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Should transgenders be allowed to compete in powerlifting? No definitely not…

There’s an interesting debate in the powerlifting community on the internet that blew up this week. The story going around that trans-woman (or man, whatever this person is), JayCee Cooper tried to register for USAPL in hopes of competing in their meets but his registration was denied by USAPL simply because he’s a transgender woman or a man pretending to be a “woman”. Sorry, I’m calling this person what he really is.

Of course, there are some mixed opinions on this. There are some that agree that transgenders shouldn’t be allowed to participate in powerlifting competitions and there are some that think they should be allowed. From w hat I’m seeing, it’s mostly die-hard liberals, feminists and the LGBT community opposing USAPL on banning transgenders.

Predictably, these liberals, feminists and LGBT people are trying all they can to destroy the USAPL’s reputation by accusing them of changing the rules after this Jaycee Cooper complained.

Whenever someone wants to side with USAPL on their decision to ban transgenders, the hardcore left will slam them for it. They tell the truth that competitors should compete in their own genders that they were originally born as, these leftists would attack them and defend the transgenders.

Read these articles to see what’s going on:

I think USAPL did a smart move. I’m totally siding with them. Why would you want to have a man pretending to be a woman competing in a powerlifting meet? It’s fuckin’ silly if you ask me. There’s a pretty good reason why there are “men” and “women’s” divisions to keep genders separate. A man in the women’s division lifting way heavier weights than the rest of the women, that would be unfair for the other women in the division and it would make all the male competitors look bad. Seriously, why would you want to see a muscled up men in a women’s singlet, wearing make-up lifting heavier weights than everyone else? A man winning all the top awards in the women’s division would be unfair and it’s totally cheating for sure. That’s why USAPL are against this. They are smart and finally some common sense for once.

If you’re a man pretending to be a woman, that’s fine. That is your business, NOT mine but when you want to come in a powerlifting meet and compete in the women’s division that’s a problem. How silly would it be when most women in the powerlifting meets can only bench like 200 lbs or a little over and then you have a transgender woman benching over 500 lbs?

I really hope the USAPL sticks to their guns and doesn’t cave into the leftist and LGBT community. The LGBT community are going to fight this pretty hard and they already are ’cause there is an online petition going around hoping to get them to lift this ban.

I was thinking about registering to the USAPL pretty soon so I can compete in their local meets myself and I probably will but if they cave to the pc police then I might change my mind. Die-hard leftists want to ruin everything for everyone nowadays.



Reasons why you shouldn’t test your 1 rep maxes on the big three lifts each time you hit the gym…

One biggest mistake I made in powerlifting training is maxing out too often. I was told by another experienced powerlifter that maxing out every week is bad. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how often you should max out is that you should max out on the big three lifts for once like every 6  – 12 weeks. What powerlifters do is that they train for reps. for a long while and then they’ll pick a p.r. day for the big three lifts sometime later. That’s how they prepare for powerlifting meets.

You don’t want to do a one rep max every week for a few reasons:

  • Could lead to some pretty serious injuries or worse could lead to death.
  • Lifting heavy one rep maxes every week fires up your CNS (Central Nervous System) which isn’t good.
  • Makes you more weaker and more fatigue. If you wonder why your pr’s either have gone down or stays the same each week this is why. You want your pr’s to keep going up, not going down or staying the same.

I’ve been noticing that the reason why my pr’s haven’t been going up is probably ’cause I was maxing out too often… every week I hit the gym. Not good. I’m not going to max out on the big three lifts for a while. I’ll max out again like maybe in a few weeks. For now, I’ll continue to train for strength until I max out again in a few weeks to find out what my pr’s are.

I only hit a 300 lb. deadlift once and I’m hoping to hit that number again. That’s the number that I plan to hit at my next powerlifting meet at Albany Strength at the end of March. If I want to achieve that goal then I need to max out less and less and I plan to do exactly that… right away… starting now. Before that meet at the end of March, I’ll probably only max out the big three lifts once and that it.

I’ve learned how to “peak” and “taper” before a meet. It’s what powerlifters do so they can lose more fatigue before a meet. I want to be at my best at this next meet. Before the next meet, I don’t want to be all beat up and worn out so I’ll probably end up taking a full week off of the gym on meet week so I can be all rested up and ready to go.

I’m hoping to deadlift 300 lbs. or a little more at the next meet. I want to go all in and put on a fucking show so I need to come up with a plan so I can be ready. Uggghh, man I hope I can deadlift 300 lbs. again ’cause when I did it that one time, it felt awesome. I want to pull that lift at the meet so I can impress people and blow people away.

When will I max out and test my pr on the big three lifts again? Probably sometime next month, in the middle of February. After that I’m not gonna max out again until meet day. I want to give myself plenty of time so I can lose fatigue and all that stuff. Be full of energy on meet day and just go in there and smoke it.

I’ve done two powerlifting meets and both of them were a blast. I’m getting excited for the next one too. Powerlifting is a lot of fun and lifting heavy things can get quite addicting. I can see why the sport is getting so popular and the sport keeps getting bigger and bigger.



More on testing out my 1 rep max in powerlifting…

I was just doing some googling on how often you should test out your 1 rep maxes in the gym and come across this great paragraph from the article below:

And don’t try for a new one-rep max every time you hit the gym. Give muscles plenty of time to recover and strengthen. Different programs call for varied numbers of one-rep max tests in a single day, but it is not often that more than three tests are performed in a single session. Consider performing tests every six to 12 weeks, or as your program deems necessary. And remember: Bigger gains in strength will be made as a beginner than at any other point in a strength training “career.” Don’t be discouraged — getting stronger is a tortoise’s game, not a hare’s .

Testing out my 1 rep maxes for my personal records on the big three lifts: deadlift, bench and squats for every six weeks sounds like a good idea! I need to give my muscles plenty of time to recover and rest. I’ll wait 6 weeks to do my next pr’s and who knows, my pr’s for all 3 lifts will go up even more! Throughout those 6 weeks, I’ll just do my regular training on those three lifts for reps but not test my pr for a while.

Last time I tested out my pr on deadlift was the big 300 lb. which was two weeks ago, I think. So I won’t max out on deadlift again for the next 4 or 5 weeks. Sounds like a good idea.

I’ve also been reading a lot about powerlifting training through google today. Through google, I’ve been reading about “peaking” your pr’s before meet day. What that means is on week 4 before meet day, you do your heaviest lifts and then you drop weights down for the next three weeks so you won’t feel fatigue and beat up before meet day. Which is a good idea. I want to hit the big lifts on deadlift for meet day and I don’t want to miss the big ones so I need to learn how to “peak”. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on “peaking” the pr’s and it sounds useful.

If I want to become a great powerlifter, meaning become one of the greats, winning a lot of respect and be looked up to by a lot of people… I need to learn how to do powerlifting smart and carefully. Less is more to build more strength and to hit those bigger pr’s.

I’ll admit that maxing out my pr’s every week was dumb and I’m gonna stop that immediately. I’m new to powerlifting so I got a lot to learn.

Also, I’ve got to stop cutting and stop losing pounds ’cause I’m noticing I’m losing a few pounds by eating less calories and doing a lot of cardio. If I want to hit the big pr’s, I’ll need to bulk up. Since it’s getting closer to meet time (2 months away), I gotta eat more and put a few more pounds on me. I’ll start doing that now. Maybe I should do bulking and cutting when it comes to powerlifting.

My goal is to become a great powerlifter and I’m confident enough to say that. I really love the sport and glad I discovered it. Wished I discovered it a long time ago.


The rest of liberal Hollywoood must be shitting in their pants after hearing about Sly Stallone visiting the White House today…


Dear liberal Hollywood,

This is how you treat the president. Treat them with respect and gratitude. While most celebs are awful, Sly is one of the few good ones with an actual brain. You hear that, Robert Deniro?

Sly is a good man. He’s just one of those that doesn’t go around hating other people ’cause he’s better than that. Sure, I’m sure Sly doesn’t agree with some of Trump’s political views but he’s smart enough to treat him with respect and gratitude anyways.

Sly’s looking very happy, though, you can tell. Jack Johnson getting a pardon by the President was long overdue. Barack Obama was asked to do it in the past but refused. If it wasn’t for Sly, this wouldn’t have happened.

There was a time where Trump asked Sly to work for a position in his admin. but Sly refused. Trump and Stallone still remain friends as you can see here.

Most of Hollywood must be pissed as fuck at Sly for this but fuck ’em, though.


Sylvester Stallone was at the White House today to meet with President Trump about pardoning legendary fighter Jack Johnson (the fighter, not the singer)…

This is pretty cool. While taking a break from filming “Creed 2” in Philly, Sly takes a trip to Washington D.C. to meet President Trump about pardoning legendary fighter, Jack Johnson. The legendary fighter, not the singer. Trump just pardoned the famous boxer today.

What was fighter Jack Johnson in trouble for? Well he was arrested twice for crossing a white woman across state lines and it was against the Jim Crow laws at the time. Johnson was in a romantic relationship with a white woman named Lucille Cameron at the time. Johnson died at the age of 68 in the year of 1878. Johnson was also the first black world heavyweight champion in boxing.

Looking at the picture above, Sly looks very excited. It’s no secret that Sly is a huge Trump supporter which makes me an even bigger fan of Sly.

When is the Sly and Trump oval office photo coming? I’m sure it’s coming sooner or later.


Vince McMahon is trying to save football, he knows it’s a dying industry…


When Vince McMahon came up with the idea of the XFL around the year 2000, I remember watching it on TV for a little bit. The games got interesting for a while then I stopped watching ’cause they gotten kind of awful and boring. No surprise to see that the XFL failed, but Vince is officially bringing it back in 2020.

I just watched Vince’s press conference about it earlier this afternoon and it was interesting. Already, the media started pressuring him about football players kneeling for the anthem and the flag and all that stuff. Vince vows that none of that is gonna happen. Vince says there will be a set of rules and all that stuff which will be good.

It seems that Vince is a die-hard fan of football and he loves the sport. He sees all this stuff going on at the NFL and Vince is probably like, “I can save football. I can do this”. NFL TV ratings declining and ticket sales at NFL stadiums are declining too ’cause all this kneeling.

Many WWE fans are saying that the XFL will fail again like the last time but I don’t think so. NFL is about to say RIP and go out of business soon. The XFL will be your replacement. The NFL has been about politics and social issues and Vince doesn’t want any of that stuff in the XFL. Simply put, Vince is saying that if you want to play football in his league… stand for the flag and if you don’t, you’re gone. Hear that Roger Goodell?

Vince says the new XFL will be much different than the previous XFL that aired back in 2000. It will be yet again, another revival and new look. New rules in the games and all that stuff. Could the XFL take over the spotlight of the NFL? I think it could yes. Those who refuses to watch the NFL over all the kneeling will probably switch to XFL.

Hopefully the new XFL does well next time and I think it will do well. Vince will learn from his mistakes of what went wrong the first time and if he doesn’t mess up, the XFL could explode.

This also means that Vince might have to stop being in charge of WWE ’cause XFL is gonna keep him busy. I’m sure Triple H and Steph will take over control of WWE while Vince is doing his XFL stuff.

Vince has balls for this, though. When I saw that press conference, he seemed very passionate and serious about this. If Vince wants to do something, he does it. The man is no joke. It’s not about the money for him at all. He wants to bring good football back for the fans and trying to save the industry.

I wish Vince good luck on this. I really do.


One thing that the NFL “Take The Knee” thing proved is that liberals hate America, something that we’ve known all along!

It’s no surprise to me really that liberals and NeverTrumpers defending the NFL’s right to “Take The Knee”, or defend their right to refuse to stand for “The National Anthem/American Flag”. Over the years, liberals have shown plenty of signs that they hate America but it hasn’t been proven until now. Liberals are now out of the closet as “Anti-America”. Liberals raging against President Trump’s comments on twitter to all this just shows liberals’ hate for America even more. Liberals showing their true colors. Liberals making a fool of themselves.

All of this is incredible and sad at the same time. The media and liberals trying to make it acceptable to hate America which is what they’re trying to do. The left’s mission: “Make it cool to hate America, make it bad to love America”. Notice what’s going on here? Liberals love others who disrespect America, but they show all kinds of hate toward conservatives who love America. That’s a big sign that liberals hate America ’cause they’re always hating on those American loving patriots like me. Another clue to tell that liberals hate America is that they always side with left-wing politicians who wants to make America look bad like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc.

Yep, liberals hating America finally proven, indeed. Thanks to President Trump for exposing all the America haters.. It’s real sad what professional sports have become. Ah well, fuck the NFL… they’re nothing but drunks, steroid junkies and woman beaters anyways.

I will always love America. I don’t care what the haters think. Love my country and my home. Get pissed off all you want to but I will always stand for the flag.


Thoughts on NFL players and other sports refusing to stand to National Anthem…

I’m sure some of you are wondering my thoughts about this whole thing are — NFL stars and other sports refusing to stand for National Anthem. Well, it is definitely something that I abhor for sure, and it is something that nobody should condone. Refusing to stand for the Flag is an affront to those who love America, and it’s an affront to those men & women in uniform who fought for our country over the years. Sports players that do this is a pretty despicable act for sure. They should feel ashamed of themselves, and liberals who defend them should feel ashamed of themselves as well.

Ya know, when liberals defend them, all that is doing is showing their hatred for this country more and more. It’s no surprise to see liberals siding with sports stars who take the knee. Of course, they whine, play innocent victim and scream, “Freedom of Speech” but we also have the “Freedom of Speech” to call you on it. Try to remember that “Freedom of Speech” works both ways, but like usual people keep thinking that “Freedom of Speech” is a one-way street.

Ah well, I stopped watching the NFL a long time ago, so I don’t really need to boycott ’cause I already did. I don’t watch sports on TV at all anymore ’cause I think sports are boring and overrated. I don’t understand the point of getting paid millions to run around with a ball, cars driving around in circles, ice skating around a rink, etc. People find all that fun? That’s not my idea of fun. I got better things to do than watch hours and hours of sports on TV. I would much rather watch pro wrestling, movies and TV shows on TV. Fuck sports. Although, I don’t watch sports, I will always stand up for America and the Flag. I will speak out about it whenever our Flag and our country is being disrespected.

The NFL ratings have gone down, and I’ve noticed the audience at NFL games are getting smaller and smaller too. Interesting how that works, right? If they keep this up, they’ll soon say R.I.P. The NFL will soon come to an end ’cause no one will watch anymore ’cause the NFL is pretty anti-American.

This is sad. The NFL is now equivalent with Hollywood. Just a bunch of liberal anti-American SJW’s just like Hollywood celebrities. Instead of holding sports players accountable they get defended by NFL officials which is sad.

I usually watch the Superbowl every year but I skipped last year’s Superbowl. Didn’t watch it at all… simply because they won’t stay out of politics is the reason. I’ll skip this year’s Superbowl too.

Respect the Flag and the National Anthem… when you don’t, it shows that you hate the country. If you don’t like it here then leave. Nobody’s asking you to stay here.


Video: Proof that the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight was rigged?

Everybody on the internet is still debating the “McGregor vs. Mayweather” fight. There are those that believe that the fight was real & legitimate and there are those who believe the fight was rigged/fake.

The fight really was rigged. It was rigged from the get-go; it was easy for me to figure out. There’s a pretty good reason why Conor never did one of his hard-punches that the guy is known for — maybe it’s because he wasn’t allowed to? It seemed to me the whole fight was scripted, planned out beforehand and orchestrated. The proof is in the video above.

Everybody wants to believe that McGregor was a pussy and didn’t have a chance to beat Floyd but maybe that was the fight’s intention all-along? McGregor was willing to lose and was willing to make himself look like he couldn’t beat Floyd. They were definitely fake fighting for sure. Conor through a bunch of jabs at Floyd but they barely hit him.

I tell ya if this was a real fight then it would have been a bloodbath. Floyd would have had some cuts on his face and a black eye — maybe Conor would have been a bloody mess too. Conor’s an MMA fighter… if this was a real fight then Conor would have been a lot more brutal on Floyd but it looks like Conor was secretly ordered to go easy on Floyd.

I agree with some that Floyd and Conor should take a rematch to the Octagon next time. Even Floyd himself challenged Conor to the Octagon so will Floyd follow through?

It’s interesting though that Conor and Floyd spent a couple of months trash talking each other — now it’s all over with, they love each other all of a sudden. Goes to show this whole thing is a work, absolutely.

It’s a shame to see that many won’t admit that Floyd is a fraud and always has been. He’s not a great boxer at all. This wasn’t the first time Floyd paid a lot of money to rig a fight ’cause I believe Floyd rigged his 49 other fights that he was undefeated for. I think many are afraid to say negative things about Floyd ’cause they’re afraid of the race card pretty much.

Regardless of your opinion of this fight, it is the most talked about fight in history. I remember the last most-talked about boxing match was when Mike Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear and I still remember that match too like it was yesterday. I watched that fight on ppv years back too.


Fuck boxing, that Mayweather vs. McGregor fight would have been better if it wasn’t rigged…

Yes, I watched that fight. I just couldn’t help myself but watch it out of curiosity. This fight really is the fight of the century. The fight got everyone talking. Even if people aren’t into boxing or MMA, the non-fans even got talking about it. Whether you agree with this fight or not, it is great publicity for both boxing & MMA — that can’t be denied.

Anyways, about my thoughts on last night’s ppv… I thought the undercard fights were good except for the second one: Nathan Cleverly vs. Badou Jack (aka Jack the Ripper). That fight was bullshit ’cause even though Jack was winning the fight, Cleverly was still trying to fight but the ref called for the bell and ended the fight anyways. That was dumb. So that gives you a little clue of what’s about to happen later on during the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight.

I thought the other two undercard fights were pretty good, though.

As far as the big main event goes: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor — everyone’s praising that fight saying both men did a great job and more people are giving both men more respect. Really? That fight was actually mediocre at best.

From what I’ve seen, Conor was actually kickin’ ass and doing real good and like usual Floyd was boring in the ring like always. I don’t know why people keep praising Floyd like he’s this great boxer when technically he’s lousy. I know I defended Floyd in the past but after last night, I was wrong.

Conor could have knocked out Floyd easily if it was a real fight but I think it was obviously planned… the fight was a work and totally rigged. The ref, of course, sided with Floyd most of the time and the ref gave Conor so much shit throughout the fight. I was rooting for Conor to win but with this being a Floyd Mayweather production company being in charge of the fight, you shouldn’t have been surprised that Floyd was gonna win no matter what. Floyd probably did already buy the win beforehand.

The fight was totally rigged ’cause to me it looked like Conor wasn’t ready to end the fight during that 10th round. Floyd kept punching Conor and the ref just suddenly called it off. Conor wasn’t knocked down at all. I’m seeing from a lot of fans saying that Conor was beat up badly and knocked out. Really? Conor wasn’t knocked out at all. Sure, Conor was looking a bit worn out and tired but he still had some fight in him; he definitely wasn’t done at all.

So I’m sitting here thinking that no matter what Conor tried to do to win the fight: whether by knockout, TKO or unanimous decision… Conor would lose no matter the situation ’cause Floyd was gonna win no matter what happened. Floyd probably paid the promoters, the judges and the ref a lot of money to make him look good for most of the fight.

Floyd didn’t look good out in the ring; he looked old, tired and boring. Floyd didn’t go “all in”. No matter the outcome of the fight, both men are happy anyways ’cause they both got paid bigly. That’s why Conor looks very happy even if he lost ’cause I’ve read that Conor got paid $100 million for the fight while Floyd got paid a lot more.

After last night’s fight, I can see why people stopped caring for boxing. Pro boxing have been rigged and corrupt for a long time. There’s a good reason people stopped watching boxing.

I also love how a lot of people are trying to make claims that Conor knows nothing about boxing and doesn’t have any experience. Don’t listen to them. They’re just making lies to make Floyd look good. Conor had years of experience in boxing. I’m sure he had to do a lot of boxing training before he got into MMA. He definitely seem to know what he was doing last night except I wish he would put his hands up in front of his face more to protect himself which he didn’t do much.

I enjoy boxing but not pro boxing. I prefer amatuer boxing more. I may be learning boxing myself but I just do it as a hobby. I’ll never step in a ring, ever.

Despite the disappointing results of the fight last night, it was interesting to watch so it was definitely worth the money, absolutely.