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Frank Stallone is upset at Sly’s Oscar loss and Sly himself responds…

Frank Stallone who is Sly’s brother is upset that Sly lost at the Oscars to Mark Rylance so Frank took to twitter to rant at the Academy and the media.

Here are some of Frank’s tweets:

I agree with Frank that it’s all Hollywood bullshit for sure. It’s pretty clear that the Academy don’t care what the people really want. I do agree with Frank that the Academy voters are terrible. The Oscars used to be good in the past but it’s getting worse and worse.

While Frank Stallone maybe upset, once again… Sly wants to let the world know that he isn’t upset at all. Sly says he is happy and life is good. He’s not letting his loss bring him down. Sly is used to losing ’cause he lost back in 1977.

Like I said, there’s always another film where Sly can get an Oscar… maybe for “Creed II” so a third time’s a charm?

Anyhow, awards are not important anyway. Sly should be focusing on his film career and that’s probably more rewarding than a gold statue.


Can the Oscars ever leave politics out of everything for once? My god!!!

Last night’s Oscars was predictably the worst Oscars ever. A lot worse than last years. This year’s Oscars was even more political than last year as well. Chris Rock was boring and it was expected that he was gonna call Hollywood racist for not having black nominees. *yawn* There was of course, liberal politics all over last night. Last night’s Oscars was about the “Oscars So White” and race relations mostly. Last night’s Oscars also promoted sexual abuse (thanks to Joe Biden) and Climate Change (thanks to Leo). I’m tired of the Oscars bringing politics into everything lately. The Oscars are supposed to be about celebrating movies but all celebrities wanna do is spread messages and talk about the problems going on in liberal land.

Most of the awards given were terrible. I didn’t think “Mad Max: Fury Road” deserved all that attention ’cause it wasn’t that great of a movie. I was also disgusted that Sam Smith won for that James Bond song ’cause “Writing On The Wall” is a crappy song even though “Spectre” was a really great film. I wish “Spectre” could have picked a better theme. They should have used Radiohead’s theme instead. Of course, they had to choose Sam Smith ’cause I think the only reason he was picked ’cause he’s an openly “homosexual” man and you know how libtard Hollywood love their homosexuals. If Sam Smith wasn’t a part of the Oscars then they would have gotten called a homophobe.

Other Oscars upset was of course when Sly lost his Oscar to some actor I’ve never heard of before which is lame. Sly deserved it but of course the Academy didn’t give it to him. Sly lost the Oscars twice now. He lost back in 1977. Ah well… there’s always another time for Sly to win an Oscar so never say never, y’all. Keep in mind there is still “Creed 2” coming and possibly “Creed III” so there’s always another time for Sly to get his Oscar. I know everyone wants Sly to get his Oscar and I think he will sometime in the future. Maybe for “Creed 2” like I said.

There were a few good choices that the awards went to, though. I’m happy that the “Amy” doc won ’cause that was a good documentary. I’m happy that Leo Dicaprio won his first Oscar and I’m happy that the director for “The Revenant” won.

Another big upset from last night was “The Revenant” lost to the “Spotlight” on BEST PICTURE. What is it with the Oscars and Michael Keaton lately? Last year “Birdman” won Best Picture and now another Michael Keaton movie wins Best Picture which was “Spotlight”. Do the Oscars have a hardon for Michael Keaton? Seems so.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that “Mad Max” and “The Revenant” both lost “Best Picture” simply because they are very violent movies and you know the Academy was never friendly with violent movies. They always go for the serious drama films.

Last night’s Oscars was pathetic and I wished I could take my 3 or 4 hours back that I wasted.

Watch Arnold’s awesome response to Sly’s loss. Arnold uploaded that video immediately after the “Best Supporting Actor” category so you can tell he was watching the Oscars too.

My question is where were all the big name A-Listers last night??? No Tom Hanks, no Tom Cruise, no Brad Pitt & Angie, no John Travolta, no Alec Baldwin, no Dustin Hoffman, etc. All those guys usually appear at the Oscars every year but they were no where in sight. I assume they were boycotting for the “Oscars So White” thing is probably why. That’s probably why they had Joe Biden there ’cause they needed a big name to keep the liberals happy.


Yeah I’ll be watching the Oscars tonight…

Only reason why I’m watching the Oscars is to see Sly Stallone and Leonard Dicaprio win their first Oscars tonight. Oddly enough, both of those actors never won an Oscar before and I think tonight will be the first time for both of them. Both of them deserve it, though! Sly’s performance in “Creed” was amazing and Leo’s role in “The Revenant” was amazing too. So I think they’re gonna get it for sure. I also think “The Revenant” will be the BEST PICTURE winner. I’m only watching the Oscars for those two reasons to see Sly and Leo pick up their awards.

I do know most of this awards show is going to be horrible ’cause it’s gonna be all about the “Oscars So White” controversy and it’s going to be a boring show for that reason. All Chris Rock is gonna is make a bunch of jokes about how the “Oscars is So White”. I’m sure a lot of award presenters will say something about it too. *yawn*

It’s gonna be a very liberal show for you ’cause as you all know Hollywood is very liberal. All I’m watching the show for is to see Sly and Leo pick up their awards. That’s it. I’ll write an honest review of the show tomorrow.


Maybe Will Smith wasn’t nominated for an Oscar ’cause maybe he’s a shit actor and overrated as hell???

Awwwww so Hollywood and movie fans are upset that Will Smith wasn’t nominated for anything… boo hoo. I never liked Will Smith anyways. He never was a good actor and I think he’s overrated as hell too. I never liked most of his movies. There were only a few good Will Smith movies. The only movies that I liked with Will Smith in them were “Independence Day” and I’m also a fan of the Men In Black franchise but that’s about all. It’s just that most of his movies were pretty mediocre and overrated. I never liked Will Smith as an actor. Never cared for him.

Don’t get me wrong… I love black actors in Hollywood ’cause a few of my favorite black actors are: Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, Don Cheadle, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman. I’m just not a big fan of Will Smith. Will never was that good. I’m glad that the Academy snubbed Will ’cause that was a smart move for the most part. Will’s latest movie “Concussion” looks nothing special.

Those getting angry of Will not getting anything needs to get over themselves. I can’t stand Jada Pinkett. The Smith family is so ego-driven. I don’t think that whole Smith family deserves all this attention. That whole family: Will, Jada Pinkett, Willow and Jaden are obviously desperate for fame & fortune. Is that the only reason Jada Pinkett married Will so that whole family could get fame & fortune much like the Kardashians and the Osbournes? I’m so tired of the Smith family… uggggghhhh… who cares if they don’t get Oscars ’cause they don’t deserve ’em in my opinion. There are plenty of other talented black actors who are more deserving.


All those black movie stars boycotting the Oscars are just mad that their work wasn’t nominated for anything… period???

So a bunch of black movie stars and black celebrities are boycotting the Oscars ’cause of lack of diversity. Now, Lupita Nyongo has jumped on the boycotting bandwagon. Will the Oscars host, Chris Rock back out of hosting? I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to do it. The reason the black movie stars and black film makers are mad at the Oscar is not ’cause of “lack of diversity”. That’s not what they’re mad about at all. They’re just jealous that their work hasn’t been nominated for anything. Like usual if things don’t go the black community’s way, everyone is racist.

Maybe it’s because their work wasn’t good enough to get an Oscar nod? Ever thought of that? Like I said in a post before, the Academy has always been about “talent” regardless of skin color. They look for talented people.

On top of that, the “Straight Outta Compton” movie got nominated for Best Screenplay, that should have been good enough for them but unfortunately not.

The black community needs to realize that life isn’t always fair. I also totally agree with Stacey Dash that we should get rid of the “BET Awards” and “Black History Month”.

I respect black people totally… I love ’em but they just need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them, ya know? Calling everyone and everything racist is getting old and tiresome. Can’t people come up with anything new? I’m tired of all this divisive crap. When will it end?


Oscar winner predictions now that the nominations are finally out…

The Oscar nominations are out…


Here are my winner predictions:

Best Picture: The Revenant
Actor In a Leading Role: Either Leo Dicaprio or Matt Damon will get this one
Actor In A Supporting Role: Sly Stallone
Actress In A Leading Role: Jennifer Lawrence
Actress In A Supporting Role: Kate Winslet
Animated Featured Film: Anomalisa
Cinematography: Mad Max: Fury Road (just to give this film something)
Costume Design: Mad Max: Fury Road (even though the movie isn’t that good, the costumes is impressive)
Directing: Alejandro G. Iñárritu
Documentary Feature: Amy
Film Editing: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Music (Original Song): Sam Smith “Writing On the Wall” (even though I hate the song, you know it will win anyway)
Music (Original Score) Star Wars: The Force Awakens (it would be amazing if John Williams wins for scoring this film)
Writing (adapted screenplay): The Martian
Writing (original screenplay): Either “Bridge of Spies” or “Straight Outta Compton” is gonna get this one. (I’d say “Straight Outta Compton” as a way to keep the race baiters happy)

Those are my predictions. Lets see how many I get right on Oscar night Feb. 28th.


On top of that who cares if “American Sniper” didn’t win Best Picture, the film was better off anyway…

That’s gotta be really hurting for Taya, Brad and Clint to go to the Oscar awards show and finding out that they weren’t gonna get the win for “Best Picture” for “American Sniper” like they were hoping. I think Neil Patrick Harris even warned them during that song that he was singing during the opening so he kind of did spoil it a little.

During that opening song that Neil was singing, he sang these lyrics, “They know the camera’s on and we’re behaving our best. Yet, I secretly hope someone pulls a Kanye West.”

Was Neil telling the “American Sniper” crew that they were gonna lose the “Best Picture”????

Anyways, who cares if “American Sniper” didn’t win Best Picture and Brad didn’t win for Best Actor. Us Americans honored Chris Kyle just by buying a movie ticket to see that film. The film made over $320 million. So love Chris Kyle or hate him, the movie was a box office smash. We celebrated Chris Kyle’s heroism that way. Who cares about some trophy, ya know?


I wish the Oscars would focus on the talent and the art of the film but instead the Academy have to be politically correct on everything. They’re so one-sided in their liberal beliefs. Instead of listening to the people, it seems like they are about pleasing themselves instead of us.

I found a nice tweet on twitter by someone who summed up the Oscars very nicely and I agree with it:

That’s probably the only reason why “Birdman” won “Best Picture” ’cause they did everything they could to avoid “American Sniper”.

Like I said before, award shows shouldn’t be telling us what movies are the “best” when we should be the ones doing the choosing. Just see a bunch of movies and make a top 10 list of your favorite movies and that’s all we need.

Yep, I think I’m done with the Oscars. It’s gonna be the same bullshit next year too.


Just realized something, “Birdman” IS the first live-action superhero film to win big at the Oscars…

Why are so many superhero fanatics so upset that a live-action superhero film can’t win Best Picture at the Oscars when a live-action superhero film just won big last night? That’s the movie “Birdman” which is a film about a superhero. “Birdman” may not be DC or Marvel but it’s still a superhero film. “Birdman” and “Big Hero 6” are proof that a comic book superhero film can make the Oscars in the future.

Could movies like “Batman vs. Superman”, “Justice League”, “Spiderman”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and all that stuff make the Oscars for a “Best Picture” nomination in the future? Who knows. It’s just that the fact that “Birdman” and “Big Hero 6” were superhero films that made the Oscars opens the doors for more superhero films in the future.

That’s why I said that I’m glad that “Birdman” got the win despite “American Sniper” getting ignored ’cause “Birdman” winning is better than “Boyhood” and “Selma” winning, ya know what I mean? “Birdman” winning “Best Picture” was actually a good idea and probably well-deserved even if I haven’t seen the film yet but planning to.

Finally superhero flicks are getting the recognition at the Oscars. I wanted to see “Birdman” in the theaters but the film was only playing in selected theaters and didn’t get around to it so I’ll just wait for DVD rental.

People wanted superhero flicks to get nods at the Oscars and they got that last night, people are still complaining. Haters are gonna hate, I guess.


Why I’m getting fed up with the Oscars…

It seems that award shows given for movies is not about the movie lovers. The movie fans who love to watch movies by sitting at home watching them on DVD/Bluray and going to the movie theaters to see the new releases. There are a lot of movie buffs out there which includes me. I’m the biggest movie lover around. Always have been ever since I was a child.

My question is what makes Hollywood think they have the right to choose what is the best? Why can’t we choose what is the best? When it comes to movies, I don’t go by other people’s opinions. Just because movies win awards doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good films. The same goes with the professional movie critics, they are opinionated too and I don’t care what they think.

When watching movies, I always go by my own opinion. For example, I’ll have no problem hating on a movie that everyone likes and I’ll have no problem loving a movie that everyone hates. I have done both with lots of movies. For example, everybody was giving “The Lego Movie” positive reviews and I remember hating it. Everybody hated “50 Shades of Grey” so I decided to have some balls to go see that movie alone and ended up LOVING IT. Don’t get me wrong, though, I will like a film that everybody likes too!

I stopped liking the Oscars when “The Dark Knight” got snubbed for “Best Picture” category that year, remember that? The Academy was never too friendly with superhero films and I thought, “The Dark Knight” was Oscar worthy. I was also pissed at last year’s Oscar that “Gravity” didn’t win “Best Picture” but of course, it went to “12 Years a Slave” instead. I was also upset that Eastwood got snubbed for Best Director for “American Sniper”.

You don’t have to watch award shows to see what is the best. Fuck ’em, ya know? It’s just a trophy that means nothing anyway.

I’m probably gonna watch the Oscars this Sunday ’cause I’m curious of the Best Picture win this year. I don’t think “American Sniper” will win Best Picture. It’s either gonna go to “Boyhood” or “Selma”.

I can see Brad Cooper winning for “Best Actor”, though. If he doesn’t, then I’ll be even more mad.

The Oscars haven’t been that great for the last several years. I watch it every year too. I thought about skipping it this year but I’m curious of which film is gonna win “Best Picture”. Don’t be surprised that “Selma” is gonna win no matter what ’cause of Al Sharpton and his racebaiting buddies. If “Boyhood” wins that’s okay even though that film wasn’t all that great. I do hope Best Picture goes to the right film this year. It really should go to “American Sniper”, that was a really powerful film.


Oscars nominations are out already… thoughts and predictions…

Well the Oscar nominations for 2015 have been revealed this morning so I thought I would give my thoughts and predictions. As usual there are all kinds of snubs like Clint Eastwood for Best Director for example. Isn’t it strange that Eastwood didn’t get Best Director and “American Sniper” gets a Best Picture nomination????


Anyway, here are my brief predictions:

FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: This one will definitely go to “Ida”. I did see “Ida” on Netflix streaming and it is a pretty amazing flick. You should check it out yourself.

DIRECTING: Definitely Richard Linklater for “Boyhood”.

ANIMATED FEATURE FILM: I haven’t seen any of those films but I say this award is gonna to, “Big Hero 6” ’cause it’s Disney.

ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: This one will definitely go to Patricia Arquette in “Boyhood”. That was a really good performance.

ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: I don’t think Ethan Hawke is gonna win this one but my guess is the award for this category is gonna go to Robby Duvall in “The Judge” even though I haven’t seen the film myself.

ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE: I think Rosemund Pike is definitely gonna get this one for her role in “Gone Girl”. If not her then Felicity Jones for “Theory of Everything” (another movie I haven’t seen yet).

ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE: This award is definitely going to Michael Keaton. I haven’t seen “Birdman” yet but it does looks like that is Michael’s best role. The film does look really good though and I wanna see it myself.

BEST PICTURE: Tough one. Everyone would like to believe that “Boyhood” is probably gonna get a win for this but “Selma” and “American Sniper” also have a very good chance! I wouldn’t be surprised that the Best Picture award will go to “Selma” ’cause that film is about the MLK march and that film has Oprah Winfrey in it. I remember last year’s Oscars, Gary Oldman revealed some pretty big behind the scenes secrets that if the Academy didn’t vote for “12 Years a Slave”, they’re a racist. Same could happen this year with “Selma”. If “Selma” didn’t win then the team behind the Academy would be racists. “Boyhood” maybe in danger of “Selma” winning instead ’cause of all this civil unrest stuff going on in America today.

I haven’t seen “American Sniper” yet but it’s coming out in theaters everywhere tomorrow and I’m gonna see it tomorrow too. Can’t wait to see the movie! Even though I’m sure “American Sniper” is really good, I don’t think it’s gonna win BEST PICTURE ’cause of it’s “conservative” beliefs on a war hero, ya know? The Academy will give the Best Picture winner to something liberal like “Boyhood” or “Selma”.