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Report: Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp to finally star in a movie together???

Two of Hollywood’s biggest movie icons in the world, Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp, have never starred in a movie together, ever. I don’t think? If they already did one, correct me. I’m pretty sure they never collaborated. A Hanks and Depp team up may actually happen. Thanks to Kathryn Bigelow, who is moving forward with her movie about, Argentina, currently titled, “Triple Frontier”. Tom Hanks is already signed to the leading role. Depp is currently in negotiations with Kathryn, to star alongside with Tom. It is another mobster movie, set in Argentina. See the full article here at, Deadline.

Hopefully, Depp would say yes to this project ’cause I’ve always wanted a Depp and Hanks team up. This sounds like it’s going to be another violent action movie for Kathryn. Is Tom about to go violent again like he did to, “The Road to Perdition”? Sounds like it. “Triple Frontier” sounds interesting. Kathryn is a great film maker as I thought, “The Hurt Locker” was one amazing flick.


Thought: How would Tom Hanks fit in the “Dark Tower” series???

I have a feeling that Tom Hanks will be involved with the “Dark Tower” cast somehow but I know he won’t be playing any of the main characters. What character could Tom play? Well Tom might be able to voice Stuttering Bill, which is a talking robot in the books.

I can see Tom playing Cuthbert Allgood or Alain Johns, one of the original ka-tet members.

Tom will not be playing Roland ’cause the leading character wouldn’t work for Tom. Tom would probably get one of the other characters that’s for sure. Tom would just play a smaller role in the first “Dark Tower” film.

Remember, Tom Hanks is a big Stephen King fan. The two worked closely together when Tom starred in “The Green Mile” in 1999.


Report: “Road to Perdition” sequel on it’s way???

Back in 2008, it was revealed that a sequel to the 2002 mobster film, “Road to Perdition” is in the works. The sequel will be titled, the “Road to Purgatory”. Max Allan Collins wrote the script and it was already turned in, but it seems that he is no longer attached to direct.

The story to the sequel will focus on the son of Michael Collins returning from WWII to avenge the death of his father. The first one starred: Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Paul Newman, and Daniel Craig.

Movieweb reports:


The question is, would Tom Hanks return as the lead? Well, he obviously can’t because….”spoilers below”…

SPOILERS from the original “Road to Perdition”

Hanks character, Michael Sullivan Sr., was gunned down at the beach house at the end of the movie.


Maybe Tom Hanks can return but in a different form. If they can use Michael Sullivan Sr. flashbacks with Tom Hanks playing the character still, or maybe Hanks can do narrated voice overs.

I would also like to see Sam Mendes return to direct the sequel, hopefully he’ll be up for it.


Report: Tom Hanks teaming up with Green Day to bring “American Idiot” to the big screen…

It’s no secret that Tom Hanks is a big music lover but who knew that he is a huge fan of Green Day? It seems that he is. If you pay attention to the “American Idiot” album, the album is kind of like a theatre musical, that’s why it is headed to Broadway later this Spring. Now expect this to head to the big screen with the help of Tom Hanks.

Will Tom get himself an acting role in the “American Idiot” movie or will he direct it? Who knows, he could do either one or both if he wanted.

More on it here:



Report: Tom Hanks has Conan O’ Brien’s back 100%…

Tom Hanks revealed that he is Team Coco, all the way. You think? I think everyone knew it. Tom has Coco’s back 100% and on Friday’s last show with Conan, Tom has something planned up his sleeve. What will Tom do? Who knows. Conan may not be allowed to talk trash at NBC, but maybe Tom will? Maybe Tom will even have a surprise for Jeff Zucker that will piss him off. Who knows what Tom will do. I can’t wait for Friday’s show. I will for sure, be watching. I think that’s why they are saving Tom Hanks for the last show, save the best for the last. Makes sense!



Report: Tom Hanks to get on the director’s chair again for “Larry Crowne”, Julia Roberts to star…

Tom Hanks is finally getting on the director’s chair again, ever since the movie, “That Thing You Do”. Hanks will star the lead and direct, “Larry Crowne” which he also wrote the script for the film. He already signed Julia Roberts to star along with him. This isn’t the first time the two starred in a film together, as they starred together in, “Charlie Wilson’s War”.

Look like Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are finally taking a break from Dan Brown movies to move on to different things.

More on it here:


I’m glad Hanks is directing again. ’cause “That Thing You Do” is one of my favorite films of his. He should direct more ’cause he is talented.


BREAKING NEWS: Steven Spielberg pulls out of “Harvey” remake…

First, Spielberg is no longer doing “Old Boy” with Will Smith. Next, Spielberg pulls out of directing the “Harvey” remake after spending about a year putting the project together. He was trying to find the film’s leading star that Jimmy Stewart once played from the original.

Spielberg tried asking Tom Hanks to star in the leading role but Tom wanted no part in it at all. It’s either Tom didn’t like the idea of remaking the film or he isn’t willing to play any of Jimmy Stewart’s characters or a little bit of both. Spielberg’s second choice was Robert Downey Jr., but even Robert knows the project sucks too. Robert begged for re-writes of the script but the studios wouldn’t take his idea. This is what made Spielberg drop out of the project for good.

Variety Reports:


Not only hollywood studios are sometimes difficult on Spielberg, even the actors can be too.

It’s really quite simple folks, actors and actresses will not agree to star in a film, no matter how iconic of a director he is. The script must be good enough for the cast to agree to it.

I’m tired of Spielberg getting on the sequels and remakes bandwagon. I know he can do something original.


Report: Third Da Vinci Code movie greenlighted, next one is called, “The Lost Symbol”…

With “Angels and Demons” fast approaching to hit theaters everywhere May 15th, Columbia pictures already greenlighted a 3rd movie to the Da Vinci Code trilogy. The next one is titled, “The Lost Symbol” adapted from the Dan Brown novel which is set to hit bookstores, Sept. 15th.

The third book, “The Lost Symbol” is still based on Robert Langdon adventures, the story taken place after, “The Da Vinci Code”. “Angels and Demons” is a prequel which means it’s taken place before.

I can’t wait to see “Angels and Demons” film in May which I will see. I loved the book and will see the movie too. Yes, I’m pretty sure Ron Howard and Tom Hanks will return again for the “The Lost Symbol” film as well although this article doesn’t confirm them in returning. I’m also looking forward to picking up, “The Lost Symbol”, novel as I’m a huge Dan Brown fan.

Variety reports:



Report: Tom Hanks is Major Matt Mason…

Universal Pictures is bringing the “Major Matt Mason” action figures made by Mattel to the live action big screen. Tom Hanks has signed on to star the leading role as the “Major Matt Mason” character. The Matt Mason toys were first made way back in 1966. They are a group of astronauts that worked on the moon and lived in a space station.

Mattel toys is also working with Joel Silver for a reboot of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” live action film.

Variety Reports: