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After the CNBC debacle w/ GOP Debate no. 3, that’s good enough to show that the media is on one side…

I thought news journalism was supposed to be to help keep the government honest regardless of political views? Instead, the media seems to be siding with a political party and that’s the left. The liberal party. If you wanna know why a lot of people these days have “far left” political views, blame the corrupted media.

The Chairman of the RNC just wrote a letter announcing that the GOP are suspending partnership with NBC for the Feb. 26 2016 debate.


I’m tired of “one-sided” politics and the GOP Debate No. 3 should be good enough to prove that.

When Donald Trump gets elected in office, he’s probably gonna change the way the media reports its news. I’m not saying get rid of “liberal” politics from the news completely. They should bring some “conservative” news in the media too, ya know? Mix it up. Be honest on both sides of the spectrum. I appreciate the media being honest on the GOP but they should be honest on the liberal side too. If you can’t see that the media only stays on the left then you are out of touch of reality for sure. Wake the hell up.


Who are gonna be the celebrity guests for the Arnold hosted, “Celebrity Apprentice”?

I’m glad NBC and Donald Trump are back on good terms again so that means Celebrity Apprentice for the next season is back on NBC. Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is hosting, who will be the celebrity contestants for next season in 2016?

Wouldn’t it be funny if Sly Stallone ended up being one of the contestants for next season? Arnie says “Sly, you’re fired” directly to Sly’s face. Sly will want to have a boxing match with Arnie on that one.

Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if Arnie ends up having some of his old cast mates from his past movies as contestants. I’m sure we’ll learn who the contestants are pretty soon. Arnold’s the best choice as host for this ’cause why? Arnold is a guy who has dealt with Hollywood for most of his life so he knows what celebrities are like and how they are. He’s dealt with celebrities of all kinds not just actors… also sports stars and TV personalities.

I used to watch “Celebrity Apprentice” but stopped watching after the season that Joan Rivers won on. It is a good show, though. I’ll have to watch next season. Arnold hosting should be funny and entertaining as hell, though. Like most people, I love the way Arnold talks… his Austria accent is funny.


Arnold set to replace Donald Trump as host of the “Celebrity Apprentice”…

Donald Trump is leaving the “Celebrity Apprentice” for a while to run for president so obviously the Donald found an immediate replacement. None other than Arnold Schwarzenegger… which is a great choice actually. Despite Arnold’s mix of liberal/conservative politics, I still like him. Arnold taking over the show should be a ratings draw for sure, he’s got a lot of fans.

First Arnold was a professional bodybuilder, then iconic movie star, then Governor of California and now he has something new to add to his growing resume.

Here’s a response from Arnie himself.


Hollywood using TV for female-centric superheroes as a test for big screen movies???

Soon, DCs “Supergirl” is coming to NBC and now Hollywood has another female-centric superhero TV show coming to the small screen exclusively for Netflix. This one is called, “Jessica Jones” and it’s already looking interesting even if it’s a tiny teaser. I’m sure Marvel will release the full trailer soon.

I know Hollywood isn’t friendly with female-centric superhero movies but are they using TV shows first as a test for future big screen movies? I’d say yes. If “Supergirl” and “Jessica Jones” are both big hits then I can see Hollywood making a lot more female-centric superhero movies for the big screen. It’s just a test to see how well the TV shows go, ya know?

There are female-centric superhero movies coming to the big screen like DC’s “Wonder Woman” and Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” are both in the works.

I think women deserve a chance in the superhero genre. I think they can become successful… they just need a good script, good casting and good filming. Women taking the lead in superhero films can work if done right.


Want more proof of liberal bias in media? NBC accuses Donald Trump of racism but George Takei goes on racist rant against Clarence Thomas…

While I’m a huge fan of the original Star Trek series and I love that Sulu character, I’m not a big fan of George Takei as a person. Honestly, I blame him for making “gay rights” so big and mainstream. Takei definitely had a huge hand in helping making all the gay stuff a big deal.

While libtard media is calling Donald Trump a racist, they are celebrating a racist gay rights hero who is George Takei. Takei went on a racist tirade on Clarence Thomas who is a Supreme Court justice:


You won’t see libtard America calling Takei a racist. You won’t see NBC cutting ties with Takei. Takei is insane and delusional. I can’t stand that guy and don’t understand why he is hailed as an internet hero. Fuck that dude, George is a piece of shit.


Telling the truth is a punishable offense these days? It seems so…

While what Donald Trump is going through isn’t fair, it’s not going to weaken his president run at all ’cause remember the Donald’s poll numbers are surging so he’s doing GOOD! All this stuff is just making Trump more powerful. Just earning him more votes. All these TV networks and business companies turning their back on him are just giving him a reason for him to be president.

Anyway, it does seem like it’s a punishable offense to tell the truth. Like I said, lying seems to be more acceptable than truth telling. If you’re too honest, you’ll get into a lot of trouble. Possibly get fired from your jobs, get all kinds of drama from your family and friends. You get the deal. I’ve been there.

It is pretty insane how Donald Trump got in trouble for being real yet NBC keeps idiots like Brian Williams and Al Sharpton. What’s wrong with that picture?

Yeah, I do know what it’s like to be punished just for being too honest. I’ve gotten banned off of local music forums in the past just for being too “real” about the music scene, ha! My brutal honesty usually get people mad but that’s okay. I’m just a realist, that’s how I’ve always been.

That’s part of why I post on a blog so I can have my own place where I be honest all I want to. It’s a proven fact that a lot of people get offended easily and I don’t have time to be around those kind of people. I’m offended at people being offended.

There’s nothing wrong with what Donald Trump said at all. The only reason people are attacking him for is for a couple of reasons: 1) He’s a Republican/Conservative (liberals do whatever they can to destroy them) 2) He’s running for president (people attack him out of jealousy). Yep, that pretty much covers it.


Donald Trump gets fired for telling the truth, yet Brian Williams still works at NBC for lying, wtf???

So let me get this straight… Donald Trump gets fired by NBC for telling the truth about something that no one else would and Brian Williams still works at NBC for lying. Liberals get mad at the Donald for speaking truth but yet, liberals defended Brian Williams for lying. Can you see the liberal bias in all of this?

Brian Williams didn’t get a termination from NBC… all he got was a suspension and NBC allowed him to work behind the scenes instead of in front of the camera. Do I take it that lying is more acceptable in America than people telling the truth? That’s the way it seems to be going in America lately. America gives liars a free pass but truth tellers get so much shit. Welcome to the new, America.

What if Hillary or Bernie Sanders said the same thing Donald Trump said about Mexicans at the border? If Hillary or Bernie brought it up, libtards would be like, “Oh, I agree with them. They are so wonderful for bringing that to our attention”. *sigh*


Norm Macdonald reveals the reason for lack of Eddie Murphy on “SNL 40″…

Fans of Eddie Murphy were upset that the legendary comedian/actor didn’t have much of an appearance on “SNL 40”. Everyone was hoping that Eddie would be involved in a big skit but instead he got a tiny cameo appearance during the Chevy Chase skit.

Norm Macdonald revealed some big secrets on his twitter page saying that Eddie was originally gonna be in a big comedy skit on “SNL 40”. Eddie was originally supposed to be in “Celebrity Jeopardy” and Eddie was originally supposed to play Bill Cosby as a way to make fun of all Cosby’s rape accusations.

Eddie said no. Eddie didn’t want to do it ’cause he didn’t want to disrespect another comedy legend so I take it that Eddie supports Bill Cosby and staying on his side? This is Eddie’s way of defending Bill Cosby? Looks like it. It’s no surprise that Eddie Murphy would do something like this ’cause Eddie has been a Cosby fan & supporter for many years. Listen to Eddie talk about Cosby “positively” during Eddie’s old “RAW” comedy show in the video below.

What Eddie did here was cool. He’s a class act.



Say what you want about Miley but she was looking GREAT at SNL last night!

She’s looking pretty stunning, I must say! See? She kept her clothes on this time around, so give her a break you haters. If you’ve noticed on my blog over the years, I’ve never really talked negatively about Miley. I try not to, anyway. I never really had a problem with, Miley.

She was looking gorgeous last night and she was rocking that performance too. Her voice was good.


Brian Williams targeted for lying but Barack Obama goes off scot-free…

You know there’s something wrong with our country when a well-known news anchor gets in trouble for lying and the President of the United States gets nothing. Obama is a pathological liar but he literally got no flak for it. Barack Obama have been lying to the American people ever since he got elected president. Obama got no flak and no backlash. He goes off scot-free while Brian Williams just got suspended by NBC.

Obama have lied about too many things over the years, the list is too long… I can write a whole book about his never ending lies. Why doesn’t Barack Obama get a media backlash for lying like Brian Williams?

So Brian Williams lied over a news story on TV, who cares? Obama have been lying to our faces every day and he’s still standing. Obama lied about Benghazi, Operation F&F, his birth certificate, religion and many other things. Yet Obama never got in any trouble for any of those things. Instead, people protected him and defended him no matter the situation.

Who cares if some news anchor lied about some news story when the mainstream news as a whole have been lying to our faces from day 1.

Republicans in Government get into a lot of trouble for lying about stuff but Democrats doesn’t get the same treatment when they lie.

Fucking bullshit, all of it. Why did Brian Williams get all of this “special-attention” for lying when everyone else have been doing the same thing for years?

Our mainstream media is just a bunch of hypocritical garbage. Fuck all of it.