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Mexico is a hell hole for violence and crime… really screw ’em!!!

A quote from this article: “Although Acapulco is one of Mexico’s deadliest cities, with government figures showing 2,213 homicides in Guerrero last year, tourists and foreigners have largely escaped the violence.”


We don’t get scared over Mexicans for no reason. After the Obama & Holder “Fast and Furious” scandal, we should have every right to fear that country. Mexico has always been a hell hole for violence, crime and death. I don’t think I would ever vacation there ever. I know some people who vacationed in Mexico before and I always thought they were nuts.

There’s a pretty good reason why we want illegals out of this country. There’s a pretty good reason why we want that wall. I’m not saying all Mexicans are dangerous but a lot of ’em are.

It’s real insane to me that liberals and some independent voters act like they are all wonderful people. There’s nothing racist about being scared for your life over violent and dangerous people. I hate all people who are dangerous and violent, I don’t care what their skin color or religion is. It’s crazy that we get called “racist” and “bigots” for these things. It’s crazy that the media protects violent criminals that are not white. I think all violent animals should be held accountable for their actions no matter what their skin color are. They all should receive the same punishment with the fullest extent of the law.

Illegal aliens are really scary and dangerous animals. I know I’m scared to death of these people and they certainly don’t deserve to live better lives than us also. Keep feeling sorry for these illegal aliens, libtards. They’ll come after you too, they don’t care what your political views are. They can come rob your home, kill your loved ones, rape your wives & daughters, they’ll bring drugs into your hometown, etc. These things can happen anywhere. Why do you think heroin and cocaine deaths are on the rise in this country? Where do you think the drugs come from?

It’s real crazy that a lot of people in this country are misinformed about illegal aliens. Keep feeling sorry for them, idiots. You’ll be sorry that you did. Trust me.


It’s funny that liberals pick on Trump supporters that boycott things that are against him, they’re the same people who don’t want anything to do with people who support him…

It’s funny and sometimes I don’t get it. Liberals pick on Trump supporters all the time for boycotting things and people who are against Trump. For example liberals make fun of us for boycotting companies like Macy’s, Netflix, Kellogg’s and companies like those for being against Trump. They also pick on us for boycotting award shows, the Hamilton play and music artists who are against Trump.

Yes, these are the same people who do most of the boycotting. They’ve threatened to boycott artists who has agreed to perform at Trump’s Inaugural concert like Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down. They also threatened boycott against singer, Jackie Evancho. They’ve threatened to boycott music artists who are Trump supporters like Kid Rock for example. The Under Armour CEO said some positive things about Trump and liberals are threatening to boycott Under Armour fitness gear like mad.

Liberals being hypocritical assholes like usual. I’ve gotten picked on by liberals for boycotting things but keep in mind these are the same fucking people who don’t want anything to do with Trump supporters. They blocked, delete Trump supporters and they bash the hell out of Trump supporters all the time still. Liberals are just butthurt crybabies, that is all.

We boycott companies and people who are against Trump ’cause it’s important that we show our loyalty to the guy. That’s a part of why we do all these things, ya know? Trump has our back, we have his. That’s pretty much how it goes. We were the ones that got Trump in the White House and we will do everything in our power to defend and protect the man.

If you want to boycott companies and famous people that are all for Trump like UnderArmour then by all means, be my guest. Being on that side is un-American and makes you look foolish. It makes you look like a butthurt crybaby ’cause you lost the election.

As far as UnderArmour goes, I’m a fan of that company. I’ve bought UnderArmour clothes for the gym. Since that company is ProTrump, I’ll continue to shop from them. I’m in desperate need of a gym bag so I’ll buy a UA gym bag next time I go to the mall.


Bruce Springsteen thinks we’re “embarrassed Americans” ’cause Donald Trump is our president… hey Bruce, we’re not embarrassed Americans at all… we all voted for Trump so shut the fuck up and sing, idiot!

This is why I’m totally done supporting Springsteen’s music. Excuse me, Bruce but we’re not embarrassed Americans at all ’cause “We The People” are the ones that voted Trump in office. Springsteen, just another brainwashed liberal crybaby. Another loser ramming his opinions down our throats and putting words in our mouths like he always is. The only Americans who are embarrassed that Trump is our president are those delusional liberals.

Springsteen is losing more and more respect as an artist. I used to love him but I’m so done. No more buying his music and I will never see him in concert either. He should take note from Lady Gaga and keep politics out of live shows.


Since Superbowl halftime performance, Lady Gaga music sales soar like crazy… will she keep politics out of music from now on?

Admittedly Lady Gaga did keep politics out of music at her Superbowl performance for the most part even though she managed to sneak a few things in, I’ll admit that she did do a good job keeping politics out of music. Will Gaga keep politics out of music from now on, now that her music sales are soaring like crazy?


I think it’s a possibility she will. You see in music, when you want to have a fan base you can’t divide your fan base to liberal vs. conservative if you know what I mean. We can’t have music like that. You need to attract music fans of all types regardless of political views so in order for a music artist to attract a lot of fans (all types of fans), you must keep politics out of music.

Who knows though, sooner or later Gaga keeping politics out of music won’t last and she could get back into her liberal bullshit soon enough, don’t be surprised. If Gaga wants respect as an artist she should keep politics out of music. Hear that Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young??? Yeah, I’m talking to both of you guys.

I’m even thinking about doing the same. Should I quit talking politics and focus on music? Might be a good idea and I almost thought about doing that in the past. You can’t attract listeners if you’re going to keep up the political bullshit. I probably won’t give up politics for good but I’ll try to simmer it down some. Not sure. Too many local bands and artists around the Albany area are pretty horrible with their liberal politics and I wish all of them would knock it the fuck off. Music is no place for politics.

I stopped supporting many famous bands ’cause they won’t cut their left-wing political garbage: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Springsteen, Neil Young, etc. Bands and artists that I used to love and admire. Not anymore, though.

I guess Gaga did make the point that artists should shut up and sing. If she can continue to keep politics out of music for good then she might win my respect back. I think she possibly will keep politics out of music now that her music sales are going sky high. Other music artists should take note. If you want to attract more listeners and more fans then stop the political bullshit. I’m kind of thinking about doing the same.



Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and others were paid by Soros to attack Trump during primary election… no surprise, there… #LockUpSoros

Well, this doesn’t surprise me at all… if you see people attacking the hell out of Trump then chances are, you can very well believe they were paid by someone to do it. Either paid by the Clintons or George Soros. Probably George Soros has been doing the most work, though.

George Soros, some 90 year old billionaire from Hungary wasting a lot of money paying people to attack Trump. Why would people accept his payment to attack Trump? Well, chances are the people hired by Soros were probably desperate for money ’cause they don’t have much of a career themselves. All these so-called Republicans/Conservatives being paid by Soros are RINOS (as in republicans who claim to be conservative but still having left-wing views, I think that’s what RINO means).


My question is doesn’t George Soros have better things to spend money on? He’s spending a lot of money on hiring people to attack Trump, Soros is paying for all these rioters to invade Trump rallies and Milo rallies, I bet he is also paying the mainstream media loads of money to have liberal bias, etc.

I’m sure Soros is paying Democrat Senator, Bernie Sanders loads of money to attack Trump. Even though most politicians stopped attacking Trump after election, Crazy Bernie is still going. It’s obvious he is being paid by Soros too, how do you think Bernie was able to afford that $600,000 Lake House?

George Soros is an evil prick and needs to be locked up. Why won’t Trump say something about Soros? If Trump wants to solve all his problems, he needs to lock up Soros in Federal Prison. Get rid of Soros then all attacks against Trump would stop.

Soros is a narcissist who thinks the world revolves around him. Why does Soros hates Trump so much? Yeah Soros and Trump are both billionaires but Trump’s career is more successful and more powerful than Soros, maybe that’s why Soros is mad. Soros wants the life that Trump has.



Interesting how everybody’s loving Lady Gaga all of a sudden…

While Lady Gaga did avoid politics for most of her Halftime performance, she still managed to sneak in a few things here and there. Other than the “This Land is Your Land” song, she also did the “Born This Way” promoting LGBT rights and equality. That was all, for the most part she did avoid politics. Why? Did she finally accept that Trump is our president? No. I think she still hates him.

Keep in mind, y’all that the Grammy’s are gonna be on this Sunday night and I’m sure she’s slated to perform the Grammy’s this Sunday and she’ll probably present an award too. I’m sure Gaga will go back to her usual left-wing political bullshit. She had to avoid politics mostly at the Superbowl so she can avoid a backlash from Trump supporters probably. Everyone’s on the internet going… “Yay, Gaga’s trying to bring everyone together in a positive way”… no. She only had to do that for the Superbowl and like I said, she’ll go back to her usual bullshit after the Superbowl is over. She’ll go back to hating Trump again, watch her.

What did I think of her halftime performance musically? Everybody’s saying how she rocked it and killed it but honestly I didn’t find it anything special. She’s just a typical pop star like the rest of them and I think the only reason the NFL had her on was so that they can try to make people have more respect to pop music. Not happening with me ’cause I hate most mainstream pop music. I used to like Gaga but stopped liking her. The music industry is getting a lot worse.

How about some real talent next year? I would like Metallica or Ac/Dc to perform Superbowl halftime next year or even better the reunited Guns N’ Roses would be cool too. Nope, the NFL will get another pop star next year. Who’s it gonna be next year? Justin Bieber? Jay-Z? Wouldn’t be surprised.


The MSM thinks”Liberalism” is for blacks and gays but they fail at that goal…

A lot of people out there are having a hard time seeing that there are black conservatives and gay conservatives out there in this country. It may not seem like it but yes, there are black conservatives and gay conservatives in this country. A lot of people think Liberalism is for blacks and gays but it’s not always going to be like that. Deal with it. Nobody knows about some blacks and some gays being “conservative” but they do exist.

That’s why liberals become so shocked and get all scared when they find out that there are black conservatives out there such as Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Sheriff Clarke, Pastor Mark Burns, Stacy Dash and others.

And there are gay conservatives out there … so far the most well-known gay conservative I can think of are Milo Yiannopoulos and Peter Thiel. Maybe throw in Caitlyn Jenner in that list too, I would think.

It’s funny ya know, whenever the left finds out there are black and gay conservatives… they can’t find a way to call them “racist” or “homophobes”. That’s why the media and liberals are calling Milo an “extremist”and “white nationalist” ’cause they can’t find a way to call him a “homophobe”. So they think of other ways to call him names and make him look bad.

The MSM tries to make “liberalism” just for a certain group of people but they fail at that goal ’cause there are all kinds of other people with all kinds of political views. The media needs to realize that not everyone sees the world the same way they do and it’s one of the reasons why we’re all getting fed up with their shit.

Media tries so hard to fight for peace and love for “blacks” but when a black guy happens to be a conservative, the media is like, “Oh no, he’s a bad person”. Then they waste all their time trying to smear him ’cause of his conservative views. Isn’t that kind of racist to bash a black person ’cause of his/her conservative views?

The same thing with the media and liberals that try to destroy Milo and Peter Thiel, isn’t that kind of homophobic?

This country makes it seem like that being “conservative” is like a bad thing. I try not to view myself as a “conservative” guy but I guess I am pretty conservative and quite proud of it, really. I’ve gotten treated badly by a lot of people ’cause of my conservative views, yes. Shame on the media, I totally blame it on them.

We don’t make fun of liberals for their intolerance for no reason. I used to have left-leaning views in the past during the Bush years but my views started to change when Obama became president. That’s when I became a conservative ’cause Barack Obama helped make me become one, lol. The way liberalism is now, I don’t want to see myself as a liberal at all. I feel sorry for liberals today. They’re all being brainwashed by the MSM which is sad to see. I try my best to tell liberals not to believe the MSM but sure enough, they don’t listen to me. It’s real sad that they only listen to the MSM and not real people like us.

Anyways, back to black and gay conservatives… not a lot of people know they exist ’cause the MSM refuses to let people know. Why? Because it’ll make liberalism look bad. They want to protect liberalism and make it look good most of the time. It’s messed up, I know. It’ll mess up their views of “race relations” and “equality” goals if they did let people know they exist.

A lot of people in facebook, man… they don’t know that Milo is gay. They know that Milo was supposed to host a speaking event at Berkeley but if the MSM said he is a gay conservative, that would have freaked out liberals in social networking. That’s why they’re silent on his orientation.

Our media is so corrupt and dishonest. Can’t you see it? If you take everything they say seriously then you’re not very smart at all.