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Arnold’s “Celebrity Apprentice” contestants announced…

What are the bets that Snooki is gonna end up winning the whole thing? Get her back in the celebrity spotlight. She’s been out of the mainstream for a long while. You haven’t heard much of “Snooki” ever since Jersey Shore left the air. Why did she take a break from TV ever since Jersey Shore left the airwaves? Probably because she’s a Mom now and she wanted to spend more time with her family. Now she’s coming back in a big way. You can betcha the media will be all over her again.

And it looks like the Trump family will no longer be the advisors ’cause they’ll be too busy helping out Trump’s presidential campaign as well: Donald Jr., Ivanka, etc.


Even the Trump family are no longer involved in this show, I’m sure they’ll do fine in the ratings with Arnold, Snooki and Boy George being involved in this show. It’ll still be the highest rated show even without the Donald.


RNC parts ways with NBC News for upcoming GOP debate… GOOD! Smart of them!

While I’m no longer a fan of the GOP anymore what they did here was actually a good thing. The RNC giving NBC the middle finger. What you guys can’t seem to understand is that NBC is a very liberal network. They’ve always have been which is why I don’t watch that network anymore. All NBC is gonna do is make Donald Trump and the other GOP candidates look bad well except for Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush is the only GOP candidate who the libtard media seems to love. Most of all, NBC is just gonna treat Donald Trump pretty unfairly.

Might as well keep these debates on FOX Business Network ’cause that is the only network who treats Trump fairly. The FOX Business Network does a better job than other networks. NBC is nothing but a liberal rag. I hate NBC.



Funny how Bernie Sanders and his army of supporters wanna talk women’s rights… seriously?

Each time somebody wants to talk Bernie Sanders and women’s rights, show them that above. I’m sure libtards know about Bernie’s 1972 rape essay and I’m sure they all read it too. They just ignored it and continued to support him anyway.

The Bernie Sanders crowd is rotten and delusional. I can’t stand the Bernie Sanders crowd just like I can’t stand the Ted Cruz crowd.

I know I show the 1972 rape essay a lot but I’m not afraid to show it again just to show that Bernie and his army of supporters are a bunch of losers. I can’t stand all the Bernie love fest in facebook.

I didn’t bother watching the Dem debate last night ’cause I had better things to do and better things to watch on TV. I can’t stand Bernie and his annoying speaking voice. I’m like, libtards really love this guy? Bernie will never be president that’s for sure. Neither will Hillary. I only watched one Dem Debate and that was enough for me. It’s really crazy how the left worships these liberal politicians and they don’t realize how crazy & dumb their policies are. Liberals really are uneducated and dumb. Them voting Barack Obama twice proves that.

Liberals shouldn’t accuse the right of supporting wrong people when they should look at themselves. Hypocrites.


After the CNBC debacle w/ GOP Debate no. 3, that’s good enough to show that the media is on one side…

I thought news journalism was supposed to be to help keep the government honest regardless of political views? Instead, the media seems to be siding with a political party and that’s the left. The liberal party. If you wanna know why a lot of people these days have “far left” political views, blame the corrupted media.

The Chairman of the RNC just wrote a letter announcing that the GOP are suspending partnership with NBC for the Feb. 26 2016 debate.


I’m tired of “one-sided” politics and the GOP Debate No. 3 should be good enough to prove that.

When Donald Trump gets elected in office, he’s probably gonna change the way the media reports its news. I’m not saying get rid of “liberal” politics from the news completely. They should bring some “conservative” news in the media too, ya know? Mix it up. Be honest on both sides of the spectrum. I appreciate the media being honest on the GOP but they should be honest on the liberal side too. If you can’t see that the media only stays on the left then you are out of touch of reality for sure. Wake the hell up.


Who are gonna be the celebrity guests for the Arnold hosted, “Celebrity Apprentice”?

I’m glad NBC and Donald Trump are back on good terms again so that means Celebrity Apprentice for the next season is back on NBC. Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is hosting, who will be the celebrity contestants for next season in 2016?

Wouldn’t it be funny if Sly Stallone ended up being one of the contestants for next season? Arnie says “Sly, you’re fired” directly to Sly’s face. Sly will want to have a boxing match with Arnie on that one.

Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if Arnie ends up having some of his old cast mates from his past movies as contestants. I’m sure we’ll learn who the contestants are pretty soon. Arnold’s the best choice as host for this ’cause why? Arnold is a guy who has dealt with Hollywood for most of his life so he knows what celebrities are like and how they are. He’s dealt with celebrities of all kinds not just actors… also sports stars and TV personalities.

I used to watch “Celebrity Apprentice” but stopped watching after the season that Joan Rivers won on. It is a good show, though. I’ll have to watch next season. Arnold hosting should be funny and entertaining as hell, though. Like most people, I love the way Arnold talks… his Austria accent is funny.


Arnold set to replace Donald Trump as host of the “Celebrity Apprentice”…

Donald Trump is leaving the “Celebrity Apprentice” for a while to run for president so obviously the Donald found an immediate replacement. None other than Arnold Schwarzenegger… which is a great choice actually. Despite Arnold’s mix of liberal/conservative politics, I still like him. Arnold taking over the show should be a ratings draw for sure, he’s got a lot of fans.

First Arnold was a professional bodybuilder, then iconic movie star, then Governor of California and now he has something new to add to his growing resume.

Here’s a response from Arnie himself.


Hollywood using TV for female-centric superheroes as a test for big screen movies???

Soon, DCs “Supergirl” is coming to NBC and now Hollywood has another female-centric superhero TV show coming to the small screen exclusively for Netflix. This one is called, “Jessica Jones” and it’s already looking interesting even if it’s a tiny teaser. I’m sure Marvel will release the full trailer soon.

I know Hollywood isn’t friendly with female-centric superhero movies but are they using TV shows first as a test for future big screen movies? I’d say yes. If “Supergirl” and “Jessica Jones” are both big hits then I can see Hollywood making a lot more female-centric superhero movies for the big screen. It’s just a test to see how well the TV shows go, ya know?

There are female-centric superhero movies coming to the big screen like DC’s “Wonder Woman” and Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” are both in the works.

I think women deserve a chance in the superhero genre. I think they can become successful… they just need a good script, good casting and good filming. Women taking the lead in superhero films can work if done right.