrus sexual revealing pics came from in the news articles, they all came from his blog since he was the only one that got a hold of them.

So this definitely confirms that those half naked Miley pics are really her indeed.

Josh Holly shouldn’t feel bad about hacking into her e-mail and leaking the pics. He’s actually doing a great job for exposing what kind of little slut she really is. I commend Holly for this, seriously.

He shouldn’t go to prison for this. He got my full support.


Report: Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t know photos at Vanity Fair was stripping Miley down…

Remember Vanity Fair defended themselves saying that Miley’s parents were in present during the Miley Cyrus nude shooting for the Vanity Fair magazine cover? It appears it isn’t true. Billy Ray Cyrus himself spoke out about this controversy publicily for the first time on the Today Show with Meredith Viera.

Billy Ray wasn’t aware of what was going on in the Vanity Fair photo studio, he said, “Her publicist was there … I didn’t know they were going to strip her down and wrap her with a blanket”.

While Billy Ray was scheduled to take a pic with his daughter MIley for that same Vanity Fair magazine, he wasn’t aware of the magazine having plans to shoot Miley nude with a blanket wrapped around her. After Billy Ray’s photoshoot with Miley, he left the studio to play a concert for the troops in Washington. Then they shot her nude after he left.

Rather than being worried and suspicious about Vanity Fair, instead he says, “but stuff happens, it’s life”.

More on it here:


If that was my daughter I would have pressed charges on the magazine for endangering the welfare of a child. This is not considered child porn because Miley wasn’t shot hardcore, it was PG-13 type of photos if you know what I mean. But I think it’s still illegal to have a naked 13 year old girl in a photo studio. And all Billy Ray had to say was, “stuff happens, it’s life”? Pffffttttt….what kind of father are you Billy Ray? I’d say a terrible one in fact.