BREAKING NEWS: Cedars-Sinai Hospital fined for Quaid’s twins screw up…

While actor Dennis Quaid and his family never filed a lawsuit against Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, that still didn’t stop the state of California for fining them. The Los Angeles hospital has been fined for giving overdoses of a blood thinner to three newborn babies including Quaid’s twins.

More on it here:

Christina Aguilera and Halle Berry are probably thinking they just made a mistake that they delivered their babies at that crap hospital. Famous women should never give birth to babies there ever again.

I wonder if Cedars-Sinai getting fined was all Governor Ah-nuld’s decision.

“Those stupid pricks will pay for what they did to my friend Dennis Quaid”, Arnold says in movie mode. “They shall not mess with my hollywood friends, hasta la vista, baby.”

Dennis Quaid just released “Vantage Point” in theaters now, and he is currently filming the movie “G.I. Joe” playing the character General Hawk.


Thought: Amy Winehouse nude pic for “Easy Living” magazine…

I found it, you can find ’em in various links when you google it…she only posed for 1 nude pic, not for an entire pictorial, they don’t show her nipples and they don’t show her bare pussy:

Again, she looks beautiful. Blake must love banging her before he went to prison.

You see, women don’t have to be “supermodel” perfect, and everyone expects to see stuff like that online.

Not with me. Perfect women with perfect skin, perfect implanted boobs, etc. is a turn off for me. I like the real amatuer women.

With celebrities posing nude for charity, I think they just want to prove that celebrity women aren’t perfect looking that the public thinks they are, end of story.


Report: Stallone gearing up for Rambo V…

It’s confirmed. Sylvester Stallone is gearing up for another Rambo, yes a Rambo V will be coming. Stages in Bulgaria are being expanded to prepare for the next Rambo movie. Sly says he wants to take the next Rambo to a different genre. It’ll have action in it of course, ’cause it can’t be a Rambo film with no hardcore action, but Sly wants this one to have a different feel, something that hasn’t already been done.

Sly says Rambo V will NOT be a war movie.

Aint It Cool reports:

I’m happy Sly confirmed another Rambo. Glad he’s doing another one. After seeing “Rambo” (2oo8) as pictured above, I want to see more, more, more, and more!

What genre will Sly take Rambo in?

Will Sly turn Rambo into a romantic film? Rambo falls in love with a woman and gets married?

Rambo will not be turned into a comedy ’cause that won’t work.

The only genres I can see Sly turning Rambo in is maybe either a horror film, sci-fi, or a thriller. Rambo battling against monsters and aliens would be kind of cool, I guess.

On top of that, I don’t want Sly working on Rambo V right away though, I really want him to do “Death Wish” next. Come on Sly! Get back home to do your next movie! You have a number of die hard fans waiting for your next film already!!!!


Report: Maxim magazine slams Sarah Jessica Parker…

“Sex in the City’s” Sarah Jessica Parker shoots back at Maxim magazine and their reader’s for voting her “The Unsexiest Woman Alive” in a poll last year.  Sarah says that she doesn’t have fake boobs, doesn’t use botox and big lips like most women have in Maxim magazine.

More on it here:

Maxim magazine continues to show how much worse they get. That “Unsexiest Woman” shouldn’t even be a category in the poll, it’s very insulting to all women out there.

Not all women in this world are perfect. And do you think those women who do pictorials in Maxim are really perfect looking like that? Hell NO!

I’m on Sarah’s side on this one.

First Maxim screws with the Black Crowes, and now Sarah Jessica Parker!

Please BOYCOTT Maxim magazine!


Report: George Clooney wants Amy Winehouse….

Actor George Clooney is in negotiations with Amy Winehouse for her to perform live at Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Institute in New York City on May 5th. She has been offered a $1 Million Dollar deal by Giorgio Armani who is hosting the bash, Giorgio asked George Clooney and Julia Roberts to talk Amy Winehouse into confirming the gig. It’s most likely Amy will play the gig.

It’s great to see Amy get more support from people, just shows that the world loves Amy and wants to help her every step of the way.


Report: Amy Winehouse posed nude for charity for “Easy Living” magazine…

Look like Linsday Lohan inspires other celebrity women to pose nude for charity for non-porn magazines. Consider Amy Winehouse to be next. Amy Winehouse has just posed for a nude pictorial for “Easy Living” magazine. “Easy Living” magazine is NOT an adult porn magazine, it is strictly a magazine for fashion, cooking, beauty, and the like. The magazine will post an issue about “Breast Cancer”. The Amy Winehouse nude pics aren’t released to the public yet but when it does, I’ll post the link, because I know some die hard Amy fans are going to leak her nude photoshoot to the internet at some point.

Singer, Sade and actress Helena Bonham Carter will also pose nude for “Breast Cancer” charity for “Easy Living” magazine.

And to learn more about Easy Living magazine, go here:

There is absolutely nothing “wrong” with people wanting to pose naked to the public. If you’re proud of how your naked body looks or if you’re not proud and want to get feedback from the public, don’t be afraid to show it all off! If you’re into that type of thing, have fun with it and get into it!

As long as it’s legal and as long as it’s in their consent, go for it. It’s a good thing to be naked and free.


Thought: Speaking of Eastwood’s Gran Torino…the return of Dirty Harry? OMG!!!!


In the Variety article I posted about Clint Eastwood’s movie “Gran Torino” that he will direct and star the lead in, notice how the article said the plot and story is under wraps, which means they are keeping everything a secret. Which means it could be a huge surprise.

Does this mean that Eastwood is bringing back his iconic character Dirty Harry to the big screen for one last time?

A Gran Torino is a car made back in the 70’s, similar to the ones that Dirty Harry drove in those movies…

Check out the cars here:

Aint It Cool just brought up the story:

OH MY FUCKING GOD! Please CLINT make it be true!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit!!!!

Look like Clint has been following the footsteps of “Rocky”, “Rambo”, and “Indy” coming back for one last time. 🙂

Clint back into action movies for one last time? If Harrison Ford and Sly Stallone can do it, why can’t Dirty Harry!


Report: John Singleton’s “The A-Team” remake gets a release date…

20th Century Fox has just confirmed a release date for “The A-Team” remake which will be helmed by John Singleton, the movie will be released June 12th in 2009. John Singleton is really dying to have Woody Harrelson play the role of Murdock. And I agree, Woody Harrelson is a perfect choice for Murdock since the two men look almost exactly alike.

Singleton says the script is completed and finalized. The A-Team script is written by the same guys who wrote the movie “3:10 To Yuma”. The film will NOT be a comedy/action like “Starsky and Hutch”. Singleton wants “The A-Team Movie” to be a strictly action flick like how the 80’s action movies were.

No one has been casted in the “A-Team” remake yet, it’s just that Singleton’s first choice for Murdock is Woody Harrelson. As once reported on MTV Movies Blog, Woody Harrelson already talked with John Singleton about it but has not signed with him yet.

It was rumoured that Ice Cube may play the role of B.A. Baracus taking over Mr. T. Ice Cube ain’t a bad choice either.

I’m still wondering who will be good for “Faceman” Peck and Hannibal. Finding an actor for “Faceman” won’t be too hard but it might be tough to find someone for Hannibal.  For Hannibal, they gotta find an actor to match the white hair and that unique smile with that cigar.

For “Faceman” Peck I’d say give that role to Steve Carrell.

Steve Martin for Hannibal maybe?


NEW: See the trailer for “Superhero Movie” here…

Finally, the trailer for “Superhero Movie” starring Leslie Nielsen, Pamela Anderson, and Brent Spiner (Data from “Star Trek: TNG”) has made it’s way to the internet. It actually looks kinda cool and entertaining. I’ll still see it, just not in theater. I’ll definitely wait for DVD rental on this one.

Yes, Brent Spiner is in the trailer. He’s the guy with the very white hair, glasses, the one showing the dragonfly, that’s Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. 🙂


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