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Tom Cruise confirms, “Top Gun 2” is happening and might start filming next year…

While promoting “The Mummy” overseas, Tom Cruise dropped the big news that “Top Gun 2” is definitely happening and Tom says it’ll probably start filming next year. Which is good news ’cause the first Top Gun film is definitely one of my favorite films of all time and it’s definitely one of Tom’s best films in his career.

The question is will the original cast reunite for the sequel? Kelly McGillis? Val Kilmer? Tom Skerritt? Skerritt needs to come back ’cause I would like to see the return of “Viper”!

Kelly McGillis is aging, she’s almost sixty now but I think a reunion between Maverick & Charlie would be so cool. She’s gotta come back!

I’m not into romantic movies much but “Top Gun” is good. I do have the first movie on BluRay finally. Picked it up last year.





The Mummy with Tom Cruise actually looks pretty damn good, in my opinion!!!

This movie is being hated on like crazy, already. Why? Reasons being is ’cause #1: A lot of people don’t like Tom Cruise #2: People prefer the previous Mummy trilogy with Brendan Frasier. They still want the Rick and Evie characters. Well get over it, crybabies! This is Hollywood. Things got to evolve and move forward, ya know? I hated the Mummy trilogy with Brendan Frasier ’cause they were nothing but action films and popcorn flicks. That’s not how I wanted to see the Mummy. I want the Mummy to be horror. Kind of creepy and scary. This Mummy movie with Tom Cruise looks to be more on the “scarier” side. In my opinion, I think this movie actually looks pretty interesting and I’m probably gonna go see this one. I want to see a Mummy movie that has a story and plot which the Brendan Frasier movies didn’t have. The Brendan Frasier movies had way too much CGI and shit. This new movie probably has a lot of CGI too it looks like but not as bad as those Brendan Frasier movies.

I still don’t know why Tom Cruise gets hated on so much. I’ve always respected that man despite his belief in Scientology. He’s a great actor and made a lot of good films.


Happy birthday, Tom Cruise!


Happy birthday, Tom Cruise. Love him or hate him all you want to but you can’t deny that he’s been in too many good movies. He’s a successful actor whether you like him or not. This man is talented.

Yeah, Tom Cruise definitely has a lot of haters due to all that stuff with Scientology but ya know, the haters will never admit that they watch his movies and they enjoy ’em too.

I mean, you gotta be fucking crazy if you’ve never seen a Tom Cruise movie in your life. Everybody in America should have seen at least a few movies of his.

I’ve always liked and admired Tom Cruise. I don’t care about his Scientology. I care about the entertainment he gives us. Love him or hate him, the man worked his ass off to get where he is today and he takes his work very seriously. I think this guy deserves more respect ’cause I don’t like the way he’s treated in the industry. The industry should leave his personal life and Scientology out of things. Gossip blogs wants to obsess with his personal life and his relationships with women but that stuff don’t matter to me. I just think he’s a good actor and I respect the hell out of him for his work ethic ’cause he is one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood.

Most actors out there are horrible at picking films but Tom is really good at it. He’s made many blockbusters that we all know and love. Again, you may not like Tom Cruise but I’m sure you’ve seen some of his movies and like ’em. Tom is one of my favorite actors, he always has been. I grew up watching his films.

Some of my favorites he’s been in are (in no particular order):

Top Gun
Risky Business
Rain Man
The Outsiders
The Mission Impossible series (I love them all)
Eyes Wide Shut
Minority Report


Look like Tom Cruise starring in “The Mummy’ reboot is true after all ’cause it is now official!!!

I know Tom Cruise has already been set to star in Universal Pictures “The Mummy” reboot for a while but at the same time, I’m finding it hard to believe. Tom Cruise in another major movie franchise? It’s no secret that Tom has done plenty of big movie franchises over the years in his career most notably: the Mission Impossible movies (which I love very much, btw!). Now Tom picked up another big franchise.

I know people are sick of reboots but I actually agree with this one ’cause those “Mummy” movies with Brendan Fraser were horrible. I hated the Brendan Fraser “Mummy” movies, didn’t like any of them. I like the idea of Tom Cruise starring in them instead.

The Mummy reboot just landed another cast member, Annabelle Wallis.


Will the new Mummy reboot with Tom Cruise be a typical popcorn action flick full of CGI? It probably will end up having action scenes yes, definitely. If it’s gonna be an action movie, you know Tom will want to do his action stunts for real. He wants his action scenes to be “real”. Tom does most of his own stunts in his action movies and he will probably want to do his own action stunts for the Mummy movie too.

I know Tom Cruise isn’t everyone’s favorite but come on, y’all. You can’t deny the fact that Tom Cruise doing his own stunts that could get himself killed is pretty courageous of him in my eyes which is why I totally respect the hell out of him. The man’s got balls for sure. He did some dangerous stunts that could kill him in the Mission Impossible movies but survived all of them. Tom is definitely not afraid of heights for sure as I’m sure he’ll do even more dangerous stunts for this movie.

In my opinion, Tom doesn’t deserve to get so much hate. To me, I love the guy’s work as an actor. I think the man is very talented despite his Scientology beliefs. I’m actually looking forward to the Mummy reboot film.


Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer reunite to discuss “Top Gun 2″…

Yesterday, Jerry Bruckheimer posted a selfie with Tom Cruise on his twitter page. Jerry Bruckheimer was one of the producers of the first “Top Gun” movie which was directed by the Tony Scott. The first “Top Gun” movie was such a classic film and it’s definitely one of Tom’s best films in his career for sure. It looks like “Top Gun 2” is really gonna happen.

Who’s gonna be the director? If Tony Scott was still alive (RIP, btw), I’m sure he would have done it so so they’re gonna have find a different director. Hope they get somebody good. Will Tom be the lead as “Maverick” or is he just gonna have a small role? We’ll learn more soon. I hope Tom won’t just have a small role, he needs to be the lead. I also hope Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis reprises their roles too. Sure, Kelly McGillis is aging now but a reunion between Maverick and Charlie would be amazing.

Mr. Bruckheimer, if you want the “Top Gun” sequel to work and get everyone to love it… please bring back the “Anthem” theme as heard in the video below and bring back Berlin’s “Take My Breathe Away”. Make it more like a homage to the first movie would be badass.


Tom Cruise makes surprising appearance at college football game at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge…


Tom Cruise the iconic actor makes a surprise appearance to watch the first college football game in Baton Rouge, LA. The pic above is Tom taking a selfie with a fan.


So you ask, what is Tom doing in Baton Rouge? Well, I would think he’s there to film “Jack Reacher 2” ’cause that’s where the first one was filmed. Tom just decided to go out and have some fun during break from filming. Tom is a fan of football and sports.

See? Tom seems like a nice man and approachable. I’d like to meet him myself. He is a good actor. He made a lot of good movies. I’ve always respected the guy.


Turns out that Tom Cruise never got an invite to his daughter’s wedding after all…

It turns out that Tom wasn’t invited to Isabella’s wedding at all and even Nicole wasn’t invited either. Even though Nicole wasn’t invited, she went anyways but of course Nicole was allowed in. Of course, Nicole is her mother she had to be allowed in!

Tom knew about the wedding but it seems that he isn’t happy that he didn’t get invited.



So I take it that Tom isn’t getting along too well with Isabella and that’s why they don’t want him there?

Don’t expect Tom to get into details about this during his interviews ’cause he never liked to talk about his personal life. In interviews, he only liked to talk about his film career and that’s it.

He probably could have gone to the wedding if he wanted to but he probably didn’t want to create a scene. You know, start drama and stuff. He wanted his daughter to have a happy wedding so he let her have it. They’re just probably afraid of how Tom would react since Max isn’t a Scientologist.

In my opinion, there should have been nothing for them to worry about ’cause from what I see, Tom is a pretty cool and humble guy. I’m sure Tom would have been cool with Max. He wouldn’t have done anything to hurt Isabella.


Tom Cruise a no-show for daughter’s wedding in London, my take on why?

Tom Cruise’s daughter whose name is Isabella just got married in a secret wedding in London. Nicole Kidman was in attendance but Tom wasn’t. Isabella’s adoptive brother, Connor wasn’t there either.


My take on why Tom didn’t show… it’s either he was too busy filming a movie and couldn’t make it or no one told him about the wedding and wasn’t invited. A secret wedding, ya know? I’m sure he would have been there if he would have been told about it or wasn’t busy with his career. I’d say he was probably off filming a movie.


Film Review: “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”…

Starring: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin

Directed by: Christopher McQuarry

Today, I have decided to hit the mall to check out the new Mission Impossible movie and here is my review.

Plot/Synopsis: Ethan and team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate – an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF.

“Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” was very very good. I would think it’s the best film of the MI series. Yes, it was better than the previous film, “MI: 4”. “MI: Rogue Nation” was such a blast and it had some of the best action scenes I’ve ever seen. If you want to see a thrill ride of an action movie you can forget “Mad Max Fury Road”… watch “MI: Rogue Nation” instead. Plus the writing in this film really good and actually had a plot!

I love how Tom Cruise does his own stunts for real ’cause most of the stunts he did in this movie looked pretty realistic… especially the scene when he was hanging from a flying airplane. Tom really did that.

Admittedly, Tom can be a bit crazy in real life but his talent in movies can’t be denied at all. He’s a great actor and he really knows how to pick good movies too. Tom is a man who doesn’t deserve to get hated on, in my opinion. He deserves a lot more respect ’cause of his talent in film alone who cares about his religion and his personal life. Some of you will NEVER admit he’s made some good movies and you’ve seen ’em.

I’d give “MI: Rogue Nation” a score of 5 out of 5 as in excellent.


Top Gun 2 on the way to the big screen… Will Tom Cruise reprise his role as Maverick?

Interesting movie news broke today that the script for “Top Gun 2” is being written by Justin Marks. Will Tom Cruise reprise his role as Maverick which is one of his most famous roles of all time? Yes, Tom is definitely planning on returning but only for a small role… he’s not gonna be the lead. While Tom is just gonna have a small role, they’re doing whatever it takes to make his role really good so it won’t disappoint fans. Maverick is definitely returning in some form.


I’m all for a Top Gun sequel as long as Val Kilmer returns as the Iceman. That character helped make the movie work. Hopefully, Kelly McGillis returns too.

“Top Gun” is one of Tom’s best roles, though. It’s one of my favorite movies.