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Why Dolph Lundgren haven’t directed an Expendables movie yet but will he ever in the future? Dolph himself explains…

Two “Expendables” movies have already past and a third one is currently filming. Dolph Lundgren has had a long career of directing films himself but he has mostly directed low budget B-movies. So far, Dolph hasn’t directed an Expendables movie. So many fans have been wondering why Dolph haven’t directed an Expendables movie yet since Dolph has directed violent action movies himself and Dolph, the man himself, finally explains why in this Q&A video directly to a fan. Why Dolph haven’t directed an Expendables movie himself yet? I’m sure Sly and the film crew would welcome him to direct an EXP movie but Dolph says he isn’t ready yet. That’s the reason. He has directed low budget and high budget films before — he’s just not ready to direct a big blockbuster like “The Expendables”. Still though, he says, “we’ll see”, so that’s a definite maybe. So keep our fingers crossed for now on whether or not Dolph will be ready to direct EXP 4 or 5.

I totally agree that Dolph should direct an “Expendables” movie. I have seen some of Dolph’s directed action movies like “Command Performance”. He’s very good with violent action scenes… that’s why he would be good to direct an Expendables movie. Maybe not now but Dolph said maybe sometime in the future.

Dolph seems like a real nice man in real life.

Watch the video, here.

I love how he explains the difference between directing a low budget film and a high budget film. Dolph is the freakin’ man! Always admired the guy!


Thought: Why Dolph Lundgren deserves more recognition in Hollywood…

It seems that action-star Dolph Lundgren, only gets huge in Hollywood whenever he works with his long-time pal and friend, Sylvester Stallone. Dolph is only well-known for “Rocky IV” as Ivan Drago, and in “The Expendables” as Gunnar Jensen. He has done some big-screen movies without Sly with films such as: “Masters of the Universe”, “Red Scorpion”, “Universal Soldier” (the first one), “The Punisher” and maybe a few others; most of Dolph’s movies have been straight-to-video B-movies. Dolph has always been a struggling actor-director for years. He tries really hard to become successful and he does take his work seriously.

Why does he deserve more recognition? I can think of a few reasons. For starters, Dolph knows movies and behind-the-scenes directing better than everybody. He can do the tough-guy image really well in action movies. In films, he can play both the villain and the hero really well. He knows how to make violent action scenes and make them exciting and thrilling. Even some of his straight-to-video movies can be pretty violent and gruesome. I actually like some of his straight-to-video stuff ’cause I’ve been watching quite a lot of ’em on Netflix. The man works extremely hard.

I also admire Dolph for his martial arts training and fitness advice. In fitness, he’s one of the very few guys who don’t rely on bodybuilding weights to get ripped. He got the body with martial arts, which is what he is an expert at. I watched “Red Scorpion” on Netfilx last night and forgot how good that movie was. Dolph is a badass, and a true action star. He’s underrated and wish he would get recognized more.

I think he will get bigger roles after, “The Expendables” is done. He’s an interesting guy, I don’t get why Hollywood continues to ignore his talent. Dolph is great. I wish the nay-sayers will give the man a chance ’cause he can be something special. He is also a big inspiration to me right behind Sly and Arnold. I’ve been watching Dolph movies for years. I thought I would get this topic off my chest since I’ve been watching a lot of Dolph films through Netflix streaming and DVD rentals.


Edit to add: I also watched the new “Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning” on Netflix a few weeks ago and that was actually really good! Dolph only had a small role in that film, though.

Cool Video: Dolph Lundgren himself shows off a few “Expendables” workouts, they really work!!!

In this video, Dolph Lundgren is seen here teaching this woman a few workouts that he did for, “The Expendables”, movies. In his workout training, he doesn’t do much bodybuilding and weightlifting. He focuses mostly on body weight workouts, just the body alone. He mostly does kickboxing and martial arts type of workouts that helps keep him in shape. In fitness, you can get in the greatest shape of your life, by not doing weight lifting at all. You can still get a ripped physique just doing body workouts alone. I just tried the first two workouts in these videos, and they really work. I can feel the burn. Dolph is a good workout trainer and I admire his unique workouts. Dolph has plenty of unique workouts. Do a youtube search.


Dolph Lundgren was almost Russell Crowe role for “Gladiator” movie?

In Dolph Lundgren’s official facebook page, he’ll answer fan Q&A questions a day. I left him a question a long while back, but it took him a while to get to it, well, he finally answered my question. I’m 100% sure, this was my question, here it is

I wonder what character in “Gladiator” he was originally supposed to play? It was probably Russell’s, Maximus role, wouldn’t surprise me.


25 years ago today, “Masters of the Universe” was released…

Today, Canon Films, Gary Goddard and Dolph Lundgren celebrated the 25th Anniversary, of “Masters of the Universe”. The film was released August 7th, 1987. Like always, the film didn’t do very well in the box office and the reception wasn’t very good by the public either. I thought the film was good for what it was. Sure, it had some problems, but it’s just a fun action movie, that’s pretty much the only reason I liked it. The story had some problems, plot holes and didn’t stay faithful to the He-Man story, but it was still a fun movie. It’s a shame that we didn’t get a sequel, with Dolph as He-Man. Thanks to Sylvester Stallone who got Dolph Lundgren a role in “Rocky IV” as Ivan Drago, “Masters of the Universe” helped him become a well known star back in the 80’s. After the “Masters of the Universe” role, Dolph went on to even bigger films such as “Red Scorpion”, “The Punisher”, and “Universal Soldier”. After the “Universal Soldier” movie, he made straight to video movies for most of his career.

In Dolph’s official facebook page, the man looks back in the days of his “Masters of the Universe”, filming. He says it wasn’t easy for him, since he is a Swedish actor and he had to get used to the United States style of things.

Read Dolph’s interesting write up about “Masters of the Universe”, here.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Warner Bros., and Mattel are going to do with the He-Man reboot. He-Man deserves a good live action movie and a successful one, so hope they get it right next time around.

“Masters of the Universe” will be getting a Blu Ray release in Oct., which I will be getting.


Cool Video: Dolph Lundgren finally responds his thoughts on the upcoming “Masters of the Universe” re-boot…

While promoting the new “Expendables 2” movie with IGN, they asked Dolph Lundgren his thoughts on the upcoming “Masters of the Universe” re-boot, on whether or not, Dolph approves of it. Well, it seems that Dolph is all for it ’cause he just said it’s a good idea. Will Dolph be willing to make some kind of appearance in the film? He said he would, but he would not play the He-Man character again because of his age. Keep in mind, Dolph was young when he first played the He-Man role. I would think he was around the early 30’s back then. Dolph said he would rather play the King (in which he is referring to the character, King Hiss, or maybe King Randor).

The original “Masters of the Universe” film with Dolph didn’t do well in the box office and got mixed opinions. The film still gets mixed opinions to this day, but I love the film very much. It’s a shame we didn’t get a sequel with Dolph like originally planned. I thought “Masters of the Universe” was a fun movie and a great action film.

For the new film, I think the entire film should be taken place on the home planet of Eternia, instead of on Earth in our present time. The new “Masters of the Universe” will probably be action packed and will probably be a big CGI fest, will probably be in 3D but, I’m hoping they’ll stay faithful to the action figures and cartoon series. I think a reboot is a good idea too. He-Man deserves a proper film since the last one failed. It deserves another try.

Who’s going to play the new He-Man? I can think of two different actors for that character and it would be appropriate if they use a younger actor who is big and muscular. The two best candidates for the new He-Man would be either Chris Hemsworth (Thor) or Jason Momoa (Conan, Game of Thrones). They need to cast someone for Teela, Man at Arms, Skeletor, and Evil Lynn. I also hope they make a better Beast Man too.

Lets hope they don’t bring back the Gwildor character from the original film ’cause I hated that character, he was the only thing I didn’t like about the original, “Masters of the Universe”.


Cool Photo: See Randy, Terry and Dolph sign autographs for fans at SDCC…

Yep, SDCC is happening this week and here are Randy Couture, Terry Crews, and Dolph Lundgren signing autographs for fans at the “Lionsgate” booth at SDCC. Man, I wish I was there, so I can meet Dolph in person. I’ve always wanted to go to a SDCC event but never got to yet, hopefully, someday, I’ll get my chance!

See the photo, here.


Cool Video: “The Expendables 2” trailer is finally here with an introduction by Sylvester Stallone!

I’m hoping, the sequel to the “Expendables” will be much better than the first one, like everyone else. I did like the first, “Expendables” movie, but I’ll admit that the first film did have some problems. Hopefully, the sequel will be an improvement. What I enjoy most about the “Expendables”, is the character of Dolph, he’s probably my favorite character out of the group. Dolph does the best acting out of the cast, in my opinion, I just want the movies to do more with him. Hopefully, the sequel will have more Dolph screen time.

The trailer is full of 80’s action stars I grew up watching over the years. Arnold made an announcement in the trailer saying, “I’m back”, which is what he means that he’s back in the movies. This is Arnold’s first big screen movie since after his governor run.

While I’m a huge fan of Sly, I don’t like his look in this movie though, the mustache kind of bothers me. I’m hoping this film will be good. I’m pretty excited about the film, but I’m more excited to see, “The Avengers”, and “The Dark Knight: Rises”.


Cool Video: “Expendables 2” trailer is finally here, and looks badass!!!

“The Expendables 2” teaser is finally here. There’s nothing much on it for now, it’s just a teaser. It just shows all the cast members. The trailer shows Chuck Norris, and Van Damme. Best of all, it also shows Arnold holding a gun!!!! How cool is it to finally see Arnold with a gun for the big screen? After a 7 year long fucking wait of Arnold’s governor shit, he’s finally back to where he belongs. Action films on the big screen!!!

I did like the first “Expendables” movie, but only for the action & fight scenes. The action scenes for the first film was fine, it was just the writing that had lots of problems. Hopefully the plot will be an improvement for the sequel. I’ll be seeing the new film in theater for sure.

Check out the trailer, here.


Thought: More on why Dolph Lundgren could possibly be the next “Expendables” director…

So I wrote that Dolph could possibly be Sly’s replacement as director for, “The Expendables” sequel. If you want to know why Dolph would make a great choice for the director of the next film, I can think of more reasons why.

  • Dolph has more experience directing action movies than Sly – Dolph has more experience directing action movies. They all may have been direct to DVD flicks but that doesn’t mean they are bad films. Some of Dolph’s movies are actually pretty good as I actually thought “Command Performance” was a great film. Look at Dolph’s directorial filmography. They are mostly action movies.
  • Dolph can make the next Expendables flick more violent and action packed – If you’ve seen Dolph’s directed films, they are so violent, brutal and graphic. Dolph knows about fighting and violence than anybody else, so he can put on quite the great action movie here. He would put an old school feel to it too.
  • Dolph knows Sly’s directing style – Dolph have witnessed Sly direct with “Rocky IV” and the first “Expendables” movie. I’m sure Dolph has been taking lessons from Sly for his own directing. He would make the “Expendables” sequel similar to Sly’s style but would put his own original spin to it too.
  • Dolph being director would help give the film more publicity – If any other action film maker such as Robert Rodriguez or who ever else did this film instead, then the public wouldn’t care about this film as much. “The Expendables” goal is to have a movie full of action stars in one film, they will probably do the same with the director for the next film. Have a big name, direct it. If Dolph directed the next movie, it would help get more people interested.
  • Sly would want to return the favor to Dolph – Like I said before, Sly directed Dolph two times in films. Sly would want to pass the torch, return the help to a longtime friend. Sly would probably recommend Lionsgates to hire Dolph as director.


There you have it. I can’t see no other director making the next “Expendables” sequel. Dolph is the only one worth making the movie, in my opinion. Sure Dolph made straight to DVD stuff but that doesn’t mean he’s a terrible director. Have you even seen Dolph’s straight to DVD work? You should really check ’em out.

Dolph directing the next “Expendables” flick, would be a big screen opportunity for him and he would get recognized as a director more, too. I really hope Sly and Liosngates give him this opportunity. If they don’t, it would be a huge mistake.