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Will I boycott Hollywood? Probably not totally but I will boycott award shows and Meryl Streep films, though…

Through social networking, there has been a lot of calls for “boycotting” Hollywood by Trump supporters. Meaning stop going to the movie theaters completely and stop buying/renting movies too. Should I boycott Hollywood completely? No, I probably won’t but lets just say that I will boycott ALL award shows and I will boycott Meryl Streep movies, though. That’s good enough. I won’t boycott Hollywood ’cause I love the movies and I’m a movie buff, I can’t stop what I am. Yeah, I know most of Hollywood are a bunch of libtards but I don’t care about their politics. I just watch movies for the good stories and I need my entertainment.

I must say though that I find it really sad that most of Hollywood today won’t stop ramming their liberal politics down everyone’s throats. There are so many talented movie stars that I used to like and admire but they’re die hard liberals like Tom Hanks, Leo Dicaprio, Russell Crowe, Sam L. Jackson, Robert Deniro, etc. I can keep going with this list. When a celeb goes too far with their die-hard liberal politics, I’ll have no choice but to boycott their career like Meryl Streep for starters.

People are getting fed up with Hollywood at award shows ’cause instead of talking about their films and their career, they have to ram liberal politics down our throats like Meryl Streep just did. She made a bunch of absurd claims that Trump made fun of a disabled person which isn’t true, Trump wants to kick out all foreigners which is also bullshit and Meryl attacked fans who liked to watch football and MMA. No, Trump did not make fun of a disabled person, he made similar gestures like that when making fun of other people… that’s just a part of Trump’s sense of humor. Trump does not want to kick out foreigners, he only wants to kick out “illegal” foreigners. Not that hard to understand isn’t it? She also said something stupid like “Without Hollywood, we would only have football and MMA”. Hey Meryl, I’m not a fan of football but I am a fan of MMA, so shut up you old cunt.

Who cares about Meryl Streep anyways. I’ve only seen like three good films with her in it: “Ironweed”, “The River Wild” and “Kramer vs. Kramer” but I haven’t seen any other good films of hers. She mostly starred in mostly dumb chick flicks and snooze fest drama films over the years anyways.

It wouldn’t surprise me that liberals agree with everything Meryl said and hailing her as a hero like they’re typically doing now. If you believe her claim that Trump made fun of a disabled person then you probably watch CNN or read the Washington Post.

I won’t boycott Hollywood ’cause I like to watch movies, that’s who I am but I am done with award shows, though. I won’t even watch the Oscars this year.


Glad I skipped last night’s Golden Globes, I’m gonna skip the Oscars and the Grammy’s too!!

Well, I’m glad that I skipped last night’s Golden Globes ’cause I figure it was gonna be nothing but Trump bashing by celebrities. A waste of time to watch. The Trump bashing at award shows is not the only reason why I’m boycotting all award shows. It’s not only because of “libtard” Hollywood, it’s also because the nominations at award shows hasn’t been so good lately. Giving nominations to movies that don’t look so great at all… “La La Land”, really? Don’t look any good to me. Trump supporters shouldn’t have been surprised of the Trump bashing from last nigh so why were they watching anyways? Award shows are garbage. They have been sucking for the past couple of years now.

I’m done with award shows. I usually watch the Oscars every year but I think I’m done watching the Oscars too. I won’t even watch this year’s Oscars… not only because of the Trump bashing, that’s part of the reason but also ’cause of terrible nominations. The Oscar nominations aren’t out yet but when they do come out, I’m sure the Oscar nominees will be shit this year too. I won’t even watch the Grammy’s at all this year.

Award shows for both movies and music seems to be getting worse every year. Does everything about these award shows have to be about liberal politics? Gosh, can’t they leave politics out of everything for once and entertain us like they what they are here to do? It’s a shame to see these celebrities bash Trump and the voters ’cause keep in mind, we have given our money to these people to do what they do. Yeah, we are paying these celebs to go see their movies and we pay music stars to buy their albums and shit. It’s a shame.

Anyhow, while most of last night’s Golden Globes was pretty much garbage, the only good thing that happened there last night was Sylvester Stallone reuniting with Carl Weathers 40 years after the first Rocky came out. That was the only good thing that happened last night but other than that… the Golden Globes last night was predictably trash.

While I am a huge movie buff and all, I’m not ashamed to say that Hollywood has been crap as of late. They don’t release good movies much anymore. I only watch movies that interest me. Hollywood is becoming horrible though. What happened? Too many remakes, reboots, sequels, too many CGI action movies, etc. I miss the old days of Hollywood when it used to be good.


Why Tomi Lahren is right on liberals losing the election… it’s because they’re the ones doing all the hating???

Love this tweet that was posted by Tomi Lahren (who is awesome, by the way). If you want to know why liberals lost the election this time is because of their behavior toward people. For the past 8 years under the Obama presidency, liberals really did treat people like shit. They mostly treated people with conservative views like a pile of garbage. I’ve gotten attacked by stupid liberals for the past 8 years. That is exactly why they lost the election this time is simply because the way they treat people. They want to accuse Trump and his supporters of “hate”? Well, they should look in the fucking mirror ’cause liberals are the ones doing the hating. Going around bashing conservatives & Republican voters because their views are different than theirs. That is called intolerance. Liberals lost the election ’cause we grew fed up with their hate, their negativity and their intolerance. Think about it right?

We would have had no problem with liberals if they were more tolerant toward others. Ya know, be more accepting of other peoples views and opinions but they never are. If your views and opinions are different than liberals, they’ll call you all kinds of names like racist, bigots or whatever else they can think of.

Why are the left so hateful toward conservatives in America? For starters you can blame the mainstream media for that. Also Barack Obama and Democrat politicians are to blame. They are the ones teaching them to be intolerant toward people who disagree with them. This is how Democrats stay in power and it’s how they think they can win elections by manipulating the American people. Well this isn’t the way Democrats stay in power and win elections ’cause they are losing power the more they treat people this way. Liberals will continue to lose elections for a pretty long time the more they keep it up. They will lose the 2020 election and they will lose 2024 too.

Liberals are a cancer to this country and we’re getting so fed up with them. It’s time to put an end to liberalism finally and unite this country. Liberals tried to take over the country and destroy it but it didn’t work out too well for them did it? I despise liberals and finally they are losing power which is long overdue. I don’t care what they have to say anymore and I just ignore them most of the time. When liberals attack me through facebook, twitter or this blog… I just delete their garbage and block/ignore them. They’re not worth debating against anymore ’cause talking to liberals is like talking to a brick wall.

I don’t buy into liberals “human rights” and “equality” and all that garbage ’cause since they talk about “loving” people and being more acceptance of others — they’re not doing that by hating on people who disagree with them like conservatives. It makes them hypocrites when they accuse others of hating when they’re the ones doing all the hating. Their hatred against conservatives and Trump supporters has gotten much worse too. Conservatives getting beat up at Trump rallies and all that stuff. The latest news of 4 blacks torturing a Trump supporter is also another example. That’s pretty much what Tomi is saying when she calls liberals the “loving left”. She’s being sarcastic as you can see.

We need to get rid of this “right vs. left” garbage and unite the country so hopefully Trump is successful at that when he gets in office soon.


Thoughts on 4 blacks kidnapping and torturing white man…

Predictably the media is in full on cover up mode. They either won’t say who the victim is or they won’t mention that the thugs were black either. Well if you want the full video and uncensored that proves it’s 4 blacks vs. 1 white male well here it is.

It’s disgusting and it’s an obvious hate crime, no doubt. This was definitely motivated by racism against whites and black liberals hating on Trump supporters. Just more dumb BLM people. Look, I love black people dearly but not all of them are good people. There’s a lot of blacks out there who are dangerous and violent animals. Many who you do not want to be hanging around with or become friends with.

After seeing this, reminds me of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin thing. Just think what George Zimmerman went through when he was getting his head slammed against concrete by Trayvon Martin. That’s when the whole BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement started after Barack saying, “If I had a son”… the whole BLM thing started from there.

This whole thing is on Barack Obama really. This is Obama’s America. Obama’s goal in America, “divide & conquer”. This is all on people such as Barack, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, etc. You can even throw Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the list too ’cause they had a huge hand in “race-baiting”.

This is a huge part of why I’m all in for Trump being our next president ’cause we really need to unify the country. End the BLM movement and unify us all. Hope these 4 punks gets punished with the fullest extent of the law. Although, I have a feeling they’ll get out with smaller punishment ’cause of the race-card alone. Racism against whites is real and it’s getting way out of hand. Part of Barack’s way of destroying America which he did a good job at. We really got to get together again ’cause this isn’t what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted. I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave.

Things like this is a part of why I got into boxing just in case these things happen to me. Just in case I get jumped by black thugs or whoever just because I support Trump, ya know? I’ll have no problem doing whatever it takes to defend myself even if it means knocking the opponent out and sending him to the hospital.


Trump’s New Year’s Eve bash @ the Mar-a-Lago in FL, full of celebs there last night including the Stallone brothers and more…

Donald Trump celebrated his New Year’s Eve last night at his FL vacation home in which he calls the Mar-a-Lago. This was a private party, an invite-only thing so only Trump himself got to invite whoever he wanted. Trump ended up inviting the Stallone family. Not the entire Stallone family… only Sylvester, Frank and Jennifer went. Guess the three Stallone daughters couldn’t go ’cause I guess it’s an adults-only kind of party. Looks like at the party there were all kinds of celebs last night. In the pic above you see Fabio and singer Connie Francis.

It may seem like that most celebs in Hollywood despises Trump but not really. There ARE plenty of celebs out there who support Trump… it’s just that a lot of celebs are secretly supporting Trump ’cause maybe they’re afraid it might hurt their careers if they publicly expressed their support for Trump?

I think it’s awesome that Donald invited the Stallone brothers who are Sylvester and Frank.

Sylvester Stallone is definitely on the Trump Train ’cause Stallone just gave Trump this gift which pretty much confirms that Sly supported Trump for the election:

That’s awesome that Sly is on the Trump Train which makes me like him even more now! I hope Frank Stallone gets the opportunity to sing at Trump’s inauguration. You remember who Frank Stallone is? He’s the one who wrote and sung on the “Take You Back” song from the first Rocky movie. Frank also had cameo appearances in all the Rocky movies too. Frank is a cool guy, I follow him on twitter and you should too.


Stallone family gets invited to Trump’s Florida home the Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve…

Well it seems like Donald Trump who is our president-elect has invited the Stallone family to hang out with the Trump family at the Mar-a-Lago in Florida for New Year’s Eve tomorrow. So the Stallone family to ring in the New Year with the Trump family? That’s what it’s looking like. In the first video above is Sly flying on a plane and he says he’s going to Florida to some “event” but Sly wouldn’t be specific. Sly was pretty tight-lipped on where he’s actually going.

So Frank Stallone who is Sly’s brother posted the video above announcing that he and his brother (Sly) has got invited to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve.

So what’s going on? Did Sly end up taking the job for the NEA Chairman in Trump’s administration after all? Is Frank Stallone going to sing at Trump’s inauguration? There’s got to be a good reason why Donald Trump wants to see the Stallone family. We’ll know soon. 🙂


To those liberal losers who think the election was decided by racists, here’s a tweet you’ll enjoy!!!

Thank you, Lori Hendry!

This tweet is so right on. I agree with it 100%. So liberals want to believe that this election was decided by racists. Libtards believe Donald Trump is a racist so now that we all voted for Trump then we must be racist too, haha.

Seriously, though, we’r all getting tired and getting fed up of getting called racist. I’ve been called “racist” too many times by libtards. The term “racist” is getting old. That’s why we got Donald Trump ’cause of the politically correct zombies. When Jan. 20th comes, political correctness will finally come to an end and we’ll be able to speak our minds without getting called “racist” all the fucking time. I know I’m getting tired of it. If you disagree with anything that black people say or do, you’re a racist. If you oppose Islam, you’re a racist. If you don’t like illegal aliens, you’re a racist. blah blah blah, you get the deal.

Liberals are obsessed with that term “racist”. That’s all they got when they can’t win a debate. When they know they lost a debate that’s when they call you racist. The term racist is getting old and it’s time for people to stop using it. I don’t have a racist bone in my body at all and it’s interesting that people call me that anyways. LIberals are obsessed with calling people racist ’cause that’s how the MSM controls them. It’s real sad that liberals try to make conservatives look like racists when they seem to forget that Democrats started racism. Liberals seem to forget that the KKK was started by Democrats. They also seem to forget that their liberal hero president Franklin D. Roosevelt was a racist.

That’s why liberals lost the election ’cause of their behavior toward people. Their intolerance toward people is why they lost. It is why the left is losing power. We’re done with the left’s bullshit. Want to know why the left gets made fun of all the time? It’s because of their intolerance which is why their “equality” and “human rights” campaigning is such a joke. They claim to love people of all kinds? Well I’m not seeing that at all when all they’re going to do is hating on conservatives all the time. When Jan. 20th comes, that comes to an end and it’s time to unify the country. It’s long overdue!


Am I hurting myself with my support of Trump? Nope. Not at all… I’m good thank you!

It is believed by many if you support Trump, you’re a bad and horrible person. They think that if you support Trump, you would lose support from people. You would lose a lot of respect from your friends, your own family members and other people. The question you have to ask is: Has my support for Trump hurt me? No not at all. In fact, people like me a lot more ’cause of my support for Trump. I’ve gotten a lot more twitter followers ’cause of it. This blog has even picked up more followers and readers (which I thank them for). Also, people has been “liking” my Pro-Trump posts in facebook a lot.

Has people bad-mouthed me for my support of Trump? I may have had a few attacks by Trump haters online but not that bad. People hasn’t attacked me for supporting Trump that much in person in the real world as well.

So for anybody that says you’re a disgusting person for supporting Trump, don’t listen to them. Usually the only people who says that you’re a bad person for supporting Trump are those die-hard liberals. Mostly those Bernie and Hillary fanatics. I remember during the primary election, Ted Cruz got his supporters to hate Trump but I see that Ted has now gotten his supporters to support Trump for the General Election which was pretty amazing to see. That was another reason why Trump won the election ’cause Ted got his supporters to vote Trump.

Supporting Trump is actually good for America. Don’t listen to those idiots who says it’s a bad thing. Honestly, you’re the one hurting yourself ’cause of your die-hard liberal politics and wanting Bernie or Hillary for president. That’s not what America wants to see.

I’m not hurting myself at all for supporting Trump… as a matter of fact, I feel very PROUD of it and not ashamed at all for supporting him. Yeah, people do pick on me for supporting Trump sometimes but not that bad. I’ve got nothing but mostly positive responses for supporting Trump for the most part so I’m good.


Jackie Evancho agreeing to sing “National Anthem” at Trump Inauguration… did it hurt her music career? No not at all…

There were several music artists that pulled out of performing at Trump’s Inauguration on Jan. 20th with the latest being singer Andrea Bocelli. I guess the reason Andrea Bocelli backed out is ’cause he was afraid it might hurt his career. Many of Bocelli’s fans threatened boycott is why. Did Bocelli make a huge mistake? I would say so!

Many people would think Jackie Evancho’s career would be over just for performing for Trump’s inauguration but if you really believe that, you really are a delusional person who is probably brainwashed by the MSM. In fact, Jackie’s career skyrocketed ’cause her Christmas album, “Someday At Christmas” shot to #1 in the Classical Billboard Charts after agreeing to team with Trump.


TMZ isn’t make that up ’cause here’s the Billboard Classical charts right here:


I’m almost pretty sure Kanye West’s album sales has gone way up since his meeting with Trump too. Ya see? Supporting Trump won’t hurt you as a person at all. Supporting Trump isn’t all that bad, stop being a bunch of cowards!