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Libtards & Never Trumpers go after Trump for alleged bad treatment toward women but they don’t go after Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein for the same…

I’m sick of seeing how one-sided liberals really are and this is pretty much proof of it. They go after Trump for alleged bad treatment for women, and they even went after Trump for his locker room banter talk with Billy Bush — ya know, the “grabbing the pussy” stuff… blah blah blah and now here comes Harvey Weinstein all over the news over his sexual harassment allegations.

Famous conservatives gets in trouble for  alleged sexual harassment like Bill O’ Reilly, Sean Hannity and Roger Ailes for example, but liberals never say anything about Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. Liberals are completely silent about Harvey… the same goes for Hollywood celebrities. They’re not saying anything about it either.

Do liberals really care about the safety and well-being of women like these feminists claim? It seems that when a conservative is being accused of sexual harassment, that’s when they care about women, but they don’t care about women when liberals are getting accused.

It doesn’t surprise me about Harvey Weinstein, though. Hollywood is full of sexual predators all over. Sure Weinstein is a legendary film mogul, but still though, that guy is a total scum bag.

I’m betting my money that nothing will happen to Weinstein. Bill O’ Reilly was forced to step-down from his show and Roger Ailes was forced to step-down as CEO of FOX News before he passed ’cause of all these allegations. Will Weinstein get forced to step-down from his production companies like Miramax and the Weinstein Co.? No, nothing will happen to him since he’s Democrat and a liberal. Only conservative celebrities get in trouble nowadays. Pathetic.

Movie stars are quiet about the Harvey sexual harassment allegations ’cause that’ll be risky for their careers, and they probably don’t want to lose movie roles. No doubt, Harvey helped a lot of movie stars over the years.

One thing to keep in mind, though, that Harvey is best friends with Bill Clinton. They have been for years, that’s all you need to know about how guilty Harvey is.


Hillary just won’t quit crying about why she lost… just shut up already!!! Nobody cares!!!

Just like most people, I’m annoyed by this too. Hillary going on and on and on about why she lost. Jesus-fucking-christ, get the hell over it already ’cause nobody cares! Hillary had a string of interviews on TV all week and all interviews sounded pretty boring. Hillary giving the same monotonous interviews and can’t come up with anything new to talk about. We’re all getting fed up of Hillary, and we all want her to go away forever. There are even some democrats asking her to step out of the spotlight ’cause they merely don’t like her blaming her own party.

There’s no doubt that this woman has a huge ego problem and she’s a bit of a narcissist for sure. She doesn’t want people to know that she is hated by everyone, and that’s why she pays the media loads of money so they can make her look good all the time.

She lost ’cause she is one diabolical woman who only cares about herself and not the American people. Respect is earned and not begged for, Hillary; therefor, you didn’t earn that respect. We all look up to Donald Trump ’cause he earned our respect — that’s how it goes. Hillary lost ’cause she’s corrupt to the core, her attitude is horrible, she says negative things about American voters which is a turn off, and the big reason why she lost is that she watched 4 Americans get killed by terrorists in Benghazi.

Nobody cares about why Hillary lost. Why should we? She belongs in prison is where she needs to be. She’s not the Queen of England or anything, and she obviously thinks she is. We’re all tired of her shit. If you’re a Hillary voter, and if you still like her then you have problems too.


Hillary reignites feud with Bernie in her new book… oh wow… here we go…

So Bernie Sanders got robbed by the DNC of the Democratic nomination, and then he was forced to team up with Hillary to try and take down Donald Trump. No doubt, Bernie was forced to join the Hillary campaign so he can help her win the 2016 elections; however, Bernie failed miserably at that. In Hillary’s new upcoming book, she ripped him for it so I take it that this Bernie vs. Hillary is back on? Apparently so!


Truthfully, Hillary never liked Bernie at all. She just used him to help her win the election. She’s now blaming him for her losing and accusing him of inspiring the “Crooked Hillary” nickname. LMAO! Hillary blames everything; she comes up with one excuse after another. This woman needs a lot of psychological help for sure. She’s all about herself, and it’s incredible how conceited she can be.

Hey Hillary, Bernie did not inspire the “Crooked Hillary” nickname. The American people called you that ’cause that’s exactly what you are, you stupid bitch. Everyone hates you Hillary and we all want you to go away forever. You get called “Crooked Hillary” ’cause you are nothing but a fuckin’ crook. You belong in prison. We’re all fed up with you… even many on the left hates you.

I’m no Bernie fan, but no doubt that he is being controlled by the Clintons and possibly by Obama too.




FBI gives Crooked Hillary a free pass again but you wouldn’t believe the reason why…

Uggghhhhh, this is so unreal. Fucking ridiculous. There’s a guy by the name of Ty Clevenger who was trying to get FBI files released about Hillary Clinton but the FBI refused and tried justifying their reason due to lack of public interest.


Ummmmm, that’s freakin’g bullshit. Isn’t interesting enough to the public, really? Last time I checked, jailing Hillary was a vital campaign promise of the Trump presidency. Us Trump supporters didn’t chant “Lock Her Up” for no reason. People wore “Hillary for Prison 2016” t-shirts for no reason either. There was public interest all over. We all want her to be held accountable for her actions. The FBI is lying for sure.

The FBI giving Hillary a free pass again even with James Comey being gone. I don’t know why so many are afraid to hold the Clintons accountable. Like most, I’m so tired of them getting away with shit. Who cares about Hillary. Let her rot and let her suffer for all I care. She lost the election ’cause she’s a hateful and evil bitch.


WTF??? Loser Hillary to release new book titled, “What Happened” in Sept. of this year… lmao…

Well… at least Hillary’s next book won’t have her ugly face on the front cover this time. Loser Hillary is set to release a new book titled, “What Happened”, a new tell-all book of her giving details of what it’s like to run for president. In other words, I’m sure this book will be nothing but full of whining and her pointing fingers at people like usual. I’m also sure the book will be full of Trump bashing. *yawn*

Hillary will never get over losing; and she will never get the hint that no one likes her. The people on the right-wing community hates her guts and even many on the left hates her guts. The only people who still love Hillary are those delusional die-hard leftists and there aren’t many of those people out there so it’ll be interesting to see how this book sells. I am predicting that this book will get quickly thrown in the bargain bin just like Hillary’s last book, “Hard Choices”.


Yeah, I read a lot of books on politics; but I refuse to read anything by Loser Hillary. I would much rather read these books on politics instead: Milo’s “Dangerous”, Mark Levin “Rediscovering Americanism”, Newt Gingrich “Understanding Trump”, Sharyl Attkisson “The Smear” and Dinesh D’ Souza’s new upcoming book, “The Big Lie”. If you want to read books on politics, read stuff like those. Don’t read any books by die-hard leftists. I’m actually interested in reading Milo’s book and will buy it soon.

Anyhow, FUCK HILLARY! I wish this evil cunt of a woman would go away forever. What happened is that the American people have spoken. We wanted Trump as president so we got him. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?


So John McCain has brain tumor… does Hillary Clinton have the same thing???

While my heart goes out to John McCain and prayers goes out to his friends and family, I’m going to point out of the fact that the media keeps ignoring that Hillary has health problems as well.

The news of McCain having brain tumor doesn’t surprise me really ’cause the man hasn’t been himself lately. He also hasn’t been looking too good lately either. Anyway, does Hillary have the same thing? Does she have brain tumor/brain cancer herself? Above is a video compilation of her strange mannerisms throughout the campaign trail. Hillary violently shaking her head up and down for no reason, bad speaking skills, coughing, collapsing for no reason, very slow walking, standing next to a stool on stage so she can grab on to something in case she falls, etc. I can go on and on.

If the media is capable of being honest about McCain’s health then why won’t they be real about Hillary’s? That woman has been looking horrible for the past year and her health is getting worse… yet she continues to stay in the public eye and keeping herself in politics. She won’t leave public life ’cause this woman is such a narcissist. She loves the attention and she’s desperate to become president no matter the condition she’s in.

Why is the media so secretive about her health? What do they have to hide? We all know there’s something wrong with her. They aren’t fooling anyone. Do you notice that the media are always realistic about the health problems of Republican politicians but they refuse to be realistic on Democrats health problems? They’re secretive on the health problems of all Democratic politicians. No doubt, there is something wrong with Barack Obama, he’s looking too skinny, his speaking voice is getting horrible and his face doesn’t look good lately. Bill Clinton isn’t look good either so is there something wrong with him as well? The media even covered up Harry Reid’s health problems about his eye.

Anyhow, back to John McCain… I wish him well and hope he gets a speedy recovery. I’m not a big fan of his politics anymore like I used to be but he still has my respect. I remember voting for him in the 2008 elections when he ran against Obama.


Hillary blamed her own party and the NY Times for her loss… yet Fake News MSM continues to kiss her ass…


Hillary still can’t get over it. Playing the blame game. She wants to blame everyone and everything. One excuse after another. When most candidates lose President elections, they don’t whine like a baby. Never before have I seen someone who won’t accept a loss. Most presidential candidates over the years who lose elections, just moves on and forgets about it but not Hillary. This cunt wants to blame everyone and everything when she can’t get the hint no one likes her. Even many on the left don’t even like her.

It’s funny that she even blamed her own party and The New York Times, yet the liberal Fake News MSM continues to kiss her ass and be a lapdog for her. Like most, I’m so tired of Hillary and wish she would go away for ever and ever.

Anyone who finds Hillary a likeable person has all kinds of mental problems themselves. If you find Hillary a likeable person, well you probably watch CNN, NBC and all that crap.

The reasons we didn’t vote for Hillary in 2016, the real reasons she lost the election:

  • Benghazi
  • The private e-mail server
  • She’s the most scandalous person ever
  • She’s a liar, a cunt, a vile and evil person

There, that’s it.

Hillary lost, Donald won. Unfortunately, the snowflakes hasn’t gotten over it yet.


Are the Clintons paying the media lots of money to make them look good and to make Donald Trump look bad? It’s obvious I must say…

It’s interesting how the media can’t think of one thing to criticize Hillary about. They don’t want to say anything negative about her at all for some reason. Everything the mainstream media says about Hillary is something positive. Whenever Hillary is in trouble for something, the media will be quick to defend her and protect her every time. Media obviously treats her like the queen. It’s really pathetic.

The way I look at all of this is, I really do believe that the Clintons are paying the MSM loads of money to make them look good when they aren’t really. If the media wasn’t getting paid then the Clintons would have gotten loads of negative criticism by the media and that’s what they wanted to avoid. I believe that Hillary Clinton is a huge narcissist and egomaniac. The woman loves herself too much. Everyone wants to accuse Donald Trump of being an egomaniac but I disagree. The egomaniac is no one other than Hillary.

How? Well, the bitch thinks she’s above the law for one. She thinks she can commit gov. crimes and get away with them all. She’s also one of the biggest liars ever. She would do or say anything to make herself look good and would say anything to protect herself. She also wants the presidency for herself and herself only. She can’t accept that she lost, making one excuse after another as for why she lost. She can’t get the hint that no one likes her. The media can’t get the hint either but they want to force us to believe that she’s a sweetheart when we are not buying that shit at all.

Hillary is an evil cunt and wish she would go away forever. Anybody who actually likes her has a lot of mental problems themselves.


The mainstream media has been “Fake News” long before Trump became president… “Fake News” started because of Obama…

While it’s nice that a lot of people finally woke up about the mainstream media (or MSM), I knew that the MSM was fake long before Trump became president. The MSM has been “Fake News” ever since Obama got elected in 2008.  I even knew back then I couldn’t trust the media. The media has been trying to make liberal politicians look like they’re good people when they’re not.

They tried to make Obama look like an authentic person when he’s not. The media helped elected Obama when we never knew much about him. His birth certificate is fake and yes, it already has been proven many times that the media ignored. Obama has loads of sealed records that we can’t see and he won’t release. We don’t even know if Barack Obama/Barry Sotero are his real names either. We never knew anything about the guy but the media helped elect him anyways. Obama is not the guy that the media tries to make him out to be.

The media has already been “Fake News” for almost a decade now. For the 2016 elections, they tried to do that with Hillary. Tried to make her look like a good person when she’s not really but this time America woke up and they failed to get Hillary elected. Most Americans finally woke up and didn’t fall for their bullshit.

You guys know that I’ve been bashing the media for a long long time and I still can’t stand the media now. I don’t watch the news on TV anymore and don’t even read the papers. Mostly all liberal biased garbage.

It’s nice to see that America has finally woken up about the media:


I’ve been trying to warn you guys about the media for a long time but all you guys did was laugh at my face and continued to believe everything they say. NBC, CNN, The WaPost, The NYTimes, Media Matters, etc. Seriously, ya’ll STOP following that garbage. The news lost all credibility. There aren’t real journalists anymore except for a few of them. There are still real journalists around like Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, I consider that credible news and of course, we have Wikileaks. There’s a few real journalists left on FOX News too like Sean Hannity who’s in trouble by the left over the Seth Rich investigation. Hannity’s the real deal, always liked that guy. I trust Matt Drudge and Wikileaks more than anything, though. They report real news without the bias.

The media sucks, always did. They have gotten much worse under Trump as president, though.

I’m not lying when I say that I don’t watch the news on TV anymore. I don’t watch that much TV anyways. The only stuff I watch on TV are stuff on Netflix, WWE Network and I watch WWE RAW on Monday nights. I also watch movies on BluRay and play video games too. I don’t watch a whole lot of cable TV ’cause it’s all junk mostly. I spend most of my time playing guitar and making music anyways. That’s what I prefer to do more.

It’s real sad that many out there continue to watch the news on TV and actually takes them seriously. What will it take to end the liberal bias garbage in news reporting? It’s getting out of hand and so sick of it.

America wants fair and honest reporting, that’s why most of us go to the Drudge Report, Wikileaks and Sean Hannity. They are the real deal. Screw everything else. Yeah, even Breitbart News is getting bad.


While Fake News Media is obsessed with Trump’s twitter, President Trump finally posted a tweet that the media will not like!!!

There, take that Fake News MSM you bunch of douchebags! The real President Trump is back!

Fake News MSM maybe obsessed with Trump’s twitter bashing almost every tweet he posts, Trump just posted a tweet that the media will ignore for sure. Media and Congress wants to investigate him, why isn’t Obama & Hillary being investigated for their gov. crimes???

Media wants to investigate Trump for crimes that are made up and didn’t even happen but the crimes of Hillary & Obama did happen. Big difference. Obama & Hillary both have loads of gov. crimes most notably Benghazi.

If Trump wants to solve all of his problems, he needs to lock up Obama & Hillary ’cause they are the ones that are trying to take him down.

Obama needs to be investigated for his fake birth certificate too. While I love Trump and all, I disagree with him moving on from the birth certificate thing.